biggest mistake of my life right here

one of my favorite things about Iida is that he is the serious rich kid with strong morals and such

but he’s not… stuck up about it?

like, yes. he was introduced to the audience as this really super serious person who seemed a little bit too uptight

but in reality….

he’s not like that at all? 

Uraraka wants to become a hero to get rich. that’s a perfectly logical reason to become a hero, because, to Iida, wanting to create a better financial situation for yourself is completely understandable and a reasonable reason to become a hero. (and that was before he found out it was for her parents)

he’s not all “How DARE you ruin the sanctity of heroism with your selfishness!” or some bullshit

nah, when Uraraka worries that her reasons aren’t as noble as his or Izuku’s, he’s just. “Why would we think less of you for wanting to make your life a little easier? That’s perfectly admirable.” and then he gets so incredibly supportive for Uraraka when he finds out it’s for her parents

yes, he’s super serious about respecting UA and class studies. and he’s a very passionate person overall. but sometimes, he just seems so… laid back? or very casual about certain things? like it just seems so obvious to him that thinking any other way just doesn’t occur to him

like in the above scene, where he just calmly says that becoming a hero to make your life more comfortable is admirable in it’s own way

or when Izuku manages to catch All Might’s attention? Iida smiles and says, “Well, it just makes sense, given their similar powers.” no jealousy to be found. just pure and simple logic and happiness for his friend.

it’s just that simple

or when Izuku is getting stressed about his internship and Miro and learning about All Might’s predicted fate, he simply just offers his support as a friend. he doesn’t try to pry into Izuku’s business, but he offers himself as someone who’ll listen if Izuku needs to talk at all.

he echos back the same words Izuku gave him when he was going through turmoil over his brother’s injuries, because he knows how important it is now to rely on your friends for support

and on a similar vein, when Tsuyu gets upset in regards to what she said to the class about going to rescue Bakugou, he tries to comfort her in his own way, by calling her by her preferred name of “Tsuyu” (her first name, only reserve for friends) instead of the more formal way of calling her by “Asui” (her last name) that he’s used to.

He does it in his own way of course, calling her “Tsuyu-chan-kun” because calling someone so casually by their first name with “-chan” is new to him, so he adds “-kun” at the end to make it a little more polite/formal, but he knows she prefers being called by her first name by the members of the class.

so he keeps calling her that. it’s not just a one-time deal, he continues to call her “Tsuyu-chan-kun,” even tho she’s not there to hear it, because he knows she prefers it and appreciates it. even if he grew up with very strict manners, he does this because he’s her friend and wants to respect her wishes

Iida is just… such a sweetheart. he just always focuses on logic of a situation and is so genuine and passionate in everything he does

it’s almost as if he’s incapable of thinking of others as having bad intentions?? the exceptions being, well, Villains, and when he thinks Izuku may be trying to sabotage Uraraka during their UA entrance exam. and that’s only because he started out with a bad impression of Izuku (as shown in the above image).

when Hatsume tricks him into becoming her advertising buddy during the exam, he has absolutely no inkling that she might be planning something. he just genuinely thinks that she’s being a fair sportsman in giving her opponent similar gear that she has to level the playing field.

ulterior motives don’t factor into his decision at all, he just believes in her passion until he’s proven wrong and the trick is revealed

it’s a little naive, but he just has so much trust in his fellow classmates??

and he just?? 

Iida feels so awful when Todoroki and Izuku come to save him, because this is his problem, his mess, his vendetta, and yet they’re the ones paying the price for his mistakes.

and he can’t even get angry at Stain here for telling him off, because he was right. Iida wasn’t acting like a real hero. he was acting in revenge. and it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life, and whenever he refers back to this moment, he always words it like “When I was a fool, when I lost my way, when I went rogue”

basically, anything short of just “When I was acting like a huge fucking idiot”

and even after it’s all over, he’s able to take a step back from his personal feelings and recognize that, while Stain was extremist and he hurt Tensei for inexcusable reasons, there were things about him that people would find admirable. 

and again, he recognizes that Stain wasn’t wrong about him. he was acting in selfishness, and not how a hero should.

and that’s why, when he sees Todoroki and Izuku making the same mistake he did, he just can’t stand it.

he can’t. 

that was the biggest mistake of his life and he can’t stand seeing his friends make the same mistake he did, seeing them go rogue, seeing them ignore the rules and laws and put their justice above all else. he can’t stand it. 

it reminds him too much of himself back then.

he can’t stand seeing the people he cares about making the same exact mistake he did, especially when they were the ones who helped him when he lost his way before. 

and at the same time, he can’t stand the idea of them becoming hurt because of it. they were hurt before because of what he did, and seeing Izuku so injured in the hospital, he projected the image of his brother onto Izuku. 

he can’t stand the idea of his friends becoming seriously injured to the point of no return because of their foolish decisions. he just can’t do it. 

he can’t stand the idea of seeing the people he cares about being hurt again. 

(what if their hero careers end before they even start because of this?)

Iida is just…. such a sweetheart. he cares so much. he doesn’t want them to be hurt because of dumb mistakes, because he’s been through that already. he knows the consequences. his arm is suffering from the injuries from it, still.

anyway, this has been an Iida appreciation post

please enjoy the rest of your day

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Jax x Reader based off the following request:

“Hi! Can you write one where you and Jax recently broke up and one day you see Jax taking Ima to his dorm. You go home, try to move on from him, but Jax finds out, gets jealous and tries to win you back? Thank you!”

Originally posted by geezerwench

“This is a bad idea, Chibs.” you warn, pulling at your black lace crop top, a pair of leather shorts showing off your shapely legs. Chibs takes a final drag from his cigarette, dropping it on the floor and putting it out with his boot.

“He misses you, lass, and I can tell you miss him.” You can’t deny his words, these past two weeks being the hardest ones of your life. “You look amazing, sweetheart. If he doesn’t take you home, I sure will.”

Smiling, you gently bump your shoulder with the Scot’s, thanking him silently. “Alright, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Thatta’ girl. Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Chibs throws his arm around your shoulders, leading you up the lot and into the clubhouse, party in full swing. You smile at the croweaters that catch your eye on the way in, them returning the smile and waving kindly at you.

While Chibs gets you and him a drink, you scan the room, not sure how to feel when you don’t spot your ex boyfriend. Tig grins when he sees you, pushing the lady off his lap and walking over to you, throwing his arms around you. “If it isn’t my favourite girl.”

“Hi, Tiggy. Sorry I haven’t been around, everything is a bit of a mess right now.” you explain, his eyes slightly glassy as he watches you, the smell of whisky lingering heavily on him. You’ve always gotten on well with the other MC members, the older ones and younger ones all treating you like family.

“Don’t sweat it, doll, just glad to see you.” He places a sloppy kiss on your cheek, before going back to his woman of the night, sadness covering you as you realise how much you miss this club. The atmosphere, the people, the family. You knew that if you didn’t get this shit sorted with Jax, you’d probably never have it again.

“Here ya are, love. Get that down ya.” You take the beer from Chibs, taking a few swigs, the cold liquid fizzy as it passes down your throat.

You’re listening to Chibs flirt with some croweater when your gaze is pulled to the other side of the room, Jax entering from the apartments. It’s always been the same with him, a magnetic pull that somehow tells you when he’s around. It’s surreal, but he must feel it too, his eyes instantly breathing you in, surprise evident on his face.

You just stare at him, not knowing how he’s going to react. Is he going to be pissed that you’re here? Glad that you’ve come back for him? Upset?

Your questions are quickly answered, Ima surfacing from the same place Jax did, her hands pulling at her shirt, that famous fucking smirk on her face.

Her arms slip around his waist, him being pulled out of his trance. She leans up, whispering into his ear, his eyes remaining on you the whole time. Your heart feels like it’s literally breaking, regret written all over your ex lovers face as you crumble in front of him. He doesn’t correct it though, letting Ima pull his face to hers, her lips claiming his in a messy fashion.

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” you whisper, slamming your half drunken beer on the bar and storming out, leaving a very confused Chibs by himself. He looks across the room as you leave, noticing the very reason for your upset. Shaking his head at his younger brother, he turns his back on him, letting him know just how he feels without even saying a word.

It’s been three months since that dreaded day. The day you lost the last shred of hope you had left for your broken relationship, for the broken man you left behind.

“You ready to go, babe?” Liam calls, his voice travelling up the stairs. You had to move on, you deserve to at least try to be happy, even if deep down you know you’re aiming for a unreachable goal.

“Two minutes!” you respond, throwing your phone and lipstick into your bag. You’d met Liam about two months ago, a sweet boy who asked for your number at your work place. You said yes, met up for lunch one day and hit it off, and you’d been dating ever since. Things were pretty serious between the two of you, but throwing yourself in the deep end seems like the quickest way to get rid of the outlaw biker who refuses leave your mind.

Leaving the bedroom, you jog down the stairs, meeting your boyfriend at the bottom. You were about to go to meet some of Liam’s friends, the four of you going on a double date to the new diner in town. If someone would’ve told you a few months back that you’d be going on double dates and spending time with a completely different set of people, you never would’ve believed it.

“I’m just gonna fill up before we go get Tyler and Abby.” Liam turns into the gas station, pulling up at an available pump and stepping out to fill up the car. “You okay to go pay?”

You nod, grabbing the bills from Liam’s hand and undoing your seat belt, heading inside the store. Once you’ve paid for the fuel, you turn around, slamming straight into a hard chest.

“Sorry, love-” You look up, smiling shyly at the man, shock on his face once he realises who you are. “Jesus, (Y/N). If this isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.”

“It’s nice to see you too, Chibby.” You reply, letting the Scots man wrap you up in his arms, the familiar feeling making your heart clench. You pull back, your common sense kicking in. “Wait, is he with you?”

Before he can reply, the bell above the shop door signaling that someone has just walked in. You hear his voice before you see his face, a thousand and one emotions running through you. “Tig just called, he’s just been to-”

Jax finally reaches the two of you, his voice dying in his throat as he sees who his brother is standing with. His mouth opens and shuts as he stares at you, completely caught off guard.

“Hey, Jax.” you say calmly, hoping that if you act like you’re unaffected, it’ll convince the two men in front of you, even if you can’t convince yourself. “It’s good to see you.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see you too.” He smiles at you, your knees just as weak as they were the day you first caught a glimpse of that smile, the smile that could bring you so much light, even on your darkest of days.

“You alright, (Y/N)?” You scold yourself for forgetting about your company, your boyfriend now making his way over to the three of you in concern. Once he reaches you, he stands by your side, slipping his arm around your waist, claiming his property like some kind of animal.

