Costume Fitting Day from “Happy Saturday 😘
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I can’t promise you heaven but I will take you into eternity…this love into eternity. Heartache and pain ends here. Leave you loneliness with your misery: I hear he loves company. If you are willing, allow me to show you how dreams become reality. Allow me to show the world a women in power…with power. #poetcorner #randomthoughts #romantic #bigheart

Here is another color palette for Ataxia’s orphanage overseer, Baer. Let us know what you think of the colors!

Also be on the lookout for some exciting news in the next few days!


The Users & Abusers.

You know them, possibly better than I.

You know, the people who only call you when shit is going wrong.
But when they are on their high horse, no calls or texts.
You wouldn’t even know if they were alive anymore.

The people who only need you around when they’ve just had a rough break-up.
They want you around 24/7 to ease the pain of them being alone…
But as soon as they get into another relationship, they are ghost again. 

The people who swear they are good for the money & when you let them borrow it,
they feel as though they dont have to give it back because you guys are ‘cool’
when you bring up the money they owe, its always an excuse.

These people are all around, they are in everyone’s life in one form or another. & for the big heart-ed people like me, who would do damn near anything for the people they love, it gets hard to say no. People like me sympathize & remember what it felt like to be that low, so when someone we care for is at that point in their lives, we do everything we can to help revive them. Some people are really worth our efforts, but others prey on our kindness. They know that we have a soft spot for them & they use us. They drain our time, energy & knowledge, juice us for anything we have that is good to them, & then what?….They leave. & The next time when they come back, because we are well-natured loving people, we want to help them & thus lie to ourselves saying that they wont leave again. I have come to the point in my life where I have realized, no matter what I value in certain relationships with people, they are simply users & abusers. I can no longer afford to be nice & sympathize with people who are only around when they are low. I need to be able to protect myself first & help later. I’ve taken the route to cut these people off & the crazy thing is… I thought I’d feel bad. I thought I’d miss them. I thought I’d want to call and check up on them. But Its crazy…because i really dont give a fuck anymore! The thought of never speaking to them again doesnt bother me, because I have reached the top point to my threshold. For you, I understand it might be different, you may not be ready to cut these people off. & despite what others may tell you, there is nothing wrong with that. We all learn our lessons at our own time. :) but do me a favor, as much as I know you want to help & not get hurt…protect yourself first, take care of yourself first & youll soon have the strength..promise. =)

With love,


Sometimes the best thing to do is to not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, put one foot in front of the other and have faith that everything will workout for the best!

One of today’s Best advices I received was to always simply be #YOU! 😊🙌👌😉✌ #positive #peaceful #positivity #peace #love #light #loa #spiritual #sentimental #emotional #bigheart #strength #attract #universe #goodpeople