biggest nightmare


Crippling insecurities and carelessness get the better of us all, even Kings

as much as neil loves his boys, sharing a bed with them is a nightmare


  • steals the covers 
  • hides knives in the pillows without telling them
  • is an incredibly light sleeper and never stays still, which wakes neil up because he’s also a light sleeper
  • insists on letting the cats share with them (even though they scratch at the bedroom door at ungodly hours)


  • sleep talks 
  • sprawls his stupidly long limbs and takes up half the bed
  • refuses to apologize because neil and andrew ‘don’t need much space anyway’ 
  • is 10 000 fucking degrees but insists on sleeping with the air conditioner on so neil is both freezing and overheating at the same time

they are The Worst but he loves them so much and it’s infinitely better than being all alone in the world and sleeping on wooden benches with hardly any shelter. so he he lets out a frustrated sigh before trying once again to get comfortable enough to fall asleep 


#an eye for an eye#they faced their biggest nightmares  in the alien world and survived

My Ultimate 40 Question Character Sheet

Disclaimer: I made this up by looking over a few different sheets and taking the questions I felt I most needed to answer. I decided to share because it really helped me out. This in no way came from my own brain.

  1. Describe your character in a few words.
  2. What do you know about your character that they don’t know yet?
  3. What are your character’s major flaws?
  4. What would your character give their life for?
  5. What is your character’s greatest asset?
  6. What would completely break your character?
  7. How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
  8. What is your character afraid of?
  9. Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?
  10. If your character could choose a different identity, who would they pick?
  11. In what or whom is your character’s greatest faith in?
  12. What was the best thing in your character’s life?
  13. What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
  14. What is your character’s biggest nightmare?
  15. What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
  16. What is your character’s secret wish?
  17. What is your character’s greatest achievement?
  18. What is your character’s deepest regret?
  19. What is your character’s deepest disappointment?
  20. What is your character reluctant to tell people?
  21. What is your character hiding from themselves?
  22. What makes this character angry? What calms them?
  23. List situations in which your character would not have control over themselves.
  24. How strong is your character’s emotions? Controllable? Uncontrollable?
  25. What wakes your character up in the middle of the night?
  26. Describe a recurring dream and/or nightmare.
  27. Describe your character’s family.
  28. Name your character’s favourite person and why.
  29. How many friends does your character have?
  30. How many friends does your character want?
  31. How would a friend or close relative describe your character?
  32. Who depends on your character? Why?
  33. Who does your character most want to please? Why?
  34. How does your character feel about sex?
  35. How does your character feel about romantic relationships?
  36. If your character had to live in utter seclusion, what six items would they bring?
  37. What is your character’s most noticeable trait and most noticeable physical feature?
  38. How does your character feel about work?
  39. Write one headcanon.
  40. Write one additional thing about your character.

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this fandom is about unity and taking desperate to a new level. i will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t take me down with them as the fandom plunges headfirst into trailerpocalypse.

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The Let’s-Kick-Rip-Hunters-Ass-for-Sara-Squad

half lover, half demon aka your biggest nightmare - Ra’s al Ghul - Nyssa Raatko 

half villain, half sister aka no mercy - Black Siren - Laurel Lance, Earth 2 

half alien, half hero aka invincible - Supergirl - Kara Danvers/Zor-El

It’s such a sad moment when you realize you’ve become everything you swore to yourself you would never be..When you look in the mirror, and all you see is that your biggest fears have come true after all, you have become her.
—  Me - (4am thoughts when I Should be sleeping)

Sherlock: Series 4 - My biggest nightmare AND anticipation

I truly don’t want any harm to come to Molly BUT it would make the stakes so much higher and it would be a perfect opportunity to explore and deepen their relationship. I dread it but at the same time I’d probably enjoy watching it. I’m a bad person. And I really can’t wait any longer for series 4! Is it January yet?

the full video to the GIF set is: here

You laid on the tanning chair, gazing up at the star filled night sky. The full moon shining down on you as you take a hit from the blunt that lays between your fingers. Stretching your arm out, you pass the blunt to G, who laid on the chair next to you. 

Neither of you had said a word since lighting the blunt. Both of you taking in the night sky, the autumn breeze, and the crickets chirping in the background. It wasn’t often that Gerald got down time, and when he did he was usually out partying. 

This was a whole new scene, a change. A good change. 

“I know all your dreams, goals, accomplishments you have in life,” you began keeping your gaze on the stars, “but what’s your biggest nightmare?” 

G stayed silent for a second, thinking about the question. You two weren’t per say a couple, but he had feelings for you, your feelings were mutual. You both lived the fast life, with your modeling career, and his rapping career there was never time for a relationship. 

“Losing everything. My job, my fans, music, you. My biggest nightmare is losing you.” 

You looked over at the tall, lanky man, your heart beat speeding up within a second. 


“All the years that I’ve been in this music career I felt alone. Every night after tour, I felt as if no one understood me, got who I was, what I wanted. It was not until I met you that I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt as if I could share and talk about it all without being judged. Because you understand, you get me. You get me and I’m afraid that no one else in the world will ever get me like you do, Y/N.”

“Gerald,” you didn’t know what to say. 

“I just- somewhere along the way, I got attached, I grew feelings, G fucking Eazy became a damn softie, for you. So yes, I think I’m in love, and yes my biggest fear is losing you.” 

Why Eurus killed Victor

(And why Sherlock’s biggest nightmare is that she will kill John)

Sherlock loves Victor.  Eures is Sherlock’s feelings.  She wants to play with him, she chases him, he rejects her.  She gets angry and puts Victor in a well.

The sufferance narrative here is spotty as hell.  She seems happy, and yet she’s angry enough do this?  But, she’s also a psychopath with no feelings?  The story doesn’t make sense because it’s all about Sherlock.  About the contradictions in his emotional self.

Imagine Sherlock and Eures are the same person.  Sherlock loves Victor but something else more love for Victor keeps chasing him.  He’s afraid of this, he runs from it instead of embracing it.  HIs feelings then turn, ‘monstrous’, and he buries his friend.  He buries his feelings and stops being him.  Suddenly they never saw him again.  

Not because he was dead but because Euros wanted to play with Sherlock (for him to embrace just how much he loved his friend) and Sherlock refused.  By refusing he shut down his own feelings, aka made Eures feel bad, and then his feelings because denial and avoidance. 

Basically Sherlock likes someone, they’re his best friend, then he starts getting more feelings for them and he runs away from them.  Then he unknowingly begins to distance themselves from the person until he loses them.

So, he’s always run from his feelings and has lost the people he loved and ended up alone.  This, he fears, may soon happen to him with John.  In fact, John said as much to him at the end of TFP.

anonymous asked:

idk if its what youre looking for but i have a book recommendation. book rec: The Outsiders. and if you cant buy it you can actually just google "the outsiders pdf" cause the book is now online for free

tbh i don’t know what i’m looking for so,,,, , i’m gonna check this out!

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Hey!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for that trigger guide to the X files!! I am the worlds biggest baby who gets nightmares from Harry Potter and that list really helped me get through the series with a little more ease! I was able to watch the entire series in exactly a month too!!! But you are a blessing and so is that list! Thank you for helping me safely discover my new favorite show!!!

Thank you!!! That makes me so happy. I have a ton of messages with additions to the list, but editing a long post on an iPad is impossible in this app, so I’ll update them once I’m home this weekend. I’m so glad people found use out of it!