“Yeah, I’m good.” you respond, part of you wanting to rip Liam’s arm from around you, the expression on Jax’s face one of defeat, heartbreak. The same look you wore just months ago. “Pass my love on to everyone. See you around.”

You leave too quickly to receive a response, your partner trailing behind you, your mental state not feeling up to answering the pile of questions you’re bound to be asked once you get in the car.

You look back at the lost biker in the store, his eyes locked on yours as he watches you walk away from him, again. Only this time, he knows he has to bring you back to him, no matter what it takes.

You sigh in content as you sink into the bubbles, music playing lowly in the background as you take a well earned bath.

Today has been a long day, or at least it feels like it has. After bumping into pieces of your past life, the life you were trying to move on from, you had to deal with a relentless Liam, who wanted to know what your connection was to the murderous bikers in town. This then led to the two of you having a full blown argument. You’d jumped out of the car about thirty minutes out of town and refused to get back in, walking all the way back home.

You massage your temples as you soak, silently begging for your head to stop pounding, the pain making you feel physically sick. All you wanted was five minutes of peace from your overactive brain.

You feel like screaming when you hear the door knock loudly from downstairs, closing your eyes and deciding to ignore whatever company had decided to bother you.

After about fifteen seconds, you hear another series of knocks, more urgent this time. Cursing under your breath, you pull yourself out of the soapy water, quickly wrapping a towel around your body and heading downstairs, ready to release your wrath on whoever was behind the door.

Yanking it open, you see the last person you expect to be at your house. “Jax?”

He moves his sights up and down your body, you wishing you would’ve grabbed your dressing gown rather than a towel that barely reaches midthigh. Once he meets you eyes, you raise your eyebrows in question. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not.” he sighs, running his fingers through his undone locks. “Can I come in? Just give me five minutes. Please.”

Going against your better judgement, you hesitate, pulling the door open widely and letting him step inside. He smiles thankfully at you, a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, before he walks inside.

“What are you doing here, Jackson?” you ask stiffly, wanting the man in front of you to know that you’re not going to take any shit. You’re not the same woman you were three months ago, and he can’t just turn up at your place and expect everything to be okay.

“I miss you, (Y/N).” he confesses, your eyes going as big as saucers as you debate whether you even heard him right. “I made the biggest mistake of my life letting you go, and watching you walk away from me today-”

“Are you serious right now?” You watch as he swallow nervously, enjoying his discomfort. He looks down at the floor, sighing and shrugging his shoulders, like he knew that this was how you’d react.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with me walking away from you when you told me I wasn’t strong enough for this life.“ you spit, all your pent up anger slowly making its way to the surface. “Didn’t care the second time when you humiliated me in front of the club by fucking that whore!”

“Babe, please just let me-” He knows better than to try and make some bullshit excuse, his sentence stopping once he sees the rage on your face.

“It wasn’t me walking away that got to you yesterday,” you seethe, “it was the fact that I’ve moved on. Found somebody beyond the one and only Jax Teller.”

He stand silent, his eyes heavy with unshed tears as you unload the pain and suffering you’ve had to hold in. You shake your head at him in disbelief, chuckling humourlessly. “You let me go, Jax. You broke my heart, and that’s all on you.”

Silent years slip down your cheeks as you hold your towel close to your chest, the fluffy material moving between your fingers and acting as some sort of security blanket, stopping you from completely falling apart.

“I know I don’t deserve you, (Y/N). I know it, hell, everybody knows it.” he says timidly, breaking the tense silence. He sniffs as you look at the floor, your tears falling as you refuse to meet his gaze. “But you’re the only girl I’ve ever loved, the only girl I will ever love, and I hope that means something to you.”

Your bottom lip quivers as you try to hold in your sobs, the ache in his words chipping at your ice cold exterior, bit by bit. His white trainers step into your view, his figure so close you can smell his intoxicating scent. Just one whiff of him makes you want to forget everything and throw yourself in his arms. But that would be naive.

“I pushed you away, because I don’t want to see you end up like everybody else I love. Broken or dead.” He grabs your face in his large, rough hands, the image of him blurry as you try to blink away your tears, clear your view. “But without you, I see no end to this, (Y/N), no reason to carry on, to fight.”

His thumbs gently caress your skin, your body feeling more alive than it has in months. “I know it’s selfish, I’m a selfish man, but you’re the only thing that I’m certain about in this world.”

You feel like the air has been released back into your lungs when he locks his lips with yours, his hands fiercely cradling your face as you come alive under his touch. You’ve never felt something so passionate, so raw , in your life, his tongue slipping past your lips and exploring the place he hasn’t been allowed to go for months.

You’re both breathless as he pulls away, your heart begging you to join your lips back with his and never break apart. He presses his mouth against your forehead lovingly, one of your favourite things that he does, before he begrudgingly let’s you go, moving towards your front door.

“I’ll always love you, (Y/N). You know where to find me if you feel the same.”

A/N - Decided to end this on a bit of a cliff hanger/make up your own ending?! Thought it’d let you guys make your own interpretations individually :) hope you liked!! Xx

I'll Be There For You - One

Feyre has never had a life of her own. But when she runs out on her fiancée, she suddenly has to learn to live independently. But luckily, she has a group of friends to help her every step of the way.

(A multi-chapter fic based off the series Friends.)

This is a mistake.

The words are on my mind all day, much as I try to push them away. Mistake.

No. I loved Tamlin. We were going to be married, and that was great. More than great.

But why did those words sound like a lie?

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Lust & Hatred- (Ethan Dolan x Reader) Pt. 3 *SMUT*

*OMG It’s been literal weeksss since I’ve worked on this but it’s here!!! I hope you guys enjoy it!! I LOVE YOU GUYS* LET ME KNOW IF THIS WAS WORTH THE WAIT, IDK

Warnings: Cursing, smut, and it took me a while to update this so I might be a little rustyyyyy, and I’m total ass at smut so….sorrryyyyy

Part 1   Part 2

Previously on Lust & Hatred…

With Ethan being so cold towards me for so long now, and me being as petty as I was, it made it incredibly difficult to be in the same room as him and not have either of us spark an argument.

“Oh, god. I had to deal with being around her all day, and now she’s staying over? For fucks sake, can I get a break from her?,” Ethan scoffed.

“What the hell is your problem? In case you don’t remember, we actually used to be good friends. What the hell happened to you? I don’t-.”

I’m cut off by two plump lips against mine, our lips moving in sync together.

“Ethan, I’m dating your brother,” I whisper. “That’s exactly the problem,” Ethan said, finally looking up at me for the first time since he kissed me. 

“I’ll show you what I mean,” Ethan said, grabbing me by my wrist and pulling me towards his bedroom, with a tight grip.

If Ethan had such uncharted bitterness towards me, why’d he have a picture of me and him, right by his bed?

Then, I introduced you to Grayson,” he pauses. “That was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life.”

Everything that Ethan has ever said to me, everything that he’s ever said about me, everything that he’s ever done to me, correlates to what he’s saying right now. This whole time, Ethan was jealous that Grayson was dating me, and he wasn’t.

“Ethan, if I’m being honest with you, I’ve always-,”

“What the hell is going on in here?,” Grayson asks, looking between us both.

“You had your chance with Y/N, the only person that’s ‘ruining your chances’ is you, Ethan. Just-,” before Grayson gets the chance to finish his statement, he is cut off, with a punch from Ethan.

Now on Lust & Hatred…(what is this? a show? lmao)

He swings, left and right, not a single one of his punches missing Grayson’s frame. I spring my body off of Ethan’s bed, the thought of how improper this whole situation was, being significant. I shove myself in between the two, attempting to put this whole brawl to a hold, at least.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW IGNORANT YOU’RE BEING,” Ethan yelled, grabbing a hold of Grayson’s collar, shoving him against the wall. “Ignorant?! I can’t believe how delusional you’re being right now,” Grayson scoffed, trying his hardest within his ability to shake Ethan off of him. I couldn’t seem to fathom how this whole predicament commenced, just out of pure jealousy, and more importantly, me. If being out of both Ethan and Grayson’s lives, meant that whatever relationship they had left, could be restored, then that’s just what I had to do.

Sensing that my efforts to halt this sibling rivalry, was inevitably going nowhere, I felt myself being pushed over the edge. “WILL YOU TWO JUST CUT IT OUT?,” I ultimately shouted, recognizing that this fight was being dragged and carried, for far too long. Ethan dropped his hands from Grayson’s shirt collar, looking at the ground in obvious guilt. “Before I say something else that I might regret, I’m gonna go get some air,” Grayson announced, stretching his hand out toward mine, signalling for me to come along with him.

By unpopular decision, I concluded that I did have more to say to Ethan and that if anything was going to be resolved at all, all emotions and thoughts, had to be communicated. “I think I’m gonna sit here with Ethan, and make sure he don’t do anything reckless. But, I’ll see you later,” I told him, pushing my lips to the side to a split second, and shrugging my shoulders.

“So that’s it? You have one conversation with Ethan, whose been totally disgusting to you for the past few months, and then you just take his side like he’s your best friend?,” Grayson asked, baffled as to how I didn’t “side” with him even though it wasn’t the case. “It’s not like that, Grayson. It’s just- please, can we not do this right now?”

Grayson doesn’t even respond to my plead, but rather rolls his eyes and slams Ethan’s bedroom door shut leaving the both of us in an uncomfortable silence. Eventually, the front door is equally slammed shut, leaving the both of us in an uncomfortable silence, along with the silence of the rest of the apartment.

“You know, you didn’t finish what you were saying,” Ethan remembers, his voice cut through the long developed tension in the room. In complete and utter honesty, I was praying he’d forget I had said anything. The reason for me even almost admitting my true feelings, was just because I was in the heat of the moment, and anything that came to mind, sounded right.

Twiddling with my fingers, trying anything to distract of calm myself, I let out,“I was saying that, uh, I’ve always liked you too. But I never had the guts to tell you.” The floor must’ve became unbearably intriguing since I couldn’t bring myself to look any higher from there. Looking at the floor, I saw two feet stand before mine. I felt his hands make there way from my cheek to underneath my chin, lifting my head so that my eyes could meet his strong gaze. It didn’t take long for his eyes to drop down from my eyes down to my lips, before he asked, “Can I kiss you?” I thought about it. Trust me I did. Longer that I should’ve, considering I had a boyfriend. But no matter how much I feelings I had for Ethan, I couldn’t do that to Grayson. Even if I wanted to.


