Josh Clark decided he wanted to share his thoughts on the ‪#‎ConfederateFlag‬ with his family and friends. He had no idea it would go viral. Please share widely! “Something has been weighing pretty heavily on me the past few days. I have had a few small discussions on the issue, but haven’t gotten too far into it. I wanted to share this, not for attention, but because I thought it needed to be done. It’s no big secret to my friends that I love to hunt, fish, camp and do pretty much anything outdoors. I have always considered myself to be a country boy stuck in the city. One of the ways that I used to show pride for my lifestyle was wearing t-shirts with the Confederate/ Rebel flag on them. In high school, I even had a bumper sticker on my truck that read “Keep It Flying”. I had grown up seeing the flag regularly, and although I had seen it used in negative ways on occasion, I chose to accept the “Heritage not Hate” and “Pride not Prejudice” interpretation of the flag. If you had asked me back then, I would’ve told you that it was a symbol of southern pride and had nothing to do with racism. I was raised pretty close to downtown Nashville and grew up with kids of all races with all kinds of backgrounds. I played baseball, basketball and football on teams where sometimes whites were minorities. I am very thankful for this. As I continue to grow and learn, I realize that we tend to fear things just because we don’t understand them. Because of where and how I was raised, I never feared people of other color or background. I was able to realize that we are all the same underneath. I have had white friends, black friends, Asian friends, Middle Eastern friends, Latino friends, Christian friends, Muslim friends, Atheist friends, etc. Thankfully, I have never had a racist bone in my body. It wasn’t until well into my college years when I began to start thinking for myself. I no longer let the people I was raised by tell me how to view every issue and tried my best to be more open-minded. I believe that one of the most important things for us to do as humans is to try putting ourselves in others’ shoes before we make any kind of judgement. Although I never meant anything racist by sporting the Confederate flag, I couldn’t help but think of what some of my black friends thought about it. I really can’t think of a time that I was confronted about it. Did it not offend them? Were they too nice or afraid to confront me about it? The more I researched about the history of the flag, the worse I felt. What I had been told about its history was wrong. Thousands of southerners still fly the flag with no racist intent. They still defend the good things they’ve been told about the flag. They, like I once was, are WRONG. The flag is a symbol of a way of life that was wrong. Not that it needs to be stated, but slavery is one of the most evil and cruel things this world has ever seen. The Confederate flag represents this evil. Where is the pride in that? The Confederate flag is also a sign of division. How can you truly be a patriot of this country and fly this flag? Do we really need to fly a flag to show that we are southern, or that we like to hunt and fish, especially when it’s offensive to so many? It is not a kind thing, a good thing, or the right thing to do. To those against removing the flag, I do not think you are a bad person. I know what it once meant to me. I do, however, challenge you to do your research. Step outside of what your family taught you and be open-minded. Even if you believe in a different history lesson, is flying a flag worth the pain it causes others? Please try to view these issues from the other side of the argument. To those I may have offended in the past, who never confronted me, I apologize. I was WRONG. As our country continues to move forward on equality issues, I believe the only place for the Confederate flag is in our history books.”

