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Crippling insecurities and carelessness get the better of us all, even Kings

Being seen as straight and facing erasure fucking sucks but listen to this, just bear with me.

Being an undercover gay™ makes me feel so powerful. It’s not good to assume everyone is homophobic but there are those stereotypical homophobic looking people. It’s so funny when I’m out in public or at work or something and I see a priest or someone who’s probably homophobic and I have to interact with them.

It’s just so funny to me because like I’m that big scary gay™, sitting right next to you, and you’d never even know. I’m that big scary gay™ taking your order and serving you.

It’s like being a secret agent. I’m literally your biggest nightmare, your worst enemy, and you’d never even know it.

this isn’t going to be elegant but hear me out. It appears as your worst fear, your biggest nightmare, right? so what if, after all the losers meet up again as adults and hear about stan, their biggest fear is losing another one of them. they all know they wouldn’t be able to handle the heartbreak. this is specifically geared towards richie, whose biggest fear (you could say) is never knowing eddie’s true feelings for him, and never knowing if he was the only one who felt what they had. so what does It do? It conjures up a scenario in which It kills Eddie, and they are forced to leave his body in the sewers. richie holds him in his arms as he dies, and calls him Eds one last time, and is forced to watch as eddie dies before he can get out whatever he was thinking so hard about saying. most of us are in agreement that eddie was definitely going to confess while he still had the chance, but It doesn’t let the scenario play out like this. It has eddie die before richie receives any closure, any confirmation, anything that would have let him know that the boy he grew up loving, the one he never forgot, the man he just got back, loved him too. this is all in It’s little play. it’s what It wanted them to see. they have to leave him.

in reality, eddie didn’t die. he was knocked out cold. his arm is broken, again, but still there, if a little worse for wear. he wakes up, alone in the sewers, and finds his way out. he doesn’t lose his memory like the rest of them, because he wasn’t there during the final fight. he knows where to find richie. he gets on the first plane to LA and never looks back.

Older brother Namjoon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.10

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

“Joonie?” I say completely confused, what was he even doing here?

“Oh uh hi baby sis, you’re up?” 

“Well yeah you were crashing and banging, I’m pretty sure it could have woken up the entire building.” I say quite frankly. “What are you doing here?” I wasn’t completely mad that he was standing in my kitchen, hammering at my counter top. But at the same time I feel sort of resentful. 

“I was waiting for you outside of your door -”

“Yeah I saw you, but what are you doing in here?” 

“You fainted, I had to bring you inside.” He explained. 

“But why do you care?” I was bitter and I knew that but I couldn’t help myself, because what they said, tore me up inside. 

“Come on small, don’t be like that.” Small, he used to call me that all the time. 

“Don’t be like what? How else do you want me to act? What more do you want to control?” I started to raise my voice. It was always ‘don’t do this’ ‘don’t do that’. 

“I know it was wrong of me and I’m sorry, can’t you just accept my apology and move on?” He was raising his voice at me now too. A few years ago, he would cherish me, made sure nobody hurt me and would never raise his voice at me. But now all he has done is hurt me. 

“How am I supposed to just accept your apology and move on oppa? When you’ve always been someone that I looked up to, you were always the one who taught me well, but you neglected me. You used to protect me, but now? You’re the one who hurt me the most.” I was on the verge of tears, it’s been so long that it’s just the two of us talking, just brother and sister time. When I used to have nightmares as a kid, Namjoon would be the one to read me a story whilst crouching by the side of my bed and made sure I fell asleep okay. But right now, he was my biggest nightmare. “You used to care about me so much, what happened?” My voice lowered and tears fell, quickly wiping them away I looked up at him.”You used to be my saviour oppa, but now it’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“I still love and care about you Y/N, why are you being so difficult? I’m trying to make amends but you’re acting so childish!” He raised his voice and I couldn’t help but flinch. I can’t lie and say that it didn’t scare me when he was like this, because he was rarely ever like this. My head was spinning and I felt like complete shit, but what does that matter right?

