MOD: ahahaha why are umbrella cockatoos so flawless

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Kitties can be so naughty sometimes, I stg. Pitching pills into the back of their throats because they know the greenies trick and hate you for it. Anyways, Zoo. Kaiba was Goz's name, but it might have amused him to adopt someone who's form matched name. Oh. Echidna, yes, because small, and harmless critters, but oh, oh Seto was becoming a creature out of myth, and turning his mind to make monstrosities before he reassembled his soul. He almost became a greek Echidna. (Or Secretary Biiiird!)


On to Zoo. That’s part of my thinking. A way for Seto take everything from Goz. Ruin his career, take his company away, and lastly his name. Not only by embodying it but also being a mytho. It could be seen as Seto honoring Goz but I think they would see it as Seto one upping Goz and taking away something no one though possible. Seto taking away Goz’s own name.

Echidna Moki is very much growing on me.

Oh my! Don’t throw Greek at me! Its one of my biggest weakness! I will have to take this idea and run! I really do love Greek mythology and this possible history point.

I have also considered a secretary bird. They are one bad ass set of raptors.

Also why do the timestamp say this is 4hrs old, but I got the notice like maybe and hr ago? The fuck?

Soooo… last year I didn’t really make anything good for Jaeha’s birthday because we were in the midst of the Seiboo fiasco, and this year my mind is more stuck on Zeno this week. For lack of any better ideas I just did a continuation of Kusanagi’s series of sketches for Jaeha’s birthday (see here).

……they really are making this dragon want to retire. Sorry, Jaeha.