I have wanted to make this video for a while and decided I might as well enter it in my destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket list competition (you never know after all)

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So theres this Youtuber who entered a contest to win a six month, all expenses paid trip around the world and to enter you have to make a video and upload it to the contest’s website. The winner of the contest is decided by how many views each video gets, so if anybody would kindly just click the link and watch the video, its only three minutes, you could potentially give one of the nicest, coolest and awesomest people on youtube a chance at her dream. 

(also shes dating charlieissocoollike, so if you like charlie please watch this video to make him happy that shes happy :D )


NOTE: SHE’S NOT ME (I wish!)

Apologies if this seems kinda spammy. Feel free to ignore if so.

Otherwise, consider voting for the girl (it’s a contest for travel expenses covered to six countries + $50k). I don’t even know her at all (I just know someone else who does) and I did– purely because travel is awesome and I think the more people who try it, the better.

Biggest Baddest Bucket List

I’ve spent the past week editing this video for the @MyDestination ’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List presenter role. It was a great opportunity to gather all of the videos I have been recording during my time in OZ. 

The adventure has been fantastic. I hope you enjoy the video….And if you think it’s good enough, then please click your mouse button here and vote on page: 

That’s it :) xx