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Bts “Cheating” on you-Reaction

Requested by anon

This is like a mini scenario/reaction

scenario: You have been seen with a guy. Fans automatically assume the worst. Bts member decides to hire an actress to kiss him as you walk in the door. As soon as he sees your eyes regret fills him immediately. You leave to another Bts members house whom you are close with for comfort, he finds out this “guy” was your brother. What happens now?


He pushed the actress away and tried to go after you. He didn’t know the exact truth but he knew you were hurt. You soon left his eyesight and he called all the members until he found out you were with Namjoon. By the time he gets to Namjoons house, you were asleep on his bed, snuggling his Ryan Plushie. Tears of regret stung his eyes and he cuddled you close. By the time you woke up, he was explaining everything whilst kissing you.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know”

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He figured he did his job when you left. He paid the actress her money and she left. His heart was shattered at the idea you cheated on him. Though he got his revenge, there was a hole in his heart. He was taking out his feelings when he receives a call from Taehyung:


S: What?

T:YOU BROKE HER HEART MAN *explains how it was your brother and you’re  crying in his arms*

Suga hangs up the phone and quickly went to Tae. He felt like an a**hole and he held you in his arms explaining everything and blaming himself. 

“I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions babygirl..”

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He was mad at you. How could you walk out acting hurt when you did the same thing?? He scoffed, paid the actress and started to pack your things. He tries to call you to tell you your stuff is here. He’s shocked to hear a yelling Yoongi answer your phone. The minute Yoongi said “your brother” Namjoons heart broke. He understood why you left hurt when he thought it was acting. Namjoon went to you, sat you down and explained everything. He made sure that he would regain your trust.

“You’re my entire world, nothing can replace you.”

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Regret filled him as you walked out crying. He thought he was just getting revenge, He didn’t know what he did wrong, but he knew something wasn’t right. He texted you and the members and finally gets a response, from Jimin. Hobi went to confront you, He heard your side of things and he broke down crying. He felt like the worlds biggest idiot. He cried in your shoulder and whispered so many apologies. 

“Please forgive me”

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Just like Yoongi, he’d feel proud. He made you feel what he felt and it was over. That is until he gets a text from Hobi who seemed pissed. Jimin tried to have his own back and argue with Hoseok about you. Hobi sends him a picture of you asleep, your eyes still wet from the tears and Jimin just turned into a soft baby. 


Jimin went to you, smuggled you, kissed you, whispered so much reassurance in your ear. You ended up falling asleep in his arms on Hobi’s bed.

“Mine forever. I love you and you only”

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He didnt know what he was doing. Everything seemed so right while it happended, but the way your tears fell, he knew he wasn’t a victim at all. He knew that you didn’t cheat. He ran to you before you could go to Jungkooks house. He let you explain because he only knew what other people told him. He trusted you but Jealousy took over in the moment. He’d pray you’d understand.

“I know i should’ve confronted you, it was my fault. Please still love me the same.”

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Confused. Hes like Tae in this sense he knew that he wasn’t the victim, but didnt know why he wasn’t the victim. He gets a call from Jin, who isn’t yelling, but lecturing him on what actually happened and what he should’ve done instead of hire an actress

Jin: Like seriously, kookie, WHO DOES THAT!?!

Jungkook knew he had to make it better, and would try to make sure sure you trusted him again before things go back to normal.

“I’m an idiot, but you love me still, right??”

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Best Teacher In The World

Kindergarten Teacher!Dean x Reader

A/N: I saw this post about what a great kindergarten teacher Dean would be, and I totally agree, so this one-shot followed. It’s just fluff and Dean being adorable. What’s new?

Word Count: 2100+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @extreme-supernatural-lover  @feelmyroarrrr @mrsbatesmotel53 @ronniesanter @jensen-jarpad @27bmm  @just-another-busy-fangirl @deathtonormalcy56

“…re you go, buddy. You call me if you need any more help, all right? Natalie, you good there?”

Knocking on the ajar door, you peek into the classroom to find the 5-year-olds on their morning break, eating and talking, a teacher with them who’s currently helping a little girl opening her bottle of apple juice. The same teacher your friend keeps telling you about, the same teacher everyone is in love with, according to her. Dean Winchester. She’s mentioned him so many times that his name is now seared into your brain.

“Can I help you?” His eyes find you, and right then it’s easy to figure out why the moms like him. He’s way too attractive.

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Sleepy Little Bee.

Summary- The reader is a teen actress on set who has CFS, on rough day the cast take care of her.

A/N- just thought of this whilst another flare up hit me, hopefully this’ll give some insight on what CFS can be like??


You walked onto set that day with your arm wrapped around your middle, clutching at your side trying to subside the pain. Your chronic fatigue decided that today would be the best day to flare up, you had been awake for most of the night with a hot water bottle stuck to your stomach like glue, you had taken the usual painkillers but for some reason they weren’t working as well as the use to which made you feel worse, knowing you’d have to go back to the doctors only to be prescribed a higher pain medication. 

Everyone on set knew about your condition, the cast, -past and present- had actually researched what it was which made you cry, just a bit, okay a lot but nobody had ever done that for you before.

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Warnings: a fluffy ed, a jealous oswald, implied sex, vvvvv slight nygmobblepot

Prompt: B being strong enough to pin A down and A having to bear through every tickle attack.

A/N: I had way too much fun writing this. WHY IS THERE BASICALLY NO FANFIC FOR EDDIE LIKE???? rip 💚🐧


You smiled as you remembered last night’s festivities with Ed. You leaned over and pecked the base of your boyfriend’s neck, slowly trailing kisses to his lips. You began to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and noted that he was awake from the faint smile he had and his arm that was wrapped around your waist held you tighter. “Last night was fun.” You said softly in his ear while you ran your fingers through his deep chocolate brown hair. It was one of the things he loved so much.

“Mm- yes, it was.” He said in his a deep gruff morning voice. You melted right in his arms. His hand rubbed the small of your back, then traced over your sides. You squirmed with a giggle and Ed gave you a confused look, but it then turned into mischievous grin when realization hit him. Your eyes grew wide as he flipped you both over in one swift movement. You were looking up at him which was always a good thing. He pinned your arms above your head with one hand and you tired to squirm out of his grasp but he was way stronger than you which would come as a surprise to some people because he doesn’t exactly look like the biggest guy in the world. “You’re ticklish aren’t you, (Name)?” He asked with a hint of curiosity and mischief in his eyes.

“No..! That’s ridiculous.” You tried to play it cool but you’re a terrible liar. You knew this. Ed knew this. Literally everyone knew this.

“Oh really?”


“You should really work on your lying, sweetpea.”

