biggest waves

"It's a free lake, isn't it?"

Warning: long story: This happened a couple years ago at my parents’ cottage. This cottage community used to be pretty sparsely populated and felt pretty remote…back in the 60s when my Dad was a kid. These days it’s completely built up and feels more like a subdivision with water between the houses instead of roads. A sunny summer Saturday can get really busy. My Dad, however, still likes to go up there for a quiet relaxing experience—something that is still only kind of possible because their place is on a tiny little island to itself. Lots of boats go by out in the open water, but they don’t come in close so it’s not much of a bother.

Then one day my parents, myself, and one of their friends are sitting on the dock, enjoying a quiet drink as afternoon turns to evening, when they see two fishermen in a pontoon boat pull around the point of the island, trolling along the waterline. This happens sometimes, and isn’t a big deal so long as people are respectful. These two were not.

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“Frienemies” to Lovers pt.2

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Third PoV

As you’re in Jin’s embrace, Yoongi felt the biggest wave of guilt hit him. He crushed your heart and determination to even push on to get to your dream job. He basically broke you.

-time skip-

Days later, you rarely came out of your room (You lived with BTS) and didn’t do anything but work constantly. You drowned your sadness with work and when you ran out of work, you did anything to keep you busy. Even taking another job just to get away from Yoongi.

“Hyung, what did you tell her?” TaeHyung asked, he was the most worried due to being the closest with you.

“I…told her that I hated her and I regret ever meeting her.” He mumbled but TaeHyung heard clearly.

“Hyung! You need to apologize! She’s been doing terrible and you know it!” TaeHyung scolds him even though he was younger than Yoongi. “Please apologize, hyung.” Yoongi felt bad, yes, but something was in the way for him to apologize. His girlfriend.

“Oppa!” TaeHyung visibly cringed before escaping to your room. The girlfriend called Mina, strode in the room, seeming like she wanted something.

“Yes?” Yoongi asked as he ignored the burning eyes of Jin.

“Take me out! I’m bored!” She whined, hugging Yoongi’s arm. And as if on coincident, you had just went to the kitchen. You saw Yoongi and Mina, both looking at you as if you were a zombie. But forreal, you were skinnier, paler, weak, and invulnerable. Yoongi just couldn’t believe his own eyes. He did this to you. Jin gasped in surprise before starting to make some food for you. Mina scoffed. “Why is she still here? I thought she moved out.”

“Well, she’s our friend, it’s the least we could do.” Jin glared at the rude girl as you slowly eat the porridge Jin made you. “What made you come out of your room, y/n ah?”

“TaeHyung made me.” You grumbled as said boy went to sit next to you.

“Noona, I didn’t make you.” He pouted innocently.

“Because a ghost totally comes into my room and pushes me off the bed.” You spat sarcastically. 

“Why is all your stuff in boxes, noona?” Jungkook asked.

“I’m moving out.”

I shall torture you with a cliffhanger my loves. Is this too short? Idk. Sorry if it feels rushed.

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(1) MMITH isn't a break up song. As someone who spent months in the hospital watching a loved one die slowly (sry sad) I think that it's about that. And Harry had to deal with similar situations recently: Robin & Jay. If you look at the lyrics and key words (morphine, take the pain away) it plays up to the hospital imagery. The whole concept of meeting someone in the hallway of the hospital is one I relate to heavily. You don't want to talk about their health and be sad in front of them.

(2) If you dissect the lyrics, it’s painful. “Hoping you’ll come around” = wishing their health improves. “We don’t talk about it/It’s something we don’t do/‘Cause once you go without it/Nothing else will do” = avoiding the fate of death and once the meds can’t do anymore they’ll be gone. “Maybe we’ll work it out/Gotta get better” = maybe everything will be okay, they’ll get better it’s fine. “Just let me know I’ll be at the door & I’ll be on the floor” = he’ll be there no matter what.
(3) and then of course the obvious: “Meet me in the hallway/I just left your bedroom/Give me some morphine/Is there any more to do?” = he needs to talk to family outside the room, is there enough medicine for him too? “I walked the streets all day/Running with the thieves/‘Cause you left me in the hallway/Give me some more/Just take the pain away” = He’s wandering, scared, lost, sad, he needs to be numbed from the tragedy and weight of losing someone special. This song is about loss and pain.

