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ok but like when every link dies they dont get sent to heaven but to hylia to join her harem of heroes (she obviously has a type for blond/brown hair and blue eyes)

Hylia is Hyrule’s biggest pimp and no one knows it hOLY SHIT but not even like sexual way it’s just like “I love Link so much so I’m collecting him up in the afterlife he’s safe (*´∇`*)”

WOW CAN YOU EVEN PICTURE THAT cause I just thought of Hylia just loving her small little links and just being like “ohmygod you’re all adorable c'mere let’s snuggle” and the original Link is like “fucking hell I just wanted you to myself who even are these guys???”

She just ignores him and hugs all of her links

Coercion - 6

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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


“Hotch!” Spencer screamed as his boss turned away and toward the interrogation room. He ran up behind him, refusing to let this go. How was he supposed to? “Hotch, you have to let me interrogate her.” He knew he shouldn’t, but he’d been lied to for a year. He’d slept with this woman…loved this woman…and she’d tried to kill one of his best friends. How else was he supposed to react?

For the second time, Hotch denied him. “You’re to close to this, Reid,” he said curtly. “You can’t be the one to interrogate her. You know that.”

“Hotch, please,” he begged. He was desperate for answers. Anything to help him make sense of his world. “At least let me be in the room, you can ask her the questions and I can sit in the background.”

“No, Agent Reid. You watch from the outside just like everyone else.” And with that, he turned around, leaving Spencer feeling like he wanted to punch a wall. He’d never felt that way in his life, but right now, there were a mess of emotions crawling their way through his brain and body and he wanted some way to get them out. Instead of punching something, he turned around and wrapped his arms around JJ.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, feeling guilty for letting Y/N into their lives.

She sighed, the tears having run out before. Now she was numb - and she wanted answers. “This isn’t your fault, Spence,” she said. “Let’s go.”


it had been nearly an hour since Spencer threatened your life should you step near his team again. Despite everything, you couldn’t help but be proud of him. His team was his family and he would do anything to protect them. It was one of the many things you admired about him. Spencer obviously wouldn’t be the one to interrogate you; that would be a conflict of interest. It wouldn’t be JJ either, considering she’s the one you nearly killed. Your suspicion was that it would either be Hotch or Rossi.

Just as you drifted off into your own thoughts, open this time to letting them consume you and eat you alive, Hotch entered the room. Even in the short while you’d worked with him, you’d seen that face - the face that said ‘give me a reason not to kill you.’

“Agent, Y/L/N,” he started. “Walk me through what you did first. I don’t want to know why you did it right now, who put you up to it if anyone did. I want you to tell me exactly what you did.”

You took a deep breath, feeling the cold cuffs pull against your prickling skin. When you first opened your mouth, nothing came out, so in an attempt to steady your thoughts, you closed your eyes and repeatedly swallowed the lump in your throat. “I put four Belladonna berries into JJ’s smoothie yesterday morning.”

“Why four? Was four enough to kill her? Or was that not the goal?”

“It wasn’t meant to kill her,” you said, staring at the two-way window toward the right side, where you realized JJ had a tendency to stand. She wasn’t in here, but you wanted to talk to her. She needed to know…They all needed to know…Spencer…Spencer needed to know. “It wasn’t even meant to make her as sick as she got. I’m assuming she has a bit of a cold.”

“What was the point of making her sick?” he asked hotly, his eyes piercing into your head and boring holes into the wall behind you.

“The point was to eventually make her death look natural,” you said, choking on the last few words. “He wanted it to look natural.”

As soon as you uttered that word, he, you felt a change in the air. Even on the other side of the glass, you could tell that everyone wanted to know who the he was, and you had officially put a target on Spencer’s head. Ashton said he’d kill Spencer if you told anyone. “Who is he?” Hotch asked. “Someone put you up to this?”

“Bentley Ashton,” you whispered.

A look of recognition flashed across his eyes. You saw the cogs turning in his brain. “We put I’m away for murder nearly 10 years ago and he was recently released. No doubt due to his connections.”

Just slightly, you nodded your head. “Yes, he approached me shortly before I started.”

“And said what? Introduced himself and said hey kill a member of my team?” It wasn’t like Hotch to sass anyone. When he did, it was angrily.

Since Spencer had brought you inside, you’d gone number, but the interrogation was bringing everything back. It was bubbling under your skin and threatening to rip you apart. “He said I had to kill everyone, but Spencer, or else…” Even now you couldn’t say why. Why were you such a coward? Had everything your parents taught you been beaten out of you on the streets? “He said he wanted payback for you putting him away ten years ago.”

