We’ve got out first ever featured printer coming up in Blaine Vernicek. Blaines photographic style is very distinctive and all his work is completely home-processed which is super cool. Keep your eyes peeled and here is a sneak peek…

Remember, if you’re interested in being a Featured printed send an email to with a bit of info about yourself as well as some of your work.

LOVE THIS PRINT? Trade with Blaine Here

WOWEE! The wonderful man, Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter fame just gave us a MEGA shout out in his website. It’s going to be great to see how this all comes about. We’re only in the very early stages of Big Print Marketplace and we need YOU to get it going…

If you dig our idea make sure you re-blog our posts or your favourite prints under the BPMPOFFER tag and of course tag your prints with BPMPOFFER!!!

If you ever need any obscure cameras, are chasing a rare item or want a classic in mint condition Bellamy is your man!

Check him out on

CONFUSED? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions!



What is Big Print Marketplace?

Big Print Marketplace is a blog dedicated to you meeting other photographers who’s prints you will hopefully think are rad enough to trade with one of your prints. 

How does Big Print Marketplace work?

BPMP relies heavily on trust. We are essentially acting as a generator and inspiration for all the print swaps to come. If you have a print you would like to offer up to trade with another print take a photo of  it and tag it with #BPMPOFFER

The idea is that people who are interested in finding a print to hang on their wall will lurk through the BPMPOFFER Hashtags until they find a print they like. They will then contact you through your Tumblr and offer a print they would be willing to exchange with you. If you think their print is awesome then exchange addresses, head to your local post office and trade away. Simple.

What should I include in my post?

Give as much information as possible. Remember, ideally you want people who have a print of similar quality to trade with you. So make sure that you know the paper it was printed on, the ink that was used, the process that was used, the exact dimensions of the print, what the subject of the print is, what the title of the print is etc etc etc. The more information the better and don’t forget to tag it with #BPMPOFFER

How much do I pay for prints?

Big Print Marketplace does not work on a monetary system. It is pure and simple, print for print. This means that we greatly discourage people asking for money as part of the trade for a print. If you see a print you like make sure you have a print of equal (or greater) value to offer to the person you are hoping to trade with. 

What sort of quality does my print have to be?

This depends completely on you and what sort of print you hope to get back. If you put up a print that was from your local chemist (pharmacy, drugstore) and only cost you 50 cents, expect to get a print of similar quality offered back (not that there is anything wrong with that). If you spend $100 on a print and make sure it is perfect in every possible way then you will probably want a print of similar quality in return. If your print has been dug out of a dusty old box which has been stored in your shed for 50 years then it might be a family heirloom so you should probably keep it…. or you could trade it if you like.

Should I sign my print?

That is completely up to you. Though, we would probably recommend it as it gives your print some extra authenticity and is always a classy addition.

What happens if I send off my print and the other person doesn’t send me theirs?

Unfortunately this is bound to happen. We would recommend sending the other person some friendly emails asking what has happened. Hopefully they will respond and you will be able to work it out between yourselves. We at BPMP accept absolutely no responsibility for prints that don’t show up or are not to the standard you originally thought. We simply act as the inspiration for you to swap your prints. However, if you send them a friendly email and they are horrid back to you or you never hear from them again please inform us on If we get other emails from other people regarding the same tumblr user we will make a post stating not to trust them. 

Does my print have to be photographic?

Thats one of the great things about this. Because it is run by you the print can really be in whatever medium you like. Originally the idea was to trade photographic prints but if you have a great drawing or painting to offer or maybe even a Zine use the ol’ #BPMPOFFER hashtag and see what comes your way. 

I want to be featured by Big Print Marketplace!

Great, just send us an email with your work and a image of a print. If we love your work you’ll get featured.

WELCOME! Lets get the ball rolling!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Big Print Marketplace!

Big Print MarketPlace is the inspiration for the tag BPMPOFFER. The idea is that you can attach the tag to a post with an image of a print that you have lying around and want to trade with someone else for their lovely print. What quality the print is, what the print is of, what the medium of the print is and how much you pay for shipping is all up to you and the person you are swapping with. 

We are currently in the very early stages of the marketplace and we need your help. So PLEASE share this around the internet, tell your friends about it and tell your friends to tell their friends. The more people that get involved the better this will be. 

Before you post make sure you read the FAQ and don’t forget to tag it with #BPMPOFFER

We will share our favourite prints we find in the BPMPOFFER tag on our tumblr and hopefully be conducting a few interviews with our favourite artists along the way.

We really hope you enjoy the experience and we’d love to hear any feedback you have.

Happy Trading,

Big Print Marketplace