biggest party in the world

I can say without exaggeration, hyperbole or hysteria, that the Republican party is now the biggest threat to American lives in the world. Their healthcare bill could lead to up to 26,000 deaths per year. In ISIS’s wildest dreams they could never hope to kill that many Americans. The Vietnam War killed 4,000 Americans per year. This bill is nothing less than an act of war by congress on its own people.

Okay here’s some thoughts about the losers drunk at parties

(all based on actually things i have seen drunk people do/things i have done. some of these are modern au i guess)

eddie drinks like one wine cooler and is blacked like 20 minutes into the party, the actually biggest lightweight in the world

stan and bev are always partners for drinking games and no one wants to play with them anymore because they always win (bev rocks beer pong and boom cup and stan’s good at any sort of guessing game like fuck the dealer. he’s scarily accurate)

sometimes stan doesn’t drink so he’ll use richie as his proxy during drinking games because richie will drink literally anything.

nobody ever knows what’s up with mike but he’s still everyone’s favorite at the party. is he drinking? is he not? who cares?

bill is absolutely the dad friend who like interrupts conversations with the other losers to like go and shake people’s hands and shit

because he’s such a lightweight and because richie likes to convince him to drink more eddie always goes way too hard and usually ends up carried out of the party

richie always tries to dj but never takes requests and plays shit songs so he always get the music taken away from him

ben loves to dance at parties but is super embarrassed about it so bev always drags him out on the dance floor so he has an excuse

speaking of her majesty beverly marsh remember that scene where she’s sunbathing and the boys are all staring at her in amazement???? literally everyone at the party when bev dances

bev and richie can go through a 24 pack by themselves and still be more sober than the rest of the losers (except mike because he’s a wild card)

one time they were at a party and stan was actually drunk and bev convinced him to switch clothes just to see if anyone noticed (ben and mike did but most people just thought stan looked a+ in bev’s overalls)

mike ends up being the one to make them all switch to water and sometimes he’ll wear one of eddie’s fanny packs to hold like id’s and napkins and stuff

bev sits on everyone’s laps but mostly ben and bill. richie is the only person who can get away with sitting on her lap though

theres never a picture of all seven on them at a party. someone’s always missing or passed out or falling down mid picture. the closest they have is a selfie bev took the single time they convinced stan to sing kareoke where all of them are somewhere in the background but no one is paying attention

one time ben ended up dj at a house party and bev yelled for him play new kids on the block and everyone loved it and now ben usually takes over when they want richie to stop dj-ing

thats all i got for now folks


Maelstrom margarita & chips with dip. La Cava Del Tequila, Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion.

Don’t Say That (Zach Werenski)

Anonymous said:

A zach werenski #50 prompt, like asking you out for the first time

#50: “If I asked, you’d say no.” - “You don’t know that.”

Word count: 886

Originally posted by werenskiz

Zach had been acting weird all week. Whenever you would see him he would turn away or quickly find someone else to talk to. His texts to you had been getting shorter and less frequent, and the two of you hadn’t been hanging out as much anymore.

It broke your heart, to put it lightly.

You and Zach had instantly clicked when the Blue Jackets drafted him. He liked everything you liked, had the exact same sense of humor as you and, most importantly, you were both looking for a friend.

Zach was new to the city and one of the youngest players on the team, while all of your friends had moved away for college when you elected to go to OSU. Needless to say, it was an adjustment. You weren’t that big of a partier, so picking one of the biggest partying/tailgating schools in the country probably wasn’t the smartest idea in the world. You had decided to take a stroll through Metro Park when you had stumbled upon Zach, completely and utterly lost. You offered to help him get out of the admittedly daunting parks system and the rest was history. You two became best friends and started to do almost everything together. And now, for some reason, Zach was acting like you two didn’t know each other at all.