“I’m being childish? My older brother and his best friends, including my very own best friend, spoke badly of me behind my back. The same older brother who just 4 years ago would not let anyone say a single bad thing about me, not even mum and dad. You’d always hide me behind your back when I was in trouble. You’d tell the kids who were mean to me off. You did so much for me back then. Maybe I’m just expecting too much, maybe I grew up relying on you too much. Or maybe you just don’t love your lil small anymore, because I’m useless and only ever cause you trouble.” I was trying so hard to remain calm, so hard to not allow my tears to fall but it was working. They just kept falling. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m a pain in the ass to you. I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m sorry I’m not the same small you used to love and care about.” I swallowed back my flowing tears and smiled slightly up towards him. “I won’t cause you anymore trouble, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll stay away so you don’t have to see me anymore. I’m sorry for being dramatic. I really am. So, oppa. Could you please leave?” 

“This is a little too much don’t you think? Over something so little?” I chuckled, is that really what he thought?

“It may have been little to you because you don’t look up and respect me like I do, you. Ever since I could walk and talk, I’ve learned so much from you, you were that older brother to me that became my shield. The older brother that I had endless respect for. So to me it’s like my whole world was crashing down on me. You had know idea that the last four years have been hell, you wouldn’t know because you never really asked how I was. But I get that, you’re busy. I understood. But when I needed you the most and told you some things, you don’t even remember and you always pushed me aside telling me that you’d ‘message me later’ because you’re occupied doing something. But no matter how long I waited for my older brother to get back to me, he never did. I was always the one starting up a conversation. Because I missed my big bro, but he didn’t miss me. I felt as though I was just a complete burden so I stopped. Life got harder, but it’s okay now. I’m a big girl and I can handle it.” I smiled one last time at him. “Because I don’t need you anymore.” 


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Talk to me about Korra dealing her trauma post book four and how Asami fits into her long term recovery bc I cannot get enough

Oh man, you’re basically asking me to spill out my soul. I could go on forever about Korra’s recovery arc as well as Asami in general (hence why it took me FOREVER to respond to this – !!! I’m so sorry @swatztj​ !!!). Let’s see where this goes… (warning - word vomit below)

* * * * *

Korra’s recovery arc was one of my favourite about the entire series. While it’s amazing to know that Korra and Asami are off living happily together (korrasami forever <3), I always do enjoy seeing individualistic aspects of these two characters and how their unique traits can complement each other. But, let’s dive into Korra’s arc first.

Korra was first introduced to us as the freaking Avatar, master of all four elements - we had to deal with it. We saw her as a very strong, physical being who mastered her waterbending, earthbending and firebending at a young age. Her demeanor was brash, loud, aggressive and direct, used (in many cases) as a tool to hide insecurities.  She was more of a punch first, think later sort of gal and all she ever wanted to be in her life was the Avatar, there was no question about it… that was, until the aftermaths of Amon, Unlaq and Zaheer transpired.

*Though since this about Korra’s trauma in Book 4, we will focus more on the post-Zaheer conflicts*

Korra was kidnapped, chained, poisoned, forced into the Avatar State, smashed against mountains and stripped of the air within her lungs. She was at her most vulnerable moment and completely out of control.

Some of us believed that Korra would get right back up after Suyin removed the poison from her system. After all, it didn’t seem to take too long for Korra to spring back into action after briefly losing her bending in addition to her connections with the past Avatars (though, this isn’t to say that she didn’t endure any pain, grief, self-doubt or negativity during those periods).

However, at the end of Venom of the Red Lotus, we saw Korra as an empty shell – incapacitated, quiet and unresponsive to the outside world. Internally, a whole other battle was being fought. 

She was told that the airbenders would return to their nomadic roots while she recuperated. She was told that they would work together to end discord and restore peace and balance. The woman who had always dreamed of being the Avatar, master of all four elements and bridge between worlds, was no longer needed. Her physical power and self-identity was gone.

* * * * *

I’m trying to understand why this happened to me. But nothing makes any sense. I’m tired Katara. I’m so tired.” ~ Korra (B4:E2)

In the beginning events of Book 4, we see Korra detached from her friends and family. She could barely sleep or eat and spent much of her wakeful moments in silence. When see was faced with times of sleep, she would constantly be plagued with the intrusive horrors she endured by herself in Book 3. This trauma caused Korra to fall into a depressive state as well as develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and hope faded away from her at every passing second. With the little sliver of willpower she had left, she finally made the decision to visit Katara – the first step needed to begin her recovery arc.

