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Idk why...but I came up with a scenario where Noctis and Luna are fuckin each other and Luna just can't help her moans and just picture Gentiana walking in on them xD idk but that's seems really funny to me what her reaction be disturbed as hell?

Genti: *thumbs up*
Luna&Noct: O///O

Do you remember that study that said something about how staring into a person’s eyes for about twenty minutes vastly increased two people’s chances of falling in love? I remember it was featured in The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon (loved the book; go check it out), but it’s actually a real thing. Guess what Call and Aaron spent a significant amount of time doing in TBK? Seeing each other’s souls. Guess what’s helpful to start seeing souls? Staring into the other person’s eyes. They spent quite a bit of time doing this. I can’t breathe

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Since you have seen the new Power Rangers movie (and you ship Kimberly and Trini together WHICH IS A SHIP I 1000000000% support and want TO FREAKING HAPPEN!)...Do you have any headcanons about them?

they always do that weird little dance fight they did in the cafe, it doesn’t matter were they are, in the cafeteria, at home, anywhere, it becomes their thing.

once they become a thing, when they spar, it always ends up in a heated make out, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

zack is the biggest shipper (because i would die for the zack x trini brotp) and he is always teasing trini about how “whipped” and “soft” she is for kimberly, trini obviously threatens zack, him backing up, her getting a kiss on the cheek from kim or something idk 

when they have there first kiss, they think they are gonna die (you decide the circumstance) and before they do, trini is like “i’m sorry” kimberly’s like “why” and then trini kisses her. They obviously survive and then they talk about their feelings, or you could go angsty, were they become quite distance, blah blah blah 

those are the best I could come up with right now

Root’s kind of always been a loner, so when she found Shaw that was a major turning point for her character.
I think she clearly had found something in her that she had never found in any other person in the world so it made for this epic love story.

Amy Acker about the relationship between Root & Shaw, afterellen.


Actually even TenSemi as UshiShira sounds wonderful