My dad and I were talking about Star Wars the other day and I of course brought up the sexual tension that was in TLJ [cause, ya know, I literally look for sexual/romantic tension in everything] and then my mom interjected and asked if we really thought that Rey and Kylo would end up together. My answer was obviously yes cause I’m a shipper, but then my dad, who usually ridicules my obsession with romance, actually agreed and explained that their union could be the only possible way to resolve the conflict in this trilogy because Rey balances Ben and I was just like.. damn you’re fckin right and I have accepted that Reylo is endgame and there is no other possible outcome in my eyes and I am very happy

Take Me (Bucky Barnes X reader)


Enjoy the angst, love :)

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Bucky collapsed, and you caught him in your arms. His hands started fluttering into nothing, and you cupped his cheeks, “Bucky?” You said faintly, confused. Steve turned to the two of you, just as confused as you were.

“Are– are you—?” you said, unable finished your sentence as more of him started fluttering into thin air, “I love you.” He said one last time as you felt nothing in your fingertips.

Steve looked at you, and at the space that Bucky occupied that he was no longer in.

You froze, horrified. “Is he gone?” You breathed, a river spilling from your eyes. You saw Steve look at you with despair in his eyes. Your heart raced as you looked around and saw T'challa, Sam, and Groot, disappear, too.

He did it. Thanos wiped out half the universe.

You shouted, your fist hitting the ground in agony. “Take me, too!” You shouted to the sky, “Take me, you coward!”

“(Y/n),” Steve said, pulling you back from where Bucky disappeared

“No!” You shouted, “I want to be with him!”

“He’s gone,” Steve said in a raspy voice and dark eyes. He was grieving.

“No, he’s not,” you said quietly, and then louder this time, “No, he’s not!”

You broke free of Steve’s arm and ran back to the spot where you lost him. You hit your head with both your hands, frustrated. “He’s not, he’s not, he’s not…” You trailed off, gathering the leaves at the ground where Bucky disintegrated in your arms.

“(Y/n),” Natasha said quietly, “I’m sorry…”

You looked up, storms in your eyes. “I will find him, and I will make him pay.”

Right now, you couldn’t do anything. You could only wish the universe has taken you instead of him.


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