After months of being incapacitated, the steps needed to regain mobility took time and patience for Korra. We slowly but surely saw her become more and more active. A quick toe twitch turned into a few walking steps with Katara’s guidance. While these were fantastic accomplishments for someone wheelchair-bound, things moved a bit too slow for Korra’s tastes. We saw her lash out in anger/disappointment at Katara as well as Tenzin when he visited the compound to see her spar. Though Korra made progress, it doesn’t spark enough hope for someone who had been eager to get out in the real world her entire life.

While she was healing physically, Korra was still faced with phases of “fight, flight or freeze” throughout her recovery. Certain triggers continued to appear when she began to walk, spar and bend again, which caused flashbacks to flare up at unexpected moments. Her body would lock up and her mind became fixated on her traumatic past. She still felt as though she was being attacked, reliving the effects of the poison and suffocation over and over again. This caused Korra to hit a wall – she didn’t quite understand why those flashbacks and freeze ups kept happening, but she truly believed that she needed to expose herself to action again. Here is where another key element to Korra’s recovery arc comes in – exposure.

* * * * *

The mind can be a powerful ally or your great enemy.~ Katara (B4:E2)

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The opening shot of our Avatar in Korra Alone was very indicative of the condition of her mental state – shattered, distorted, unstable, but not necessarily unrepairable. After embarking on a voyage to Republic City, we saw another confrontation between Korra and her past trauma; this time in the form of an eerie apparition. She turned away from her destination (Republic City) to walk an anonymous life in the Earth Kingdom with the hope of reconnecting with herself and her Avatar spirit.

Throughout Korra’s journey, she constantly struggled with hallucinations. Sometimes she visualized Raava – with whom she ran towards - but other times (more often than not) she faced with her own ghostly shadow – with whom she backed away from. These apparitions only seemed to become stronger whenever Korra fought them. Her “punch first” tactics remained ineffective as her hallucinations constantly countered her with bending and chains. Even when she was in combat with other opponents, they morphed into her ghostly visions, forcing her to constantly fight with herself and lose each battle in the process.

This, understandably, got quiet infuriating. A part of Korra knew that her visions were not real, but she couldn’t escape them as they seemly controlled every aspect of her day-to-day life. She had enough, making the decision to finally chase after these phantoms as opposed to fighting them. Little did she know that her decision would lead to the familiar face of Toph Beifong.

* * * * *

“…You need to face your fears. You can’t expect to deal with future enemies if you’re still fighting the old ones.” ~ Toph (B4:E4)

Unsurprisingly, Toph hadn’t changed one bit. Her demeanour remained direct, harsh, taunting and honest and this seemed to take Korra by surprise. After all, she was used to being met with looks and words of sympathy (understandably so) after her horrible incident. The bluntness used by our old metalbender, while unexpected, was another step that helped Korra towards her recovery.

Toph was able to quickly realize that Korra was very detached from the world; instead of looking forward she would always looked back in the past:

If there’s one thing I learned on the beat, it’s that the names change but the street stays the same.

Yes Korra did hold Avatar title, but she was still a person – a human being who could only accomplish and change so much within her own lifetime. Other Avatar’s would come and go and so would other acts of evil.

What was great about this confrontation was that little spark of defensiveness and enthusiasm we were used to seeing in Korra before the Book 3 finale. Korra knew of and believed in the accomplishments she achieved throughout her life as the Avatar. She challenged Toph on this exchange, but in a less angry and hostile way that we were used to seeing in the first few Books. 

This ultimately led to the two characters sparring, where Korra seemed to be having moments of excitement despite losing the battles. It was quite a refreshing site to see, in my opinion.

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Not only did Toph confront Korra on these issues, but she also detected small amounts of liquid metal circulating throughout the Avatar’s body. She attempted to rid this metal of her system, but Korra resisted, letting her fears and flashbacks take over again. This would be a task that Korra would have to do on her own; and it is one that she would successfully complete.

