i know its four in the morning and no one is around but i need to get this off my chest

why did hollywood decide that every cop show and movie will collect evidence and put it into a plastic bag???? that’s not what they do??? anywhere?? it causes mold growth???? there is not a single piece of evidence that you could ever collect that would be good to put into a plastic bag??? they use paper???

and on top of that? why would these cop shows ignore forensic experts they probably hired for information about this? why are plastic bags more glamorous than paper bags? i don’t get it??? why make a deliberate choice to use plastic instead of paper??? its so aNNOYING

especially when i see bullshit fake posts about people saying they had things collected as evidence like their cellphones or some crap and trying to pass it off as real like bitch i see you. i know the truth. thats some fake ass story you got since nO POLICE AGENCY USES PLASTIC BAGS TO PACKAGE EVIDENCE EVER

The True Meaning of Shipping.....

As the weekend comes to a close, I must admit that after a week from hell with work projects, I am feeling quite rested, and a little emotional this evening.

After seeing the videos of Sam and Cait at ECCC….I am once again reminded why I became a fan of these two glorious people. They have an aura, a goodness, and all around love that makes you see and feel all that is right in the world. And because they were so giving of their time and space, I have decided to allow them their own. Everyone knows where I stand regarding these two beautiful people, and I hope their lives continue to be filled with love, and each other. I will follow them until the very end!

But, I have also learned this weekend that my “love of the ship ” really now centers around something else, and that is each of you. To all the ladies who shared their stories, pictures, squees, embarrassments and overall fabulous experience…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt like I was actually attending this con with you, and it has made me smile and laugh to no end. And, I am convinced that if they attend another one , we should figure out how to go as a whole group!! The fact that several of you got to meet, have dinner and just enjoy your experience together is what “shipping” is all about, and all of the Shipsters did us proud.

Who knows what the future holds for our dreamy duo, but I do know one thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who is right, who is first, who has the biggest mouth ( we already know that one!😉), or who thinks they know the most…. It’s about finding a place to share, laugh, cry and even snark from time to time about something, or someone who is deserving of that kind of love and acceptance. We came together because of OL, and Sam and Cait. We are now together because of our support of each other, and that is the most beautiful ship of all.

Much love to all my fellow shipsters. I cannot imagine this place without each and every one of you, and we are the true captains of our own ship! And to those on the other side who cannot understand this level of love and friendship, well they can row right on by on their shaky lifeboats because they simply don’t get it, and never will.

Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks for a glorious weekend of memories and fun!💜❤💚💙💛
NYPD officers accessed Black Lives Matter activists' texts,
Exclusive: Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal details of how police posed as protesters amid unrest following the death of Eric Garner
By George Joseph

The documents, mostly emails between undercover officers and other NYPD officials, follow other disclosures that the NYPD regularly filmed Black Lives Matter activists and sent undercover personnel to protests.

Officers shared the locations of individual protesters at particular times. The NYPD emails also include pictures of organizers’ group text exchanges with information about protests, suggesting that undercover officials were either trusted enough to be allowed to take photos of activists’ phones or were themselves members of a private planning group text.

Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD detective sergeant said “It would be pretty amazing that they would be able to get into the core group in such a short window of time. This could have been going on a while before for these people to get so close to the inner circle… If you take out the biggest mouth, everybody just withers away, so you concentrate on the ones you believe are your organizers. Once you identify that person, you can run computer checks on them to see if they have a warrant out or any summons failures, then you can drag them in before they go out to speak or rile up the crowd, as long as you have reasonable cause to do so.”

“The documents uniformly show no crime occurring, but NYPD had undercovers inside the protests for months on end as if they were al-Qaida,” said David Thompson, an attorney of Stecklow & Thompson, who helped sue for the records.

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Lili knows posting that pic about being a photographer and cami's tweets are going to further people thinking she's dating Cole and she's probably going to get more hate from Cole fanatics. It's almost like she knew people would react like that and just wanted attention being placed on it x

👀 Hmmmm yeah I don’t think she wanted to bring attention to her & Cole (she said she peed lololol- even though what the fuck Cami? Cami truly wants to out them over and over again and Cole did say she has the biggest mouth hahah) and I don’t really think Lili knows just how deep our sleuthing skills are to be honest. I do think she hinted at Cole with that comment, but I don’t think she thought we would pick up on it in that way! Or maybe she did and she just doesn’t give a fuck about the Cole-turned Lili- haters. Xxxx


For the anon who requested number 8 and 13 “I trusted you!” “Who do I have to kill?” with McGee

“Probie, Probie Junior.” Tony greeted you, dropping down into the chair behind his desk with a big smirk. You rolled your eyes behind your computer screen and shook your head.

“Not a probie.” You corrected and Tony’s smirk merely doubled in size, and he leaned back shoving his feet up onto his desk.

“You’re new to NCIS and our team; that makes you a probie.” He argued, and you sighed, still refusing to look up from your computer. It’s like with little kids; they want you attention and if you give an inch they take a mile.

“If (Y/N) is a probie, doesn’t that mean I’m no longer a probie?” Tim piped up causing Tony to tisk.