“Please.” And that’s all he said. As a little girl, my parents always taught me that “please” was the magic word. It was as if that word really did become magic because as soon as that magic word left his lips, Grayson left my mind. I smashed my lips against his, shamefully loving the feeling of his plump lips one moving with mine. I felt like a criminal taking something that wasn’t mine, something that I wasn’t allowed to take. But another part of me didn’t care.

I felt his hands move from my cheeks down to my waist, placing them underneath my shirt. His kisses got sloppier, but still found a way to be perfect. His tongue glided across my bottom lip, craving for entrance to mine. I knew this wasn’t right. I just knew it. But once you cross a line, there’s just no going back. And according to what Ethan and I were doing, that line was crossed, miles ago. I opened my mouth just a little, and immediately, he drives his tongue in between my lips and our tongues dance against each other, fighting for the lead spot. All I could think about was how wrong this was, but how right it felt.

Ethan pulls me away from my thoughts as he earns the dominance between the two of us. He slowly pushes me down on the mattress behind us, and climbs on top of me, this time abandoning my lips, but now, resorting to my neck. He leaves a trail of wet kisses from the back of my ear down to my partially exposed chest. Ethan lifts his head up, and wraps his fingers around the hem of my shirt, his eyes pierced into mine, burning the memory into my mind. Though it was only a short moment, it felt like an eternity, the way he eyes created an illusion as if he was looking into my soul.

Without a look or a word of uncertainty from me, he takes it as a sign to keep his action rolling, so he peels my shirt off of my upper half, leaving me in my deep red lace bra. He bites his lip, almost admiring how I looked underneath him, between his legs. He rips his shirt off of his body, exposing his toned, muscular stomach. I trail my fingers down from his chest to his stomach, using my nails to slightly scratch him. My eyes fall a little past his belly button and to my attention, I notice Ethan’s bulge through his sweatpants become more of a boner, making the heat in the middle of my legs flourish.

He shocks me when he unbuttons my ripped jeans, and pulls it down to my ankles, with my underwear joining it, in one swift move, that felt like if I had blinked, I would have missed the occurrence. I was desperate for a little more dominance, or total dominance, for that matter. It was just my character.

I planted the palm of my hand against his strong chest as I slowly pressed him towards the other end of the bed, lifting myself on top of him, until I was straddling his waist. I tuck half of my bottom lip in between my teeth, understanding why Ethan enjoyed watching me under him, as I found it equally as enjoyable, seeing him. I pepper wet kisses from up his neck, down to stomach, stopping once I reached above the waistband of his sweatpants.

I steadily pull his pants down, bringing to my attention that he didn’t have on any underwear. I look up at him through my eyelashes, as I arrive at an area that I maybe shouldn’t be seeing. Ethan kicks the material off of his ankles, letting me look up and get a good look at his length. I swipe my tongue up against his erect length, batting my eyelashes. Before he gets the wrong idea, I announce, “I’m gonna make this quick before Grayson comes back.” He slightly pouts but, silently complies, by wrapping his fingertips around my hips, pulling my body above his crotch.

I grind my hips against Ethan’s own, feeling his length rub against my sensitive nub. Ethan lets out a low growl, from feeling my arousal coat his erection. He rubs light circles on my thighs, forcing me to let out an involuntary moan. Ethan snakes his hands up to my sides, then to my back to unhook my bra, freeing my breasts from the prison that was a bra. Apparently Ethan’s hands weren’t done with their journey, as he grasps his length and slowly guides it into my heat, the both of us moaning simultaneously at the contact.

Ethan thrusts his hips up to meet my entrance, not giving me time to adjust to his size, inside my core. I moan out loud, grinding my hips to give myself even more euphoria. Ethan continues to thrust up into me, using two of his fingers to rub my clit. Our moans become consistent, the both of up finding a steady rhythm. He uses his other hand to knead my left boob, sitting up to suck and nibble on the right one. I choke out a loud moan, closing my eyes, to help myself to engulf my mind into a state of pure pleasure and complete bliss.

I bounce my hips on Ethan’s own that are still pounding into mine, driving me dangerously close to my edge. I squeeze my eyes even tighter as Ethan applies more pressure with his fingers against my clit, as he edges me on saying,“Cum for me, baby,” over and over, like a mantra in my mind. I’m moaning uncontrollably, as I grab onto Ethan’s shoulders, and feel the knot in my stomach slowly, yet strangely strongly come undone. I feel Ethan’s warm juices spill into me, making me writhe from sensitivity on top of him.

Ethan tugs on my arms, pulling me down to lay on top of him, both of breathing heavy. Of course, doing what I did was wrong, extremely wrong. Completely disgusting and not okay. But what made it worse, was that I didn’t think about Grayson, not once. Not even for a second. But laying on Ethan and hearing his heart beat, being totally quiet, in a state of calmness, a state I haven’t seen him in, in a long time, it made me almost not care.

It was becoming way past my visiting time, though I was planning on staying over for the night, but with everything that’s happened, it’d be too uncomfortable and awkward. I sit up off of Ethan’s lap, whispering to him,“ I’m gonna go home, okay? Let me know how things go with Grayson.” He looks down, and slowly nods his heads, probably just realizing the horrible things we’ve just done to his twin brother.

I stretch my shirt over my chest, not bothering to put my bra back on. I feel Ethan’s stare burning into my side, but I try my best to ignore it, trying not to further dig myself into this hole of deceit, if that was even possible. I grab my bag, and wave goodbye to Ethan who now has on his sweatpants, waiting for me to finish getting ready.

I open the door, and what I see, is not something that I wanted, or thought I would see at all. Grayson, sitting on the couch facing the bedroom, looking as disappointed and heart broken as ever, not even daring to make eye contact with me or Ethan. Before I could open my mouth to get even a word out, he cuts before me.

“Before you go home, you need to choose one of us right this second or we’re done. It’s either me or him. There’s no way in hell, that you’re getting both,” he says, still not looking at either of us. At a loss for words, I look back at Ethan. who refuses to look at me. I furrow my eyebrows, coming to some sort of a realization. “Wait, you knew he was here. That’s why you look so fucking guilty,” I said getting angrier with each word escaped my lips. “You knew he was here, DIDN’T YOU?!” He slowly nods his head, confirming my theory.

Cold shoulder (Ethan)

warning: slight cursing

summary:  You, your boyfriend and his brother all worked together also their sister and a couple of their friends as well, you and Ethan have been dating for 4 years now, and when things started to seem weird you learned a few things.

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Your boyfriend has been distant for a couple months but today was different than the other days and you knew exactly why. The nights you would leave work and he wouldn’t be home when you got there, the perfume that definitely wasn’t yours, Ethan was cheating and you really don’t know what to do. Do you ask him about it? Do you ignore it and just stay with him? Do you cheat on him? You were pulled from your thoughts by the sound of him talking “Good morning love, would you like some breakfast?” You shook your head “I’m gonna be late for work.” His eyebrows furrowed and stared intently at you “You dont have to be at work for another half hour.” You picked up your bag throwing it on your shoulder “Paperwork.” You walked out the door slamming it behind you. You didnt know what just happened but now he knows you’re upset or at least angry. You drove to work thinking of how you were going to end things with him and how you’re going to stop yourself from crying in front of him, you shook your head and got out of your now parked car, and into the building. You were greeted by a couple people until you met up with his brother, Grayson, you knew he’d question where Ethan was so you were ready to give him an answer. “Hey Y/N, where’s E?” You huffed and mumbled under your breath “Probably fucking some chick” Grayson’s head snapped your direction “What did you say?” You sat on your chair facing your computer “I said i have paperwork to do so I came in early.” He bent down behind you and turned your chair around “Y/N…” “Sorry I have to speak with Cameron” You picked up a file and walked past him and up to Cameron’s door knocking lightly, a few seconds later you earned a “come in” You took a deep breath and walked inside closing the door behind you, as soon as you shut the door you broke down “Uh I gotta call you back.” She hung up the phone and rushed to your side “Y/N, what’s going on?” “Ethan- He-” That was all you could choke out Cameron nodded “Y/N, I know.” Your head snapped towards your boyfriend’s sister who just so happened to be your boss you stood up quickly “You know?!” You basically screamed which caused the rest of your coworkers to look at her office in confusion. “How long?” Cameron gulped and rubbed the back of her neck “3 months.” Your eyes got wide as you stared at her “3 months!? And you didn’t have the decency to tell me? You were just going to let me sit around and look stupid for being with a cheater. Was this a joke for you two?” She shook her head and started to speak but you didn’t let her get a word out. “Save it. I don’t want to hear your excuses.” You swung open her office door storming out, sitting down at your desk. Grayson, Jack, and Aaron walked up to you “What was that about?” Aaron piped up, you looked up at them “What did you guys know too?” They all looked at you confused “Know what?” You scoffed shaking your head lightly. “That me and Ethan are having a dinner tonight and we want you guys to come over.” You smiled sweetly looking at them they all nodded and went their separate ways. Your eyes darted towards the elevator when it dinged, you got up walking over to Ethan you pulled him to the side “We’re having a dinner tonight and Grayson, Aaron, Cameron and Jack are coming over.” He was confused but you didn’t give him a chance to talk you just walked back to your desk waiting for the day to end. A few hours went by and it was time to go home, you told everyone you would see them later you had to go home and prepare for them. A couple minutes after getting done everyone was over you smiled at everyone that came. Cameron pulled you to the side whispering “Y/N I know what this dinner is about and I don’t think this is the way to go, you and Ethan should talk it out.” You smiled up at her “There’s nothing to talk about.” You walked over and stood beside Jack who noticed you were being a little weird “Y/N is everything okay?” You nodded and sat down across from Ethan. Which was weird you always sat beside him, Grayson noticed and spoke up “Okay, what is going on with you two?” He looked between you and Ethan, you followed his eyeline to see Ethan shrugging. “I don’t know if many of you know, but Ethan here asked me to marry him a couple weeks ago I never wore the ring around you guys because well I don’t know” You looked down at the ring rotating it you looked back up and into Ethan’s eyes, your eyes were cold and dark you smiled mischievously at him and stood up “I unfortunately said yes. Which is probably the second biggest mistake of my life right after dating Ethan to begin with. You’re probably wondering why I’m saying these things, right? Well, why don’t we ask Ethan those questions, he might not have any answers because he loves to act clueless. Well listen here genius I know what you’ve been doing behind my back and I just want to let you know I’m done with you.” “Y/N, just hear me out.” You laughed coldly and looked at him “Nothing could possibly fix what you did and for 3 months?” He sighed and looked down “Was it longer?” He nodded and kept his head down. You tried your best not to throw a fork at him “How long Ethan?” He sighed and looked up at you tears swelling in his eyes “A year.” “A fucking year?” He nodded sitting back down you bit your bottom lip, nodding your head. “I can’t believe you. I feel so stupid” You took your eyes away from him and looked at everyone’s reaction. You stopped at Cameron “Yeah, we can definitely talk this out right?” You pushed in your chair walking to your room packing all of your clothes when Ethan walked in “Where are you going?” You ignored him, letting the tears fall down your cheeks “Y/N answer me!” You looked up at him “Haven’t you done enough? The sad thing is, my own boss knew and she didn’t tell me. Did she even try to get you to stop?” He shook his head, you nodded zipping your  suitcase “I have sat around all day wondering why I wasn’t enough and what I did to deserve this. I blamed myself because I knew I wasn’t enough when really this is all your fault. Not me. You!” You picked up your suitcase walking out of the door. After that you kept your distance from Ethan but still did your job correctly, you even supported him with his new girlfriend no matter how much it hurt you.



