No.3 - Doodlesday device

Time moves forward, and the clocks keep ticking. But today one particular clock sprang into life for the first time since the “War on Terror” business. Though it mostly goes unnoticed, the doomsday clock today moved another minute forward towards its final destination. The clock now stands at 5 minutes to midnight.

If all kicks off with Iran and they move it forward to 2 minutes to midnight within the year, my subsequent scroodl will no doubt be something akin to an Iron Maiden album cover.

No.2 - The Iron Lady Today I heard that the new bio-pic about Margaret Thatcher, ‘The Iron Lady’, is highly exaggerated and extorts historical fact. So I emplore you all to watch an alternative that will give you a more definative overview of her reign. This is of course The Comic Strip Presents film 'GLC’. I have here scroodl’d Madge in her guise from the film, complete with iron claw and bazooka arm. Vote Ken!

No.5 - Let me into your life This afternoon I stood at my front door for almost 30 minutes, chatting to a couple of bible bashing bastards. I’m always willing to hear to they have to say as I long to find someone who can convince me that God exists. The two failed in this quest however, as they were generally just spouting the usual bullshit….forcing rather reinforcing the issues. They were two South Korean girls named Ellie and Sophie, and I was quite surprised to hear them say that north Korea is evil. I almost gave them an “Amen sister!” at this juncture. When they left, a part of me wondered if the event had been some sort of message….afterall they do say that God is in everyone. I don’t believe it myself, and never have…..but have always WANTED to believe.

No.4 - British Cinema is back in fashion!

An independant British movie cleaned up at the Academy Awards this time last year, and so the government has once again done another U-turn on the British film industry and are now supposedly supporting it. This coming less than a year after closing down one of the most important British institutions going.

No.9 - Sinking Ship

Two events happened today that gave me sufficient ammo for which to base my Scroodl. The first being that the government suggested that taxpayers should pay for a new boat for the Queen to celebrate her diamond jubilee, this coming on the same day that projections show that the country is already back in recession. Plus the other certain boat news currently drawing attention.

The second event was that an MP resigned for having created a downfall parody to comment on the opposition.

I decided to merge the two. Imagine, if you will, the Downfall bunker setting. Nick clegg in his office….about to hear the news of his partner’s latest doozy.
If you are familiar with the Downfall parodies, then you can begin to imagine Mr.Clegg’s reaction.