“What did he threaten you with that made you take him up on this deal?” he asked. The question was asked hotly, but he was also genuinely curious.

Another moment of truth. “He said…” you started, swallowing some to get rid of the dryness in your throat. “He said to carry out his plan, or else he would kill Spencer…and expose my past.”

“What past?” And why wasn’t he going to hurt Reid?”

The tears stung your eyes as you forced yourself to put the next thought into past tense. “Because I was dating him. He said that would make it to obvious.” Your hands were cuffed, but not to the table, so you brought your hands up and covered your face as you sobbed. “I never wanted any of this! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t even be here, I should’ve died years ago.”

“What past was he going to expose?”

How were you supposed to say this out loud? That you stupidly got tricked into being a prostitute for one of the nation’s biggest drug dealers and pimps. That at the age of 34, you couldn’t count the number of men that had been inside you and robbed you of your dignity. For more than a few moments, you stared off into the distance, begging the moment to disappear and float away.

Hotch was a patient man, especially when there were no time constraints, so he was fine to let you stare off into space, but you were jerked out of your thoughts when the door slammed into the wall so hard that the piece of doorknob that hit the wall actually cracked. “What past did you not want us to know about?” Spencer screamed, getting right up in your face. His own was beat red with anger and he slammed his hand down on the table before Hotch reprimanded him and Morgan came in to hold him back.

He couldn’t hit you. He couldn’t scream in your ear. But that didn’t stop him from screaming. “What could’ve possibly been so awful?!” His yelling brought you back to the many times Rocco had yelled like that. You knew Spencer wasn’t Rocco, but the memories were still there and it kept you from speaking. He deserved to yell - you could give him that. “Huh? What is it, Y/N? What could’ve possibly convinced you that any of this was okay?”

“I never thought any of it was okay!” you screamed back, the tears overflowing when you finally looked at him. “Nothing about my life has ever been okay!”

 Even Morgan had to tighten his grip to hold Spencer back from you. “Then what was it?!” he screamed again. 

“I was a whore!” you cried, your head falling into your hands again. “After my parents died, I had nowhere to turn, and like a stupid child, I got tricked into a life I never intended to lead. I was ashamed.” You sobbed openly, no longer trying to conceal anything from anyone.

With the floodgates open, you couldn’t stop yourself from screaming. You stood up and got right up into Spencer’s face just as he’d done to you. Hotch had gotten up from his seat, thinking you were going to attempt to hurt Spencer, but you couldn’t Of course they couldn’t believe that under the circumstances. “I’ve been beaten! I’ve had my bones broken by the men that paid for me. I’ve been raped. I’ve had knives used against my skin because the rush of torturing and raping a 15-year-old girl got my clients off. I’ve been left on the side of the road with my thighs and vagina in too much pain to walk! I’ve been used as a drug mule! My only friend on the streets was murdered in front of me because I asked for a break and she had offered to take my client to let me rest. After all that, I tried to kill myself!” Your throat was raw, but you couldn’t stop. “But I had nothing. I had no money. So the only way I could think of doing it was to swallow the half a bottle of sleeping pills I had found in the trash. The next morning, I woke up in a pool of my own vomit. I took it was a sign that I was meant to do something with my life, so I pushed myself up. I walked away from the town I grew up in. Hid in sewers and pipes and abandoned buildings to make sure my pimp wouldn’t find me and kill me, or worse, rape me too, because he liked to do that if I haven’t mentioned it already, and send me back to my old life. I clawed my way up. I begged and cried and bled to get where I am now, and then that bastard came up to me and threatened to take it all away or he’d expose my past and kill you.”

For a few moments, the heaviness of your confession weighed them down. “Despite what you think, Spencer Reid, I love you more than I thought I could love anyone after my parents died. I was trying to think of a way to trick Ashton, to get you all to bring me in here, so that I could tell you his plan and hopefully take the fucker down, but I needed more time, so I put the berries in JJ’s drink. And I hate myself. I thought I hated myself then, the many times I had my face mashed into the ground while a strange man pushed himself inside me, but watching as JJ convulsed…I’ve never hated myself more.”

Collapsing back into the wall and slipping down, you started to scream, pulling at your hair as you buried your head in your knees. When you looked up again, everyone was still there, except Spencer. “Y/N,” Hotch said. “Until we can determine just how culpable you are, I’m going to need you to hand over your badge and gun.”

Your gun had already been taken from you, but the badge was still on you. Just over a week in the job you’d always wanted, and with a snap of your fingers it had all been taken away. Without looking up, you handed your badge to whoever was there.

“Please,” you said softly, repeating yourself at Morgan’s insistence. “Please protect Spencer. Ashton has all the money you could possibly need. He said he’d kill Spencer. Please don’t let him die.”