Instant Connection - One

A/N: This is my first ever Dylan O’Brien fanfic. I think he’s so freaking adorable and I have the biggest crush on him right now, so this happened. It’s gonna be a fluffy, easy going, sweet story. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated. Thank you to my beta @thorne93, you rock.

Characters: Reader x Dylan. (Just throwing it out there that this is a work of fiction, and I mean no harm towards him or his beautiful girlfriend)

Warnings: Fluff. Smoking. Language.

Wordcount: 2969

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It was with trembling hands that you tried to get your lighter to work, but the small sparks erupting from it was no less than mocking you. You craved the calming effect the cigarette between your lips offered you, the fact that you couldn’t get the lighter to work was just fueling your irritation with this whole night. You tried it a few more times as the muffled music from the club behind you made your skin crawl and caused your anxiety to spike.

“Fuck,” you said loudly as you blindly threw the ineffective lighter into the darkness from the alley, not looking at where it went. You rested your elbow on one knee and placed your forehead in the palm of your hand, closing your eyes to stop the tears that were threatening, your other knee bouncing furiously up and down.

“Do you need a light?” a deep voice sounded somewhere to the right of you.

You didn’t look up at the unwanted invasion of your near mental breakdown. The cigarette you had so desperately tried to light rested between your fingers on the same hand that supported your head, all but taunting you. “How could you possibly think so?” you asked sarcastically, your voice filled with annoyance.

“My first clue was the lighter that came flying through the air and hit me in the shin, the second one was the unlit smoke in your hand,” the man said, pointing to your hand even though you couldn’t see him doing so since your eyes were glued to the ground. There was a hint of amusement in his voice as he spoke. “Here,” he said kindly, holding his lighter down in your line of vision.

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Lost Trust (Kris Wu)

((A/N: This is basically a repost since I deleted this on my last blog, for reasons stated in a previous post. Enjoy.))

*Y/N’s POV*

I made the biggest mistake of my life. I took something from someone and I can’t give it back. No matter how hard I try, I can never give it back. It’s been several months, since I began all of this. I stared at my watch, awaiting the inevitable. He doesn’t deserve this, none of them did. 

It was time, my “partners” arrived. As we all sat down at the table waiting for orders, I knew I wouldn’t do this kind of work anymore. “Y/N, are you in?” All if their gazes landed on me, “No, I’m done with this.” I took out all of the items they had given me throughout the years and tossed them onto the table. “I’m gonna help them, they deserve it more than you do.” I walked away from them.

“Y/N! They’re demons! You’ve seen what they’ve done!” My boss yelled at to me. “If they’re demons, then I’d rather be in Hell!” I slammed the door. Even if they don’t take me as a friend, I’ll pray they take me as a prisoner. Death would also be understandable. Let’s hope he got my letter.

*Yixing’s POV*

I waited at the center of the forest, since the message came to the house. I honestly have no idea who had sent it, they didn’t label it. “Good to see my letter got to you, Yixing.” I turned to a familiar face. I had raised my guard remembering all the pain she had caused. “I respect that you are cautious around me, I would be too.” She faced towards the sky with a sad smile.

“Y/N, what are you here for? And why did you ask me to come here in private?” I growled, her motivations for a long time were to expose my brothers and use us. “Look I know what I did, and I regret it every day. Not only because I hurt your family, I hurt a person I had fallen in love with.” She sighed and refused to meet my eyes. “They’re coming after all of you, and since it was my fault for getting you in this mess, I feel as if I should help you guys get to safety or at least fight them off.” She stepped closer to me. 

My anger clouded my judgment as I slammed her against a tree. “Then why ask for me?! You know how I am with you?!” I pressed my forearm against her throat, slowly cutting off the oxygen to her lungs. “Because. Believe it or not, I still love him.” I removed my arm, letting her fall to the floor gasping for air. “I still care about him. Even if he hates me enough to kill me, I’ll still be there helping. Even if you left me to die, I’ll still care about all of you.” She steadily got herself of the ground. “The moment I got that job, I didn’t care for anyone, I had no one. No friends. No family. No reason to live. Meeting all of you, gave me a reason to continue, I forgot everything that had happened up to that point.” I noticed tears forming in her eyes. “I shouldn’t have fallen in love! That was my mistake! But I don’t regret it.“ 

I glared at her, “so that’s the one good reason for me to believe you this time? Because you still have feelings for Kris Hyung?” She smiled at me, “it may not be the best reason, but it’s the only I have. Please Yixing, I’m not asking for forgiveness, I just want you to help all of them. Don’t mention me just go back and protect them.” She started running to the opposite direction from the house, “I’ll buy you time, just get everyone to safety.” She left my sight, despite my hatred for her, I still admire the fact she came all the way here just to warn us even though she’ll deal this the hate.

*Y/N’s POV*

I started running, until the point I realized I was being followed. I stopped and waited for a sound, only to be shot at. The bullet hit my shoulder and I fell to my knee from pain, “Fuck!” I pressed my hand against the wound, trying to stop the blood. “Damnit Y/N, this is what happens when you against us. We helped you and you chose monsters over humans.” My ex-boss began to monologue. “The only monster I see is you.” As I tried to stand up, he kicks me back down. He began pressing his foot down on my shoulder, drawing more pressure and creating more pain for me. I cried in excruciating pain, “sorry? Did that hurt?” He laughed. 

My vision started failing me from the blood loss, “you know, joining is my second biggest mistake of my life?” He raise an eyebrow. “Oh? Then what’s number one?” I gave a small chuckle, “that would be, not killing you myself.” Right on queue, someone grabbed him and threw him to the ground. I knew who that was and God I missed him so much, “Yixing! Jongdae! Take Y/N out of here! I’ll deal with this guy.” Jongdae helped stand me up, “Yifa-” he cut me off, “I’ll talk to you later.” With that Jongdae and Yixing took me home. It was going well until I passed from blood loss.

*Few Hours later*

I woke up, feeling like shit. I sat up, noticing a figure asleep against the wall. “Yifan?” I whispered trying to gain his attention. He moans and moves a bit, a smile appears on my face remembering all the days we spent together. “Thanks for saving me Yifan, I know you must hate me after all I’ve done to you and your brothers. I mean I would hate me after all that, but don’t worry I’ll be gone before you know it.” I went ahead and tried to get out of bed, the pain from the bullet had arisen. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, then again I wouldn’t do a lot of things if I were you.” My head jerked towards the voice, “Yifan?” He walked to me and pushed me softly back on to the bed. “Your stitches will open if you move a lot.” He didn’t meet my eyes. 

I watched him replace my bandages, since he wanted Jongdae to sleep after what’s happened. “There, all done.” He placed the extra band aids and other materials on the table beside the bed. “Thanks Yifan.” He sat back down and there was a very long awkward pause. 

“You were an absolute idiot, you know that?” His glares were like knives but in a way I still missed them. That cute scowl on his face when he got mad or irritated was the best thing I’ve seen in such a long time. “Yeah, I know.” I turned my gaze down to my hands with a smile. “Like who the hell goes out of their way to find a wolf pack, that they know hates them, just to save them?! How did you know we’d listen to you?! Or especially Yixing?! You know how he is with people who lie and betray him!” Hearing him yell, telling me all my faults and mistakes actually made my smile grow bigger. “Because I care."  I muttered. 

His rant continued, It didn’t bother me though, I wanted to fall asleep. I missed his voice for what had felt like forever. Sooner or later my eyelids felt heavy and I fell asleep.

*Kris’ POV*

I finished my very angry and justified rage. I awaited an answer, but none came. I turned to notice she had fallen asleep. "Are you kidding?!” I yelled quietly to myself, of course she fell asleep. “Do you realize how many problems you, a human, have caused me?” Gazing at her sleeping face. Damn it was she always this cute? I’m losing focus, I can’t get caught in that mess again. 

I left her room to let her sleep. I told Jongdae I changed her bandages and continued to the kitchen where Minseok was. “Oh? Kris, what are you doing in here?” I could tell he had a genuine curiosity, makes sense I don’t enter the kitchen at random. “I need to talk to you about Y/N.” He put down whatever he was doing and sat at the dining table with me. “So what’s up?” I explained to him how I’ve been feeling about her being here and what it’s been doing to me. He started laughing at me, “why are you laughing? I’m being serious here.” He calmed himself down, “Kris, it sounds like you still love her, and it’s obvious she still loves you.” What? Love her?! After all she’s done. “Okay Kris, then explain to me why you saved her? Or why she ran all the way here just to take a bullet? Or why you didn’t let her die and you stayed together in the same room? I’ve known you for a long time, Wu Yifan. You still love her." 

*hour later*

I went back into her room, seeing if she’s still asleep and she still was. "You are so annoying, you cause problems, get hurt, make me come all the way to save and yet make me fall in love with you all over again.” I sat at the edge of her bed, right beside her. “I hate how I still love you.” I placed my face in my hands with annoyance. “I hate how I still love you too.” My head turned to the sound of her voice so fast, only to meet with a smile. “We’re so stupid aren’t we? To think this could work again?” She moved her head to face away from me. “Yeah.” She chuckled, “I still remember the day you found out, how furious you were. The day you walked away from me, was the day I realized I lost you.” I saw a tear fall from her eyes, but her smile didn’t falter. 

“Y/N-” she turned to face me with tears in her eyes, “I know what you’re gonna say. We can’t be together, too much history and problems. But I still can’t help but to wonder we could-” I pressed my lips against to shut her up, as she kissed me back it became more and more heated. My hands moved to her waist and hers to grip my hair. We separated, gasping for air, I leaned my forehead on her. “I can’t handle leaving you again, it broke me the first time. I’m not losing for a second time.” I wiped her tears away, as she laid her head on my shoulder. I could stay like that for all of eternity and I can, because this time she’s mine and no one will take her from me.