You stare down at your phone, waiting for a response. It’s been exactly five minutes since you texted Zach ‘we need to talk.’ In those five minutes you had obsessively checked your phone more times than you did in a normal day. Finally, as it normally goes with these things, your phone goes off when you take your eyes off of it for just a second. You grab it and stare at the screen, seeing Zach’s name.

‘What about?’ You scoff and roll your eyes, thumbs flying across the screen.

‘You know what.’

‘Meet me at our spot in half an hour.’ He says finally. You grab your bag and your keys, knowing exactly what he’s talking about.

‘Our spot’ was the spot where you had first found him, lost and spinning in circles. Since that area was in such close proximity to a lot of the places you two hung out at, you would often just meet Zach there and walk instead of wasting gas and driving.

Zach’s already there by the time you reach him, shifting his weight from foot to foot. You walk up to him, not quite knowing what to say.

“Hi.” Zach breaks the ice first. You stare blankly at him.

“‘Hi?’ That’s it?” Zach looks at you, confused.

“What do you mean?”

“You mean you’ve just accidentally been ignoring me all week? You haven’t been texting me, you’ll try to look busy when I come near you and you keep making excuses so that you don’t have to hang out with me. What did I do, Zach?” Your voice breaks. Zach sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“(Y/N),” He starts and stops, not able to find the words.

“Did I say something to you? Is it something I did? Please just let me know; I miss you.” You plead with him.

“(Y/N), it’s everything you do.” You look at him shocked, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry?” Zach looks alarmed.

“Oh God, that came out wrong.” He tries to grab your hand but you snatch it away. “When I’m around you, I can’t get my heart to stop beating so fast. Every little thing you do drives me wild. When your eyes sparkle because you get so excited about something, I almost can’t get a word out. Or when we’re hanging out and you look at me out of the side of your eyes and smile? I actually feel like I’m going to pass out, I get so lightheaded. And then, and this is the worst part, I can’t get you out of my head when we’re apart. You’re all I can think about lately. I can’t be around you because you’re literally so perfect that I feel like I’m going to be sick or make an ass out of myself. I want to ask you out so bad-”

“Zach,” You breathe out, the only sound you can seem to make.

“But I can’t, because I know that if I asked, you’d say no, because I’m your best friend. And I would respect your decision, but it would break my god damn heart the whole time.” He ends in a near whisper, tears now rolling down his own face. You stare at him, not sure if you heard correctly.

“…You don’t know that.” You say finally. Zach looks down into your eyes, cheeks flushed.


“How do you know that I would say no? You’ve never asked me.”

“(Y/N), will you go out on a date with me?” Zach asks.

“Of course.” You throw your arms around him, Zach returning the hug with just as much enthusiasm.

“Oh, thank God.” He whispers into your ear. You grin as you press your forehead against his.

“Please don’t ever be scared to ask me something, and definitely don’t ever feel like you need to drift away because you don’t want to ask me something.”

“Never.” Zach agrees before kissing you.

Let’s make Europe care again

So I know that after hearing about the election in de US everybody is sick of politics, but this is really important. On 15 March 2017, there are elections in the Netherlands, and according to the polls, our own version of Trump (Geert Wilders of the PVV), will have 26 seats.

26, out of 150.

The only party that is predicted to get more votes is the VVD, which will have 28 seats. Now, in the Netherlands, no party wins the majority, ever. This means that multiple parties have to work together and form a coalition, so they collectively become the biggest.

Why do I not want the PVV to become the biggest party? Or even become part of the coalition? Well, because the biggest party gets to provide the Prime Minister, which would be Wilders if the PVV wins.

The PVV is an incredibly racist party, Wilders has openly said he wants “less Moroccans”, he said that “just like the Americans did, we will take our country back”, he tweets things like “The Netherlands Is Ours” (if this sounds racist and scary, it’s because it IS racist and scary), he is against Islam and immigration and refugees.

Please don’t let this person’s party become the biggest in the Netherlands.