Korra used Toph’s advice to metalbend the liquid out of body and release some of those fears that she held close, tapping into her Avatar state. Toph was able to ground Korra back to the world again and make her feel more in tune with reality.

While this helped her physically, Korra’s battle was not over as she experienced yet another hallucination while facing Kuvira for the first time. Now, Korra needed to revisit her biggest nightmare of all face-to-face – Zaheer.

* * * * *

That poison should have killed you. But you were able to fight it off. You think your power has limits. I say its limitless.” ~ Zaheer (B4:E9)

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Korra’s confrontation with Zaheer immediately began with an act of determination and fury. She finally stood before the man that traumatized her life and boldly claimed how he held no power over her anymore. That daring and direct demeanor she showed to Zaheer was reminiscent of her persona back in the earlier Books. However, just like in the past, these defiant acts were used as a way to cover her insecurities.

Zaheer lunged towards Korra with the intent of triggering her fears once again. Despite his chained position, Korra backed away in panic and this ultimately broke the belief that seeing him bound would make her unafraid. Korra was terrified of not only him but of being perceived as useless and of not being the person she used to be again.

Zaheer challenged these fears and claimed that neither of them were the same since the events that happened years ago; he was chained despite learning to fly and she was limitless despite holding herself down. Korra would never be the same person again as she would have to carry the trauma  with her for the rest of her life. 

However, instead of associating said trauma with pain and weakness, she could use it for strength. As Zaheer had said, the liquid metal should have killed Korra, but it didn’t. She was the one that survived despite all odds pointed against her. She had won the battle in the end and he had been the one who lost. The fact that she remained alive points to the idea that she had no limits.

We have to remember that Korra was alone in her showdown with Zaheer. None of her friends or family could aid her. Her severed connections to the past Avatars left her alone to fight against Zaheer and the poison in her most vulnerable state. Korra resisted the poison by resisting the Avatar State for as long as humanly possible. When she could no longer hold off that particular battle, she fought for her life as well as Raava’s, despite how painful and agonizing every second of it was. She was truly unstoppable and she had yet to recognize or consider this amazing feat.

Korra had to accept what happened to her and while this meant acknowledging the bad, it also meant acknowledging the good. Instead of fixating on the moments of suffocation and powerlessness, she had to let the scene play out entirely - focusing on the future and not just the past. The past was not something she could change.

For the first time in nearly three years, Korra gained control over her fear. She accepted what happened – the pain, the exhaustion as well as the endurance. She had made it and in the process, connected back with her spiritual energy.

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Korra reached an understanding with her trauma. While her past was not something that she could simply shrug off or ignore, it could be used as a tool of recognition in which Korra could connect with others at a deeper level. As Toph had said in the swamp:

Sounds like you’re carrying around your former enemies, the same way you’re still carrying around that metal poison. You maybe consider you could learn something from them?

Which can be coupled with Tenzin’s own words of:

It’s true, there will always be new conflicts and enemies to face. But the important thing is to learn from your enemies and better yourself over time, which you have.”

Korra learned from her painful struggles and was able to use new-found knowledge to reach out to others – including her own enemies. She greatly opposed the methods used by Kuvira to unite the Earth Kingdom, yet she still related to and understood her at a personal level, even going as far as to risk her own life to save the dictator. She understood Kuvira’s emotions of fear, abandonment, vulnerability and lack of control and this level of empathy displayed wasn’t something we saw Korra use towards Amon, Unalaq or Zaheer.

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Korra truly found inner peace once she found her way out of the dark tunnel. She proved to herself and others that she was more than just a symbol of physical prowess. She had found inner peace with herself and her trauma, drawing meaning from it which will ultimately help to make her become even stronger in the future.

Korra fought, learned and recovered from some of the darkest moments in her life. She will always carry the scars left behind from the incident that happened in Book 3, but she made herself an even better person by pushing forward instead of holding back. Korra became a beacon of hope for so many of us and remains a character that we will always hold near and dear to our hearts.

* * * * *

“I want you to know that I’m here for you. If you ever want to talk or… anything.” ~ Asami (B3:E13)

Now, I’ll try to make the Asami part quick because this response has gone on for far too long :p.

I think Asami took the role of Korra’s anchor and voice of reason, even if neither of them fully realized it from the get-go.