“We protect our own,” Morgan said, turning away and walking out.

Hotch swallowed hard and walked out, followed by Emily and JJ, leaving only Rossi and Garcia in the room. As soon as Spencer had introduced you to the team, you had gravitated toward Rossi. He reminded you of your father, and apparently, you reminded him a lot of his daughter, Joy. You could tell he hurt for you, but he needed time to process what you’d just said and walked out of the room. Garcia was the only one left. The perfect ray of sunshine that the world didn’t deserve. 

“Y/N,” she said softly, crouching down to meet your gaze. She grabbed your hands. She grabbed your hands. “I don’t think you could’ve gone through with it…JJ, I mean. I don’t understand. And I need time…but I’m so, so sorry for what you went through. I don’t care who you are. No one deserves that.” As another sob choked out of you, your head fell into your knees, and against all odds, you felt Garcia lay her head on top of yours. “I’m so sorry, honey.”

The Signs Based on my Experience (Scorpio POV)

**A lot of people do this but I dunno who it originated from, so credit to whoever that is.

Aries: Actually really reserved and mysterious. Like, you know how Scorpios are stereotyped to be the cool, intense, aloof ones? That’s actually more of an Aries thing based on people I know. Aren’t actually explosive, in fact they really internalize they’re feelings a lot. Pretty cool people to hang around tbh.

Taurus: The emotional rock. Taurus is the Mother Hen and all the other signs are their little chicks. Kind of blunt, but when they do it it isn’t mean?? They never seem to get overly involved in drama either, but they always spectate yours. You’re honestly their problematic fave XD

Gemini: Literally awesome people. Idk why they get so much hate, Gems are great! They’re great people to hang out with if you just wanna laugh and have fun, but you can also talk to them if you have some deep intellectual topic. Great friends.

Cancer: THE BIGGEST CUTIES EVER OMG. These are the people who get frustrated over little things but their anger is sO CUTE. Every time they talk to you you just want to cuddle them into oblivion like lovE ME DAMMIT. You never really know how they’re feeling though XD As an Aries friend of mine once said, they “scuttle away” from their problems like a crab.

Leo: Confident and fun to be around, but stubborn AF. They have really strong opinions and they’re not backing down from them. They will literally argue with you for hours, so don’t try to win bc you won’t XD REALLY awesome friends though :3 Prepare for an adventure~

Virgo: They’re literally just frustrated cuties. They want so desperately to understand everything that’s going on all the time, but they just don’t and they start overthinking and it makes them upset. You literally just wanna pat them on the back like “There, there.” #1 most likely to misunderstand something. Super nice and loyal friends ^~^

Libra: The coolest people you will ever meet. They’re weird but in that artistic, unique, fun way. They’re fuckin’ gorgeous without trying wtf. They have a lot of fun and adventures and you just sit there like “PLEASE LET ME JOIN YOU SENPAI.” You probably idolize them a bit.

Scorpio: There’s two kinds of Scorpio: The ones that SEEM like evil murderers but are actually really nice and caring people, and the ones that SEEM really quiet and shy and nice but are actually really murderous and evil like damn Rachel I was NOT expecting that within your floral Aeropostale dress 0-0

Sagittarius: Seem like they have the personality of the world’s biggest pimp/jock boy stereotype, but they’re actually really lonely. They also really like little things, like birds. They blunt af though. And they’re not nice about it, if they throw shade you WILL be slammed. They don’t mean it to be mean though, they’re just being honest and it’s kinda frustrating XD

Capricorn: #1 most likely to overthrow the world. They know EVERYTHING about you. You said hi to them on a chat once? They already know where you live. They come across as really cold and calculating. It’s kinda scary tbh. But they’re also like really cute when you get to know them. They REALLY hate having to feel emotions and they try not to but they’re really just softies on the inside. Kinda nerdy too but like cute nerdy.

Aquarius: They blunt af, but only because they know what you’re doing wrong. They can see the mistakes you make before you can, and they honestly give really good advice. But they suck ass at giving themselves advice. They will let people wreck them and it’s pretty sad :/ They also can’t tell if they wanna be alone or not. Also #1 most likely to smirk at you when you’re pissed at them and it’s so fruSTRAtING.

Pisces: LITTLE BALLS OF FLUFF. Cute like Cancer, but it’s different?? Like Cancer is the kind of cute you fangirl over and Pisces is the kind of cute you accept and hug. These are the people who will run across the room to hug you, and if one of them is a close friend, someone probably thinks you’re a couple tbh XD REALLY cuddly people. Too good, too pure. They must be protected.