I think this interpretation is very valid and has been mentioned with regard to Jay before. It is a very painful song.

It’s also been mentioned that the instrumental background is similar to Pink Floyd’s opening song on Dark Side of the Moon, titled “Breathe.” Harry and his crew must have considered this. Here are the lyrics:

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don’t be afraid to care
Leave but don’t leave me
Look around, choose your own ground
For long you live and high you fly
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
And all your touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be

Run, rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave

The similarity to MMITH starts at 1:14:

First Fan Meeting ft. Dean

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2% fluff

word count : 1.8k

hyuk surprises you at your first fan meet.

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A Positive Sign // Mark Tuan (M)

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Sad // Smut // Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Mark smut/fluff where the reader and him are trying to get pregnant after having a lot of conception issues?

A/N: This scenario contains smut and talks about conception problems - but it has a happy ending, I promise :D

As Mark gently trailed his soft lips across the naked skin of your chest, you held your breath tight in your lungs. Your entire body was tense underneath him, worry clouding your mind – making you unable to enjoy the pleasure laid upon you by beautiful husband who was about to make love to you.

For the past year and a half since you had both tied the knot, since you became Mrs. (Y/N) Tuan, you and Mark had planned to get busy – as in; you had both planned on starting a family. The night of your honeymoon was magical, as was your wedding. You had dreamt of your wedding day since you were a child, and Mark made sure that every single one of your wishes were granted – down to the very last detail. You had it all; the dress, the venue, the cake, the guests and the 1 month vacation to a beautiful, private island for just the two of you. Mark had given you his all on the eve of your honeymoon – both of you making love with the full intent of you getting pregnant and beginning your perfect family.

Yes, Mark had given you everything you could have ever wished for. But upon seeing that after many nights of hot, pleasurable and love filled sex that you just couldn’t seem to get pregnant; it made you think that you couldn’t give him the one thing you both wanted the most – a family.

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Imagine all the people you meet in your life. There are so many. They come in like waves, trickling in and out with the tide. Some waves are much bigger and make more of an impact than others. Sometimes the waves bring with them things from deep in the bottom of the sea and they leave those things tossed onto the shore. Imprints against the grains of sand that prove the waves had once been there, long after the tide recedes. That was what Atlas was telling me when he said ‘I love you.’ He was letting me know that I was the biggest wave he’d ever come across. And I brought so much with me that my impressions would always be there, even when the tide rolled out.
—  It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
Its Going to be Okay

I was about to go in and work on asks (again if you’ve sent one there are a lot in there and I’ll get to them all but it will definitely take me a few more days).  But I just want to take a moment and hopefully offer a bit of stress release to the fandom.  

Tuesday everything literally got turned upside down on us as the C Arc turned into AO3 come to life.  They surprised me (Which isn’t easy to do), did things we didn’t want to see, and then totally changed the playing field on us.  Some are excited by the twist while others are devastated.  As usual the source of that is mostly Fitzsimmons. 

We’re here guys.  The Fitznapping, Role Reversal, and Woman on Fire I’ve been predicting since last season is here.  Just not how I though it would be.  The writers did it and turned it on its head.  I said they would do something that would have us freaking the hades out over hiatus and boy did they ever.

With this meta I’m going to break a few things down and offer some hope.  But we still have to prepare for more twists that are going to hurt.  

What will Fitz be like in the Framework?

