The moon sets, the crows caw, hoar frost is in the air.

By the maples at the riverside

twinkles the light of the fishermen’s boats

as i take my troubled rest.

Outside the city of Soochow stands the Han Shan monastery

And at midnight there comes to me in my boat

the tolling of the temple bell


~ Zhang Ji, Night Mooring at Maple Bridge



From Wiki:  " Zhang Ji (traditional Chinese: 張繼; simplified Chinese: 张继; pinyin: Zhāng Jì; Wade–Giles : Chang Chi, also transliterated Chang Tsi, fl. 8th century), courtesy name Yisun (懿孙), was a Chinese poet born in Xiangyang, Hubei during the Tang Dynasty.

Little is known of his life; his approximate dates are 712-715 to 779; he is known to have passed the jinshi examination in 753. He rose to be a secretary in the Board of Revenue.“