Dear Scarlet,
It has been one of my biggest dreams for us to be able to explore Yellowstone together. I have to say, you were completely in your element there. I couldn’t have asked for a better adventure partner. You stuck up for me to Bobby when I was too scared of bears, your little voice was filled with wonder the entire time. But I have to say, I think you were the most elated when you saw some birds riding on the back of a bison walking right next to our car. The last photo is you swimming at the lodge after a long day of hiking. This is the dream. 

This is where I have to stop and say THANK YOU to everyone who made this dream a reality for us. It was surreal to be able to live it out. It’s hard to properly express gratitude without sounding like a cheeseball phony, but just know that we are so incredibly thankful to have been able to have had this opportunity and it wouldn’t have happened without you guys. 

(irrelevant to the post, but I love all of you at Tumblr!! Thank you so much for everything - I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you Tumblr <3 <3) :) :)

Ok, here’s the actual part to the above gif: my animation (Sequence 12, Float) is currently being projected onto the outside of Sydney Opera House.  

Above is a snippet, but you guys should totally check out the whole video on vimeo which has all kinds of cool + awesome cell animation by animators from around the world! My contribution is at 5:13-5:43. But better yet, you should go to Sydney and check it out! It plays every night 6pm to midnight from now till June 8th.

A big big bigggg thank you to the amazing Universal Everything for inviting me to be a part of this project.  <3

DE finally got in touch with Antonio yesterday, only to give him irritating news:

They want him, the role is his, but they have to go through their entire process first and then *maybe* can offer him a raise and *possibly* relocation and *probably* sign on. No promises, but lots of flexibility.

By the end of their process NC will have moved on, so he verbally accepted the offer. Both companies know they are pursuing him and which one he prefers, and then - a wild third interview appears.

They’re offering a base that is significantly more than what he’s making now and what either DE and NC are offering - but it’s a very difficult job and it’s in NYC, which leaves us here, which we have already decided is not where we want to be. But, just in case, he’s keeping it on the hook, because if the big two fall through he has undoubtedly decided that he does not want to go back to his current role and will have a suitable option.

NC is a strong contender though, especially after talking to Christian, G’s Mom and the kids. NC is the best option financially, and for Samara. But it means Antonio travels a lot, and we aren’t close to the boys. DE is still good financially, and keeps Antonio’s travel to a minimum. I can think of no cons except that it’s in DE and that it’s not even an offer yet.

Both make iced iced baby plans iffy, which is okay. In the sea of important shit we are navigating through, this is barely a blip.

I’m not worried about the boys, Christian and I allowed them to choose where they wanted to live knowing that they may change their minds, they have flexibility and they are in good hands. I worry about G only because when we don’t see him for a while we have to start right back at the beginning with getting him acclimated to the house, using his words, not having tantrums and walking from place to place and that’s difficult for all of us, but especially for him. Samara is due some time, and J is due a reminder that he isn’t her sole parent, so I don’t see NC as a negative if that’s what we choose.

Either way, Antonio already said I get to have my biggest dream come true, so that’s an exciting prospect that I’m hanging onto so as not to lock myself in a closet because stress.

When i met Ariana my biggest dream came true.

I never thought I would actually sit here and write my own Ariana experience, but here goes. I’ve been a fan for nearly 4 years, so the face that she finally came to Norway is, for me, insane. 

I was so nervous before the M&G, and when we started lining up I was sure i was going to throw up. We were all standing in one room, and right before the M&G started, Ariana popped her head out of the curtains and waved to everyone and yelled “I’m so cold, I’m so tired, love you” and went back inside. I was so not prepared and almost had a heart attack. 

The line started moving and suddenly we were standing in the same tiny room as Ariana watching the people in front of us having their picture taken. When they went out, Ariana ran towards us and gave each of us a big hug asking “how are you”. After hugging me, she goes “You’re so warm I wanna hug you for the rest of my life” and I swear I’m never gonna get over that. First we asked for a kiss on the cheek picture and she goes “of course!!”, she is so cute. For the second picture we decided just to do a normal one. Since I originally wanted to do a hugging picture, but couldn’t because of the groups, I kinda tried to hold my arm around her, but in stead she grabbed my arm and says “here, I’ll hold you” in this super cute voice, and we do the worst attempt at holding hands ever in history, but it still turned out super cute. After the pictures are taken she says that she loves us. 

She is the most adorable human being I have ever seen and she smiles so big and the way she makes conversation and goes to hug US makes me love her more than i thought was possible.

Lots of love, Rebekka. (@arianasbradley)

One of my biggest dream is to go to to Vanuatu , New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia,Andaman island to meet this black people who live there.

This week end i received 5 message of young girls from theses part of world and i was so surprised and happy that my artwork touched them also because my work represent all these black women all around the world.

One day i will visited these places… for sure

Much Love to all of you…


I have a lot of dreams, but the biggest one is to get the real chance to meet Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr, just for having a little talk, like asking things I always wanted to know about them.
I could imagine the scene:
Ringo/Paul: Hi!
Me: H-*dead*

Hello everyone,
My name is Jasmin, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Germany. I’m really interested in speaking english since I went to primary school. I love this language and sometimes it’s like a ‘second native language‘ for me. Sometimes I actually start thinking in english. One of my biggest dreams is visiting America. Now I found an organisation, wich could make my dream come true. I’ve got the chance to spend a year at an american school. I would have to quit ballet and the class I’m in right now, but I really really want to do this. The problem is, I am a student and I haven’t got enough money. That’s why I’d like to launch a 9600€ appeal, because that’s the money I need, to participate. I would really appreciate if someone would donate for me. I would be really happy because I’d really love to spend a year in America! 
So if you want to donate this is my bank identifier code (/BIC): BRLADE21LZO 
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I also would be happy if you would share this around. 
Thank you so much!