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In Vogue

Chapters: 5/10 (estimated 120k)
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

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Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit first row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story. (There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

‘Is that why David Beckham has been featured multiple times on the pages of your life’s work? Does your criteria seriously consist of one thing – a man’s ass?’
‘Well the ass is a man’s best asset,’ Harry smirks, holding the Martini glass high up his face. ‘And don’t call the magazine my life’s work. There are far more important things in life, Louis Tomlinson, than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.’

Guys... (especially TWFanmily)

I know I’m not gonna be good at editing stuffs and all haha I know that, but I’m thinking of doing a The WANTED Pack. (I’ll do one for Taylor and 1D as well soon but TW first okay?)

Inside it I’ll include HQ photo of The Wanted; I have a gazillion of them, I thought I might share some. But the number of pictures depends on the number of notes this post gets. If it’s 10 notes, then I’ll put 10 HQ pics, no biggy. :)) (So reblog to spread the word! I just wanna see if people are even interested that’s all)

I’ll include psds exclusively for candids, concerts, appearances,gifs, music videos and all that. Some icons, headers, backgrounds, fonts that are similar to their trademark fonts… I’ll work hard on handwritten lyrics textures as well, pray for me :))

Message me here if you have any more ideas for things to include! (Don’t ask me to include Nathan Sykes I’ll probably include a dead tuna)