I know that the boys are overworked and they try to cram as much as possible in a short period of time, but as far as I know Korea now has more strict military enlistment rules, that are possibly already being applied to Seokjin and Yoongi. Because of their ages, the limit of how many times they can leave Korea and also how many months they can stay abroad is now limited and the packed schedule is unfortunately needed for them to use the time they spend abroad wisely. I wish they all had more time to rest, but their popularity RN is on an all time high, and this is the most efficient way to use the time they all have to do group activites together.

I’m not excusing them being overworked, because I also don’t want to see it happening, but if this is why they’re doing it, I understand.

I don’t usually talk about bts on here but

I just wanted to say I noticed something in the mv which just goes to show how much work jhope put into to this (my bias wrecker btw).

In the background of one of the scenes we can distinctly see a painting of a nude woman with two men. This painting is quite significant when it comes to hixtape itself.

This painting is called ‘The Luncheon on the grass, an old French painting (lol the lunch on on the grass lmao) .

The painting was criticised for not having enough depth in the background,making it seem unrealistic and in a studio setting. It was rejected from gallery’s straight away and had many people thinking that the brushstrokes were amateurish and the painting looked unfinished.

To be honest,the complete same thing can be said about hixtape. The daydream music video is unrealistic, the background is animated in most scenes, making it seem poor quality. In reality this animated background is meant to seem unfinished and unrealistic,people are meant to find it cartoonish. It’s called daydream for a reason.

In the mv we are meant to be seeing how he thinks,how he’s constantly coming up with new ideas, making songs, choreographing dances ; it’s like he doesn’t stop. We’re meant to be seeing how he’s hungry for more, this was the thought process that brought hixtape together. It’s not like other albums, it’s a mixtape and it’s meant to be kinda messy and unique at the same time.

This is an insight into his daydream and we get a rare chance to see how he thinks and it’s truly incredible. I just don’t know what to say. The creativity,the designs just the whole production quality is amazing. Wow. Just wow.

He is truly an underrated king