  • What we know:  He’s seemingly rich and holding his hand out to a woman in the car.  He’s got either minions or bodyguards with him as well.  
  • What we suspect his regret AIDA fixed is:  His father.  If it was something to do with his relationship with Jemma they would not have put the Papa Fitz stuff on the table.  So in this world…AIDA will have given him a father and a supportive one at that.
  • In essence part of how we see Fitz will be if he had a father figure at the very least  He had someone either nurturing his genius/guiding it.  Or he never got into science and is more on the business side of things.  
    • We had lots of fun trying to find the perfect actor for Papa Fitz.  And boy did we find some fun options.  But you know, he’s been here all long.  Radcliffe.  
    • Radcliffe built a utopia…his happily ever after is in there too.  He sees Fitz as the son he never had, wants him working with him, appreciated his talents, and encouraged him.   “I’m not going to let this come between us”.  Bonus the way he touched him when talking about the Framework with AIDA, it was paternal.  
    • Fitz said he saw Radcliffe as a father figure.
    • So that has been fixed now.  Both for the ‘benefit’ of Fitz and Radcliffe.  AIDA makes Radcliffe Fitz’s father in here.   Be it she rewrote history, or lets say the Glasgow mission saved FItz’s Parents…without it they die and Radcliffe adopted him/took him in.   (That serial killer board showed us just how much Coulson has done.  He is patient zero in all this.  Him not joining Shield is what made the biggest wave).  
    • Having the father figure in his life be it Radcliffe or Papa Fitz is one of the things that likely changed FItz’s trajectory the most.  And there is a good chance he never went into the Academy or if he did he was pulled away/into Hydra.  In that case he never met Jemma or knows her in a different way (we’ll get into that later). 
  • I know a big fear will lie in Fitz’s personality really being different. And yes he will be, he’s in a world where he doesn’t have the experiences we have seen shape him.  The Fitz we had now isn’t the Fitz we had in the pilot.  Who he REALLY is is still there.  He is who he is because its who he is, its not is programming (that conversation with Jemma was huge and is going to be the crux of all this).  He’s a good person, who is loving, brave, and loyal.  However, until he remembers we could see a change.  And that’s okay, it will be fun to see Iain strech his legs a big.
    • He could be Evil:  Robo Fitz gave me chills.  Just legit chills.  So we could see a bit of Hydra Super Villain Mad Scientist Fitz here.  
    • He could be an a**:  He is this world version of Quinn or even a bit of Stark  He knows he’s smart, he knows he’s rich, he’s entitled, and manipulative.  Pretty much everything our Fitz is not.  
    • He is himself…but with a twist:   He’s the Fitz we know…but a bit more confident.  Or they have twisted his loyalty and convictions from loyalty to Shield…to Hydra and his father figure.  Remember Garrett said if Fitz joined Hydra in the fall, he’d hold a high rank and that would no doubt come with the kind of trappings we saw him with at the end.  
    • No matter what….Jemma will eventually get through to him.  Its not going to be easy, Jed said it won’t be easy, but she’ll do it eventually.  

Where is Jemma in the Framework:

  • She is NOT in the grave.  Had she projected herself into a dead body she would have died instantly.   Jemma said her Avatar was “running around” in the framework.  A dead body doesn’t do that, this isn’t Walking Dead.  
  • She is NOT on Maveth.  
    • We don’t have time for this.  Period.
    • Jemma is the one who is going to get Fitz to “wake up” and she can’t do that from Maveth.
    • The circumstances that landed her on Maveth in the first place will not have happened because Coulson never joined Shield and I have a hunch things are going very differently with the Inhumans in here.  
    • No writer in their right mind would open that can of worms with us again.  They have been distancing themselves from that story like the plague.  
    • This story is about Jemma getting Fitz back, not him realizing she’s gone and somehow figuring out he needs to get Harold, and its nto going to be Jemma getting off Hell planet and THEN joining the party.
    • Maveth is another world.  The Framework is one work in its own right.
  • Jemma as never scanned so where her Avatar is (like Daisy) is a result of what AIDA did with Fitz, Coulson, May, and Mack.  Now May and Mack won’t have been as big of factor as where Jemma landed.  That is more “I never joined Shield Coulson” and Fitz.  
    • Yes, we could get the he never went to the Academy and therefore they never met.  Plus side we get to see him fall in love with her again.  
    • We could get they are rivals, and look at that enemies to lovers.
  • Jed said that everything in “our world” is in there somehow.  Case in point Ward.  That also means things like Shield (who in an Upside down world would be what Hydra was, lurking and limping along in the shadows), Real Shield (Bobbi, Izzy, Gonzales, and Weaver), Mike/Deathlock, Afterlife (but look for it to have been captured or fallen we can’t get Jaiying, Lincoln, and Raina back).   
    • What if Jemma in this world IS a Double Agent for Shield.  Working within Hydra to steal secrets and take it down.  
  • She’s not JEMMA anymore…she is someone else.

