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young people are just as racist, homophobic, and transphobic as old people and shifting the blame to old people for these bad things in society is shifting the responsibility away from bigoted young people who need to drop their bigoted beliefs. and like, excluding old people from learning isn’t gonna make things better. they haven’t been exposed to the same stuff we have. give them time & positive reinforcement and they’ll be just as eager to learn because being old doesn’t automatically make you bitter and bigoted

big shout out to all aspec positive discoursers.
youre doing such a great job defending and protecting your fellow aspec people (ir fellow lgbt people if youre not aspec yourself) from violence, hate and erasure.

please dont forget to take care of yourself, though. arguing with aphobes and other bigots is exhausting, so please make sure not to endanger your own mental health and safety.

youre great and im so thankful for what you do for the community ♡

people these days care more about looking good or looking like the most enlightened or accepting rather than actually being open-minded, respectful and generally non bigoted. people would rather have other people think they are the Best Liberal Ever rather than actually being a decent human being

aka other peoples oppression is just a chance for them to look good by pretending to be supportive. they just want others to think that theyre good. they dont actually care about the oppressed people. 

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ok, I feel I finally understand more your frustration with this matter honestly. It's not so much the offensive thing to think Emma is straight, but the outright denial that she could be some other sexuality that is the offensive sentiment, am I correct? If this the case, then I do think you are completely justified and I wish this wasn't the way things are for you Thanks for taking the time to explain and educate honestly. I think it goes a long way.

Yeah, right on the head

(I’m feeling like Ziva David about this idiom rn but you get me? Hopefully!)

I understand people not having the same opinion as me, especially on such subjects. I understand that straight people wouldn’t see past canon, and that their own experience won’t have them challenging the heterocentrism of the shows they watch, since they are represented and it’s all cool with them.

But I will get pissed when the arguments used turn out to be pretty bigoted and I will make you see my point of view when you’re nice enough to have a polite conversation about it (such as yourself!). I probably won’t change your mind, which is fine, but hopefully it will help you be more aware and less likely to perpetuate negative stereotypes (even, and especially if not done on purpose) (unlearning those things is a long process, I’m still working on it myself every day with racism and trans issues, for example).

(But also, don’t get mad at people if they don’t want to explain. Some of us sometimes are tired to say the same thing over and over again. Some people just don’t have them in themselves to educate people all the time.) (Thankfully I’m a teacher so parroting the same things in a hundred different ways is an habit to me at this point ahahah)

reading moldbug’s “gentle” intros to that blog for a project. it just the worst writing, like listening to an demanding autodidactic bigot talk about the past as genre, fantasy, fictive, pre-packaged and most importantly vague. he reminds me of nabakov’s editor in pale fire. i don’t really get why some of you are so knee deep in it. narcissism is not very interesting. i thought it would be weirdly intellectual, but it’s nothing more than the same old shit.

every paragraph goes like this one:

Real things happen. Usually without a plan. They have to be judged as what they are. One can still plan, however. And since we cannot plan the real, we can only plan the ideal. 

kill me now

me looking up from my ps4 with my tired eyes

every. single faction. of the brotherhood of steel is a force of pure, unadulterated, and bigoted Alt Right rage and needs to be eliminated

Si uno piensa en un hombre descuidado, lo imagina con el cabello largo sin lavar varios días, con una barba de semanas, bigote marcado y quizás oliendo mal. ¿Por qué no se preocupa por su aspecto físico? ¿Por qué esta como vagabundo? Preguntarían si lo vieran ir así todos los días al trabajo. PERO si yo todas las mañanas me levando a las cuatro de la mañana, me baño, me visto con mi uniforme perfecto, uso perfume, me voy con mi cabello recién salido de la ducha y enmarco mi rostro con una sonrisa. ¿Por qué la gente sigue cuestionándome que no me arreglo? ¿Qué soy una dejada? ¿Qué no me preocupo por mi imagen? ¿Qué debería dedicar un poco más de tiempo en mi imagen personal? SOLO POR QUE NO USO MAQUILLAJE, quiere decir que mi aspecto NATURAL es lo mismo que no estar PRESENTABLE. Pero si mis compañeros llegan igual que yo y nunca les han cuestionado por no verse PROFESIONALES.
¿Qué tan ligado está el maquillaje en una mujer que no usarlo es un tabú?  Y no me malentiéndan la mujer puede usarlo si se le da la gana de la misma manera que a mí no se me antoja usarlo.
¿Tan mal se ve una mujer sin nada más que su rostro?

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does anyone remember the Hogwarts!AU fic where lauren hated camila but it alluded to them being friends before. then lauren calls her a mudblood or something and keana tells her off about not being a blood bigot and then goes to be nice to camila? i've been thinking about it for weeks please help

“I’m trying to find a fic where Camila asked Lauren to give her a kiss, her first kiss, so she can be more prepared or experienced or something like that… Do you know witch one is that?”

“Does anyone know the camren fic where they’re both teachers and the students either figure out that there is something going on between them, or ship them together or something like that?”

“'Sorry,’ Is looking good like zamn zaddy I really hope it’s continued 😝”


“Are there any fics or one shots where Camila is like a spoiled rich brat and isn’t used to being told No ? And like Lauren is like the first one to say it ?”

“I miss riptide. Does anyone know of the author is going to keep writing it?”

“for Ivy is so good omg”

“Algebra Blessings is such a good read! Yall should deef read it!!! <3″

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Draco (:

i got 3 asks requesting draco :’’’)

ok where to start,,,, draco malfoy is so Extra. what an overdramatic shit. literally always complaining. what are you even complaining about draco u privileged ass. literally he never stops. like,,, ever. jfc draco find some chill and stop  w h i n i n g  goddamn it. bully with a capital B- also bigot w a capitol B. thinks he’s cool (he isn’t) 

send me a character n i have to insult them !!!