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“I came here from Chicago because I felt like I needed to do something with my life. I was working BS jobs, driving thirty miles to work with a gas leak. It was hard, so I came here. I left my car, my room, my bed, my space. Came here to sleep on floors, couches, just to start my life over. Right now I’m staying with my cousin and the mother of his children. It’s not the best, but I am appreciative. 

I’m overwhelmed. It’s hard for me to find an apartment; I didn’t think it would be this hard. Especially for somebody like me. I’m single, I don’t have any kids. I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving, yet I know if I stay focused and keep working then I won’t regret it. I’m like a little microwave; I want everything right now. But obviously it’s not coming like that.

I feel like I’m stuck. But if I go back home then I’d have to leave the opportunity of jobs here, because we don’t have that luxury back at home. That’s my motivation. It’s making me want to continue to stay on track and do better. ‘Cause I’ve seen that life throws hella obstacles at you. And you gotta be a strong person just to make it through.

I cry almost every day. There have been times when I’ve cried at work. I don’t mean to get all emotional. I don’t like crying in front of people. I’m living out of my suitcase and bags. I hate it. That’s not where I’m from. But I go to work; work is my escape. 

If I was back at home it would be easier because I’d know where to go, where to look. The cost of living here is higher, so I have to make sure I got my money right. Got to make sure my credit is right. It’s a lot.

I don’t know if I want to go to school to be a nurse or to be what I’ve always wanted to be, a veterinarian. That’s been my dream since I was ten. So maybe that’s what I want to go to school for, but I’m not sure. I think I’m scared of the math and science, honestly. I don’t mind putting myself through a challenge, but I feel like that one’s going to be the real big deal.

Oh, and my birthday is August 8th and I’m a Leo. I think Leo’s rule.”


Heiress Reconciled - Dick Grayson x Reader

Jason    Tim    Dick / p. 2   Bruce   Damian /  p. 2 / p. 3

A/N: Alrighty all, this one is the last of Dick’s soulmate series! I feel like I’m leaving it at a good place and I can’t wait to start digging in on Tim’s again. I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with writing Dad!Dick during this series. I’m just a gooey puddle right now so never mind me. :) 

Dick Grayson x Reader: Imagine a soulmate AU in which your OTP gets a step-counter. For each step they take, the number on the counter goes down, marking the moment they meet their soulmate. (Prompt from @otp-imagination)

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I can do!” John called out from the living room. You were in the middle of cooking dinner in the kitchen so you look over your shoulder knowing that you probably wouldn’t approve of what you saw. John was on the floor performing a masterful handstand without Dick’s assistance, although he was keeping a watchful eye.

“Very impressive, John. Please be careful though, ok? We don’t need any trips to the hospital before dinner.” You prompted turning back to continue working on dinner.

“That’s nothing! Watch this mommy!” Thomas called. You turned to see Thomas go into a handstand like his brother but instead he held himself up by only a single hand. He had a pretty proud smirk on his face.

“I can do that too!” John cried.

“Cannot.” Thomas taunted sticking his tongue out to his brother.

“Can too!” John yelled. He went back down on the floor and put himself in the exact same form as Thomas. “See?”

“Well mine is better!” Thomas shot back.

“No it’s not!”

“Yes it is!”

“Dick! Intervene!” You cried out pinching the bridge of your nose. The last thing you needed right now was the boys bickering and giving you a headache. Dick hopped up from his watchpost on the couch and stood in between the two boys.

“Watch the real master at work, boys.” Dick grinned. He got on his elbows and reached his leg over the back of his head until it touched the floor in front of him. The boys stood in awe at your husband’s effortless flexibility.


“Show us how to do that, Daddy!”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” You sighed and rolled your eyes at your husband. It did seem to stop the twins from fighting though so you have to give him points for that. Instead of bickering, your living room became filled with the sounds of Dick imparting knowledge onto his young padawans. You shook your head and went back to cooking dinner.

Sometime later the doorbell rang unexpectedly. You made a move to wipe your hands in order to answer the door but Dick sprang up from the lesson, throwing both of the boys over his shoulders and taking them with him to the door.

“I got it Babe.” He insisted. You kissed his cheek as he passed by you.

“Look! I’m Superman!” John exclaimed spreading his arms out as he “flew” on Dick’s shoulders to the door. Thomas soon followed in suit and the boys burst into giggles when Dick took a winding path for them to the door to simulate their flight.

You’re husband’s the biggest, most lovable dork on the planet.

When Dick opened the door his face turned to stone. He gently set the boys back on the ground and kneeled down to their level placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

“Why don’t you guys go practice what I just taught you. I’ll be back in just a second.” He said with a reassuring smile that he only used when he was trying to hide when something was wrong. The boys scurried off at their father’s instructions.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a low demanding voice.

“I’ve come to see my daughter.” A familiar voice responded. Dick crossed his arms over his chest and scowled at the intruder.

“Like hell you are. Do you have any idea how much grief you’ve caused her?” Dick asked accusingly. You decided at this point that you should probably join Dick at the door.

“Dick, honey? Who’s at the door?” You asked setting the pot to a low heat setting, walking up behind Dick and wrapping your arms around him. You peek around him and suddenly grow stiff. “Leave. Now.” You command harshly.

“Sweetie, I just came to talk.” She tried to reason with you in a caring tone, as if nothing had happened, as if she had done no wrong.

“No, no, no. You don’t get to call me sweetie. Not anymore. Now I’m sure you can see yourself out.” You say closing the door on her. She catches it before it could close.

“Please [Y/N], I miss my daughter. I just want to talk. I’ve already missed so much.” She says looking down at a cutout picture of your family that had made its way into a tabloid. Her eyes gaze sadly past you to where your boys were playing. You stepped in front of her and blocked her prying gaze with your body.

“It’s too late for that Mother.” You shook your head. Dick reached down and took your hand supportively.

“I’m sorry to hear that [Y/N]. Please take this in case you change your mind.” she says holding out a slip of paper to you. After a few moments of hesitation you take it and immediately shove it haphazardly into your pocket, figuring she wouldn’t leave until you took it.

“Please leave.” You say sternly, gesturing away from your home.

“I’m sorry [Y/N].” She says remorsefully before leaving. You closed the door and immediately let out a frustrated sigh. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back to rest against Dick’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you and placed a comforting kiss on your forehead.

“Who was that Mommy?” Thomas asks curiously appearing at you and Dick’s side.

“No one baby.” You respond brushing his dark hair away from his eyes.

Later that night you and Dick are getting ready for bed when you reach into your pocket remembering the paper you shoved in there. You hesitated, seriously considering throwing it straight in the trash but curiosity got the better of you and You open it out to see a the name of a park that your mother used to take you as a little girl as well as a time and date.

“What is it?” Dick asked wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

“She wants me to meet her.” You respond, holding the piece of paper limply in between your fingers.

“Are you?” Dick asks with a frown, taking the paper and examining its contents for himself.

“After all she’s said and done, Dick? No.” You say taking the paper back from him, crumpling it up and throwing it in the trashcan.

“Maybe she regrets what she did, [Y/N]. This is the first time that anybody from your family has bothered to reach out to you since we met. It might be worth at least going and talking to her.” He said in a reasonable tone.

“You’re taking her side?”  You ask incredulously, separating yourself from Dick’s arms.

“I’m not taking her side! I just don’t want you to ever regret not ever trying to mend things with her. At least if you go now, you know without a doubt that you at least tried to mend things.” He defended, crossing his arms over his chest.

“But I did try, Dick! I reached out to them after the boys were born and do you remember what they did? The things they said?” You asked your voice raising. “They can’t just show up after all these years and expect for us to act like everything’s hunky-fucking-dory!” You exclaimed. Dick sat you down on the bed and framed his hands on your shoulders.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to [Y/N].” He insisted, staring into your eyes. “But in my honest opinion I think something must have changed in at least your mother for her to track us down like she did.” He said softly. You think about his words for a few moments before sighing.

“Why must you always be the voice of reason?” You ask with shake of your head. He gave you a small smile and shrugged. “You know I love you right?” You smile cupping his cheek with your palm and leaning in to rest your forehead against his.

A few days pass and it comes time to meet your mother in the park. You briefly consider not going but Dick’s words rang in your mind. As much as you hated to admit it, he could be right. Eventually there would come a time where you would wonder if you could have done something more to fix your relationship with your parents. No matter the outcome today you were satisfied with the thought that you at least tried. When you got to the location you found your mother sitting on a park bench overlooking the pond. You silently sat down beside her, not wanting to be the one to say the first word.

“You used to love this place when you were little. You loved to roll down that hill just over there,” She pointed to the hill across the pond where some children were doing just as she described. “Everytime we came here you’d always come home with dirt and grass stains all over your expensive dresses. The servants had the hardest time getting those damn stains out.” She laughed sadly. You didn’t say anything.

“Why am I here, mother?” You asked.

“Right, you didn’t come here to listen to an old woman reminisce.” She said sadly gazing out to the water in front of you.  “I’m sorry for so much [Y/N]. I’ve made many mistakes in my life and casting you out like I did is my biggest regret.” She admitted, her eyes downcast shamefully to her hands which sat in her lap.

“Then why did you?” You inquired.

“I - I was foolish and vain. We only wanted what was best for you [Y/N] and we never really stopped to think about what you wanted. And when you refused to play into your father and I’s desires we could only believe that you had been corrupted by outside forces and were no longer the daughter we once raised.” She shook her head sadly. “I was blind and stupid. So stupid.” You didn’t know how to respond to your mother’s confession so you just sat there watching a mother duck and her ducklings swim around in the lake below. After some time your mother spoke again.

“Your sons are beautiful [Y/N]. What are their names?” She asked finally looking at you. She looked drawn and haggard. Nothing at all like the cool, perfectly composed mother that you grew up with. Maybe Dick was right. Maybe something had changed in her.

“John and Thomas.” You answer honestly. She nodded with a smile, carefully considering the first piece to your life that you offered to share with her.

“I’m glad that you have found happiness with your soulmate, [Y/N]. After all that we’ve put you through, you deserve it.” She said sincerely with unshed tears shining in her eyes. She moved her hand to rest on top of yours but you pulled away at the touch. She looked disappointed but moved her hand back to fold back onto her lap. Another tense silence fell between you two.

“How exactly does father feel about you being here with me. From what I recall he went on public record disown me and spew bile about the Wayne’s. Where does he fit in all of this?” You inquired. She flinched at your questions and cast her eyes down to her lap.