With his free hand, Ed tickled your sides relentlessly and your face was getting hotter and hotter by the second from your laughter. Ed enjoyed seeing you like this, these were the days he cherished the most and if he could, he would spent his every waking moment like with you.

“No! Please! Eddie! St-St-Stop!” You felt the tears running from the corners if your eyes from your constant laughter and you squirmed trying to get away but there was no use. He stopped for a second letting you breathe.

“Edward, That was enough!” You pouted like a 6 year old.

“What was enough?” He grinned.

“You pinning me down and tickling me!Plus you didn’t even give me a chance to put up a fair fight.” You protested. You knew for a fact that you couldn’t take him down in a million years but it didn’t hurt to try. Ed threw his hands up.

“Fine, fine. This time we’ll have a fair fight. I’ll give you a chance to take me down.” He bargained with a raised eyebrow. You thought about it for a second and agreed with smile. The both of you got up from the bed and stared each other down.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” Ed said with a smirk.

“Confident are we?” You asked with a tiny smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Lil bit.” Ed shrugged with that same grin on his face. You rolled your eyes and ran at him and jumped attempting to knock him over but he caught you putting you over his shoulder. He spun a few time before gently slamming you on the bed and you giggled biting your bottom lip.

“Mm, you’re such a strong boy, Eddie.” You teased him and he looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Boy? But you were calling me daddy last night.” He chuckled darkly and pinned your hands over your head leaving you helpless.

“Did I say boy? I meant-” He cut you off by tickling your sides and neck.

“Ed! Edward-” You bursted out in laughter and Ed couldn’t help but to laugh with you. You were absolutely adorable.

“I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything!” You cried out through your laughter.

“Anything?” He stopped momentarily, letting you catch your breath.

“Anything.” You nodded.

Oswald just so happened to be walking past Ed’s room and heard muffled moans and whispers. Oswald, being the nosy person he is, pushed his ear against the door and was taken back to hear what he heard.

“Mmm, Eddie..” Oswald heard you moan. “(Name), that feels good,” Ed whimpered. “Don’t stop.”

Oswald’s eye twitched and he now had two choices: Burst in and bust you two for getting busy or leave you two in peace. Obviously he picked the first choice.

“UM EXCUSE ME BUT-” Oswald stopped mid sentence at the sight in front of him. You were on top of Ed, giving him a back massage.

“Oh my.” Oswald said. “Hi, Ozzie.” You gave him a small smile and a wave. Oswald returned the wave and awkwardly backed out of the room. “Bye, Ozzie.” You said simply and shrugged your shoulders.

“What just happ-” You cut Ed’s sentence off.

“I have no idea.” You laughed lightly and shook your head.

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I've got a little prompt for you: Can you imagine Albus hunched over his Potions book and crossing instructions out and muttering to himself? Then Scorpius comes in and catches him writing in his book. How would their conversation go?

Thanks, anon, for giving me something to do while I was stuck in a massive queue on the coach ride home! I hope this fulfils your prompt!


“Severus Snape.”

“What?” Albus glances briefly up from his potions book, distracted, then he goes back to scribbling in the margins; crossing out instructions, and rewriting ingredients lists.

“Severus Snape,” Scorpius repeats, pointing to the book. “That’s what he used to do. Vandalising his potions books.” He dumps a pile of parchment onto the table and flops down opposite Albus.

“I’m not vandalising it,” Albus mutters. “I’m making it easier to use. We’re doing this potion tomorrow, and I know I’ll forget something crucial if I don’t make notes now.”

Scorpius grins and rests his chin on his hands. “My potions prince. I never thought I could learn to love a boy who defiles his books, but here we are. You even look quite attractive doing it.”

Albus flushes pink, all the way to the tips of his ears, and he doesn’t look up from his book. “Are you going to do any work or are you just going to sit there and make unsolicited comments?”

Scorpius slides his chair sideways along the floor, so the wooden legs screech on the stonework. Several people glare at him, and he gives them an apologetic grin and hand wave.
When everyone’s no longer looking at him, he leans close to Albus and peers down at the book. “I was actually going to copy your notes. Will you translate for me? You know I can’t read your- Why are you looking at me like that?”

Albus has looked up at him, eyes wide in mock astonishment, a smirk twisting across his face. “Scorpius Malfoy, asking to copy my work?”

Scorpius digs him in the ribs. “Come on, you know you’re better at potions than me.”

Albus shoves his elbow away. “The biggest nerd in existence, not wanting to make his own potions notes? Is the world ending?” He tickles Scorpius’s side, and Scorpius shrieks and half falls off his seat, robes wrapped round him, clinging onto the chair and the table to prevent himself being completely dumped on the floor. Everyone else in the Common Room turns to glare at him again.

“Albus,” he hisses. “Don’t tickle. It’s cruel, and you’re disturbing everyone.” He waves at them all again, and they tut and shake their heads as they return to their work.

Albus grins and wiggles his fingers at him. “Cheaters get tickled.”

“I’m not a cheater!” Scorpius swishes his robes and flumps back into his seat, pouting. “Come on. I just want to have a look. They’re only notes. If you explain the theory to me I can do them myself.”

Albus considers him for a moment, then his expression melts. “You actually mean that. You’d sit there and do all these stupid calculations yourself.” He shakes his head and grins. “You’re such a geek.”

Scorpius pokes him in the arm. “You did them for yourself first. Look who’s calling who a geek.”

Albus holds his hands up. “Okay, okay! I’ll let you share my notes. Just this once. Because I love you.”

Scorpius hugs him. “You’re the best, you know that?”

Albus smiles. “Really? Even though I graffiti my books?”

Scorpius frowns and looks down at the book, which is black with spidery scribbles. “Yes, I think so. But I feel very very sorry for your books, and I’d like to register my most heartfelt disapproval.”

Albus grins and taps him on the nose. “Noted. Now, shall we start with the Knotgrass?”

4 Year Secret


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Heyyy girly!! I was wondering if you can write something like mac and the reader are together until she becomes pregnant and she doesn’t know how mac will react so she breaks up with he and leaves. He doesn’t find out until Riley (her and Riley are bffs) accidentally says something and he gets mad. Mac finds them and confronts the reader. I want angst and fluff. If you wanted you can do whatever you want. I’m trash for prompts like this.

Side Note: I’ve changed the request a bit. So the reader leaves when she finds out she’s pregnant because she’s afraid of Mac’s reaction, but also because he has a dangerous job and she doesn’t want to raise a child in that environment. A few years later Mac finds out due to Riley accidentally saying something, and gets Riley to take him to where you live now to confront you and to meet his child.

You wanted to do this with Mac, you wanted to stay and be one of those happy families. But the fear crept in regarding his job and raising a child around such a unsure environment worried you greatly. Also couple that with not knowing how Mac was going to react, made you fell ill, more than your already were.