There is so much racism in the world these days, Trump won in the US, Marine Le Pen might win in France, everywhere the rightwing populist parties are winning, and it is scaring the shit out of me.

Like I said, there will probably need to be a coalition. And there is a party which currently stands at 12 seats, of which the leader has said that he will NEVER work with Wilders.

That party is GroenLinks (GreenLeft, which pretty much sums them up) and that leader is Jesse Klaver.

Some people have said he looks a bit like Justin Trudeau. He does.

Let me tell you something about Jesse Klaver and why you should vote for his party GroenLinks:

(picture credit:

Why should you vote for him?

-He is only 30 years old, which means he won’t fuck us over with policies he’s not going to have to deal with (which, let’s face it, old politicians often do).

-He wants to invest in clean energy.

-He destroyed Wilders on his anti-refugee-stance.

-He is a flexitarian.

-His party wants to reduce unemployment amongst young people (especially immigrants).

-I think it is important in today’s political climate to have people in power who not only are opposed to “our people first”-sentiments, but OPENLY SO. Who promote solidarity, and clean energy, and give a shit about the future, not what’s popular today.

So yeah, I really hope that this fucking scary trend of voting populists into office *CoughTrumpCough* will not go on in the Netherlands.

Hello, my name is ________

Thanks to @rage-quitter for beta reading this. If you haven’t already seen their stuff you really should. They’re what caused me to write The Long Drive Home and start shipping Jerevin.

The first thing Jeremy realized upon joining the Fake AH Crew, was that it was in his best interest to just nod and go along with everything Geoff said.

Not complaining when the man drunkenly slapped a name badge sticker on his forehead during the biggest staff party in the criminal world was just one of them.

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shazzz do you have any halloween hc for saphael?

Okay so popular to contrary belief the vampires and Raphael love! Halloween. I can’t tell you how many fic that has Simon as the one that is all like hey it’s Halloween. No.

~The vampires love to party, so naturally they thrown the biggest Halloween party in the shadow world. It’s one of the few occasions where all downworlders are welcomed.

~They have the spookiest decorations, being a hotel of the undead really adds to the affect.

~ Simon of course is the one that brings up couple costumes to Raphael.

~ and he agrees in a heartbeat.
~ they go as something cute and of course something Simon picks because Raphael has horrible taste in costumes and thinks that he can pull off Dracula. You can’t Raph


She would try her best to give her (s/o) a nice gift according to their likes and the fact that their birthday is connected to such special occasion surprises her a bit, but she won’t show it and she will try to focus to give them a big surprise.

Eventually, they love it and Widowmaker would be pleased with herself and even blush the slightest at her (s/o)’s cute reaction to the gift.

Their birthday celebration wouldn’t be the biggest party in the world, but with a romantic dinner and a nice view of the sunset will be enough for her (s/o) to feel like the luckiest person ever.


She knows exactly what their (s/o) want… to joke around with her the whole day!

Pulling pranks was always Sombra’s and her (s/o)’s hobby, and she’ll make sure to make the best plans on what pranks they should pull on their teammates.

Then comes the gift, their (s/o) don’t even care for what Sombra will give them due to the exhaustion at a day full of jokes and puns and at the Christmas celebration, she would always sneak out to find mistletoe to sneak out some kisses from her (s/o)…


She’d jump around like a little kid everywhere and she’ll make sure to make it the best day of their life!

Tracer would make sure to make everything perfect, from breakfast on bed (their favourite one also) to one or another bad pun towards every single one of their teammates.

Her (s/o) would certainly have the best day of their life just as Tracer planned it and it would eventually get better with the Christmas celebration and a bit of mistletoe too ;)

Mod Zoey… Over and out!~

@lucissaa submitted:

Every year Narcissa Malfoy hosts a huge christmas ball. She decorates the ballrooms of Malfoy Manor in her and her husband’s pridecolours. Asexual, transgender, greyromantic, bisexual and nonbinary, five ballrooms. Her dress is white with hints of purple and black. People have start to wear their own pride colours to the ball, and though Narcissa denies in front of the press, it is considered one of the biggest pride parties in the wizarding world. 