The Grave:

  • Its the back door Jemma was talking about.
  • It does indeed belong to Jemma Anne Simmons and her death has been faked for some reason.  Be it by Fitzsimmons, Hydra, Shield, or Radcliffe.  But like Coulson and Fury’s, its an empty grave.
    • It says “Loving Friend” on it so someone was close to her in this world to put that there.  And it has to be SOMEONE who was scanned.  May, Coulson, Mace, Mack, and Fitz.    
    • This gives rise to Double Agent Jemma.  “Jemma Simmons” in this world is indeed dead and Jemma’s avatar is going by a new name and identity.
    • Jed said that Fitz didn’t seem too phased about her being in the grave.  So that either means that He wasn’t close to her here to have it have an impact…or he knows she’s not in there.

The Hand:

  • They hid who it belonged to for a reason.   But in looking at the positive side of things they gave us Ward… why would they give us Ward and not continue the massacre on our feelings and have some Rando step out with Fitz.  Because they could have done what they did with the hand with ward.  Had Daisy coming out of the bathroom and sees the figure laying in bed…cut away.  Leaving the fandom thinking its Lincoln ALL hiatus and then come back in 16 with SURPRISE!   It wasn’t Lincoln.
    • So in not showing us the hand and confirmring it wasn’t Jemmas it build the suspense and often times our imagination or worst case are far worse than what happens.  So all hiatus they leave us fearing who is coming out of the car next.  
  • Okay so yes, Jed confirmed the hand isn’t Jemma…he said JEMMA.   But…if Jemma Simmons is “dead” her Avatar won’t be going by Jemma will she?  She’ll have a new name/cover so while Jemma might not be coming out of that car next….Lil and her Framework counterpart very well could be.  Jemma here could be a double agent either spying on, protecting, or trying to get to Fitz.  Or is a version of her Radcliffe wanted for his ‘son’.  
    • Another option is that when Jemma “died” in this world Fitz went all Radcliffe on us and created Robo Jemma.  So like Agnes is to AIDA…Jemma’s new counterpart would have a different name.  
  • However we do have to consider other options for that Hand too.
    • AIDA/Agnes:  But not romantically.  Rather if Radcliffe is his father either one could be his “step mother”.  Despite the butterfly effect its hard to get to a point where Fitz meets AIDA on his own.  
    • Bobbi:  She’s undercover in Hydra too, Fitz is her target or she is his bodyguard.  Again NOT romantic.
    • Rando assistant:  So its his version of Anon or AIDA and its not romantic at all.  
    • Rando Girlfriend:  Yes it has to be on the table.  I’m sorry but it does.  I don’t like it.  It don’t want it.  But it has to be there.  It makes me mad as all get out that we have to deal with another form of a love triangle.  Again I feel if it was this option they would have hit us with a truck with it already and really left us in shambles.  IF they do this to us remember….
      • ITS NOT REAL and as soon as Fitz wakes up its all Jemma all the time.  
      • The Jemma Fitz loves is not in the picture.  So he’s not cheating on her or anything like.
      • When Fitz comes out of the Framework Fitz will recognize it was that, in the Framework.  It will not change his feeling for Jemma at all.  “Theirs is a forever love”.  
      • Jemma comes into his life and we get to see her have him fall in love with her all over again.
    • If AIDA has inserted herself in here as Fitz’s Girlfriend is more of a Dragon guarding its treasure.  Its allowing her to keep an eye on him.   Its not because she loves him.  .  