“You’re father left me, [Y/N]. He found some pretty little assistant that opened her legs for him and somehow convinced him to leave me. We’ve been unhappy for some years now but that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.” She admitted. Your eyes widened in shock. You knew that your parents weren’t soulmates but you had always expected that they would remain together forever.

“I’m sorry, Mother. I didn’t know.” You apologize.

“No one knows. Not yet anyway. It’s only a matter of time before the news hits the tabloids.” She shook her head sadly. “All my life has been wasted on that man. The only good thing that ever came out of our marriage was you and I even screwed that up.”

“Mother, whatever happened to your soul mate? I remember asking you once but -” You trailed off remembering how angry and red faced your father had gotten when he heard you asked. Mother simply patted your young head and told you that it didn’t matter now.

“Your father and I were already engaged when I met him. When I told your grandparents about him they locked me away in their mansion until the wedding day. Your father and I’s marriage was necessary to save my father’s company. The merger depended on it. My soulmate snuck into my room the night before the wedding and tried to convince me to run away with him. We didn’t get very far before my father’s guards caught us and dragged us back to the mansion. Father beat my soulmate to a bloody pulp and threw him out onto the street. I got married to your father the next morning.” She paused briefly wiping away the tears that stained her cheeks. “The next time I saw him, I was pregnant with you. I feared what might happen to him if your father or grandfather ever found out I had contact with him so I sent him away. I told him to leave and never come back for me and he did. Sometimes I wonder what life might have been like if I had run with him at that point. He would have been an excellent father to you and I would be happy than I ever was with your father.” She said sadly.

“You could still be happy Mother.” You said hesitantly.  “You should go find him.”

“He’s probably long since moved on, darling.” She shook her head sadly.

“I know that if I was in your shoes and that man was Dick, I would stop at nothing to be reunited. Even if he has moved on, at least you know you tried. You should reach out, mother. You might be surprised.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips as you echoed your husband’s advice to you.

“How did I raise such a smart young woman?” She asked caressing your cheek fondly. “Thank you for meeting with me today, [Y/N]. You’re a bigger woman than I think I ever could be.”

“You actually have Dick to thank. He’s the one who convinced me to come today. He told me I would regret not reaching out to you while I still could. I think he was right.” You admitted.

“You’re husband is a good man. I’m sorry that I was so blind and quick to judge him. I made history repeat itself when I should have stopped, realized what was happening, and stood by your side. I’ve been so stupid. I’ve missed so much.” She gazed at you fondly with tears streaming down her face.

“Mother, things are by far not perfect between us. But I think something could be salvaged from the ruins.” You offer. You stand up when you see the time on your watch. “I have to go pick up the boys from school, now. I’ll call you. Maybe we can get coffee sometime?”

“I would like that.” She said with a smile full of hope for the future.

Creepypasta #993: I Was An Astronaut, And I Experienced Something Terrifying

Length: Long

In our childhood years, many of us fantasize about being astronauts. There’s just something so compelling – so exciting, romantic – about the idea of taking a voyage into that great black beyond, conquering the stars and the unknowns of our humble little galaxy for the good of mankind.

And, of course, zapping a few little green men along the way.

However, few of us will ever fulfil these whimsical dreams. Being an astronaut – an emissary of the cosmos – takes more than just the ability to hold down your lunch after a turbulent take off. It’s incredibly hard work, all physics and chemistry and a good dose of good old fashioned military resilience.

Very few make the cut.

But, for this, you should be thankful.

You see, I was an astronaut, and I don’t think I’ll ever be right again. Every night the terrifying memories come back to flay me alive in my sleep. I wake up cold, drenched in my own sweat and tears, and lacking a breath in my lungs.

All because of that one night.

It started out perfectly normal, or as normal as it gets when squirting out a blob of toothpaste is harder than winning the Olympic relay. My companion, and fellow space farer, Robert, had gone to bed much earlier than me, complaining of an uneasy stomach following the consumption of another of our… less than savoury rations.

“Just make sure you don’t shit yourself, Bob,” I had playfully chided. “You know how much work that’d be to clean up.”

Being sick in low gravity is an unpleasant experience, as I can personally assure you, so my sympathies were with Robert. However, as the evening drew on, and I got sick of losing to the on-board chess A.I. over and over again, I grew painfully bored. 

One of my favourite past times involved slowly taking off my shoes, watching as the stringy laces were enveloped by the snare of zero gravity, and drifted upwards towards the ceiling of the cabin. Sure, it was childish, but don’t judge me for it if you haven’t tried it for yourself. Even the smallest things can amuse you in such a lonesome and otherworldly environment.

As I watched my rubber soles take off like a shuttle above my head, that was when I heard it. Faintly at first, but unmistakable in the complete silence of the cabin.


It was coming from one of the radios built-in to our helmets.

For a moment I just sat there, mesmerised. Likely, it was nothing. We were in space, surrounded by hundreds of satellites broadcasting multitudes of information. It was hardly out of the question that we were picking up a stray signal.

And yet, my gut told me it was something more.

I got up out of my seat, floating across the corridor until I reached the locker for our spacesuits. The static grew louder when I reached for my helmet, so I knew which one of our radios needed a tune-up. I picked up the helmet and reached inside for the radio.

And then stopped.


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Almost- Marc Bartra

There we stood, in the middle of the kitchen, breathless, completely still. I was backed up against the counter and Marc was standing in front of me, his hand raised, preparing to strike me, but frozen in midair. Through my wet blurry eyes, I could see his face shifting from the anger that he had just moments ago, to shock, horror, and embarrassment. He swallowed hard and released his hold on me, simultaneously dropping his hand. He stepped back with his mouth agape; I took this as my opportunity to leave. Slowly, I began to tip toe to the right, towards the stairs.

“Y/N,” he accidently shouted, startling me. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, regretting both the boldness of his voice and actions. “I-I-I don’t—“he stuttered and then trailed off as I continued backing away from, obvious fear on my face.  “Don’t be scared of me, please. I would never—“

“You almost did,” I screamed, my voice cracking. He started walking towards me, tears forming in his own eyes. “Please don’t,” I begged, backing away from him as much as physically possible. He stopped and could do nothing but stare at me as I ran up the stairs and locked myself in the bathroom. I sat in the empty clawfoot bathtub, bringing my knees to my chest and my hands to my mouth, trying to stifle the loud, violent sobs that uncontrollably shook my body. I sat there, incapable of doing nothing other than replaying tonight’s events in my head.

Marc and I had been fighting on and off for the past couple of weeks for one reason or another. Either he was never home or I was never home and when we collided, neither of us were in the best of moods. I had an awful day at work and came home to see the place a mess, and Marc late, again. By the time he came home, my mood had worsened, which put a damp on his fun night out.

“You always ruing things for me,” his voice echoed in my head. “You’re so controlling. Everything is always my fault. I’m a grown man, stop acting like my mother, you bitch.”

“Then stop acting like a child,” I recalled shouting back at him while shoving him, which is what led to his almost retaliation.

Maybe it was my fault, I thought. I pushed him, like always. Maybe I was controlling. But that doesn’t give him the right to hit me, does it? I was so conflicted. He didn’t actually hit me, but he nearly did. Six inches and I would have a black eye. But I don’t. I thought about the anger I had seen in Marc these past few weeks. His eyes would darken and his eyebrows would scrunch. His jaw would be clenched and his nostrils would flare. The vein in his forehead would be profound and he would tuck his top lip into his mouth. I saw all that tonight, but the second his hand elevated and he realized what he was about to do, the tension fell from his face. His features softened, cheeks flushed, and his mouth gasped open. My sobs faded as I was overwhelmed with exhaustion. I fell into a tumultuous sleep in the cold bathtub.

When I woke up in the morning, I was no longer in the bathroom; I found myself laying under the thick white duvet of Marc and I’s bed. He must have unlocked the bathroom and put me here. I rolled over cautiously, not knowing where Marc was. The side of the bed next to me looked undisturbed, so he likely slept on the couch. I got out of bed slowly, walking gently across the wooden floor and then down the carpeted staircase. As I descended, I noticed that the once chaotic apartment, was now completely in order. I walked into the sparkling clean kitchen, and began making coffee, still unaware of where Marc was until I heard the downstairs bathroom door open.

I sat at the kitchen island, facing the entrance I knew he would come through. He walked much softer than normal and immediately made eye contact with me as stepped through the door.

“Hi,” he whispered. I just looked down, before getting up and pouring my coffee. I didn’t know what I was feeling so I didn’t really know what to say to him. “Are you…okay?” he whispered again, and this time I could tell he didn’t know what to say as well.

I ignored his question and asked my own. “How did you get into the bathroom to carry me to bed?”

“The key has always been in the desk drawer,” he said cautiously soft.

“If you had the key, why didn’t you just come upstairs right after I did last night?” I asked, more audaciously than I intended.

“I didn’t want to scare you,” he mumbled, embarrassed. I nodded and sipped from my mug.

“Do you want something to eat?” he offered, his voice barely above a whisper.

Again, I didn’t answer. “Why are you speaking so quietly?” I questioned.

“I- well- last night, I scared you when I raised my voice after…” he trailed off.

“After you almost hit me? Is that what you were going to say?” I knew I was pouring salt in his wound, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see what he would do.

“Yes,” he answered flatly, incapable of looking at me. I felt a sudden rush of courage as he leaned on the doorway, looking ashamed. I stood up and quickly made my way towards him, surprising him by my forward actions.

“So why didn’t you hit me, huh? Why couldn’t you do it?” I began pestering him, crazily. He just looked at me in confusion and didn’t answer, which only antagonized me. “Why didn’t you hit me?” I shouted, shoving him back. “Was I not even worth it? Why don’t you hit me now? Here, right now, go ahead. Hit me. Hit me. Hit me,” I hysterically cried out at him, continuing to strike his chest, while tears flew down my face. He still didn’t move. “Hit me,” I screamed finally, before near collapsing, only to be caught by him.

“No,” he said, as I sobbed once again into his chest. “Never, Never. I will never. Last night was the biggest mistake of my life. I’ll do anything to fix it. I’ll quit football, we can move away to wherever you want. I’m so sorry,” he whimpered, his own tears falling from his face to the top of my head.

I caught my breath before pulling away from him. “You need to understand,” I began, “that if you had hit me, I would not be sitting here with you right now. There are no second chances, none. I will not be that girl.” He only nodded emphatically, his cries stronger than mine.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life apologizing. But I love you. If there’s anything you should know, it’s that I love you more than I love myself. More than my lungs love oxygen. You are everything and I am so sorry,” he blurted out, his sobs finally overtaking him wholly. He crawled cautiously towards me and laid his head on my lap, just sobbing and apologizing.