So you made the hardest decision of your life and walked away with Mac never knowing that he was going to be a father.

4 years later

“Y/S/N, Grandma and Grandpa are going to be here any minute. Do you have everything?”. You shouted from the kitchen to your 4 year old son, who was going to spend the day with your parents. He rushed in the room with a big smile and ran over to the table to grab his favourite toy.

“Now I do!”, he held up his toy and you couldn’t help but smile. Y/S/N was acting and looking more and more like Mac every single day. The doorbell rang and you opened it to see your parents on the other side. They greeted you with hugs and kisses before walking in.

“Y/S/N is just getting his backpack, he should be out any minute”.

Your dad went to go help and it was just you standing in the living room with your mum, who couldn’t stop staring your way.

“Darling, have you considered perhaps telling-”.

Before she had the chance to say his name, you cut her off. “Mum, please don’t go there”.

She sighed, but didn’t let the conversation go.

“He deserves to know he has a son, Y/N. You can’t keep that from him, you shouldn’t keep it from him. I understand why you didn’t tell him the moment you found out. But Y/S/N needs his dad”.

It was a hard thing to hear. You intent wasn’t to keep Mac in the dark forever, and you could see how Mac would be disappointed not getting to see Y/S/N grow up. It was just hearing those words out loud, made the guilt wash over even more than it had been, and the fear of potentially having the conversation grew.

Y/S/N walked back into the room with your father right behind him, and looked more than eager to go.

“Alright baby, be good for grandma and grandpa. Mummy loves you and she will see you soon”. You told him, kissing Y/S/N on the cheek.

“Me love you too”. He replied, bopping you on the nose.

Your mother gave one last “you have to tell him” look before leaving. However what you didn’t know was that Mac had already found out.

Phoenix Foundation HQ

Reily’s POV

Matty had all called us in for a private meeting, meaning that a mission had come across her desk that needed to be dealt with. I was the first to arrive, but it wasn’t long before I heard the voices of Jack and Mac bickering as they themselves entered the room.

“That doesn’t even make sense, man”. Jack argued

Mac rolled his eyes and gave a smile in my direction to show he noticed my presences in the room, I of course smiled back and let the two of them continue their argument.

“Nothing about this conversation makes sense, Jack”.

Eyeing each of them I interrupted purely to find out what they were on about, but as soon as I did I wished I hadn’t. “What are you two on about?”.

Jack stood at the front of the room, arms crossed. “Mac, the genius here thinks this looks nothing like him”.

Jack showed me a picture of a cute kid, frowning. “Why do you have a photo of a child on your phone?”. I asked Jack, who looked just about done.

Mac took the phone and set it down on the table. “Because he has too much time on his hands, and decided to download a stupid app to see what our kids would look like if we ever had any”.

I could sense that Mac was more than annoyed with this, he didn’t let his emotions show most of the time. But this was different….if he only knew.

“Come on, man. It’s just a bit of fun. Bozer didn’t seem to mind when I paired him up with Riley”.

My mouth fell open and I shrieked, “You did what!?”.

Jack looked my way. “Relax it’s nothing serious, it doesn’t mean anything”.

Sitting back down I picked up the phone to have a proper look at the photo. It wasn’t exactly accurate, but then again these apps were never designed to be. Before even thinking about what I was saying, it slipped out with no chance of me stopping it. “This in no way looks like Mac’s kid”.

Both Jack and Mac glued their eyes to me and I immediately tried to backtrack. “I mean, you know, if-”. I sighed. “So where’s Matty, shouldn’t she be here now?”. Changing the topic.

“Riley, you’re not telling us something”. Jack knew me too well. Mac still hadn’t said a word, but his stare frankly said it all.

“I promised I wouldn’t say anything. It’s not my secret to tell”. I avoided Mac’s glaze, but it followed me as I sat down.

He crossed his arms, “Who’s secret is it then?”.

Playing with my fingers, I swallowed the lump building in my throat. Looking Mac directly in the face so he’d know I was serious. “It’s Y/N’s”.

His face fell. Jack nearly fell off his chair and I hated myself for accidentally spilling something that was told to me in secrecy.

“Y/N? As in the the same Y/N who left Mac 4 years ago with no explanation as to why?”. Jack asked, trying to get things as accurate as possible. I nodded.

A little while later Mac as well as Jack were informed about the real reason why Y/N left, Mac was fuming and urged me to give him the address of where she was staying. Once I did, he stormed out of the Phoenix and left me and Jack to worry.

Normal POV

You had taken the opportunity while Y/S/N was away to tidy up the apartment and to get some work done. A glass of wine, some crackers and a pair of comfortable leggings you were immersed in typing when there was a heavy knock at the door.

Making your way over, the biggest shock stood on the other side.

“Mac!?”. He hadn’t changed, still looked the same even after 4 years. “I-um, come in”. Inviting him inside, this was certainly a surreal moment.

“Just tell me one thing, why? Why in the world would you walk away when we were about to have a family, Y/N?”. His blue eyes didn’t have that shine to them, and instead were replaced with an icy look.

You realized Riley must of told him and in all honestly you couldn’t blame her for doing so. After all it was selfish to ask her to keep that big of a secret.

“I know you’re furious and you have every right to be. But I was scared of how you’d react, Mac. I was absolutely terrified of what it would mean for us, for your job, for you even”. You calmly tired to explain. He scoffed and you were on the verge of tears.

Ruining his perfectly styled hair, Mac shouted. “I deserved to know, Y/N! Instead you made a decision which wasn’t yours only to make and took away my son, all because you assumed I wasn’t going to be there for you, for our child!”.

“I’m sorry!”, sinking into the couch as my head fell in my heads.

Mac observed all the photos around the living room and picked one of the photo frames up. A photo of Y/S/N and you when he was born. He sadly turned to me, “Sorry isn’t going to give me back those 4 years that I missed with my son”.

He placed the frame back and we both sat in silence.

The time on the clock hanging on the kitchen wall displayed 4:00pm, the time that Y/S/N was going to return home. Clearing your throat, nerves were a prominent factor in your voice. “I know I can’t give you back those 4 years that I took and I don’t expect you to forgive me, Mac. And I never should of left. But he should be home any minute, do you want to meet him?”.

Mac stood up. “Of course I want to meet him. What’s his name?”.

Smiling lightly. “It’s Y/S/N”.

Seconds later a small, blonde, blue-eyed child ran in the house running straight into your arms. "Hey, little man. Did you have a fun time?”.

He excitedly shouted yes and then noticed Mac in the room. Your parents, like you, were shocked to see Mac. Saying their quick goodbyes they knew this was a family affair.

