Let's make some things clear:

If you think you have a right to trample on someone else’s rights based upon your views or religion you’re wrong.

If you think gay marriage is a special privelage that homosexuals are trying to force you to comply with, you’re wrong.

If you think that people of color should be satisfied by the way they are currently treated, you’re wrong.

If you think it’s an infringement of your rights to allow someone with a different lifestyle than yours to continue living that way, you’re wrong.

If you think trans folks are looking for special privileges for using a public bsthroom, you’re wrong.

If you think that passing legislation based on religious beliefs is the American way, you’re wrong.

If you think that passing laws based on Biblical passages is not the same as Sharia law, you’re wrong.

If you think that American ideals, at least outlined by the Constitution and the vision of our forefathers that first established it, has mainly to do with minding your own damn business, living your life in the way you would like, showing respect to ALL people (especially those who share different life styles), and celebrating cultures different than you’re own, you’re correct.

I feel that the fundamental thing that is lost when teaching our children about politics, government, history is that the idea upon which our country is based upon is NOT religious ideals, but religious freedom, the power to choose the way to live, to pursue what you feel is important to you. Many of our founding fathers were atheist and agnostic, for example: Ben Franklin was a staunch atheist and wrote many works against Christianity. So to all the right-wingers who feel that the US needs to go back to the Christian roots, it’s just plain unconstitutional and wrong. If you think that you have the right to press your religious or racist ideals on than nation as a whole, you aren’t a hero bent on political correctness martyrdom, you’re a bigot.


Donald Trump lies—a lot. Watch media figures fact-check Trump’s favorite lies, one by one. The debate moderators have *zero excuse* to let him get away with any of these.