When Draco figures out his own identity, a ballroom for demisexual pridecolours is added, as is one with demiboy colours. Once Astoria and Draco become Lord and Lady of Malfoy Manor, the tradition is continued. 

Did you saY LEO SEASON - Short Story

Cancer: Hey, Leo!!!

Leo: Oh, hi. *looks away coldly*

Cancer: Did I do something wrong…?

Aries: Nope! Leo’s always like that- stuck up, moody, and an overall pathe-

Libra: Now don’t be mean, Leo is pretty bad, but I’ve seen way worse! *stares at Virgo*

Virgo: *flips Libra off*

Pisces: *gasps* how vulgar

Leo: *lets out the biggest, loudest, and most dramatic sigh that leaves them gasping for air*

Everyone except Leo: *stares*

Sagittarius: Something wrong, buddy?

Scorpio: I know we act like we hate you all the time, but- wait, no, we do.


Leo: *takes deep breath* *screams in an extremely high pitched voice* wHY DOES NO ONE REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY SEASONNNNNN??!?!?!?!??!!!?


Cancer: I did. I bought you this… cute… friendly… lion… to celebrate!

Gemini: If it’s so friendly, why is it-

Ferocious-looking Lion: ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAARRRR

Gemini: OMG that’s a rude lion. I mean, come on, even lions should know not to cut people off! >:(

Sagittarius: Nice try, Cancer.

Aquarius: We know you bought that lion in hopes it’ll eat Leo up.


Aquarius: C-CUZ… I’M… Your… fan…


Pisces: Awwww, who’s a good little boy??? *pets lion*

Lion: *bites Pisces’ finger off*

Pisces: AHHHH!

Virgo: QUICK, someone call an ambulance!!! Pisces needs medical attention!!!!

Aries: It’s fiiiine, zodiac signs can’t even die, just relax

Pisces: *dying*


Cancer: *starts crying* Oh, I am, I am!!!!! *nestles into Taurus’ arms for comfort*

Taurus: *awkwardly gives Cancer three pats on the back*





Pisces: Help…

Sagittarius: This is so funny, but if I laugh, Leo’s going to throw me into the cage with the lion… ugh, why is life so hard?

Gemini: I feel you… I feel like if anyone says a word, Leo’s going to flip out even more.

Taurus: Hey guys remember I can read minds too?

Sagittarius, Gemini, & Taurus: *makes weird faces at each other*



silence (except for Leo’s sobbing and Pisces’ whimpers of pain)

Libra: Guys… Leo…

Aries: Eh, might as well break it to this sad sack.

Taurus: *whispers* Why are you even crying, Cancer? This is all an act, remember?

Cancer: o.o huh

Cancer: Oh yeah!


Everyone except Leo and Pisces: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEASON, LEO!!!!! TURN AROUND

Leo turns around, and it turns out…

Leo: … A PARTY???

Gemini: You’re the biggest dumbass in the world, we were LITERALLY planning a party right behind your back!!!!

Leo: Oooomg there’s even a karaoke set!!!! You and me, Libra, come on! *drags Libra*

Capricorn: NO, YOU AND ME FIRST! *pulls Leo towards them*


Capricorn: I was setting up the apple bobbing station, which someone forgot to do.

Taurus: I didn’t forget anything. I just didn’t feel like it.

Pisces: Guys, I’m back!!!!

Leo: Yeah that’s great ok HEY let’s sing Madonna!!! She’s a Leo :’)

Everyone has a great time at the party and pretends to forget about Leo’s major temper tantrum. They all have fun, and they give Leo actual presents!!! In the end, they all gather for a group hug.

Leo: *in the center, squished and almost out of breath* I love you all

Everyone except Leo: We know!