Pointing to Mac. “Y/S/N, this is Angus Macgyver but he likes to be called Mac. Can you say hi?”. He adorably waved and Mac broke out in a smile, kneeling down to Y/S/N level. “Hi, buddy”.

Y/S/N with his small hand touched Mac’s cheek, the resemblance was uncanny. It was like he knew that Mac and him had a special connection -  A father and son one to be exact. Y/S/N leaned in and hugged Mac. Watching from the sidelines, this was what you stole from Mac. And seeing it in person, seeing how instantly they connected made the regret that much heavier.

After that emotional introduction, you asked Mac. “Did you want to stay for dinner?”.

Y/S/N was now to busy playing with his toys, but Mac still kept his eyes on him and replied. “Yeah, I’d love too”.

While he went ahead and played with Y/S/N, you begun preparing dinner every often staring towards the two people the were most important to you.

You were wrong, it was a mistake to walk away from Mac. You knew that now. The scene in front of you proved that.
15 Books That Need Good Movie Adaptations Right Now
When books are made into movies, a general reaction is a collective groan from fans. What would happen if they made the movies right, though?

April 9, 2017


“The Land of Stories” is a continuation of classic fairy tales except with a few twists thrown in. Be aware, these are not the Disney versions of characters like the Little Mermaid or the Snow Queen, these are continued from the Grimm Brothers. Another set of stories using twins as the protagonists, they get sucked into the Land of Stories where they meet all manner of magical creature and fairy tale fantasy. Through their adventures in the Land of Stories they find themselves on the wrong side of such classic villains as Captain Hook, the Snow Queen and the Evil Queen to name a few.

While some may be bored with fairy tales, author Chris Colfer breathes new life into the old while adding his own special flair. This is one of the biggest reasons that a series like this could definitely make it on television. The characters are engaging and there is a familiarity with many of the old characters while the audience has a portal to this new world through the eyes of the main characters.

*arrives a month later with Sherlolly  fanfiction that takes place - of course - in the aftermath of ~that episode~*


“Go away, Sherlock”

“Mrs. Hudson sends biscuits.” He blurted out, ashamed of the way his tongue rushed to bribe her with sweets. He noticed, as he noticed (almost) everything else, the fact that she loved sweets. Always during her visits to Baker Street she took her tea with not one but two of Mrs. Hudson’s treats.

“You go down there and you talk to her.” John had said. “Fix it, Sherlock, as you fix everything else. Look, Mrs. H brought biscuits. That’ll get you inside. The rest is up to you.”

Her icy command came through the closed door.

“You can leave them at the door on your way out.”

“No, Molly. You have to let me in”.

He immediately regretted his poor choice of words.

“You know, I really do not have to do anything, just because you ask”.

“N-no, of course not.”

In a manner very un-Sherlock like, he faltered. Against her good sense, she was drawn to the door at this sign of vulnerability in his voice. It was as if her presence could make it better, which was, of course, a ridiculous thought.

“I just-I really need to explain-”

The door suddenly burst open. Molly Hooper stood before him, looking at him directly in the eye. His towering form wasn’t so intimidating now, she noticed, and, in turn, he didn’t feel very powerful standing before her.

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46 and Saitama and Genos (of course)

omg yes

also I don’t know why, but ended up getting a middle!school au vibe from this @.@


     They had just gotten back from recess when that Blue-haired guy - Sweet Face? - decided to land a personal assault on Saitama.

    “So what’s with the rugged clothes, egg-face?” he called from the other side of the room with that smug grin. “Did you get them from the thrift shop?”

       (He did actually, but Sweet Face didn’t need to know that.) “Um. No?”

       A couple of his classmates giggled, and suddenly the raven-haired kid felt his uniform get hot. Why couldn’t he have just kept quiet? Why did he have to go out of his way to defend that kid with the glasses earlier? So far the only rule that ever mattered was keeping his head low and keeping quiet - and now here they were being blown out of the water by some k-pop idol looking-

    “I think he’s balding too!” Saitama blushed. “Can you believe that?”

       As the other children erupted in a fit of laughter and Saitama slowly started to feel himself slip away, the sudden urge to at least say something fought its way up his chest until he whipped around and pointed a finger at Amai, a vien throbbing at the side of his head. “Oi, blue face! Shut up, I am a delight! Even if I go bald…” he looked around, wild eyes spotting a tuft of blonde hair  “Even if I end up the biggest loser in the world, that guy would still hang out with me! Right!”

      The room was dead silent.

       With a slow sinking horror did Saitama realize who he just pointed at: young prodigy, handsome, popular “member-of-the-student-council-who-skipped-a-grade” Genos, slowly set his book down and looked up, golden eyes baring into his soul.

    It was a death sentence. Genos had probably never even heard of him before and was going to smite him where he stood right there in front of the class - they didn’t call that kid a demon for nothing!

       Some of the others were leaning forward on their desks at this point, anticipation rolling off their shoulders. Amai was shocked, one of the girls fainted, Sonic was recording - even that shy kid with the scar looked up from his game, heart audibly pounding from across the room. Saitama gulped. “Please,” his eyes pleaded, from one middle schooler to another, “Help me…”

       For just once, please, I just don’t want to be alone anymore…

       Genos stood up, chair scraping against the floor, and Saitama knew he was a dead man. He felt his emotions give way, felt the familiar mask of indifference start to form over his features. His eyes flickered to the floor and waited for doom.

      “Saitama-sempai is the coolest person in the world!”

         W h a t ?

      Saitama’s head whipped up so fast he almost heard a snap; Genos was, face dead-serious, praising him. “It would be the greatest honor to stand by his side!”

         “W…Wow.” That was by far the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. Even passed that one time someone left a bento in his locker. “Thank you, Gen-”

         “He not only works hard, but is incredibly selfless and dedicated, and would stand up for anyone whether or not they would return his kindness!” He whirled around towards Amai and shot a glare. “And I’ll have you know he is most certainly not balding; according to the notes taken in journal 43…”

      Saitama’s awe slowly started to descend as Genos started pulling out notebooks full of notes on him, going on and on about how great he was until the bell rang and class was over.

         By the time everyone filed out, confused and dazed, Saitama was beet red and decided that a lashing from Amai, in hindsight, was probably better than finding out some kid had been taking notes and following him for several months straight. 

         Even Genos was probably starting to think so: Saitama watched as he sheepishly turned around, the tips of his ears pink. “Um.”

      “We don’t have to talk about that.”

         Genos nodded. “My apologies. I just…” his hands, one fleshy the other prosthetic, gripped the straps of his bookbag. “I think you’re really cool, Saitama-sempai,” he said in a small voice.

      “Wait - me? You sure about that?”

      Genos eagerly nodded. “Certainly! You…” he looked around for words, “You’re delightful.”

Can I just say how much I personally adore this exchange right here?