Asami bore witness to it all – Korra’s gravely injured body smashing into rocks as well as her diminishing hope and sense of self. She saw her best friend falling deeper and deeper, but if there’s one thing we know about Asami Sato, it’s that she will always have your back.

Asami took on the role of Korra’s caretaker; she helped her dressed, pushed her wheelchair around, made conversation and she presumably helped her bathe, eat and sleep. She was truly there for her despite her other responsibilities of being the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Korra was her priority. Heck, the woman was even willing to drop everything and accompany Korra while she recuperated in the Southern Water Tribe.

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These feelings of sadness and hopelessness were quite familiar to Asami. We know that she’s had a pretty difficult life from the start - her mother was murdered, her father sided with the equalists, she had to take command of a large company at age 18 and overall, she had a lonely life. Due to these unfortunate events, it was likely that Asami understood Korra and her depressive state at a far deeper level than anyone else who was close with Korra. Asami neither pushed nor prodded and instead gave an open invitation for Korra to talk with her whenever she was ready

Korra did end up taking Asami’s offer up as we see her communicate to her via a letter in Korra Alone. Korra opened up quite a bit to her, explaining how hard the past few years had been, how she couldn’t tap into the Avatar State, how she kept having hallucinations and how she feared that she would never fully recover again. There was a reason why Korra contacted Asami and not Mako, Bolin or the others. She knew that Asami would understand her at that vulnerable time and felt comfortable enough to expose a very fragile part of her life. Asami was the rock that Korra could hold onto and I’m sure that she felt some relief and comfort after sending her letter off.

This comfort continued in Remembrances. Korra expressed her same worries again, but Asami’s consistent support, admiration and belief in Korra and her abilities shined through during the exchange.

And finally, we know that what goes around, comes around. After Kuvira’s attack on Republic City, Asami lost her father for good. This time, Korra was the one who took the initiative to provide emotional and physical support for her. She apologized for her three year absence and suggested taking a vacation where the two of them could finally relax and take care of each other without any interruptions (…besides the big rock spirit thing…). 

Korra and Asami had seen each other at some of their darkest moments and while they were strong and developed individually through their past traumas, they would and always will be stronger together and persevere through any obstacle thrown at them.

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The. Freaking. End :)


>Observer_  (Bloober Team  2017)

On August 15th, the developers behind Layers of Fear will release their new game, >Observer_. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, you play as Dan Lazarski, a neural detective known as an Observer. With your augmentations, you can hack into peoples minds to solve crimes all while reliving some of their biggest fears and nightmares. One rainy night you get a call from your estranged son, seemingly in danger and asking for help. Once you trace that call to a decrepit apartment complex in the slums of Krakow, your investigation begins.

This game hit me just like Soma did. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the environment immediately grabbed my attention and before long, i was immersed completely in the world and its characters. With a mix of Blade Runner, Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, the movie Brazil and the developers own unique touch, the gritty look, feel and atmosphere of Observer are pretty much perfect. We’re talking Rapture/Arkham Asylum/Tallon IV (Metroid Prime), level of detail and quality here. While most of the game takes place in and around a single apartment complex, its size and labyrinth like layout are deceiving. I was often reminded of how Stanley Kubrick purposely built the hotel in The Shining to be confusing and off-putting. You constantly feel a sense of unease at the multitude of tight hallways with rooms that are so close, or at such odd places, they couldn’t possibly fit inside the building. While the observing (hacking minds) parts are interesting, thrilling and a nice change of pace, the true star of the show in my opinion is the incredibly realized “real world” aspect of the game. Whether you’re going door to door learning about the residents, or finding rooms that are open/unlockable and searching them for clues, or simply just exploring this steamy, crumbling, wire-strewn slum, each aspect is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

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That nightmare scene was NOT okay!

I mean first Mikey gets impaled and Raph has to witness the same thing that he saw happen to his daddy happen to his baby brother.

And those sound effects were just cruel. 

Then Raph gets thrown from the cliff, and we hear him yell after the blast of dark magic so we can assume he died when his head hit a rock.

Then Donnie gets levitated and… why? Why is Donnie always getting killed in midair? 