Aries: You’re still a stuck up, moody, and an overall pathetic being, though.

Scorpio: True, but we’ve seen worse! *coughs* VIRGO *coughs*

Virgo: >:(

Aquarius: Why do we always make each other feel like shit?

Capricorn: I guess that’s just what friends do.

Pisces: Pretty sure we’re the only ones who do it to this extent.

Sagittarius: *turns head back*

Sagittarius: Um… guys…


… Happy Leo Season!!!!

(shoutout to the anon who requested this, and to twinkcookies for making the Sagittarius season one ^.^)



Being late on your period and finding out you’re pregnant with Roman’s baby. You are scared to tell him, but he ends up being happy and comforts you.

I’m drunk. Too drunk. Drunk as a skunk. I giggle to myself at the thought. Whoever came up with “drunk as a skunk” must’ve been drunk himself. Yet here I am, trying to piece together how anyone would even come up with that analogy. I push the thought away. This is what happens when Joe is on his European tour. I end up going out with my girls and end up coming home drunk, feeling frisky, and all alone. Most of the time I’m good with the traveling he is required to do for what he loves. Then there are days like this, where I am selfish, needy, and missing my man. I reach into the top drawer of the bedside table and whip out the lined sheet. Listed in the best penmanship he can manage are the dates and cities for the tour. Lots of places I don’t recognize and probably don’t even pronounce correctly, but there’s only four days left before he can come back home. Something about the date for the SmackDown taping catches me eye. Then again, I am drunk and seeing almost double.

I put the sheet back where it was, proceeding to roll over to his side of the bed where the sheets smell just like him. Like I was hit by lightning, I sit up in the fumble of sheets. I’m completely sober now.

“That’s just not possible…” I whisper to no one because I’m alone. I grab my phone to find it’s completely dead. That means it’s going to take forever to turn on. However, I put it to charge and I’m out of bed, running like a chicken without a head around the house looking for a calendar. There isn’t one in the kitchen, the living room, or any other room I stumble into. “Seriously!”

For two of the most organized people in the world because of our lifestyles, why can’t I for the life of me find a damn calendar? I run back up to the bedroom in hopes that my phone has charged enough to turn on by now. And it has not. Oh! Duh. My laptop. I snatch it off the bedside table, drag it into bed with me and immediately open up the calendar app. I count three weeks and four days, ten times, before I can tear my face away from the screen. Like clockwork, a FaceTime request pops up on the screen. His timing is golden. Really.

