biggest otp of all otps


yall see this???? 👌


it appears you found a few believers…

142/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 


THIS! This look right there! This is what makes me hold onto to the thought that he’s pretending and has been pretending all along to fool Ra’s. In this little second, we can actually see the pain on Oliver’s face. He’s about to break down. Felicity could easily make him break down. That’s why he deflects his gaze shortly after. He can’t bear to look at her. It’s too painful. He’s doing this for them and he has to make them believe that he’s actually able of doing all those horrible things. And it’s eating away at him. I’m sure if he could all he’d want to do is to run to them and hug them all! Seeing him like this is killing me…


I didn’t need to actually see them to know, I just heard Takao’s voice and…

MY SHUUTOKU BOYS, I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. I missed you so much, I saw you in your game against Kaijo but still, OH BOYS, I REALLY REALLY MISSED YOU, YOUR ORANGE UNIFORMS ARE SO WELCOME IN MY LIFE (?)

Also, looks like Takao and Midorima are finally themselves again. And I’m so glad, so glad to be able to see them they way they usually are again, without all that sadness in their eyes, in their voices. Takao teasing Midorima and Midorima’s usual reply… Welcome back, my dear boys. WELCOME BACK