“That’s where you’re wrong, my young McFoolish. I am still the senior field agent, you’re both my young Probiwans.” You finally glanced up at Tony with an amused look before glancing at Tim and back at Tony.

“Well I mean, if Tim is your probie, wouldn’t I be Tim’s probie?” You supplied, watching Tony roll that over in his mind before smirking again.

“I bet you’d like to be McLover’s probie wouldn’t you McGirly.”

“Tony,” Tim commented in a warning voice, shooting you a quick glance. You snorted and grabbed the files from your desk giving Tony a look as you passed behind his desk, and not sparing Tim a glance.

“Mind your business, DiNosy.” You scolded him before heading off towards the stairs so you could go down to Abby’s lab with your freshly printed information. And to get a well deserved break from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

“Ooo!” Tony grinned getting up and grabbing a few random things from his desk so he could follow you down. You heard Tim call after him again in a warning voice but that never stopped Dinozzo. “Who put you into such a mood?”

“Go away, Tony!” You muttered, your amusement fighting a losing battle with the annoyance at Tony and the anger at Tim.

“Come on, (Y/N). Who pissed in your Corn Flakes?” He continued to tease, “Or did someone piss in your morning after eggs that Timmy Tam cooked you.” You whipped around, eyes going wide.

“Tony!” You shouted, feeling your cheeks going bright red, “When I said mind your business! I really really meant mind your damn business!” Tony’s eyes went kinda wide, hands going up in surrender.

“Hey stop yelling, I’m just teasing you! What’s got into you, you usually take jokes pretty well,” He continued to tease and you felt your hands shaking slightly as you tried to keep your anger and hurt in check. “Come on, I’m serious, who put you in such a fowl mood? Who do I have to kill?”

“Tony!” You cried out once more, pushing past the other man and beelining it towards Abby’s lab, “For once in your life drop it.”


You got into the passenger seat of the car at the end of the night pulling your cellphone from your pocket and checking a few personal emails you’d received throughout the day.

“You’re angry.” Tim commented and you took your time rolling your eyes and deleting the junk mail before glancing at him.

“You work that out all on your own or did you have to get Tony’s help?” You snapped leaning forward and flicking the radio on to signal that you were done with this conversation. Tim immediately turned it off.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He snapped and you rubbed your temples, shaking your head left to right.

“Can you take me to my apartment please, I just need some alone time.” Tim turned the car on and slowly pulled out of his parking spot.

“I’ll take you wherever you want to go, but you need to tell me what I did that was so wrong? So I can fix it. Communication.” You turned your head scoffing.

“You’ve got no idea?” Tim spared you a quick and hopeless looking glance. “Tony cornered me in the hallway, Tim.”


“Oh? Really? I trusted you! We talked and talked about this and we agreed to keep this to ourselves until we agreed otherwise! Then you go and tell Tony? Who has the biggest gossip mouth in all of NCIS?” You ranted, turning your body to face Tim more. He reached a hand out and gently wrapped in around your wrist, giving a light tug.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) listen.” He cooed slightly. You couldn’t tell if his calm voice was making you settle down or making you more angry with him that he wasn’t fighting back.


“I did not tell Tony.”

“But.. He knew.” Tim gave an half hearted shrug, “Tony sensed something was up. He asked. I told him nothing was happening and he didn’t believe me, so Tony did what he does best and snooped. He read my.. Our text messages.”

“That little-”

“I know, I know. But you can’t be too mad, it’s Tony. We both knew keeping secrets from them would be both hard and unwise. I want to tell Abby before Tony does.” You sat for a moment before nodding your head.



“I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions…” You murmured, scratching the back of your neck and giving him a shy smile. Tim pulled your hand up to his mouth and placed a quick kiss to your knuckles before resting your clasped hands in his lap.

“I’m sorry I didn’t use a safer phone password.” You laughed and nodded your head, “Still want to go home?”

“Nah, you called my bluff.” You and Tim both chuckled and he made a quick left, heading off in the direction of his apartment instead.

racetrack higgins as things that people have done in my school
  • a teacher made a student cry because that student couldn’t handle the teacher’s sarcasm
  • someone screamed, “we’re all going to die ‘cause of the clowns!” in-between classes after the principal announced that students shouldn’t be talking about clowns
  • boy dabbed so hard he fell over
  • girl said that an hourglass figure on a woman is like frosty the snowman but more feminine (???????) 
  • girl was asked to share one weird thing about herself, and she said, “I almost killed my sister with a broom when I was four or six because I was mad.”
  • teacher had to ask a student how to say fudge
  • we had to memorise and recite a poem in English, and one person recited part of ocean man
  • another recited the sonic theme song
  • very small child got pulled aside by the teacher, who asked, “why is it that you’re the smallest but with the biggest mouth?”
  • boy read nsfw(ish) fan fiction aloud when a school official was behind them
  • student called someone a hoe, substitute said to only use nice words, student insisted that he meant a gardening hoe because he was in science class
  • boy jumped on a table, posed like a model, smiled flirtatiously and said, “hire me.”
  • two people trimmed someone else’s eyebrows until it was nonexistent during class, and taped green paper where his eyebrows were supposed to be
  • group of friends had a very in depth discussion about a heaven for earlobes
  • school implemented a school currency that you earned through being a good role model, and ten minutes after that system was announced, people were already planning to riot
  • ate a worm for five dollars
  • when asked what they thought money represented, they answered, “a pimp”
  • kid established his catchphrase as, “dick man baby”