Other points:

  • Jemma needs to get close to Fitz, she needs to be in the mix or in a position where she can do that and start to work on him.  So she can’t be completely off the map here  Get him to wake up.  Get him to want to leave the Framework.  And its not just Fitz she and Daisy have to do this with.  Its May, Coulson, Mack and Mace too.   All the while surviving whatever the crap is going on in that world.  AIDA didn’t program the story, she just changed it at a certain point ans is going from there.  So its a true What If AU.  
    • AIDA allowed x factors in the mix like Ward….this Ward is based off of Coulson, May, Fitz, and even a little bit of Mack.  And is still ‘alive’ here thanks to someone’s regret fix.  
    • This is Ward we are talking about…kind of AOS plot twists.
  • The trick isn’t going to be really finding everyone, its going to be convincing them to ‘come home”.  Convincing them this isn’t real. 
  • Both Radcliffe and AIDA who built the Framework in the first place know how much Fitzsimmons mean to each other.  As does EVERY SINGLE PERSON they scanned in there. 
  • We can’t forget even once they get them to want to come out its Radcliffe who knows where they are and how to do it safely.  RADCLIFFE is the one they have to get to tell them.  And we know he’s pretty dang happy in there, especially if we are right about Fitz.  He’s got his son, powers, Agnes, and no fear of death.  Let me tell you @jessiecrimefighter and I just came up with another one of those really awful ideas.  But in the End its Radcliffe who has to be willing to let them go and die to save them all.  


We have and endgame here guys.  In the gut punch of what we had please don’t lose site of that.  This is TV so we have to suffer before we get these moments.  

  • We endured the hell of Maveth and were rewarded with them becoming Canon and The Singularity.
  • We endured the so close yet so far of A and were rewarded with Sciencing Domestic Fitzsimmons through B (and really we had to know something was coming with all that good).  

Just like in Season three where they set up Perthshire/Jemma pictured them together, that they both loved each other.  It became of matter of getting there.  The bump them was Will, them getting kidnapped, Fitz going to Maveth, and its aftermath.  And we are there again only this time its better.  Its Marriage.   Robo Fitz with the wedding talk was like Fitz watching Jemma’s videos.   A huge “oh my you want that” moment without the other directly saying it.  

Fitz wants to propose, he wants them to get married and grow old together.

Jemma WILL say yes, and she will say yes as soon as she gets him back.

There is NO Universe where FItz doesn’t want to Marry You.

Their’s is a forever love.

THEY WILL MAKE IT BACK TOGETHER….and out pay off at the very least is them engaged if not a wedding.   

Many of us wanted a Woman on Fire Fitznapping…well we got it.  And I said to remind me I wanted it when it was here and not how I pictured it to be.  So that is what I am doing.  

I would also like to point out that the person who has nearly pulled them apart the most is in the mix.   Ward.  Boy do I have some fun theories for him but those are for after the ask box isn’t overflowing.  Especially thanks to Jed’s newest quote.  

I know my meta won’t stop someone from stopping the show if they are upset about the turn.  I know it doesn’t change canon.  I know it doesn’t change we are going to have to suffer a little bit.   What I’m hoping I get across is that the suffering will be worth it.  That we need to stay positive and stay together with this.  Fitzsimmons will be fine, we have that diamond ring just waiting at the end of this.   So hang in there guys.  But in my gut I do believe there are FAR more interssting stories to tell vs just throwing a Rando GF in the mix.  

The Framework is full of love and loss.  Seeing who you really are.  That our experiences help shape us but they don’t define us.  


- So, these are all from under the sea?

Therese is too busy listening too the conversation inside the room. Hearing how close Jeremy came to being seriously injured or worse made her heart ache with worry. He is really too nice for his own good, to the point of putting his own well-being in jeopardy. But then, that is part of what made her fall for him. Her mother’s question brings her back to reality.

