Tesla’s Elon Musk will not pull out of presidential advisory forum

  • Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will remain on Trump’s presidential advisory forum, the Silicon Valley bigwig said in a statement on Twitter Thursday night.
  • In December, Musk was named to the forum, which Trump’s transition team put together to serve an economic advisory role.
  • Musk’s announcement comes the same day Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced he would leave the team.
  • In his own statement, Musk said that while he will maintain his place on the board, he would not stay quiet on the matter of the immigration ban (advice for which he crowdsourced via Twitter late last week). Read more

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you know, it’s not really talked that much tbh out of jokes but like. she threw a party with potstickers and i’m assuming the majority of us aren’t at least milionaires, so, potstickers at a party–not unusual. Except, right now lena’s trying to persuade millionaire bigwigs into donating to the children’s hospital, while also taking her seriously as a very young woman taking the reigns to a multibillion dollar corporation. You know what they wouldn’t have, under most circumstances? Pot stickers. They’d have as an appetizer maybe like carpaccio or gazpacho or foie gras or some kind of canape with ingredients that aren’t really a sound-it-out kind of pronounceable

just think of it this way–would emily gilmore have potstickers at a party? Like, Emily considers something like sushi to be young. Potstickers? Haha, no.

Like we joke that Lena got them for Kara–but maybe it’s not really a joke. Kara looks at potstickers the way some people would look if they got a new car. For a girl that she takes time out of her busy schedule to personally ask to her party, who she says is her “only friend” in national city after living there for months, who has free reign to lena’s office? Lena’s a genius, and head of a multibillion dollar company, she thinks big picture, the long game–she really might have arranged that just for Kara.


Don’t Take Away Veteran’s Freeeedooooom!!! — The Battle of Athens, 1946.

McKinn County, Tennessee was certainly a very corrupt county back in the 1940’s.  Essentially the county was controlled by two men, Paul Cantrell and Pat Mansfield.  Paul Cantrell was a fatcat bigwig born into money who used his wealth and influence to become sheriff in 1936.  In 1942 he was elected to state senate, and groomed his deputy Pat Mansfield to become sheriff.  A 1941 law reduced the number of voting precincts from 23 to 12, and the number of justices of the peace from 14 to 7.  With his influence, Cantrell was able to tweek the law so that voting precincts that contained his main opposition were eliminated, and he then proceeded to pack remaining offices with his supporters.  Finally, it was quite clear that Cantrell often resorted to voting fraud. Due to voter complaints he was investigated three times by the Federal Government, however he was able to get away scot free due to his connections within the Roosevelt Administration. Records later revealed that Federal investigators had found numerous abuses, but no action had been taken.

Cantrell set up a system in which his deputies were paid based on the number of arrests, citations, and incarcerations they made.  As a result, the deputies set up a racket in which they would arrest numerous people, often with trumped up charges or for minor offenses.  They would even stop and board buses traveling through the county, ticketing or arresting passengers for offenses real or imagined. They especially liked to raid busses on long trips, as they could arrest the sleepy passengers, exhausted from their journey, and book them for public drunkenness. Eventually, the McKinn County Sheriffs department were arresting 115 people per weekend. In the meantime illegal prostitution, gambling, liquor, and organized crime thrived as they bribed the deputies to leave them alone.

In 1946, after serving a brief stint in the state senate, Cantrell ran for Sheriff again.  He set up Pat Mansfield to take his place in the state senate.  For Cantrell the election should have been an easy win, were it not for 3,000 battle hardened veterans who were returning from World War II. The vets found themselves victims of Cantrell’s policing scheme, who saw the returning servicemen as more income for their scheme. McKinn County veterans had not gone overseas to fight fascism, only to have it take hold in their own hometowns. In response the veterans formed the GI Non-Partisan League, running a decorated combat veteran named Knox Henry in opposition to Cantrell. Their goal was to end Cantrell’s control over the county, institute honest elections, and clean up county government.

Election day came on August 1st, 1946.  Cantrell called in 200 deputies from other counties to patrol the county.  Many were stationed at the voting place itself, where they intimidated and harassed voters.  A black man was even shot and wounded by a deputy when voting.  When the elections were over, the deputies did the unexpected, rather than turning the ballet box over to county officials for counting, they seized the ballot box and locked it away in their jail in the town of Athens, barricading the jail with 55 armed deputies.  To the people of McKinn County, it was clear that shenanigans were afoot. For the veterans, this was the straw that broke the camels back.

Hundreds of veterans took up arms, either their own personal firearms or weapons from a local National Guard Armory, and surrounded the jail, demanding the deputies surrender the ballot box.  A gunfight ensued leading to several injuries but no deaths.  When the veterans blew the jail door with dynamite, the deputies surrendered.  The ballots were counted, and the GI Non-Partisan League had swept the election.  Cantrell and Pat Mansfield resigned, as did most officials who had been appointed by both.  While the GI Non-Partisan league passed some reforms, such as a $5,000 salary cap, unfortunately the movement was just a short term fad, and politics as usual returned within a few years.

Their main problem with Christmas was that it was a celebration of Christ (it’s in the name there) – a man who, whatever his achievements, was also undeniably Jewish. That’s a tough thing to celebrate when you’re a Nazi, so their new version of the holiday, renamed “Julfest,” became more of a celebration of traditional Germanic heritage. Yuletide carols with religious overtones were rewritten to match.

Santa changed, too. Instead of being visited by Ol’ Saint Nick, German children would now be inflicted with a terrifying new Germanic Santa derived from the Norse god Odin. He would also show up for the bigwigs, regularly appearing at Nazi functions to dole out presents to Goebbels, Himmler, and Hitler himself.

By the end of the war, with holiday cheer at somewhat lower levels than hoped, the Nazis changed gears again, rebranding the holidays as a time to remember the country’s war dead. But they were doing more than honoring the dead; new lyrics written for one carol clearly said the dead would be rising from the grave and visiting themto receive their gratitude in person.

Merry freaking Christmas, children. Have some ghosts.

8 Creepy Aspects Of Nazi Culture (You’ve Never Heard Of)



My fave solder bun, featuring poppies, for military service.

Suddenly Woundwort spoke.

“Thlayli,” he said, “why do you want to throw your life away? I can send one fresh rabbit after another into this run if I choose. You’re too good to be killed. Come back to Efrafa. I promise I’ll give you the command of any Mark you like. I give you my word.”

“Silflay hraka, u embleer rah,” replied Bigwig.

“ ‘Ah ha,’ said the fox, 'tell my fortune, eh? And what do you see in the water, my friend? Fat rabbits running through the grass, yes, yes?’ ”

“Very well,” said Woundwort. “But remember, Thlayli, you yourself can stop this nonsense whenever you wish.”

“ 'No,’ replied El-ahrairah, 'it is not fat rabbits that I see in the water, but swift hounds on the scent and my enemy flying for his life.’ ”

Bigwig realized that Woundwort also knew that in the run his body would be nearly as great a hindrance dead as alive. “He wants me to come out on my feet,” he thought. “But it’s Inlé, not Efrafa, that I shall go to from here.”

-Watership Down

Tbh one of the best Daily Mail articles I have ever read. 10/10 recommend

Oh wow, Netflix is coming out with a Watership Down miniseries!!!! Four one-hour episodes. The cast looks really good (John Boyega as Bigwig! Nicholas Hoult as Fiver! James MacAvoy as Hazel!) and I’m pretty psyched. The book is one of my all time favs and I loved the movie (we do not speak of the tv series) but I’m also excited to see what they can do with more time to tell the story. The animation is being done by Brown Bag Films,