I’m trying really hard to behave myself and stay out of petty bullshit but it’s so hard when so many people on here just don’t know a fucking thing about anything lmao and the ones that know the least have the biggest mouths so I’m just gonna play roller coaster tycoon touch on my phone and chill

Surprise, Surprise - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I saw this really cute Christmas thing on pinterest earlier where it would be a gift a day up until Christmas. And I thought “Oh, that would be a real cute imagine idea!” But the last gift in the 25 day of gifts, obviously on Christmas morning, the reader would reveal that she’s pregnant to Finn/Fergal. I seriously can NOT get enough of that irish man and babies. :D

A/N: As I stated before, I love this! Eee! Him with kids makes me weak.


Originally posted by billiekaywwe


It started out as a suggestion which soon turned into a rather fun and appealing game for you. You had discovered something on the Internet regarding to Christmas, specifically where you gave a gift a day for 25 days up until Christmas. When you told Finn about the idea, he was on board completely. He loved the idea. That was towards the end of November.

Today marked December 1st, the first official day of the newest tradition inside your household. You and Finn kept yourselves a part of it, allowing it to be just a husband and wife ordeal. Ava’s gifts were neatly tucked under the tree as she would be celebrating her third Christmas on this earth.

December 1st was small, just as you had anticipated it to be. Day one, Finn gave you the first gift, it being the necklace you were dying to have each time you two passed it inside the jewelry store. Shocked, you immediately put it on. You truly didn’t know what to do, so you stuck out with Vans. You swore he bought a new pair each time they caught his eye. Happy as ever, it marked day one.

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For anyone getting their knickers in a twist over Steve’s AOU line about “language,” just remember:

Bucky Barnes

had the world’s




…And Steve was the one calling him out on it half the time.

So even if Steve Rogers does occasionally curse (and I’m not saying he wouldn’t – he grew up in Brooklyn and he was a soldier, it stands to reason he knew how), as an officer he was responsible for keeping his men reasonably respectable, and likely got into the habit of playfully chiding Bucky about his foul language.

So when Steve says “it just slipped out” – he probably forgot for a moment, in the heat of battle in winter in Europe, that he wasn’t in occupied France with the commandos, and it wasn’t Bucky cussing on the radio.

This isn’t Steve with a stick up his ass. This is Steve right out of the comics, still ridden with PTSD and occasionally forgetting which theater of war he’s in, slipping into the comfort of teasing his best friend.

he senses something, call it desperation || kidge week day 2

A/N: this takes place immediately after this fic. title derived from the ballad of mona lisa by p!atd. enjoy!

Prompt: Secret

Summary: Where in which Keith is sure that he wants to throw Lance into an airlock and hit eject if he opens his stupid mouth one more time. Or maybe just thrown himself in. That works too.

It was common knowledge that Keith had always been on the temperamental side. Always diving headfirst into danger, face in a constant state of scowling, yelling just about every damn day…He was the paladin of the Red Lion for crying out loud, the literal embodiment of impatience, so of course it was expected that he had a short fuse too.

Never did Keith expect that his fuse can get even shorter.

Until now, that is.

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characters that would be the literal biggest potty mouths if their books had been written for older kids

• ron weasley
• percy jackson

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But how do you find new books? I would like to read more but I dont know where to find them

Biggest source: Word-of-mouth. Usually, I check in with friends to get recs, if I’m not searching goodreads.

Also try: these indie listopias, this post, this post, or overdrive.

Guys, help me out! How else do you lovelies find indie and lesser-known books?

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

A/N: This was my first request ever. Thank you so much @sebatianstanisbae Sorry it got a little out of hand but it was fun! I did take lines right from the episode so just a head up! Enjoy!

sebatianstanisbae asked: Could I ask for a bucky fic like the scene in friends where chandler and Monica are trying to convince everyone they aren’t dating so phoebe and Rachel gang up on them and phoebe nad chandler are gonna have sex but chandler says he is in love with Monica and he can’t have sec with phoebe Monica but the reader is Monica bucky is chandler phoebe is Natasha and Rachel is Wanda

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Bucky, Reader, Nat, Wanda, Sam, Tony

Word Count: 2195

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, mentions of smut. some language, humour

Tags: @sebatianstanisbae @thewalkingdeadfanfiction @the-silver-iris @capbuckyfics @megsense

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“I think they know.” Bucky whisper-yelled as he rushed into your room at the tower. You and Bucky had been in a secret relationship for nearly 6 months and it has been really tough to keep hidden.

“Bucky, calm down.” You tried soothing the pacing man that was at the foot of your bed. You rolled off your stomach and sat against the headboard. “Sit down and tell me what’s going on. Who knows what?”

He quickly sat beside you facing you and placed your hands in his. “I think Nat and Wanda know. About us.”

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