And what’s really disturbing is we know he gets killed in midair because normally when the turtles fall and hit stuff on the way down, they grunt. Donnie was completely silent because he was already dead. We basically watched his dead body fall to the ground and hit rocks on the way down.

And poor Leo when he realized all his brothers were gone…

And there’s Raph’s head on a rock… like I said, probably what killed him.

They probably showed us Donnie’s broken bo staff because after the fall his body would’ve been too broken for the network censors’ liking. 

As much of a bummer as this scene is though, can we just appreciate Seth Green for a moment? 

His sobbing here is so… I have no words. He’s done such a wonderful job in conveying a wide range of emotions in Leo.

Beautiful acting aside, this was NOT okay! What ever happened to the days when we had episodes like “Fungus Humungous,” and Leo’s biggest nightmare was his brothers being like, “You let us down, Leo! It’s your fault!”
Now Leo’s having evil wizard-induced nightmares about his brothers dying in front of him… it’s not okay.

But man I love this show. 

The Upside of Falling Down {III}

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Warnings: Language, nsfw content

Pairing: University!Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 5.5k

A/N: Guys I want to apologize for how late this update is.  The first week back at university was a stressful mess and I barely had any time to write.  However, I dropped my creative writing class (ironic, right) because I have so much on my plate so hopefully that will help free up my schedule!!! I hope to have pt. 4 up on Friday, but if there are any problems, I’ll let you guys know.  Also, this part is extremely smutty and has explicit sex scenes, so if you’re uncomfortable reading, please don’t feel obligated to read.  At the beginning of the next chapter, I’ll do a little recap so those who choose not to read the smut can still follow the story.  If you do like to read it, though, I’m doing a smut night tonight!!! Smutty Sunday starts in an hour or so, so come talk to me about this chapter or anything else!!! Thank you so so much for your support, guys.  I really appreciate it.


“Are you fucking Peter Parker?” Sadie posed the question in the most casual voice in the middle of your calculus lecture.

Your eyes widened and you coughed, choking on the water that you had just taken a sip of. Pressing a hand to your chest, you turned to your friend in disbelief and shock.  Sadie, who appeared unfazed from your inability to breathe, stared at you expectantly as the rest of the class glanced back at the two of you.

“I—” You coughed once more before taking a deep breath and addressing the professor, who looked at you in worry. “I’m sorry, excuse me, Professor.” Once the focus had shifted back to the lesson, you glanced sideways at your friend. “What was that?”

“Are you fucking Peter Parker?” Sadie repeated herself, tapping her pen against her desk. “Yes or no?  And if the answer is yes and you haven’t told me yet, I will be so pissed at you.  I need a five page report on how that boy looks shirtless.”

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27 for Harry Potter asks

27. What is your opinion of Snape and his actions throughout the series?

Severus Snape as a literary character is absolutely fascinating and the fact that the Great Snape Debate has gone on for this many years after the conclusion of the books and movies is a testimony to how well constructed he and his story is. His functions as an anti-hero and instigator are very effectively deployed.

That said… Snape is a bully, a racist and a pathetically entitled man. 

Example 1: The way he treats both Harry and Neville is absolutely unacceptable.

Common counterargument:  Harry looks like James which is a painful reminder for Snape, and Neville “could have been the chosen one and then Lily wouldn’t have died” 

Reply: Snape is a fucking adult and he has responsibilities as an adult and as these children’s teacher and combined with the obvious favouritism of other students he should never have been allowed to remain a teacher. If I noticed one of my colleagues acting like that, I would make it my life’s goal to end their carreer.

Example 2: He chose to be friends with racists already as a teenager, despite the way those people saw his so-called “great love” and supposed best friend. 

Common counterargument: Snape had a troubled childhood and his parents probably taught him to hate muggles.

Reply: Harry Potter grew up with horrible non-magical people who abused him for ten years. He did not become a racist asshole.

Common counterargument: Snape’s choice to join the good fight makes up for the way he acted in school.

