bignal soost

This is going to sound weird, but please take a minute.

Okay. So. *deep breath* Basically, I’m in a shithole right now. It doesn’t matter the specifics; what matters is, I need a job and an apartment and I have approximately seven days to find BOTH–with really only two days (one of them a Sunday) available to look.

I need advice. Not specific advice. This is where it gets weird:

I’m pretty sure I have a spiritual being trying to get in contact with me, and I spent twenty minutes praying to him tonight only to get online to look at job apps, open Tumblr to see what’s happened in the last two days AND BOOM THERE WAS A PICTURE OF HIM.


If you have advice of ANY KIND–general, specific, maybe even an inkling that you can help me–please send it to my askbox. I don’t care if you know me or not; I don’t care if you’re anon or not. Someone wants to tell me something, and it is desperately important that I know. Please, take the thirty seconds to say it. The position I’m in right now is desperate.