- Yes. Aren’t they beautiful?

- They are. I guess I can see why you are so fascinated with the ocean.

- It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. You should dive down with me sometime, Mom. I’ll teach you. And I have extra equipment.

Her mother chuckles.

- I think I need to learn how to swim properly first, no?

- Oh, yeah, I forgot…

Joanne nods towards the bedroom.

- So, that boy, huh? If I’m not mistaken, this is the longest you’ve been with someone. You’re really serious about him.

- Yes.

- I hope he’s treating you well.

- He is.

Joanne scans the house. 

- So, what exactly does he do? I saw a bass in your bedroom.

- He plays in the orchestra.

- Not very profitable.

- Mom!

- Not that this is the only important thing. 

Joanne lowers her voice and winks:

- He doesn’t look much like an orchestra guy. I can see why he caught your eye.

depression makes feeling motivated such a small window that one second you’re ready to take on the world and say “here I am and I’m fantastic, pls know I’m serious” but the very next second you’re ready to cry out of embarrassment and self loathing.

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Get I get a scenario where Sidon has a big huge crush with the female reader and he gets to witness them laugh really hard for the first time and he thinks it's the cutest thing ever

Sidon smitten by s/o’s laugh

For months on end, Sidon watched you from afar with his heart racing and his mind wandering. He couldn’t lie to himself that he developed feelings for you and he wanted to thank Link for introducing you two each day. However, he never made it known to you nor anyone else of his afflictions. He wasn’t sure how to act on them, or if you even reciprocated them at all. All he could do for now was wait and, for the moment, he was content with it.

He sighed and wistfully stares at you from his spot in the water. He loved that you were a water baby and thanked Hylia that he got to spend each day learning more about you. As he floated along with the slow current he watched as you and Link splashed each other. Each of you were trying your hardest to create the biggest waves, but, of course, Link was winning by a landslide.  Sidon laughed to himself hearing your sham cries and Link gave his all to win.

From where you two were, the current picked up quite a bit and Link went to slush another wave of water when he lost his footing and fell. He let out a pitiful cry and you were shocked to see him go under so fast. Sidon along with you watched Link swept away and watch his attempts to stand. Unfortunately, the current was too swift and would knock him down continuously until he bobbed to the calm areas in defeat.

Sidon not being too far from you heard a snort and then another one. He glanced over curious what that sound was and found you suppressing laughter. You were on the verge of losing it, and when Link finally stood up he was smacked in the face by a green gill. Whatever self control you had was gone and a boisterous laugh burst forth. Snorts and wheezes filled the air and Link only looked at you scornfully if not deeply embarrassed.

Your laughs rose an octave and the more you snorted the more it made you laugh. Sidon’s eyes widen and he could feel a warm sensation flush his body. Tears pricked the corner of your eyes and he felt himself transcend. He had never heard your laugh to that extent and relished in hearing how uncontrolled it was. How untamed, and genuine it was. He could feel himself beginning to laugh with you and each time you snorted he felt elated.

In the midst of his overjoyed state, he brought you into his arms and laughed as you yelped in surprise. Your laughter didn’t cease but, instead, grew to more a bashful mirth. Sidon’s eyes glimmered and his toothy grin further exposed. 

Yes, he would make sure you would laugh like this again. He needed to because now he was aware of another part of you; a wondrous and infectious part he wanted to explore. He laughed and thought to himself how could one person be so adorable?

Pink Floyd

Breathe, breathe in the air 
Don’t be afraid to care 
Leave, but don’t leave me 
Look around 
Choose your own ground 

Long you live and high you fly 
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry 
And all you touch and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be 

Run, rabbit run 
Dig that hole, forget the sun 
And when at last the work is done 
Don’t sit down 
It’s time to dig another one 

For long you live and high you fly 
But only if you ride the tide 
And balanced on the biggest wave 
You race towards an early grave

Island Escape: Part 1

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 

Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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