space salmonella stans really out there pretending that he’s “changing” when he spent an entire last episode being violent, treating kara like property, admitting to not respecting her when he said “he will /now/ if she gives him a 476437647th chance”, saying he misses his planet bc things were easier there when he was a slave owner who could objectify women,,,,, do yall hear yourselves? ?? like when you’re talking??

ok but can we just talk about how alec lightwood has stood up to two homophobic, manipulative bigots in the past two weeks? and how he’s done it with grace and honesty? he’s grown so much in such a short time and it’s so amazing seeing what being true to himself, and accepting himself for who he really is does to his self-esteem

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Caitlyn Jenner's tweet about Trump and transgendered rights is so frustrating.

How the hell could you be surprised that this fucking bigot is a bigot.

I support abortion - even in cases of ableism

Don’t get me wrong. I think that ableist abortions are just that - ableist, and bigoted. I personally strongly disagree with the motives behind said abortions.

I also think that being ableist and bigoted still does not mean you should have your bodily autonomy taken away. 

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"self-righteous bigot" oh no the equality-loving bisexual paisley is going to kill us with her bigotry /sarcasm. did you upset a ddlg blog? they're the only ones who talk like that lately besides anti-sjws lmao.

Hahaha I have a feeling it’s some edgy daddy dom who’s overly worried about my opinion on his cheesy kink, or probably a trump supporter. Or a terf. Literally don’t care what these types of people think about me, anyways.

There’s something I’d like to be very clear about. Neither liberals or conservatives are perfect, and both liberals and conservatives have contributed to the increased polarization of this country. That being said, I do NOT hold liberals and conservatives equally to blame. I absolutely blame conservatives.

Conservatives are the ones who have played apologists to the misogynists, racists, and other bigots. Conservatives are the ones who have always chosen helping the rich stay rich over helping the poor. Most importantly, the name calling, schoolyard bullying behavior of our current president is nothing that conservatives haven’t been encouraging and celebrating in each other for the past twenty-five years or so. The moment conservatives made the hateful rhetoric of talk radio mainstream by embracing Rush Limbaugh and those like him they absolutely abdicated the moral high ground.

I watched it happen. I was there to see the changes unfold. They did this to our country. If they want to acknowledge that and work to undo the damage then I’m willing to listen. Otherwise, fuck ‘em.

I just want to remind y'all that you shouldn’t feel bad about blocking anyone who is bigoted, uses slurs against you, verbally harasses or intimidates you, stalks you online, or makes you feel uncomfortable, especially if you are a minor.

That’s what the block feature is there for. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for “not giving them a fair chance”, or say that, “you have to debate with them, or else you’re the bigoted one”. Don’t feel like you’re weak, or you “lost an argument” because you blocked them. You don’t owe anyone on this site anything. Your own mental and emotional health comes first.

@ anon I didn’t know that about that blog and I do sincerely apologize but also I don’t want to publish what you sent directly because I take issue with your stance on detransitioning/detransitioned people

transitioning and then realizing that it wasn’t the right choice for you as an individual doesn’t make you a violent bigot, or any kind of bigot at all. 

identifying as trans and then not identifying as trans later is not a bad thing either. I’m pretty sure that’s the camp I fall into at the moment (honestly I have no clue lol but I’m sure you’ll come to your own conclusions and form whatever judgments you please about me)

if there are detransitioners out there who are transmisogynists, I’m not supporting or defending them, but detransitioning in itself isn’t a political statement any more than transitioning is. 

come off anon if you want to talk to me more but that’s all I’m gonna say rn; I don’t want this to come off as hostile, but the anon seemed kind of accusatory to me and I’m a little fed up with people always assuming the worst

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Ugh, drow. Don't get me started. In my homebrew setting, one of the most deliberate things I did was make drow not evil and not underground dwellers. Although I'm still not sure if turning drow into Arabian themed desert elves is still racist or not, so far nobody seems to have complained.

Ehhhh, the Arabian theming is its own kettle of possibly-bigoted fish. It can be pretty islamophobic, as far as I’m aware.

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I am so frustrated by all these defenses of Rasmea Odeh being involved in the next Women's March. There is undeniable, indisputable evidence that she is lying about the bombing that killed two students but they just refuse to even look at the evidence. How is a Jewish woman supposed to be part of this protest when an honest to god Jew murderer is being deified by protest's leaders?

I have no idea. I couldn’t do it and I know already I’m going to be starting fights on my other networks with my “woke” friends when that march gets closer. Odeh is a red-handed antisemitic MURDERER, her politics and her cause are worthless. From her I would not take charity - I would not even take her apology, not that she’ll ever give it. Her and Leila Khaled are the most bloodcurdling proof of the acceptability of antisemitic violence among the SJ left. Both of them are far more bigoted and evil than Steve Bannon or anyone in the Trump team.

Tristen here: ah y’know what, I’m going to open PMing me to for anything anyone wants to say, not just on special occasions, even if it’s just wanting to share a quick thing with me

And especially if this blog says something bigoted, I’d like to know (but reverse oppression, anything supporting tru$cum and T£RFs, along with things similar don’t count……)

The url is tespoid!!! I also put it in my mod page about blurb

It’s only been a few days since Trump decided to block reporters from the companies he says are spreading ‘fake news’, and already the ones who are allowed into his press conferences are starting to post positive shit about this orange pondscum.

I don’t want those guys kissing Trump’s ass! Come on! We can’t let ourselves start to think that he’s anything else than what he is, and that’s a dangerous, bigoted asshole!

Remember: what’s happening under Trump’s ‘reign’ is NOT normal! Don’t start to fool yourself into thinking that ANY of this is okay.


Props to Trevor Noah though for putting up with a mountain of cognitive dissonance. 

“[Blaming both sides] is a remarkable phenomenon in which the victim and his tormentor become transfixed on the same scale of moral culpability. Through this process, the former becomes stigmatized; the latter absolved. […] Throughout history, [blaming both sides] has long served oppressors and their defenders as politically correct pretense to deflect responsibility and blame. For far too many others, it is simply a convenient crutch to cop out of confrontation and remain apathetic. On the choice between supporting the oppressed or excusing and enabling their oppressors, I choose the former.”

–  Atif Choudhury | The ‘Blame Both Sides’ Syndrome and Other Hard Truths of the Palestinian Tragedy

  • Bigots: Why are you people just moaning on the Internet? Slacktivism is just entitled whining and won't solve anything, why don't you actually take to the streets instead of being lazy?
  • Bigots: Why are all these people protesting? It's just an inconvenience and entitled whining that won't solve anything.