Because even more than Tsuchiya’s fighting ability, I have never seen it happen, or be framed in quite this way in any goddamn anime ever.

Mob doesn’t want to fight Tsuchiya because she’s a lady, and Tsuchiya calmly rebuffs him (and the show doesn’t fucking make her look like a shrieking feminist strawman who needs to be put in her place either!!!)

It is an insult, that Mob won’t fight her as an opponent, and she makes that clear. And even better - the narrative is behind her when she says this, 100%.

Tsuchiya is an opponent and a woman, not just a female opponent he needs to ‘go easy on’ because women are ‘teh weaker sex!!!!!!’ or whatever bs.

And unlike most other shows I’ve seen, when Tsuchiya first starts kicking his ass (and even before!!!!) Mob fights back. He defends himself. He doesn’t go ‘oh, even if this lady’s about to kill me, I CANNOT FIGHT BACK AGAINST HERRRRR FOR SHE IS A LADYYYYY’ (*sides eyes One Piece and Oda*) He may not fight back as hard as he possibly could, but it’s more than I have ever seen from ANYWHERE else.

Mob is the one who lands the first ‘blow’ - he smashed her into a pillar with telekinesis, after all! I was shocked when I saw that.

And even the way Reigen’s advice is framed is different from other shows, too!

There’s nothing about how women are weaker, or any bullshit like ‘this is how it’s always been since the dawn of time’ (*SIDE EYES THE RECENT CHAPTERS OF ONE PIECE AND ZEFF’S INFURIATING CHARACTERIZATION BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS BE ANGRY*). There’s none of the red flags I’ve seen in other anime when this shit is pulled.

Instead, Reigen’s advice is framed more along the lines of abuse.

“Guys who hit women are the biggest losers in the world” sounds less like an indictment of their masculinity, or how women are precious and must be protected, and more like how Reigen is (rightfully and canonically) disgusted by those who lord their (perceived) power over others. 

(I wonder how many times Reigen’s seen that in his line of work. How many times he’s seen women with black eyes and bruises and people who’ve brushed it off and the guys who’ve done it and said that their wives/girlfriends/partners/WHOEVER deserved it.)

It’s not putting women on a pedestal or insisting that they’re weaker. And Mob, well, he takes that in the direction he thinks it should be taken - and the narrative says no. She’s an opponent - treat her like one.

And I’m frankly amazed that this show did that.


Summary: At their wedding, Yuuri spoke lovingly of how Victor had surprised him ever since day one - a day years ago, when Yuuri was young and Victor skating in the Junior World Championships.

Now, years later, Victor wonders what would happen if one day, he can no longer surprise Yuuri. 

For victuuri week day one (Victor: Surprises)

word count: 1k

read on ao3

“From day one, he never failed to surprise me,” Yuuri says into the microphone, his eyes soft, glancing at the Victor at his side before going back to surveying their guests. “Ever since I was little and I saw his Junior World Championships in Bulgaria. I fell in love with his skating then. It was beautiful, and every season was a new character he wore, a new surprise for the audience,” he chuckles, “The biggest surprise of them all, I suppose, was that moment in the onsen.”

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Sexual Paradise (Doyoung)

anon asked: Could you do one with rough Doyoung? I’m such trash for Dom!Doyoung 

anon asked:Doyoung smut? You can come up with the plot? idc as long as it’s steamy lol

author: admin niiii

word count: 1,344

genre: smut duh

a/n:rlly hope it’s not over sauna steamy, got pretty hot in the room when I was writing it, but also hope it’s not under steamy for ya wildcats. When reading “sex” it means ya nasty parts. THIS IS 2 REQUESTS IN ONE

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after seeing that tumblr post of someone telling their story about how much diego luna being in star wars rogue one meant to them and their father I decided to share my story of why riz ahmed being in rogue one meant so much to me. i am 50% white 25% indian and 25% pakistani. growing up i went to small private school which was probably 99% white kids and 1% non white kids. i remember one time in 1st grade a group of kids in my class got into an argument on how to pronounce my last name. i have an indian last name. they made fun of how it sounded and they made fun of the other ways it could be pronounced. my first name is also indian and in further grades id be teased for it too. from as long as I could remember i was so embarrassed and so insecure to be part indian/pakistani. i used to cry about it as a five year old. A FIVE year old. when i was 6 i went to india for the first time and had to take off two weeks of school. i remember not wanting to tell any of my classmates where I was going but my teacher announced it. as a six year old, being so ashamed of a huge part of who you are is terrible. it feels terrible. skip to 8th grade. I dropped out of that school and began online schooling. that age is also sort of where i started to realise there was close to no indian/pakistani representation in hollywood. if there was, it was an extremely stereotypical role or such a tiny role you could miss it. i wanted there to be a brown skinned main character in an american tv show I watched so so badly, or a brown skinned superhero in a marvel movie, or a brown skinned main character in ANYTHING.. skip to the past couple years. priyanka chopra getting cast as the main character in quantico meant so much to me. if im not mistaken she was one of the (if not THE) first indian woman to be cast as the main character in an american tv show. even though that show wasn’t my type of show, I still watch it because i love seeing her in it. dev patel, the impact he’s made on hollywood, meant. so. much. to. me. seeing slumdog millionaire win best picture at the oscars, as a 10 year old I almost cried I was so over joyed that an indian movie where they speak partly in hindi actually won. riz ahmed, the first time I saw him was in nightcrawler. I didn’t even know he was in it, I was just watching it and I saw him and was like, omg? in a hollywood movie as a main character along side jake gyllenhaal? i loved it. all these little or big parts these indians or pakistanis have gotten in hollywood over the past few years, all of them meant so much to me. that gets me to riz ahmed being in rogue one. honestly brought tears to my eyes seeing it. seeing this diversity, in a star wars movie, one of the biggest franchises in the world, and one of my favorite things in the world all through out growing up. representation MATTERS. when i was growing up, if there was an indian superhero, or a pakistani main character in star wars like there is now, maybe i would’ve loved who i was a little bit more. I needed someone like me to look up to as an 8 year old. ive never loved being indian/pakistani more than i do now. over the past couple years, everyday I love my heritage more and more and want to know and learn more about it and be more present in my culture. i even wish a lot of the time i was full indian. im saying all this and telling my struggles as just a 50% non white. if I felt like this as still half white, then you can only imagine how 100% indians or any other race must feel. representation matters!!! im so glad the steps hollywood film and shows have made over the past few years to bring more representation to our screens. but, it needs to be more. no more whitewashing. no more giving poc superhero roles to whites and thinking it’s not a big deal but then thinking it is a big deal when people want a white superhero cast to a poc. no more being scared to have love story movies cast to two pocs. or one poc. no more only giving stereotypical roles to pocs. but in the end I just wanted to say thank you so much, riz ahmed.

