Here’s a cute, catchy and upbeat tune by BIGHEAD, the producer that made official theme songs for MIKU EXPO 2014 and Good Smile Racing 2015


“Maybe I just like Big Head and want to believe in him, but I actually think this scene subtly points out that he does have an actual skill and it might come into play down the road. Since the show’s beginning, Richard has mentioned that he doesn’t want to turn into the kind of company that has mandatory retreats. He doesn’t want his employees to feel the suffocating feeling of working at a corporation that he always felt. Well, in this scene, Big Head is taking his whole XYZ team out after hours and they all seem happy to be around him. I know that obviously part of him being a fun leader is that he, you know, doesn’t require people to work at all, but I can actually imagine a matured version of Big Head who might make a great team leader at Pied Piper, who would work to make sure none of the employees are made to feel useless there.”

- dineshgilfoyle doing a beautiful prediction of Bighead’s place in the future of this show

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The official David Letterman YT Channel uploaded the footage.

Here’s the studio version, where the lyrics are displayed on screen: Click Here!

While it was a disappointing performance and the hype train careened off the cliffs in the end, it was still fun watching her perform. 

Watching it again, it’s actually pretty cool! However, due to song choice, I don’t know how many people really got into the Miku thing.


If the demos, covers, and original songs don’t make you believe that Luka V4X’s English voice bank improved, then check this out! EmpathP and BIGHEAD made an English song featuring Miku and Luka V4X! And it’s up on BIGHEAD’s new channel!