Reply: Sure, it could have done that, but he only decided to stand up to Voldemort for selfish reasons, not because he stopped being a racist asshole. He was the one to report the prophecy to Voldemort; it wasn’t as though he gave a shit about whoever was gonna be murdered or suddenly decided to believe that hating muggles and muggle-borns was wrong. He only turned to Dumbledore when he found out Voldemort was going after Lily’s family. Had Lily not been targeted, he would have remained a Death Eater. He believed in Voldemort’s ideals.

Example 3: His obsession with a dead woman who he saw as the exception to the rule when it came to muggle-born witches and wizards is disgusting. Referring back to the previous argument; Snape only ever bairgained with Dumbledore for Lily’s life - he gave zero fucks about her husband and son, which shows a lack of respect for her agency as a person. This kind of dehumanizing attitude towards someone he supposedly loved is disturbing as all hell and often a cause of abuse in real life relationships when the woman who has been put on a pedestal cannot live up to that ideal. We need to stop writing that behaviour as ~*~*romantic*~*~

No counterarguments accepted.

In conclusion: Snape is a brilliant fictional character. He is complex and interesting and a really good instigator. However, people need to stop defending his actions as a person. Please know how to separate the fictional character who you feel strongly about from the actions he performs as a person. He was and always will have been an entitled asshole, and a racist who terrifies children to the point where he has become their biggest fucking nightmare.

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Jindosh in modern Academia for a prompt?

first of all, he’d be such a MEME

Rate Your Professor, student reviews:

>For everyone curious - yes, the thumb-vape is REAL

>Can’t wait for the day when T-800 comes from the future to stop Jindosh from inventing Skynet

>If Nikola Tesla and Walugi had a baby, and this baby was raised in a vapor store

>I never knew how great the capacity for hate was in my heart before I met him. I am a very peaceful person, but I could strangle him with his own ugly neck-tie.


>If you thought Severus Snape treated his students badly, get a load of this guy

>My biggest nightmare is that at the greatest moment of my life Jindosh appears and says “Mediocre”.

>One guy was texting during the class and Jindosh jumped from the lector podium, ran up to him, grabbed his phone and threw it out of the window

>The Genius. The Myth. The Dickbag.

>One time he brought something that looked like a box with a periscope on top of it to the class and turned it to us. It pointed laser lines at the foreheads of everyone in the audience and kept tracking people even if they tried to move. Jindosh calmly looked at his clock and said “Hm, 3,5 seconds for a target lock-on.  Needs improvement.”

>There’s a tradition of buying “I Survived Kirin Jindosh’s Murder Course” t-shirts at the end of the year.

> Daddy Long Legs

>One time I saw him drinking coffee from a fancy porcelain cup, then casually chug down 2 red bulls in less than a minute and get back to sipping coffee like nothing happened

>I got a job at Google after I showed them a page from my lab project where Jindosh wrote “Interesting”.

>When I see movies with mad scientists after taking this class: “Pfff, amateurs!”

>He gave us test papers today. We should have been alarmed that it looked like a normal test instead of his usual fucking puzzles, but we were just happy. “He was too busy building death rays in his basement!” we thought. The fools! We started working on a test and after like 20 minutes noticed that our first answers vanished. The paper was dissolving the ink! Jindosh smiled and said that this test will make up one third of our final grade. And then he sat there, smirking and vaping from his goddamn thumb, and watched us panic and try to find something that won’t disappear on these fucking papers.  

>Good luck with your grades if Jindosh doesn’t find you interesting, and God help you if he does.

>This is the asshole that you’re going to hate and curse more than all of the other teachers combined, but then one day he says “Impressive. There might be some potential in you after all” and it’s the proudest you’ve ever felt.

Shit Kirin Jindosh Says, a collaborative documentary account:

“Since you’ve turned in your first homework at the last week’s class, it’s time to address the grades. Everyone gets an “F”.  I didn’t actually read your homework, of course, because I have infinitely more interesting and important things to do than reading your feeble attempts to grasp the obvious. In fact, I could achieve more advancement of the modern technology in a time that this lecture takes than all of you combined will manage in your entire lives. But if anyone thinks that their work deserves my attention, tell me and I will read it right now, and then share everything I think about your papers and you in particular.”

