Rainy Day || Teddy + Billy

As the late afternoon rolled around, so did great, black rainclouds, spilling rain across the academy. Billy flopped down on Teddy’s bed, exhausted and a little sore. The couple had started out their afternoon in Billy’s room, but considering the current state of his bed, staying in there wasn’t much of an option. The mage could smell the rain, even through the window and the sound of it pattering against the window was hugely relaxing.

Billy walked over to Teddy’s CD player, a bit of a relic in the digital age, but it was still precious to the shapeshifter as it was one of the things he had taken from his Mom’s apartment, along with her favorite CD’s. As such, Billy kept his own CD collection with Teddy most of the time, and from this he pulled out Joy Division’s album, Unknown Pleasures. It wasn’t exactly Teddy’s normal choice in music, but it was the perfect selection for a rainy day.

Taking a moment to appreciate the view of the soaking wet Academy grounds, Billy returned to his lover’s bed, sitting cross-legged by the pillow and leaning his back against the head-board. Still radiant with after-glow, the mage looked over at his fiance and smiled, absentmindedly muttering “I love you, Tee”