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Youngest of the Pack Part 2

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Requested by Anon. 

Request: Can you do a part two of the youngest in the pack

Three weeks after my first date with Anthony, we had a Pack meeting. Of course I went since I am apart of the Pack, but I didn’t want to be faced with their questions on how my life is going. Anthony had broken up with me, and I know that I shouldn’t be so upset, it just hurts. 

Getting out of my mom’s car, I told her to pick me up in a few hours. I made my way up to the door, and walked in. “I’m here everybody!” 

“Hey, Y/N!” Lydia called from the kitchen. I walked in and saw everybody eating pizza. “How’s your day?” 

I shrugged. “It could be better.” 

“How’s that kid? What’s his name again? Anthony?“ Peter asked.

I grabbed a piece of pizza and took the biggest bite. “Hebrohgugwifme.” 

“What?” Alison asked. 

I swallowed the pizza and look up at them. Tears formed in my eyes. “He broke up with me.” 

It was like time had stopped. Everybody froze, and looked at me with wide eyes. “What?” They all asked in unison. 

“Yeah. A few days ago. It’s dumb that I should be upset. I’m too young, but it still hurt.” 

“I’m gonna kill him.” Stiles said. “Where does he live? And where’s my bat?” 

I smiled. “It’s no big deal guys. There will be other boys.” 

“See? That’s the spirit, Y/N.” Lydia said. Then, all together, they came and embraced me. 

“Guys, I love you and all, but I can’t breathe.” I wheezed. 

“Too bad.” Scott said. 

“I love you guys. Thanks for everything.” 

“We love you too, Y/N. And you’re welcome. It’s our job to protect the youngest member of our pack.” Scott replied. 

“Alright. Enough of this. Let‘s eat!” I yelled.