I fluff my hair into some semblance of order and answer with the best smile I can get away with. “Hi, honey.”
“Baby girl, you’re awake!” Joe says in his, I’m ready to go to bed, voice. He’s in bed with nothing but his boxers on and if I could, I would pull him right out of the screen. Then I remember that my actions after that would be exactly why I’m in the predicament I’m in now. “I thought I was going to have to text you goodnight.”
“I bet it would’ve been an amazing, sweet message to wake up to.” Because they always are.
“I’m glad I caught you.”
“So am I, honey. How was your day?”
“It was pretty all right. I had my radio interview, the small meet and greet, and the house show. My shoulders are a bit sore actually.” He rolls into his back, groaning in the process. Making me feel useless. I love to massage him.
“I’ll give you all the massages you want in four days time.” Three weeks. Four days. I repeat that in my head until it’s become a chant almost. But it’s just not possible. Is it? Ugh! This is so fucked!
“Baby girl?” Joe says sing-songily bringing me back to earth.
“Lost in your own little world over there, huh? What’s on your mind?”
Panic overwhelms me. “It’s nothing. I was drinking…” Which I’m starting to think maybe I shouldn’t have been. “So my mind is just everywhere, I guess.”
“You know… I can always tell when you’re lying to me.”
Not that I ever do. “That’s a bold faced lie.”
He sits back against the tufted headboard, slinging an arm behind his head. “White lie. You don’t lie to me, but I can tell when you’re lying. Your eyes wander, and you stop talking with your hands. You always make hand gestures when you’re talking. You stopped. So I’ll ask again, what’s on your mind?”
He sees right through me. I let out a nervous little chuckle, mentally preparing myself for whatever reaction I might get. “Before I tell you, can you just promise me that you’re not going to freak out? Because I’m on the verge of doing just that and I don’t think I can deal with you freaking out and being so far away.”
“Just promise me, Joe. Please,” I beg.
I watch the concern grow on his face. That wasn’t my intention but now I know that he understands that what I’m about to say is serious. He nods, giving me the okay to speak freely. I square my shoulders.
“I was going over the days left until you come back. Four days. This is when my… monthly visitor is scheduled to come by. Except she didn’t. For as long as I’ve had these visits, she’s never been late. She’s four days late. And I really don’t know what to do because, like I said, this doesn’t ever happen. Should I go down and buy a pregnancy test? Should I go to the doctor?” I realize I’m gasping for air because I’m rambling on and on. In the second it takes me to register that I need to calm down, Joe jumps up in bed.
“Firstly, you’re not going anywhere at this time of the night. Secondly…” He stares at me for what seems to be forever. His eyes are wild and full of wonder. How I wish I could read what’s going on behind them. “If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, we will be going to the doctor the same day I land in the states.”
“I can’t tell if you’re excited, or upset, or what?”
“I’m not very excited that you pieced this all together while I’m on tour, but I am excited.” A heart stopping smile grows on his face.
I really don’t mean to burst his bubble, but I have to ask. “So if the test turns out to be positive…”
“Then we better prepare ourselves for a mini you, or mini me running around our house.”
“And if the test turns out to be negative?”
“Then we keep trying. Or not. Whatever you want. As long as you’re happy.” My heart cracks inside my chest. His entire tone changed, tugging right at my heart. “However the coin flips, we will get through everything that comes our way. I truly believe that.”
“Don’t you dare turn this into a promo, Anoa'i!”
“I’m not! I swear!” He chuckles, raising his right hand. “Scouts honor.”
“You were a Boy Scout?”
“I may or may not have been a Boy Scout.”
“You were totally a Boy Scout!” I giggle, having to wipe my eyes dry.

I might really be pregnant. That makes me regret all the tequila I had tonight. And the daily glasses of wine before bed. Joe and I joke that it’s my version of an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But right now all I feel is guilty. For not paying more attention to my body. For in any way causing harm to what may or may not be the tiny blip in my belly.
In my mind’s eye, I can totally picture Joe and a mini him running and throwing a football back and forth in our backyard, or Joe and a mini me set up for the biggest, best tea party in the world. All with their big sister.
Something in my brain clicks.

“I see you lost in your thoughts again, baby girl. We’re going to be okay. No matter what. I promise you that.”
“And I truly believe that.”
“Good. Now go get two tablets of Aleve and a glass of water.”
“I can’t. I’ve been drinking.”
“Just go get them. Please.”

I very reluctantly drag my drunken body out of bed, down to the kitchen, and back into bed. I set them on the bedside table for the morning because I know that’s what they were for. Sober Joe loves drunken me too much to let me suffer from a hangover. I wear my best smile when I turn back to the laptop. To find him drifting off to sleep. My poor honey. Twenty-one events over a span of eleven days is rough on anyone. A wrestler? Even more so.

Not wanting to wake him, I blow him a silent kiss and end the call. The constant traveling is hard on him on his regular dates, I can only imagine the toll this tour is going to take on him. But I’m prepared to handle the aftermath. Just like we will handle everything that comes our way.

I shut my laptop and set it on the other night stand. Cuddling up in his side of the bed once more, inhaling his cologne, I find sleep.