“I took points from the score of your project, Williams, because it’s ugly. Yes, it’s functional, and yes, there’s even an idea that is not completely banal, but it’s put together sloppily. You didn’t perfect the design until the elegance and simplicity of forms could emerge. If you’re not interested in doing this because you want to save your precious time for drinking and orgies, then I suggest you transfer to Sokolov’s class.”

“Today’s lab work is a group project. You will form pairs and each complete one half of the presented tasks. For the next class each of you will also write a program that can complete the same tasks as your partner did. The final goal is to successfully replace the human counterpart.”

“You make me test and challenge myself every day, Parker. I’m used to my genius mind knowing no boundaries, no limits of imagination, yet in the multitude of all possible universes I struggle to imagine a single one where you said anything worthwhile.”

“I have few comments to make regarding a so-called “Jindosh-bot” that roamed the premises yesterday. The integration of a smoke machine for hand-pipe is moderately clever, and the moustache wind-mill was not devoid of originality.  But the movement dynamics are horribly outdated! What did you use as a prototype, an epileptic cow? This is inexcusable as you have an access to the documentation of the Clockwork’s early builds. Overall, B- for the effort.”

SKJS is proud to present our first Kirin Jindosh dub-step remix. Mind your sensitivities, people!

Attached file: “Scintillating_industry.mp3”

It’s such a sad moment when you realize you’ve become everything you swore to yourself you would never be..When you look in the mirror, and all you see is that your biggest fears have come true after all, you have become her.
—  Me - (4am thoughts when I Should be sleeping)
My worst nightmare is waking up to you not next to me. That you will fall out of love. That all of the little things I do will start to annoy you. My worst nightmare is being there when you kiss another girl. That everything about us was a lie. My worst nightmare is watching you walk out on what we had.
—  Losing you is my biggest fear

***He is on a harness. Do not take any bird outside without a cage or restraint! Even a clipped one can make a fatal escape.***

Things people have said upon seeing Rowan at the park:

  • “Is it real? It’s not real is it?”
  • “I didn’t know you could have a bird on a leash!”
  • “I’m so jealous. My birds are stupid and all they ever do is bite me.”
  • “What kind of hawk is that?”
  • “Whoa, I’ve never seen a bird on a leash. I thought they were just cage pets.”
  • “He’s so patriotic! All red white and blue!”
  • *upon seeing me take out a tissue to clean up after him* CAN I DO IT?
  • *holding out handful of m&m’s* Does the birdy want a treat?
  • “Aww, poor bird, taken from his home and forced to live in a cage. You should be ashamed of yourself.”
  • Child: “Mommy! Look! A bird! Can I go pet it?”
    Mother: “No. This is my biggest nightmare and we’re leaving right now.”
  • Person 1: “Ooooh, look! A bird!”
    Person 2: “It’s just a parrot though, right?”
    Me: “…Yes?”
    Person 2: *disappointed grunt before they both walk away*
  • *pulling lint-covered dog treat from pocket* Can he have this?
  • Person: “What kind of parrot is that?”
    Me: “He’s a maximilian pionus parrot.”
    Person: “So…is there like… a common name, or..?”
  • *jumps in front of me and worldlessly offers hand for Rowan to step up on without permission*
  • Child: *offers hand*
    Rowan: *refuses*
    Me: “He’s afraid of your gloves.”
    Child: “Oh, don’t worry Rowan! These are my sister’s gloves!” *offers again*
    Me: “…He still doesn’t like them.”
  • Person: “Can I pet your bird?”
    Me: “No, but you can hold him.”
    Person: “Oh, so no handshake but a hug is totally fine.”
  • Person: “A BIRD. I’m terrified of birds but he’s so pretty. Can I get a closer look?”
    Me: *moves closer*
    Person: “He’s so scary but I love him. Does he talk?”
    Me: “On his own terms.”
    Person: “What does he say?”
    Me: “Well, he sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat and–”
    Person: *starts singing*
    Rowan: *joins in*
    Person: *biggest smile ever*
  • Person: “Can it talk?”
    Me: “Only when he wants to.”
    Person: “Make it talk!”
  • Person: “Aw, what’s his name?”
    Me: “Rowan.”
    Person: “Hello, Roland.”
    Me: “No, Rowan.”
    Person: “Oops, sorry Roman.”
    Me: “…close enough.”