Black women

First everybody complained about us “not having hair”
Then when we “got hair” y'all complained about us wearing weave
Now that black women are going natural and using neat products to maintain their natural hair, y'all complain that you’re “sick of all these Shea Butter bitches” and this “sudden, obviously fake black pride”
So after much thought and deep contemplation my only conclusion is
FUCK ALL you bigoted ankh niggas who think “the black wombman” should be chaste while you got 7 kids with six different mothers, FUCK ALL you barbershop “I only date white/light skin girls” ass niggas with your weak ass fades, FUCK ALL you white fuckboys who chase after girls with fake lips breasts and asses but call black women “hoes” for having that shit naturally, FUCK ALL you asian/hispanic fuckboys who want to sleep with black/dark girls but would never even think about bringing one home to your family because we’re not “good enough” for you, FUCK ALL you fake AllLivesMatter feminists who stan for Taylor Swift and her basic lanky ass or yell “Vote Hillary” but went mum’s the word as a 14-year old black child was dragged across the pavement by her HAIR since it’s “not really hers anyway so it probably doesn’t even hurt that bad”, just 100% royally and sincerely FUCK ALL YALL because you never once gave a damn about black women but at the same time wanna police our hair and bodies and self-conduct when you yourselves ain’t shit never was shit and never will be shit
Gay Marriage: I Now Pronounce You Colonizer and Colonized
Dear White Gay Americans: When I was young and scared and growing up into my queerness in a violently heteronormative world, I let you dictate what I could be, which box I could fit neatly into...
Thank you for reminding us that there remains an antiquated and endangered species of bigots in this country that we must continue to combat. Thank you for reminding us to not sit complacently at home on election day, but to run to the polls and proclaim that there is no place for your brand of racial politicking in our government. Thank you for sending out the rallying cry.

You have made your thoughts on the Latino community clear and you continue to stand by them. And in return, we will do more than tweet about our indignation and beat piñatas of your likeness. We will silence you at the polls. We will vote and use our growing position in U.S. politics. Our fellow Americans who understand and value our contributions will join us. We know there is nothing that scares you more.

The truth is, Mr. Trump, that your comments mean that you fail to see that immigrants are what have made this nation. They are at the core of our ideals, and they are the foundation that keeps us afloat. No, Mr. Trump, you may not reduce us to drug dealers and rapists. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. We are valedictorians and honor students. We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians and we are the future of America.
—  America Ferrera, Thank You, Donald Trump!

If you don’t support equality for LGBTQ, women, or race please unfollow me immediately. 

I respect your right to freedom of religion and whatever moral code you subscribe to, but the difference is… that’s a choice. You could wake up tomorrow and read a book and go from Hindu to Christian, Pastafarian to Buddhism, either way it’s a choice. The above, outside of religion, isn’t, it’s nature, natural, and undergone hundreds if not thousands of years of oppression. 

To the four justices who voted against this and everyone else, wake up, respect human rights, human nature, and just have some goddamn human decency. 

This Photographer Found A Brilliant Way To Handle His Anti-Gay Bigot Client (IMAGE)

This Photographer Found A Brilliant Way To Handle His Anti-Gay Bigot Client (IMAGE)

Ever since high-profile cases of LGBT discrimination such as Indiana’s Memories Pizza refusing to serve gay customers, bigoted business owners have been in the limelight. Sometimes, however, it’s the other way around. Clinton Brentwood Lee, the photographer behind Florida-based Brentwood Photography, found himself faced with a homophobic client instead – and found the perfect way to deal with…

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I really need you to sign this and REBLOG, not just like, this post.

There are Nazis on Tumblr. Real ones. Literal ones. Ones who title their blogs things like “kill all jews” and send gore and death threats to Jewish and Rromani bloggers. 

I don’t care if you’re fandom or aesthetic or SJ or none of the above. This is a problem for all of us. We are literally holding Nazis in our midst and Tumblr has refused to do anything to stop it. Should this post get more than a couple of notes, I can look forward to waking up in the morning to images of slaughtered people and animals in my inbox as a “warning” to shut up and stay in line.

Do you think that’s a problem? Do you want to stop it? Please sign and reblog. It only takes thirty seconds of your time.

There are so many bigots out there who seem to recognise the hatred in their opinion but don’t want it linked to ‘negative words’. 

I have seen so many people hate on Arab Muslims specifically then act offended if you call them a racist. If you call them Islamaphobic they don’t seem to mind so much. 

Xenophobic/Islamaphobic doesn’t have the same reach and impact in people’s minds so it becomes a more acceptable term, a gentle way to soften the blow of their hatred.

Sometimes they will even try and bust some half assed and inaccurate linguistic knowledge with lines like: “I’m not homophobic, I’m not afraid of gay people, I just don’t agree with them!”

They can own their own hatred but they don’t want to be associated with one of those big, well known, well used terms for their hatred.