Text Message from My Baby ♥️ @ 10 AM:
I’m so sorry I fell asleep on you, baby girl. I didn’t mean to. I know you’re still asleep but I wanted to remind you that I admire you so much. You’re so strong, putting up with my work schedule all while building your own empire. I’m incredibly proud of you. I hope you never forget that. And I meant what I said last night… We’re going to be okay. No matter what. I hope you’re hangover free as you finish reading this. I love you.

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idk if you know but we had elections in germany yesterday and the afd (alt right/far right) got 13% so they're the 3rd biggest party in the bundestag now. What is the world doing???????? like, can everyone not be a bag of assholes and just be nice and not hate on people for no reason??? (sorry for the rant I'm just 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡) Have a nice day

I literally saw this on the news yesterday and let out a visceral “Fuck that” in front of my whole family and went to bed. Im so pissed. I want to believe its not true honestly it just makes me so angry and upset

Punk Wedding
Nina Hagen
Punk Wedding

1988 - Nina Hagen - Punk Wedding (single)


This is the biggest party the world has ever seen
This is the biggest party the world has ever seen

Nina Hagen Superstar
Is gonna marry Iroquois
Nina Hagen Superstar
Ha la-la la-la-la Hallelulja

My party on Ibiza
You’re all invited and tra la la
This is the marriage of the year
‘87, is this clear?

Throw my wedding on Benirras Beach
The priest is gonna hold his wedding speech
You’re all invited and you gotta be there
And if you won’t ya must be square!

Punk wedding in Ibiza, Nina and Iroquois
Punk wedding in Ibiza
Punk wedding in Ibiza, Nina and Iroquois
Punk wedding in Ibiza, Wunderbar!!


This is the biggest party the world has ever seen
This is the biggest party the world has ever seen

Nina Hagen Superstar
Is gonna marry Iroquois
Nina and Iroquois
Ha la-la la-la-la Halleluja

My party on Ibiza
You’re all invited and tra la la
This is the marriage of the year
'87, is this clear?

Throw my wedding on Benirras Beach
The priest is gonna hold his wedding speech
Where will be the honeymoon?
They’ll take a spaceship to the moon

Punk wedding in Ibiza, Nina and Iroquois
Punk wedding in Ibiza
Punk wedding in Ibiza, wunder-wunder-wunderbar

Do you, Nina Hagen, take this punk to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Do you, Iroquois, take this superstar to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Oh yeah
To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to honor and obey till death do you part?

This is the biggest party the world has ever seen
This is the biggest party the world has ever seen

Nina & Iroquois
Punk wedding in Ibiza
Nina & Iroquois
Ha la-la la-la-la Hallelulja

You’re all invited to the open air
on Benirras Beach with King Kurt and
Ramonez '77
Vegan Warriors
U.K. Subs
Nina Hagen Band from the pubs
in East Berlin Hyena Spits
and Gunslingers
and that’s it

This is the biggest party the world has ever seen
This is the biggest party the world has ever seen
Nina & Iroquois
Punk wedding in Ibiza
Nina Hagen Superstar is gonna marry Iroquois


Aries - tracks down people who gave them shit and sick their bodyguards on em

Taurus - turns the white house into a bed & breakfast

Gemini - sends Donald Trump to Mexico

Cancer - turns half the white house into an animal sanctuary and animal adoption center

Leo - turns the white house into the mirror house

Virgo - renames and changes everything randomly because they can’t make up their mind. Even renames America like 3 times

Libra - gives all natural hair and make up products to the poor. not food or water, all natural hair and make up products

Scorpio - makes everyone refer to them as their ruler after they invent the middle finger emoji

Sagittarius - builds the worlds biggest bounce house and throws parties with the kids bc they wanna be hip

Capricorn - sends everyone who was mean to them in the past back to school because they need to be educated

Aquarius - sends themselves to the moon, builds a white house & chill with their newly found alien buddies

Pisces - paints the white house their favorite color and knits a sweater for everyone who becomes a citizen