Monsta X Reaction to you reading smut about them

~Hi honey ♡ Hope it turned out as you whished! Thank you so much for your kind words s2 It means a lot to me knowing you appreciate my writting :D

Shownu - He would be really confused as you tried to hide your phone from him when he only asked you what you were doing, since he just came home and saw you laying on the sofa looking at that small screen. Shownu would find it weird that after your unexpected reaction, all you said was “nothing”. He would probably find out later on, by accident, when you forgot your phone on the table with your screen active and some giant words spelling “SMUT” that caught his attention since it had his name next to it. He wouldn’t touch your phone, but would ask you what a “smut” was, having no idea (welcome to the dirty side of the world, my friend). You would become red from embarassement and shyly explain it to him as his eyes and shy smile grew bigger because of your explanation. He would find it weird that people write those things about him, but the biggest surprise was knowing you were a fan of that. He would just laugh and be really akward about it, findding your little secret funny and respecting it even though it was somehow naughty. He loved everything about you, including your secret dirty side ;) .

 “Monbebes write those things? And you like it?” (hell yes)

(ft. a dying, wild Minhyuk)

Originally posted by madtwn

Wonho - He probably knows fans write those stuff and has probably read some. I think he likes it secretly. So if he caught you reading one about him, he’d silently come from behind you and kiss you on the cheek, making you jump and close your laptop immeadiatly. He’d say something like what are you hiding from me, Jagi?” in a seductive voice, even if he knew already because he read some words of it when he was approaching you silently. He would tease you a lot and laugh at how kinky you were by reading those things, but lemme tell you that boy would love it. He would be so happy that he’d be smilling the entire day, thinking that you dreamed dirty about him. He’d love your cute side but your dirty one was just as appealing. Wonho would most likely take your phone while you were sleeping to go search the smuts you liked the most and use them as tips to please you to the fullest during sexy time. I feel like it would be a way for him to discover all your favorite kinks and to tease you with them.

“I didn’t knew you were this naughty Y/N” 

Originally posted by kpopratings

Minhyuk- You were sitting on a chair while reading a smut about your boyfriend. Minhyuk would slowly give you a back hug, scaring the shit out of you as you squeezed the phone between your legs so he wouldn’t see what you were doing. He thought you were whatching some dumb video or something like that, but he would still ask you several times what dark secrets were you hiding from him, just to tease you, because he knew it couldn’t be that bad. Minhyuk would play fight you, trying to get your phone and eventually win and run to your shared room as he locked himself inside, to hear you begging at the door for him not to read it. It’s not that he was that curious ( well he was but ) his intention would be more to tease you. So he’d still be laughing when he started to understood what he was reading. He’d then open the door, to find you blushing in embarassement, and look you in surprise by what he just read. When you told your “dark secret” he would be so confused about it… why would you read those stuff if you had him already? He would laugh about it and call you weird, but you know he was just joking. You just caught him by surprise because he’d then find it kinda hot and interesting, knowing that you liked to imagine yourself with him like that. 

“Jagi… what is this…?”

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun - You didn’t got the courage to tell your boyfriend what you were always doing with your phone, it was the fifth time he almost catched you reading a smut about him and tried to hide your phone from him. He was worried about what was so bad that you always hide it from him. You were too embarassed to tell him, but you had no secrets between eachother, so you just landed Kihyun your phone and let him discover by himself, to put an end on the matter. He’d be really focused at first, having no idea of what you wanted to show him, so he’d first think it was just a simple fanfiction as the smut started. He’d interupt his reading to say something like “This is not as bad as you made it seem, it’s kinda funny that you read fics about me.” You remained silent, waiting for him to get to the real business, and all you needed to wait was a few more lines till he started to laugh, still looking at the screen. Kihyun would find it cute if you read little scenarios about him, but he’d never imagine you were this dirty and had such thoughts of you and him like that. He’d love it like Wonho and would want to give you his all when you were actually doing it, so it was as good as those smuts made you imagine. When he finished reading it, or when he got the idea, he’d give you your phone and try to make you less embarassed by saying something cocky while still laughing from the surprise, - “ Do you wanna try all of what they did?!?”. He’d be thinking about your little secret the whole day, making him fall in love with you even more by every new thing he discovered about you.

“OMG, did I just… and did she…?” (clearly having the time of his life)

Originally posted by n-oyoonho

Hyungwon- He’d find a smut about him on your laptop, which he borrowed from you. Hyungwon wouldn’t close the page because he saw his name and got curious. Like Kihyun, he’d think it was some kind of cute imagine so he was ready to torture you with teasing, but as soon as he started to scroll down he’d be super confused. “What is this? Is this Y/N laptop? Why there are two people being intimate in this story and why one of them has my name?” He would probably be asking himself those questions and many more as you remembered you left that super dirty smut about your boyfriend opened. You would run to him and take it away but it was too late and Hyungwon was freezed and shocked by what he just read. When you told him you like to read those smuts he would worry and make a drama out of it, thinking he wasn’t enough for you so you had to relieve your desires with those stories. But as soon as you told him he always made you feel amazing and that that was just kinda of a “hobbie” for you and not a way of satisfying yourself with the pleasure he didn’t gave you, he’d calm down and ask you why you have never told him about that. As you assured him the only reason you read those smuts was because you were naughty by nature, he’d be highkey turned on and make it pretty obvious to you. He’d also want to try the things he saw on some smuts, to make sure he was enough for you and that you would never had to recover to anything to help you feeling good.

“Are you saying I don’t satisfy you enough?”

Originally posted by yuhwan

Jooheon - Our little aegyo baby would be really confused as you tried to explain why you were blushing at your phone when he saw a rather sexy pic of him followed by many small letters that he didn’t read. You would just close your eyes and spit it out, after all, your phone was filled with that and Jooheon would end up knowing anyways. After you told him what you were reading he would keep looking at you in surprise for some more seconds and then burst into laughter as those cute dimples showed up to greet you and a slight blush covered his cheeks. “So you like those…” he’d say, still blushing and smilling at you, finding your secret pretty sexy. He would like the idea of you dreaming about his touch but would be rather worried that you might be reading other idols smuts apart from him. It would be kind of a turn on and off at the same time, a turn on because it made him feel like you needed him and had dirty and sexy thoughts about him, but a turn off because he was scared you started to catch feelings for other people that you read about.

