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Hetalia AU

where Ludwig is an immortal, and he’s lonely and a great engineer, so he makes this automan to keep him company. And he’s pretty much a technopath so he enchants it to be really life-like. And he makes this automan to be his friend  and his brother and take care of things aroud the house. 

And he may or may not tell Gilbert that he’s never been human and never will be. And others can tell that Gilbert isn’t quite right, his motions and his expressions aren’t quite right, but they can’t tell how. 

(Works for Alfred and Matthew. And it could work for any ships too.) 


Please, don’t repost without my permission

Well, i make a new genderbends, this time for Jonathan Joestar & Dio Brando (A new clothes design because both have two version: Dress and Battle)

And finally for Rissotto Nero & Leone Abbachio (I look a name for nero, and the only i have is Rosetta and for Leone, i have Lionetta uvu)