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To the beautiful sunset and grey weather anon, Armin really means a lot to me too. He represents my biggest insecurity, my physical strength, and whether that makes me worthless or not (or perceived as weak), but not in a bad way. In a way that comforts me. He's sweet, gentle and kind, but real. Brutal and strong as fuck.

I know that ask is old as balls, but I really love this so I publish it anyway!


So my name is Emily and I had a very heated debate with myself over whether or not I should post these.
In the end I decided that I would, because that is what this meet up is for, after all!

I don’t really like the crinkles by my eyes when I smile, but my I love the blue of my eyes (someone one told me that they looked like Phil Lester’s eyes - thanks Ray (; ). But my biggest insecurities are all to do with my stomach and my legs. I have a lot of squishy flub around there that make me look really wide, and I hate how I whenever I walk anywhere my thighs shake and wobble everywhere and it’s not fun for anyone. I always feel so lumpy and it’s really difficult to find clothes that fit and make me feel nice, especially when shopping with my friend who’s really toned and has an amazing frame and really smooth skin etc etc
But ya know, my fat and my squish means that I can give really cuddly and soft hugs, and it’s not like I’m always going to look like this! I’m still growing up and my body is still changing so I just have to learn how to take care of it.

You guys are all so cute and I ♡ every one of you


HELLO EVERYONE i wasn’t going to participate in this meetup but i got encouraged by every one of you ily so much
My biggest insecurities have to my tummy, nose, mouth and eyes.
Tummy too big for my height, nose too big, mouth too small for the size of my cheeks and eyes too small as well.
But you know what? My chubby tummy reminds me of clouds. Clouds are pretty. So my tummy also is.
My nose may be p big but my piercing makes it look cool so ya
My mouth may be too small but my smile isn’t. And my eyes always have a sparkle.
Those are pretty things, and most importantly, are mine, they are who I am, I am this pretty things. I am pretty.

All of u are so so pretty and I love you all so much!!!💖

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Ok ok: 2, 12, 38, 29, 49, 41, and 27 for Alicia!! (more random numbers haha)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

Alicia is really insecure about her weight. She has it under control now, because she exercises and eats better (even if she misses eating fast food as often as she did), but when she was 11-14 she was fat and had to deal with a lot of crap from people about it, as you do when you’re a fat kid.

12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

Magic. Alicia is a witch. It’s at the heart of her identity - its one of the reasons she calls herself wicca around people not in the know, so she can call herself a witch and talk about spells around them with them thinking its just a weird religious thing rather than that she’s crazy (or realizing magic is real). Alicia would never, ever be able to give up magic.

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?

Shoplifting, probably. Alicia really doesn’t see the moral problem with stealing from big box stories and major companies. They can afford it! (She doesn’t grasp that the company might be rich, but the local store often has a thin profit margin and too much shoplifting = people getting fired to make up the loss). She doesn’t actually shoplift that much, but it does happen from time to time. She uses spells to avoid being caught tho.

29. What is one of the most courageous things your character has ever done for a loved one?

Right now, not that much? Later on, she’s going to take a pretty serious spell meant for her older sister/cousin in all but blood (Kathryn), even knowing how bad it is, because though she knows it won’t kill her (whereas it probably will kill Kathryn, AFA She knows), she does know it’ll put her into a coma she could never wakeup from (Spoiler alert, Amy, Wilow and Tara un-coma her a week later, but it wasn’t easy, magically speaking)

38. What kind of weather does your character like? Cloudy skies, rainy days, sunshine, etc?

Cloudy skies. Alicia sunburns easily like her mom (Faith), so anything that keeps the sun away is her jam.

41. Does your character’s family affect your character in any way?

Being raised by two loving parents who are mostly stable and in a completely healthy and nurturing relationship? Yeah, it affected her - very postively. She’s not totally perfect, but she’s the stereotypically well-adjusted kid with little baggage. She has a terrible time really getting people who have shitty parents though - it’s like ‘they’re your parents! they love you and you gotta love them!’ (She doesn’t say that to people who hate their parents, but it goes through her head). Barring some specific evidence she sees or whatever, she often instinctivey assumes people are exaggerating stories about how shitty their parents are because… well, she has no frame of reference for that. At all. She was never even smacked lightly as a kid for sassing back or anything like that.

The worst thing her parents have done is like, not get her things the second she wants them (not that she makes a big deal about that - she doesn’t get all ‘BUT I WANT IT NOW’ Tantrum) or make her do chores or take away her computer or tv privelages for a few days when she gets in trouble or whatever. Pretty basic and normal parenting stuff.

49. What is something that your character has nightmares about? Are these frequent? Do they heavily affect your character’s mood?

Her parents told her about vampires when she was eight, but she never had nightmares about them - her moms and all her Aunts and Uncles helped fight them after all!

But when she was 12, she really realized how dangerous the whole ‘fighting evil’ thing was when Faith was nearly eviscerated by a demon and spent a week in the hospital (and another at home recuperating because Faith hates hospitals an got out as soon as she could.) She has nightmares about Faith dying after that - not with like constant regularity, but they happen.

When they do, Alicia gets very clingy with Faith for the next day or so.

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“Sorey and I are able to be connected just because Sorey has his powers. If that thread is cut, I can’t do anything about it.

Because of that, I can’t say for sure that I’m really walking on the same path as Sorey.

To tell the truth, I’m scared now.

That someday, even I won’t be able to see Sorey as well…”

I love it when the manga delves more into the characters that the game doesn’t do. We already knew from the game that one of the biggest insecurities Mikleo has is how he thinks he doesn’t have the capability of perceiving the world the way Sorey does, how he longs for someone to be Sorey’s true companion because he thinks he couldn’t be one to him. The manga, through drawn emphasized expressions and another point of view, just adds more layers to what’s already there in the game.

(More under cut because it will get a bit image heavy, just to be on the safe side.)

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So, does anyone else with EDS have vampire teeth like this?

I’ve always wondered if it’s an EDS thing, I know “dental problems” are common, and those are certainly dental problems!
My  teeth were really late coming in, I lost my baby teeth so slowly I ended up having a ton of them pulled, and so I didn’t get braces when I was younger(and haven’t now because i play flute) and this happened. 

Also, what did you do about it? Oral surgery’s rough enough with EDS, let alone 3x the recovery time and needing to play flute…
So my options are either to have the vampire teeth pulled, or the ones below them pulled, so the top ones can fall into place, but I don’t know which to do….

(Also, it was just Halloween. I don’t even have to dress up, I have a built in vampire costume :p)

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whats your biggest insecurity?

LOL. this is so random but um; i would say my face & hurr. only cus i have spots of stoopid acne on my face, even my liddle sis called me a cookie face cus of that ! lmaooo & uhh my hurr, cus ideekay it be maad gay at times &+ it used to be mad long my mother cut it  -_- it pisses me off. lool but then again all of last week, i tried my best making it look good & i actually felt good bout it cus i got mad compliments on it ^__^