“Please promise you will only read the ones about me…”

Originally posted by sukiieeeee

I.M - He’d probabily discover in the same way as Minhyuk, but he would stole your phone because he was bored and wanted to catch your atention. So when he saw that really explicit title of the smut next to his name and a suggestive pic of him, he’d look at you, surprised and waiting for you to say something, but you would just blush in embarassement. You’d get your phone back and run to your room to hide yourself. He would go after you and hug you, laughing at what he just discovered. Changkyun would tell you, while blushing as he looked in your eyes, that he finds your kink really sexy and he liked that you read those stuff abut him. He has his secrets as well and yours was really interesting in his eyes. I mean, it ment that you desired him, and that was all he wanted, because he already desired you. I see him kissing you after and asking you what he was doing in the smut so he can roleplay it with you. 

“Don’t be embarassed Y/N, I like it.” 

Originally posted by tochangkyun

~~This was fun ! Thank you for leaving a request and a really cute message as well :3


I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, Got7 and Infinite if you’d like to leave more requests.

~Bye, let’s all read some monsta x smut now//

Requested: yes 😊

From: @amisbae

Heyy, sorry this took FOREVER, i hope you enjoy it and it is completely what you wanted. I wanted to make it longer but it just didn’t end up happening 😒 Thanks so much for sending a request in :) and to everyone else who has sent one in, I’m working bottom to top so i will be getting to it eventually!

“Whoooo” the cheers from your classmates filled the gymnasium. A typical pep rally at your school. The cheerleaders were doing their routine and the band was playing the fight song. Your school is playing the biggest rival of the season and you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend, Hayes, play. Plus its a turn on to see him after, sweaty and out of breath. As you stood in your section and continued to cheer you saw the football players enter in the side door. The crowd goes wild. The only negative side effect of dating hayes was he was wanted. By everyone. Your eyes followed him as soon as he walked in the room, you felt as though the world stopped. His smile lit up the whole room, you could see him scanning the bleachers until his eyes met with yours. A small smile tugged at your lips, he gave you a small wink and continued about the rally.

“I still cant believe you and Hayes are together” your best friend (y/f/n) whispered beside you, clapping at the time that was appropriate.
“Its still a question to me too” you admit, clapping along with her. You saw the cheerleaders getting position in the middle of the gym floor and watched all the eyes of the football team linger on them.

“Jealous already?” Nash has appeared at your side, standing a little too close. Little did you know Hayes was watching you both.

“No” you stated firmly.

“Sure babe” he leaned in letting the words tumble out, cills ran up your back. But as soon as he appeared he disappeared. When you turned to find Hayes he wouldn’t look at you, you let out a scoff an focused your attention back to the pep rally.
When it was finally over you went back to your locker to gather up your books, Hayes never came by. But who cares you think, he can be mad you didn’t nothing wrong.

“Black or Grey?” (y/f/n) stated holding up two school shirts, you thought for a second.

“Grey” at this remark she threw you the black one. “What should i do about Hayes?”
“Nothing, you didn`t do anything wrong” She admitted while putting on the great shirt over some white skinny jeans.

“Yeah but..”

“You did nothing wrong, don’t overthink it” she interrupted and you didn’t mention it again. She was right. “Alright lets go” she said and grabbed the eyes walking out the door with you at her heels.

The game was packed, students milled around and the visitors were filling up the bleachers across the field. You phone signaled a text but you knew it couldn’t be Hayes, could it? When you looked down at the glowing screen it was Nash asking if he could sit by you. You groaned and quickly sent back no. Hayes was mad as it was was making him angrier going to help this case. No. You were led to the student section by (Y/F/N), elbowing your way over to get a front row. You sat on the cool metal of the third row with her, watching intently for the team to come onto the field. But they wouldn’t be coming just yet, you still hd what? 10 minutes. You just let you eyes bore into the freshly cut green grass, following the white lines that marked it. 5 minutes left, you grabbed your phone and sent a quick good luck text to Hayes, but got no reply when the whistle blew.

The cheerleaders packed the side lines trying to get the crowds excitement up but to their prevail it was already up before they uttered out their first cheer. The crowd suddenly goes wild and you know that the football team is making their way out. You stand onto of the now warm bleacher and try to catch a glimpse of Hayes, or his number. The crowd was too dense though so you decide to just join in on the cheering.The game starts soon after and the ball cuts through the air. You weren’t to big on sports but you enjoyed watching as the game progressed.

When it was finally over you walked up to the rail and let your body press against it, your hands gripped tightly on the metal bar. You saw Hayes slowly, taking his time, walk over. It was a tradition to kiss after every home game, but instead he just walks to the big container of gatorade and grabs a cup. You stand there flabbergasted about his action, but he wouldn’t even meet your eyes.

“You still need a ride, or is that forbidden to do” you scoffed at him, you knew he heard you because he turned his back to you. You gave (Y/F/N) a quick goodbye before heading off to your car. You jumped in the drivers side and slammed the door. (Y/F/N) is bound to find a new ride, and your weren’t surprised when she sent you a text a few minutes later supporting your guess. You waited for 15 minutes, what you normally do when you give Hayes a ride, before the passenger side opened. It was Hayes. He put his sports bag in the bag and sat calmly beside you. You were both quiet for a moment. The tension was so think you thought a knife would break if it tried cutting through it.

“So did you have fun kissing Nash under the bleachers” He spoke sharply making the silence end but then lapse back into the still air. You looked at him confusion before he continued, “I saw you go under the bleachers and Nash headed that way as well..”

You cut him off “Thats what this is about?” His guilty look answered your question. “You thought id actually kiss him?!” You started to laugh at how ridiculous his claim was. “No i went and got a snack, from the snack bar? Nash bumped into me but i blew him off” he snapped, your anger flowing back. He ignored you all day because he was jealous? How highly he must think of you. You started to start the car but Hayes put his hand abruptly over yours. You gave him a displeased look but he just stared at you intently.

“Im sorry” The two words came out of his mouth and hung in the air. His hand slowly caressed your cheek and you let your eyes close. His lips suddenly grazed your own softly. You pressed your lips onto his. The kiss became heated, one of his hands on your lower back and one of yours tangled in his hair, he left out a groan. Thats when your elbow hit the car horn and a loud beep ruined the moment that had been expressed between the two of you moments before. You both let out small chuckles into both of you were laughing hard and clutching your sides. All had been forgiven, and all would be well.

What's The Reason? (M)

Warning: Minor smut. Character death.

Everything that happens to a person in the span of their lifetime, is for a reason. Everyone who becomes a part of a person’s life–regardless of how long–has done so for a reason. You had been a firm believer in that fact all your life.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything plays out the way that it’s supposed to in the end.

You met Yongguk on the very last day of ninth grade. Every student in your grade was celebrating the completion of a year with an outdoor barbecue. You were standing in line, waiting for your turn to choose what you wanted to fill your plate with. There was only one hamburger patty and one hot dog left in the serving trays.

“Sorry about that,” Your Math teacher–and the one in charge of the grill–chuckled, “There’s more coming up, they’re just not quite done yet.”

