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I'm certainly not glad that Bob Harper from Biggest Loser had a heart attack, and I hope he makes a full recovery. But I wish this could me some kind of moment like, oh, look, thin people have heart attacks, maybe stop harassing fat people.

When a thin person like Bob Harper has a heart attack, it’s blamed on genetics. When a fat person has a heart attack, it’s blamed on our size – or rather, the eating and activity habits that are wrongly assumed to cause our size

That is fat phobic health science in a nut shell.

I hope this change in his health status means he will no longer be able to earn money by abusing fat people.

Ok so I won greatest loser in my group as I lost another 2lbs this week,oops! I literally just pipped it to the winning slot however the person I beat was a young girl under 18 and she has done so incredibly well that I thought she deserved it more than me,seeing as I’m not meant to be loosing weight so I gave her my flowers and asked the group to give her a round of applause.
What a loser lol

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okay so the biggest loser has always made me uncomfy (profiting off of ppl wanting to lose weight is :////) but apparently the ppl on this show lose weight through extremely limited diets and NINE HOURS of exercise DAILY and just? holy shit? that's not healthy at all?? but it does show really well how stuck ppl are in the "skinny = healthy no matter what" mindset

honestly? It just sells. Think of all of the dieting products out there. It’s a HUGE market. Beauty in general is and I feel the “ideal figure” ties into beauty, so you can make a mean amount of money by catering to that idea that thin is an idea of beauty. I hope that makes sense?

but I get what you mean legistically, like it’s just bs. I’ve lost weight due to my gastroparesis and the fact I have to severly undereat and I am defintely not healthier lol.

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’m reposting because maintenance is a real important part of that first goal and that’s why the “diet” that everyone is trying to get you to buy right now - first of the year - is not going to work. Think long term. Think lifestyle. Do something active everyday and pay attention to portions, sodium, and nutrients in foods. You need nothing more than patience, discipline and your mind. No pills. No diets. With that theory you can notice changes in a few months, but not by the end of the day. Keep a diary (like I consider this - scroll to the bottom and see how I kept myself motivated through this). Together, we can do this thing.

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Happy 8 month anniversary to me!! I have lost 79 pounds since August 1, 2014. When I began 8 months ago, at 254 pounds I said my goal range was 175-150 pounds. I love myself, and am so proud of all of my hard work. Happy and grateful! Xoxo

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Could you provide some info about people who legitimately cannot lose weight? I'm sorry if you've answered this question before, but I can't find any studies/articles thus far about it. I'm trying to understand how/why "Calories in calories out" doesn't work for some people, and y'all seem to have a lot of into about that, but I've been having some difficulty finding legitimate sources about it. It's cool that y'all work so hard to inform people!

Well calories in calories out is kind of true, if you don’t examine it too closely. 

We aren’t breaking thermodynamics. 

But a big assumption in doing these calculations is that everyone has the same resting metabolic rate and that your habits won’t change it that much. 

This is specifically about the show “The Biggest Loser” which I loathe, but everything else I could find was behind a paywall. Beware that they felt the need to conclude the article with some casual fatphobia.

“The group as a whole on average burned 2,607 calories per day at rest before the competition, which dropped to about 2,000 calories per day at the end.Six years later, calorie burning had slowed further to 1,900 per day, as reported in the journal Obesity, May 2.”

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ETA: and you can see how if you restricted to lose weight again, your rmr would just drop even more.

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169 today! Last week I was 171, so I lost two pounds this week. I have lost a total of 85 pounds since August 1, 2014. I had spent 10 weeks in the 170’s. Progress not perfection. I am happy and grateful! Xoxo

6 Months Progress Not Perfection! Xoxo