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Do you ever think about how brave it was for Snape to reveal his dark mark in the hospital wing to Fudge in that room full of people? Without any outside prompting he just said “fuck it,” and revealed one of his biggest insecurities, fully knowing he was opening himself up to further ridicule and scorn (in front of the one person who never loses a chance to scorn him, no less), because he saw how important it was that Fudge should come to his senses, and knew it was worth a try? The Goblet of Fire has a lot of moments where characters are forced to deal with things they’d rather not… Hagrid and his parentage, Crouch and his son, Bagman and his gambling, not to mention Karkaroff…. And then there’s Snape. And he just confronts it head on. Like a boss. It’s such a telling moment about how far he’s willing to go to see Voldemort defeated…. his own reputation and what people think of him, things so important to the other characters above, don’t matter when it comes to that. A brave man indeed.

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hey connor, what are your thoughts about jareds gradual growth spurt??

oh look a few changes in my terrible style

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if the new runaways series brings back xavin i'm going to SCREAM i miss them so much, i need it to happennnnnnnnnnnnnnn. also biggest hope for the tv series, that xavin's gender fluidity is handled ok? b/c i feel like at the time the series was really getting into xavin's identity, a lot of the terminology and understanding wasn't known to the writers, so they tried but i feel like now it'd be handled even better, maybe even use they/them pronouns or alternating he/his and she/her for xavin?

Yes! Yes! And Yes!

I really hope we see Xavin in both the Hulu series and the new comic. I want to see them handled a lot better (and I want to see them back with Karolina too). 

With Xavin being name-dropped in the new comic, I have high hopes (as I do for Klara, and hopefully poor Victor). I’m really not sure if or how they’ll incorporate Xavin into the show, but with the MCU seemingly owning some rights to the Skrulls (since they will be in Captain Marvel) I don’t doubt we’ll see them in later seasons.