You glanced behind you, there was still an impressive line of students waiting for their food. A boy, who you had seen in your Art and Literature classes, smiled at you. “Well, since there’s only enough for us right now, you should choose and I’ll take whatever is left.”

You nodded your head, that’s how it would work normally, right? If there were more than one of each, you wouldn’t even spare him a second thought. You picked up a pair of tongs and reached for the hot dog, then paused. What if he wanted a hot dog? What if he knew what he wanted and he was just too nice to say so?

“You should choose first,” You said, handing him the tongs, “I can’t really decide and I don’t want to take what you have your eyes set on.”

Yongguk laughed at that, taking the tongs from your hand, “I can’t really decide, either. I was hoping maybe you would make the decision for me.”

He looked the table of condiments, toppings and cutlery over for a second before taking both the hamburger patty and the hot dog and placing them on his plate.

What a dick.

Just as quickly as the thought popped into your head, Yongguk used his free hand to grab yours and lead you to the next table. You watched as he plucked a plastic knife from its holding cup and cut the patty and the hot dog in two, placing one of each half onto your plate. “There,” He grinned, the smile almost an equal ratio of teeth and gums, “All settled.”

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Someone Special (Harley Quinn x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Harley Quinn x female reader one-shot where the reader is a vigilante, who voluntarily joined the Suicide Squad to protect Rick and she’s a mutant with the ability to heal herself rapidly and she has adamantium claws like Wolverine, and Harley falls in love with the reader while realizing that she’s way better than the Joker? And it also ends with Harley and the reader kissing each other passionately. -Anon


Word Count: 755

Warnings: Mentions of blood, femalexfemale

You walked up to Rick and smirked as you saw the villains tied up. “Everyone this is Y/N and she voluntarily joined us on this mission to protect me.” They all looked at you in annoyance except for the only girl in the group smiled. “So if any of you asshats try to vex me, my claws will go down your throat.”

“What claws?” Captain Boomerang asked. You put a fist on his chest and your Adamantium claws shot up from between your knuckles. They were just a few millimetres away from his neck. “I think those are her claws.” Deadshot was impressed. 

“I’m known to be quite vexing.” She said as she bit her finger in seduction. You smirked and moved towards her. “Ah…Harley Quinn. I’ve heard so many about you.”

“All good I hope.” She chuckled. You shook your head and let out a light chuckle. “Not even close.” Harley bit her lower lip as you turned around to stand next to Rick. “We’ll head in the city tonight. We’ve inserted a chip that with one push of a button you’ll die, either if you try and escape or hurt anyone, especially me.” Rick began instructing them about the plan that was going to take place in the city that night. But Harley was too focused on you to give a shit about what Rick was saying. You glimpsed right back at her. She winked at you; you grinned and looked back to the jagged ground. “Got that Y/N?” Rick asked you. You had no idea what he had just said and you just nodded and answered with a simple ‘Yes’. 

Originally posted by lelio-rising


You walked through the city, armed with guns and hand grenades. Your eyes scanned every block, trying to catch something that was off your radar. A helicopter flew above you and you looked at Rick. “Did you say something about helicopters?”

“No. That’s not ours.” You quickly ran with all your might after the helicopter. You jumped on buildings trying to get a good aim so that you can jump on the helicopter. A man appeared at the rear of the helicopter, smiling. You ran as fast as you could and jumped. You claws punctured the metal of the helicopter. You managed to climb in and kill off his guards except the pilot; you were face-to-face with the Joker. He looked at your claws and cocked his eyebrows. “Give up! It’ll be easier!” You shouted as you pointed your claws at his chest. He reached behind his jacket and got out a gun. He pressed the trigger twice and the bullets entered your arm. But your body quickly pushed the bullets out. “Try again.” You scratched his face.

He looked behind him and saw the bodies of his bodyguards lying lifeless. He began laughing manically. “Sure.” He aimed the gun against your head and pulled the trigger once more. As you felt your body falling from the helicopter, you pulled the Joker onto your claws and punctured him. You felt his warm blood drench your clothes.

Your body crashed onto the ground right in front of Harley. She let out a cold shriek as she saw both of you drenched in blood. Rick quickly knelt next to you and cupped your face to wake you up. You blinked a few times when you felt warm lips on yours. You tried to focus the image in front of you and you were surprised. She gently pulled back and you noticed that her eyes were full of worry.

“Y/N, are you okay?” She asked. You looked over to your side and saw the Joker fighting for his dear life, but it was too late. “What about your boyfriend there?” She pursed her lips together as a tear slid down her cheek. “I don’t want the biggest diamond ring in the world and I don’t want to love someone that buys my love by spoiling me. I’d rather have someone who has no fashion police.” You let out a giggle. She let out a light laugh. “I know we just met but I like you…a lot.” You sat up and cupped Harley’s beautiful face. You slowly leaned in and pressed your lips to hers. She cupped your face with her hands as she deepened the kiss even more. Captain Boomerang leaned next to Deadshot who quickly moved away from him. “Dude we’re not gonna do anything.” 

“Dude I was going to tell you that this would be a good porno!”

“All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” (BuckyxReader Part 17/?)

Phew! It’s been a while.  Here’s this chapter finally.  Another loooong one. I apologize in advance for whatever sorta feels it might give you heh.  Let me know what you think!  Super big thanks as always to @hispeculiartreasure for her near inexhaustible support of me and this fic.  Also to @clutter-buck for letting me make sheep noises at her when I get stuck and for suggesting murder.  @ladyhawkbunny deserves a metal (along with the hubs) for putting up with me talking about it constantly IRL… it’s a lot harder to ignore someone you’re sitting next to lol Also big thanks to @mellon-collie for helping me with Russian, that will be more realized in the next chapter.  And, of course, Thanks to all the lovely people who send me messages and the followers who have requested being tagged! @paulaamarieee @maryjanemjn @charlesxcvier @smol-kyla @theoneandonlyowengrady and @undiscl0sed-desir3s

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The familiar crunch of gravel outside the house let you know that Steve had arrived to pick up Bucky.  A week had practically flown by, despite how little ever happened at the house.  Bucky did physical training in the morning, the two of you shared meals and movies and sometimes just quiet time together doing your own things.  Thinking back on when you first met him, it was amazing how comfortable the two of you had become in each other’s presence.  Even the nightmares and panic episodes didn’t seem to punctuate the time so harshly anymore.  They were by no means gone, but he had become much better about letting you help.  Sometimes it was enough just to sit close, shoulders or hands or knees touching, until he gained his bearings once more.

“Steve’s here,” you called out to Bucky from the living room.  Of course, he probably already knew the car was pulling up.  Supersoldier hearing and all that.

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