I have to give a huge shoutout to @hihicaro for this beautiful article in the latest issue of @hifructosemag . Caro’s questions were so skillfully asked, so well researched and so well thought out that I it took me an entire day of thinking and writing to answer them - and most interviews don’t usually take me more than an hour or two! The Art of the Interview is something that seems to go very unconsidered by many writers and journalists. I’ve done so many interviews over the years that it’s often very rare for me to get a question I haven’t been asked…and usually asked in the same ways. There are ways to ask questions that open up dialogue and there are ways to ask them that make it tricky to do more than answer “yes” or “no”. Interviews are a team effort but the writer is in the lead - and working with a skilled interviewer can be amazing. If becoming an art writer is something you aspire to do, I highly recommend you follow Caro and research her work. You can’t find a better source of study. If being an artist is something you aspire to, you NEED to be subscribing to and reading magazines like @hifructosemag @juxtapozmag And @beautifulbizarremagazine - you will learn so much and gain so much perspective and it’s so important to be aware of the scene and what’s going on. I’m grateful that we have beautiful resources like these and I’m honored to be a part of them! #biglove #hihicaro #hifructose

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