So my sister biggletron did this last night.

I arm wrestle Billie Joe Armstrong. (by Biggletron)

I think someone should edit in the empty seats from the main event in “Rocky.”


My friend Biggletron has a series where she arm wrestles celebs. 

Here she is with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Follow her youtube here!


My friend Biggletron arm wrestling Sarah Silverman. Check out her youtube she has arm wrestles tons of celebs lol

Biggletron and I had a great time last night listening to Mick Foley rename a 9-year old, express ribald admiration for a man who worked while injured, and describe disfiguring injuries endured for the sake of good television.

After getting this picture, I thanked Foley for his work over the years with and for RAINN, and he held the autograph line for a couple of minutes to tell us how proud and humbled he’s been to be able to serve the organization.

Have a nice day!