biiiig yawn

“Carry Me?”

Something fluffy like you guys are kind of friends and then you hang out overnight (nothin too sexy happens just fluff haha) and you wake up and hes cuddling you or somethin like that? If you could make it kind of funny thatd be awesome thank you

*Guys in honor of today being the 31st day of the month, and/or Halloween (whichever reason you so choose), I’ve decided to post my 31st imagine. Thanks, love you all!*

Your parents were out of town and you were at your best friend’s house. Coincidentally, your best friend was also you crush, though you would never tell him that. You were watching movies with them, you were supposed to be studying, but that didn’t work out too well. (Y.c.n) was very determined not to do homework. When you showed up, he took you to the living room, and you started watching Netflix about two minutes later.

It was about ten at night. And you were laying with your head in his lap, scrolling on your phone, yawning as he played with your hair.

His chest rumbled a little with laughter, “Biiiig yawn.” he said.

You smiled and lightly reached up and hit his arm.

“Ow.” he feigned hurt. “You tired?” he asked.

“Mhmm.” you nodded your head.

“You can spend the night, if you want.” he said.

He texted his mom quick to say that you were crashing there, and she replied, ‘Okay, have fun.’

Needless to say, you loved his mom.

He stood up, and you reached your arms up to him.

“What?” he asked.

“Carry me?” you begged, trying to act cute.

He laughed, “Okay, cutie, come here.” Then he leaned down, and picked you up like a princess. You laced your hands together, holding onto his shoulders, and he carried you upstairs. It made your heart flutter that he’d called you cutie, he’d never done that before.

He turned the corner, and took you into his room, then he shut the door. He gently set you down on the bed, and proceeded to walk to his dresser where he pulled out a shirt and boxers for you wear. He tossed them in your direction, and said, “You can wear these.” But then he just stood there.

“Are you going to stay in here? While I change?” you asked awkwardly.

It dawned on him that he should leave, so he left the room, you assumed to brush his teeth.

You quickly changed and then folded your own clothes, putting them on his desk chair in the corner. You stood there, on your phone.

He came back in, and came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you. He watched your Instagram feed, as you scrolled through it.

He whispered in your ear, “I thought you were tired.”

“I am.” you yawned again.

“Then why don’t we go to bed.” he said, rather seductively.

“Mmm…one sec.” you kept scrolling.

He was starting to get impatient, “Babyyy,” he complained, “Come to bed with me.”

That sent your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. Hearing him call you ‘baby’ was like ecstasy, and it sounded so right. He tightened his grip around you and started to pull you in the direction of his bed.

“Noo…” you trailed. You dug your heels into the carpet, and so he lifted you off the ground and carried you to the bed.

He dropped you on one of the sides of his massive bed, then walked to the other side, and climbed in.

You crawled under the covers and joined him. You both were there, just looking at each other. His big eyes, so hopeful.

“What are you thinking?” you asked.

“I don’t know.” he said grinning.

His smile made you blush.

“You’re so cute.” he said.

You blushed harder.

“You’re so adorable.” he continued.

“Stop…” you trailed, hiding your face in the blanket.

He reached over your head and turned the light out, then he pulled you close, and held you. “You seemed cold.” he said.

You snuggled into him, and you could feel his breathing even, his chest rise and fall, and his grip on you pulled you even closer. Your eyes grew heavy, and you fell asleep.

You could see the light coming through the window, your eyes were still closed, but you could tell it was morning. You opened you eyes, only to find (y.c.n) right there, still holding on to you, your head on his chest, and he was still asleep.

“(y.n.)…” he said. He was still sleeping.

“(y.n.)…” he said again.

Hearing him say your name in his sleep made you happy.

“Pretty…” he said this time.

“No…my Cheez-Its…” he said as you watched his face take on a defensive look.

He held you tighter, probably dreaming that you were his Cheez-Its. You lightly giggled, smiling ever so slightly.

You rested your head back on his chest, and closed your eyes again.