“I love you too,” I whispered.


Loosely based on Justin Bieber’s single ‘Sorry’; here is part three to my two part text au “I’m still in love with my ex”. Enjoy, like and follow please!!!!

If you missed the text au, click below.

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I relied on you so much. Everything I did and all my future plans always had you. I based my life around you. You told me it was the biggest mistake I can make. Making you my everything. You said to me that I didn’t need anyone. No one but myself in order to be happy. That I could accomplish everything without you. At the time I buried those words deep inside. There came a time when you were no longer a part of my life. And yes I was miserable and I was hurt and I though it was the end. But the words you once told me slowly surfaced. You were right. I didn’t need you. I didn’t need anyone. I sit here now and look around me at everything I accomplished all on my own. I made it without you.
funny story

my brother is older than me, so when i was in elementary school, he was already in high school, and he would always be mean and stick his butt in my face and fart in my face whenever he needed to fart.

weirdly enough, as a naive eight year old who thought of my older brother as a mature respected adult, i began to think grown ups do this to each other regularly whenever they need to fart. somehow, i began to associate farting in people’s faces as a sign of maturity, like a rite of passage all adults must endure as they interact with one another.

well, one day, i was at my friend’s house and my friend’s dad came into the room and played twister with us. suddenly, as i was reaching for a color on the tarp, i felt an intense desire to rip a huge fart. overwhelmed with indecision of whether or not i should hold it in or let it out, i impulsively realized that here was a chance to prove myself as an adult, so i decided to lean back, stuff my butt right onto my friend’s dad’s face, and drop a huge smelly toot.

needless to say, it was the biggest mistake of my life. my friend was so shocked she burst into tears and her dad immediately called my mom to pick me up.

my mom made him a loaf of zucchini bread as a peace offering and i ended up having to write a three page apology letter to him and his family. i was never invited back to that friend’s house and am still terrified of farting in public to this day.

I died once,
but I came back here to love
myself the right way.
I hid a black hole underneath my tongue,
and let my name sit in it for so long,
I forgot how to say it.
My hands became paperweights,
and my fragile body turned into origami swans
with clipped wings.
I held myself down because
I was scared of where life could take me,
and I couldn’t breathe underneath
the weight of my own arms touching me.
I sharpened my veins and broke my own heart
without anyone’s help, and
I called myself an artist.
The biggest mistake I made
was waiting for someone to tell me I was worth saving.
I forgot about my own voice
until the day I needed it to call the girl
who used to live inside of me.
She taught my lungs to stop being beggars,
and my breaths to stop spelling sorry.
I have learned that my skin is laced with poetry,
and I want to spend the rest of my life
memorizing each line.
—  Y.Z, A love letter to myself

Jaebum Scenario


Tears were streaming down your face as you ran down the streets, trying hard to control yourself because you don’t want to gain attention from someone else.
Did he really do that? Did he really break up with you via text? ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY? This couldn’t be true! This should all be a bad nightmare and you wish you could wake up right now. But you were still there, almost running trough the streets, trying to hide your tears from all those curious glances.
You already knew that something was up because he started to act weird lately but you didn’t knew the reason. Unfortunately today was the day he told you the reason.
The first time you met him was a few months before his band had his debut. He was a trainee back then and he didn’t care if he’d become an Idol sooner or later. He always told you that his feeling wouldn’t change, no matter what.
But it seems like his mind changend and his pride became bigger. He wasn’t even able to break up with you face to face. He just send you a short text, telling you that he wouldn’t come to your date and that he thinks that its better for the both of you and his career to break up because he is an Idol and you are just a normal girl. You asked him why he changed his mind, whats the matter of all this and why all of the sudden? He told you that this wouldn’t work and that he fell for an actress he was working with in that new drama coming out.
This broke your heart in so many pieces that you knew that you’d never be able to quite fix it and that you’d have trust issues for the rest of your life.

When you arrived at home your view stopped at the mirror. Your reflection was horrible. Your eyes were swollen and red from all the tears you had been crying and your hair looks like a mess from all the running.
Now everything made sense. It was totally understandable for you now. As you looked at your reflection you knew why he broke up with you. If you would’ve been him, you would’ve done the same. He definetly deserves someone better than you. You were just a normal girl, there was nothing special and beside him you must look like a dumb dog. The truth hit you and you asked yourself why you haven’t realized it earlier, that would’ve saved you from a lot of trouble.

~Jaebum’s View~

“Dude, did you seriously break up with her just because she isn’t famous? Please tell me that this is a joke!” Jackson hit my chest, waiting for an answer.
I clenched my teeth, trying hard to hold back the anger that wanted to come up.
“None of your buisness Jackson!”-
He sighed. “Okay, okay. I hope you didn’t make a huge mistake” he said as he held up his hands as if he gave up our agrument.

I admit that our relationship was beautiful and that I really loved her, but time went by and everything changed. I’m an Idol and on a longer term it wouldn’t have worked. I needed someone to move on in order to grow. Not only in my personality but also to grow in my career and all that’s been involved. A few months ago we started filming a drama and there I met this actress. At first I didn’t care about her but as I got to know her I really started to like her. She was like me. She knew all the struggles that an Idol had and she understood all my feelings because she had experienced them herself. That was the first time since I became an Idol that I met someone who felt the same way as me. I realized that we were soulmates and that we were meant to be.
Thats why I had to break her heart, to save mine and live my life completely as an Idol.

~One year later~

I was sitting with my Members in the crowd, listening to the speaker on the stage. He was talking about a succesful rookie group that already won a few awards. Everybody was listening carefully, as did I. I never heard about this group but it’s impressive how famous they already were.
“So now, please welcome the Leader of the Girlband, Y/N!” the speaker said and the audience started to applaude.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my Ex girlfriend walking up the stairs trowards the stage. She looked absolutley stunning and if the speaker hadn’t said her name I would’ve never ever recognized her.
I felt someone shake my shoulder but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
“Isn’t this Y/N?” I heard Jackson say full of suprise. The others started to mumble and whisper but I was still too shocked.

“Thank you very much” her soft voice began to speak.
“It’s an honor to be here today and I want to thank everyone and especially our fans who supports us everyday!”
The last year I already realized a couple of times that it was a big mistake that I ended my relationship with Y/N and today was the proof.
After I ended filming the drama I wasn’t able to see the actress again and it seemed like she already had replaced me. That was when I started to miss Y/N and felt guilty for hurting her, but I also knew that I could never make it up to her. I treated her like shit and I was ashamed of myself. I wasn’t even able to apologize and I thought it would’ve been the best for her if I stayed away from her and her life so she could move on. But now when I see her standing there, looking totally stunning I’ve realized again that I messed up. I took a deep breath. Maybe I could apologize to her later, maybe I can work this out. If I don’t try I won’t know right? I decided at to least try it.

“And I also want to thank my beloved boyfriend, who helped me through this hard time. I wouldn’t be standing here if I wouldn’t have met you” she said. All my hopes fell down like nothing. I wasn’t even able to breathe normal. I felt Jacksons hands on my shoulder to encourage me. It was as if I travelled back in time and I could clearly imagine his voice saying “I hope you didn’t make a huge mistake”.
My heart clenched when I realized again that Jackson was right, I did the biggest mistake in my life and now it was too late.


Missing Adam

Ok, so I know I fell off the face of the map and stopped writing for a while. Sorry! This was just something I had in my brain for a while. Love you all!


Taylor was sitting on her bed, petting Olivia and feeling sorry for herself. It wasn’t something she allowed herself to feel very often, but every once in a while, when the Internet was particularity vicious and Adam was far away, she allowed herself to wallow.

She and Adam have been dating for almost six months now. One of her longest relationships. And while they have had disagreements, like every couple does, Taylor had a feelings that this relationship was going to last. It was dumb, but it was in the little things. In the way he said her name when she woke up in the morning. Or the way he would hold her hand , tugging it gently towards him to keep her focused on him. Or the way he kissed her when she was upset, like her feelings were valid, like he understood her. She missed him so much when he went away, but their distance creating an intensity every time they came back to each other. The way he touched her sometimes–she swore it was magic.

She checked her phone, knowing she wouldn’t see a response to her text. She knew he was in another country, that he was working and couldn’t check him phone. She knew that. But it still sucked. She sighed and kissed Olivia on the head. “Just you and me tonight, Dibbles.” Meredith had fallen asleep on the living room couch and anyway, she wasn’t the best company when Taylor was feeling down.

Taylor decided to call up one of her friends, but as she scrolled through her phone, she figured out that the only people in LA at the moment was Gigi and Selena, both of which were out tonight. She shook her head and decided to just bake instead. She headed down to the kitchen, and as she pulled out the baking pans her phone went off.

She quickly glanced at it and saw that it was a text from an unknown number. Taylor frowned–she did change her number pretty regularly, but she was usually pretty good about updating it with the correct numbers. Sliding the message open, she saw that it was from Harry. “Seriously?” She said to herself. “How often does that boy change his number?”

Harry was in town, all the boys were, and he wanted to know if she wanted to hang out. Taylor thought about it but thought it was a bad idea. “Not really in the mood for company, maybe another time?” she texted back, then put her phone down and went back to baking.

It’s not like they weren’t friends anymore, it was more like…what was it like? Taylor mused to herself as she sorted the flour and mixed in the butter. It was like–they were friends but not, because how can you be really close friends with someone who know too much about you? With someone who you told your secrets to, woke up next to, and then decided it was over, it couldn’t work. She shook her head. She and Harry had barely hung out alone since she started seeing Adam. She didn’t think he would like it too much.

And she placed the first batch of cookies in the oven, her buzzer went off. “Ms. Swift? You have a visitor,” Toby, her security guard called out over the intercom. Taylor ran over to the video screen, and of course, it was Harry. “Shit,” she breathed out, then pressed the intercom. “Let him in,” she told him, then went to her front door. Taylor thought it over–why was he here? She told him she wouldn’t be good for company tonight. Maybe he needed to talk or something. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and headed to the door.

Harry pulled up in his car, sleek and quiet, like always. As he got out of the car, he fixed his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. “Harry,” she called out, then stopped, not sure what to say. He came over and gave her a big hug, a genuine one. “It’s been too long, Swift,” he whispered in her ear as he held her close.

Taylor hugged him back, then let him go, afraid of what his hug would mean, afraid of giving the wrong impression. She pulled away and glanced to the ground. She shrugged. “It has. Although I’m afraid I might not be such great company tonight.”

