biggie nose

these pictures PROVE that when Michael said he only altered his nose twice, he only altered his nose twice.

MJ sure as hell is not the only celebrity to have had cosmetic surgery.

here are a few examples of celebrities who’ve had.. quite a few elective surgeries 

1- Lil’ Kim

2- Wayne Newton

3- Joan Rivers

4- Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

5- Courtney Love

6- Carrot Top

as an avid moonwalker, I must be honest with myself and admit that Michael had work done. He confessed to having his nose altered twice and having a cleft put in. Minimal alterations, compared to the group of men and women above. A lot of MJ’s appearance change was due to his rapid weight loss and universal vitiligo, however most people solemn recognize that. 

And (in my opinion) at least he looked good.

(the pictures above also prove that different angles will make one’s nose look different)

I wish people would stop beating a dead horse with MJ’s facial features, he’s been gone 6 (going on 7) years and it is definitely overdone. Please, learn your facts so you don’t make yourself look like an idiot.



I don’t like my feet. My toes are crooked, and they’re too big. I don’t like my thighs. They’re large, they don’t work in skinny jeans. Neither does my arse, my arse is way too big. I don’t like my tubby tummy, it’s not very nice to look at. I don’t like my boobs … or rather lack of. I don’t like my skinny chicken arms. I don’t like this bit of tub on my neck. What are you, how do I get rid of you?! I don’t like my skin, and these fun friends that have come along to say hello. And I don’t like my grey eyebrows. I don’t like my eyebags. I don’t like my flat hair. […] My main one, my main biggie: I hate my nose. I hate it so much.

You know what? I love my feet. I love that they’re long and duck-shaped. And I love my thighs, because they’re chunky and funky, and I love my butt! My butt is massive! What a cool butt! And I love my pot. Pot bellies are sexy. They can be sexy if I want them to be. And I love my lack of boobs, I love it, because I am skinny, and petite, and these are tiny enough to fit me. Why not. And I like my chicken arms, ‘cause they’re slender, and my collarbones could cut butter. And I even like this thing, 'cause it makes me look like a muppet. And I love my eyebags, 'cause everyone has eyebags, and it just makes me human. And I love my grey eyebrows, because they’re a great shape, and I can fill them in pretty darn well, and I love my straight hair because I can curl it, the way I want it, every single morning, and you know what? I love my nose.