biggest test of my life

something that makes me feel all weird inside is when people don’t include Genji and Tracer in old Overwatch pictures (not even in the background). they were a part of Overwatch back then, so why aren’t they included?

is it because Genji was a “late” edition? is it because Tracer’s age is listed as 26 and she would have been born during the crisis and it doesn’t make sense? (i’ll post about that later)

people always put Ana, Jack, Gabriel, and Reinhardt in (also not uncommon to see is youngish Jesse, Angela and kid Fareeha) but you almost never see Torbjorn, Tracer, Winston, or Genji. why is this?

i guess i’m a little late for the party, but better late than NEVER!! my name is syd from the timezone that always seems to be in the past … pst. get it? one letter shy of past? not funny i know get used to it, my humor is the only thing keeping me young. my pronouns are she/her and i’m going to break everyone’s heart by saying that i’m not sure how active i will get to be tonight. tomorrow i’m taking the biggest test of my life (DRAMATIC) so i’m probably going to stick to plotting because i really shouldn’t keep procrastinating since the test practically cost me a months rent. anyway, i’ll have a better bio and shit about this my princess brinley eventually, but take this for now so you know i’m not a complete trash can who can’t develop a character.

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