Harry looked at her, concerned. She looked drawn and sad, her arms hugging herself tight. He knew it had been a while since they saw one another, but this mood didn’t seem to fit Taylor at all.

Taylor walked him back through the house, and as she pulled out the cookies from the oven, he petted Olivia affectionately as she rubbed her head into his hand, purring loudly. She was such a good cat. “So,” Harry said, breaking the silence as he walked over to the kitchen island, “are those break-up cookies or missing-him cookies?” She looked up, surprised. “What? You have a pattern,” Harry smiled easily, lifting himself up onto the island to sit and grabbed himself a cookie. He continued speaking with a mouthful of cookie. “Ohh-shit. These are hot. Anyway– when you’re upset, you bake cookies. Something about the measuring and forming I think. It’s soothing or something.”

Taylor stared at him curiously. “I didn’t know you paid much attention to my baking habits, Harry,” she said eventually, as she started taking them off the tray and placing them onto plates.

Taylor was distracted, putting the next batch in and cleaning up some spilled four off the counter. She smiled as she saw Olivia hop up on the island next to Harry, rubbing her jaw against his leg and mowing loudly. “Looks like someone needs some attention,” she smile, pointing to the cat. Harry laughed and petted her until Olivia was content, curled up on the counter next to him.

Harry didn’t say much, as Taylor continued to bake and clean. It was peaceful kind of, the two of them silently together, as if words weren’t necessary. Harry finished the cookie and leaned over to the sink to wash his hands. “You wanna talk about it?” He asked her eventually, hopping down from the island and leaning against the sink.

“I don’t know–isn’t this weird?” Taylor said awkwardly,wiping her hand on a towel and pushing her fringe behind her ears, “Me, talking to you about boy problems?” She turned to face him, and really looked at him for the first time.

He was taller, his hair was longer and more tangled. He had a wild look about him, a restless energy–but then, he always had. His shirt was half open, and he looked good, really good. If someone were to notice that kind of thing, which she was wasn’t. Obviously. He smirked when he caught her eyes, knowing she was checking him out.

Harry shrugged and tugged his ear sheepishly. “I don’t know–do you think it’s weird?” Taylor was about to answer yes, of course it was weird, but she stopped herself. Why not, she figured. They were friends. He might even be able to relate.

Taylor shrugged and headed into the living room, and Harry followed. They sat on the couch, cross legged, like kids. Taylor started talking, nervously. “I don’t know–it’s just the press has been pretty viscous this week, you know? And it’s giving me like, flashbacks of when you and I were dating, and it’s so hard for me that Adam is not here now. Like, I just need for him to tell me it’s going to be ok, and that it won’t affect us, unlike… She stopped suddenly, glancing up for a second, daring herself to look at Harry in the eye. His eyes were sad but understanding. "Unlike me?” He finished for her, grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I don’t mean it to be mean,” Taylor answered quickly, sitting up straighter, but Harry cut her off. “No, I know, I get it. Back then you had to go through a lot and I couldn’t tell you it was going to be ok, that it didn’t matter. I know I never stood up for you. I’m sorry about that, by the way.” He said softly, tracing her palm with his finger slowly. “Biggest mistake of my life.”

Taylor let go of his hand and smiled sadly, scrunching in her legs close to her body. “I just…wish he wasn’t halfway around the world right now. He’s my person. Right now, I just…need him.”

Harry watched as tears started to fall from the corner of her eyes. He glanced around and found a box of tissues. “Here love,” he said, handing her one. She smiled at him gratefully and took it. “I must look awful right now, a big old mess,” she sighed, wiping her face. “I think you look beautiful,” Harry said under his breath. She glanced up quickly–she heard him. She ignored his comment, giving him a look. “Am I being selfish though? I know how busy he is. I can’t get this worked up about the media. What do they know anyway, right?” She half laughed then sighed, unfolding her long legs and stretching.

Harry just looked at her, this beautiful, wonderful, woman who did so much good and tried so hard and got beaten up for it all the time. He just looked at her, and thought of every mistake he ever made, and how he had made her feel bad too. Taylor took his silence for agreement, and started to get up. Harry caught her arm as she stood. “You’re not being selfish love. That was a dark time for you–it had to have left some scars. And if he doesn’t get that, you deserve better. You deserve someone telling you it’s going to be ok. That you two will make it no matter what. You deserve something better than a guy like me.”

“Harry,” Taylor breathed out, sitting back down. “Oh Harry, listen. Don’t beat yourself up about the past. It was ages ago and we were both so young. She shrugged. "People make mistakes all the time, you forgive and forget.”

“But you never let it go?” Harry finished for her, smiling. Taylor laughed, a real laugh, then leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. “I let go of any anger I had for you ages ago,” she whispered in his ear, smiling. She stood up and offered her hand to him. Harry took it and she helped him up off the couch.

“Thanks for making me laugh,” she told him, giving him a quick hug. Harry started to say something, but Taylor’s phone went off. “Hold on, one sec,” she said, walking back into the kitchen. “Adam! Hey! How’s it going? Everything good down there?”

Taylor walked further away, and Harry couldn’t hear the rest, so he followed her her into the kitchen. “Oh honey, don’t worry about it–the press is just one thing. I can ignore it.” Taylor was silent for a bit and then, “well, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty upset about it earlier, since you’re so far away. I even baked your favorite cookies, just to make it seem like you were here.”

Harry couldn’t listen anymore, but he couldn’t walk away. She was happy, she had really moved on. She loved Adam, real love–he could tell. Taylor was silent again, then said, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear you say that. I’m just missing you like crazy right now.” Taylor was leaning against the island, her phone resting in between het shoulder and her ear. She sighed happily. “I love you too. Can’t wait until your home again.”

At that moment, Harry couldn’t be in the kitchen any longer. He crept back to the living room and sat on the couch, his heart racing, the room spinning. He felt like everything was in slow motion: it was really over, for real. He couldn’t put his thoughts in order, they were scrambled all over the place. He had thought maybe she was upset, maybe she needed a friend, a more than friend, to help her. He hadn’t realized until that moment that she truly didn’t need him anymore.

Taylor came back into the room, and her entire attitude has shifted. She was lighter, happy even. She seemed to be in a daze until she saw Harry sitting on the couch. “Harry! Thank you so much for coming over! I really appreciate it!” Harry couldn’t help but chuckle. That was the Taylor Swift he knew. And it was then, he realized: they were really over. Kaput. No more. Taylor had found a man that would love and cherish her, and be there for her in ways Harry didn’t even know about yet. He has come over to cheer her up, but all it took to make Taylor happy again was a five minute phone call from the one she loved.

Harry stood and gave Taylor a quick hug. She walked him to his car and hugged him one more time. It felt like the last time, it really did. He squeezed her tight and breathed her in, one last time, for memory, for nostalgia, for a life he wouldn’t live. He said goodbye to her and promised her they would hang out soon. He let her go and drove away, sleek and slowly, just like he came.

Heartbreak Farkle

Seven months ago I made this post about how I believed that the only reason the writers made Smackle x Farkle a thing was so they could eventually break them up and have a lesson on heartbreak. When I first made the post it was pure speculation, I just pointed out some thigs that I found odd. But now, with season 3 airing and specially after I watched Ski Lodge I can´t help but think I was damn right, but wait, there´s more. 

My biggest mistake was to let myself believe that in Girl Meets World things can be easy and simple. When they started filming season 3 and the live taping spoilers came out, I was like “Oh they are playing the ‘Smackle wants her love life to be more complicated’ card so when Riley and Farkle inevitably fall upon their feelings it won’t be that harsh on her” And i still think that’s why they are doing it in part, but I’m dumb and I failed to see the main thing here (wich is super sad): Farkle.

But before that. If you are watching season 3 you can tell how much Smackle likes to flirt with guys, specially Lucas. IMO, that’s kind of great. The writers refuse to let Isadora be a stereotype only. She is not just a know-it-all, robot-like, socially awkward girl, she is lovable, fun, witty, and flirty. Like all the other characters in GMW she is complex and multifaceted… she is been portraited as an actual human being!! And that’s great and we should talked about that more. But I’m rambling. The point here is Farkle. 

Farkle always let’s slide Smackle’s flirty attitude and I would do too if I thought he was confident enough and was sure about Smackle’s feelings for him, but here is the thing: he is not!! The more we see of season 3, the worst Farkle looks after Smackle’s comments  (and my heart is breaking). What I’m trying to say, is that the thing here is not Smackle’s flirtation or a get out without hurting Smackle card. The problem here is that from the first episode and until now, Farkle’s feelings have always been dismissed. And on the top of that, the rucaya triangle has been incredibly emotionally draining for Farkle too, if you have heard the GMSL2 spoilers you know that Farkle, like everybody else in the core four, he has complety regressed, he is his nothig self again. Of course that was going to happen, eve when they played it like he was just in the background inn the rucaya not-triagle, this is all directly tied to Farkle feeling like a nothing. It’s really sad.

If you already watch GM Ski Lodge, you should see the farsadora relationship crumbling even if at first glance they look like the strongest couple. The truth is they are also playing the dating a fantasy game. An feeling inadequate in his relationship and with his closest friends… I can’t even beging to imagine how hurt he is. Not to mention that he is trying real hard to end this so his don’t get hurt. 

I’m going to stop my rambling because I know I’m not making sense (I just got a lot of Farkle’s feelings all the time) in conclusion: The writers are playing the heartbreak Farkle card, but it is way beyond his relationship with Smackle ending. And I’m pretty sure this probably will come up at some point in the end of the season… and I’m not ready.

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Part 2: Calum leaves you after finding out you’re having a child together. Almost 4 years later, you two see each other again. 

For Part 1.

“What. The. Hell. Were. You. Thinking.” you say through gritted teeth to your best friend. 

T.J. is sitting comfortably in the den with your parents and family and friends. Calum and the boys are still at the bakery for all you know, picking up the desserts they’d been asked to bring.

“I’m sorry! I just… thought you’d want him here. I know you send him an invitation to see T.J. every year. This time he actually decided to come. What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that I didn’t know! I need to know these things. I need to prepare. Mostly mentally. Oh my God what am I going to tell everyone here? They all pretty much hate him.”

“That’s why I gave him a specific time to show up. Like, once everyone’s pretty much going to be gone, but T.J. will still be awake. It was supposed to be a surprise, like a miracle reunion, I don’t know. I’m sorry, [Y/N],”

You take a deep breath. “Okay. Fine. This is fine. I can handle this.”

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