biggest lie i

Let’s focus on Maya in GMHS

Cheerleaders flirtatiously say hi to Lucas

Maya’s reaction is……

To me it looks like she can’t believe these girls are really flirting with him. Like wait what? Did that just happen?

So the girls ask for his name and look at him flirtatiously again….And Maya does this. 

She looks sad. Disappointed? In realization? As if she’s thinking…yes of course other girls will like Lucas. It looks like she thinks she thinks she can’t compete with cheerleaders.

Then Lucas comes over completely unfazed by the cheerleaders flirting. Maya looks almost shocked to see/hear this. Surprised. Like did he really just choose us over cheerleaders? 

And aww that smile……..Totally. I can see how Maya had no feelings and was just turning into Riley. Makes sense. She never liked Lucas. She had no feelings towards him at all. Uh huh. Sure I understand.

I’m also not bitter or anything…. 

Believing he loved me when he never admitted it was the biggest lie I ever let my heart tell my mind. He wasn’t the one to shatter me, my own imagination was the one to blame.
—  Lauren Eloria
Under Appreciated TFB Lyrics

“I’m stabbing at the thoughts only to see what’s bleeding while I’m tripping acid and you’re tripping mushrooms.”- The Wrong Way

“You and your friends feel free and you’re way too cool for me and you do drugs now and all your problems run so deep”- Taking My Uzi to the Gym

“I keep asking questions I will never know the answers to”- The Winds

“It’s okay to give up ‘cause nobody here could care less”- So Sick We’re Dead

“We are so dishonest with ourselves”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Keep yourself distant and remote, unhappy and alone”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Times were pretty good before they started to unwind”- Silver Shinbone (Bucket Song)

“Believe me I’ve tried, and what I found
Was what we have is nowhere near as good as what we should have by now”- Not Yet

“I’m fine, I’m alright, but I will never let it go”- Somebody Else

“I have no idea what you’re going through so I won’t act like I do”- Somebody Else

“If I tell you all my secrets will you tell me all your lies?”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“He said no one’s going to listen until you mean every word you say”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“We keep saying we’re unhappy and they keep saying that we’re fine”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“Everything you’re feeling is common even though you’ve never felt so alone”- Rhode Island

“She says you gotta promise not to break no matter how far you are bent”- Rhode Island

“I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom”- Santa Monica

“If you need a little sunshine you can borrow some of mine. It’s okay if you’re unhappy, I would say before I leave her,
just take a look around there’s no one here that’s happy either”- Lonely Eyes

“If for some reason, you don’t feel like talking, I would just sit and enjoy your company”- Lonely Eyes

“Stop asking questions and learn to accept that the things that we have right now are the best things we’ve had yet”- Molly

“In this moment, I was pretty pleased with the person I was pretending to be”- Summer Shandy

“Well I’m staring at unfamiliar ceiling and I should leave ‘cause everybody here is tripping some new drug, except for me. WHY?! ‘Cause I don’t have the money”- More Than It Hurts You

“I am alone only half of the time, the other half I am only hiding”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“There’s a voice in the back of my head in the back of my head, says, ‘let 'em be just let them be happy.’”-Legit Tattoo Gun

“Whenever I’m alone or feeling lonely 
I pretend I can play the drums 
Inside my head”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“I need to stop playing out relationships
inside of my head because every one of my memories is filled with shit you never even said.”- If You’re Happy

“I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now”- Lipstick Covered Magnet

“And this is only a cry for help, you said watch me fade away.”- If You’re Happy

“Today we could do something we would’ve never done before”- Jim Bogart

“Hey, Sweetheart, where’d you get those eyes? You think that I could have a pair?”- Just as Big, Twice as Swollen

“I should hug my friends more than I do”- The Distance That I Fell

“All the kids I used to spend my time with but now can’t stand seem to be dying”- The Bells

“She’ll go to church and pray to god one day but is she getting into heaven? There is no fucking way”- Carry Me Down the Street

“The end of the world makes me nervous because I, for one, have not found god yet or someone to fall in love with, rob a bank, shoot a cop with”- The Cops

“Don’t ask questions, keep your head down, learn your lessons, 'cause no one with money ever goes to jail”- Current Events

“Only the strong survive and that is only the biggest lie”- Current Events

“I shaved my head last night to start anew in a chapter I call without you and it’s going to be the best I’ve ever written”- Current Events

“Sometimes you get sad when we’re together because you’re not sure if you’ll miss me when I’m gone”- Everything I Own

“I get these strange phone calls at night with no one on the other side”- Flying Model Rockets

“I’m always focusing on the wrong things and then the wrong things become everything, I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything”- HELP

“She is begging you not to cut your hair 'cause curly hair don’t look good cut short”- Hooped Earings

“She’s coming over because it’s better than being alone”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“Well I’m not going to sit here and deny what I think I felt”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“I’ll stop writing the book because the book, I realized, was boring”- I Wrote a Book

“I just want this to mean something to anybody even if they don’t know who I am”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“It’s a shame the bad habits are the hardest ones to break”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“I will stop cutting my pants into shorts, I will address the issues I cannot ignore, I will do the things that I think you might like, and I will be alone probably the rest of my life”- Swimming Pool

“I have been thinking about letting my hair grow, I have been thinking about cutting it short, I have been thinking about dying it yellow, but I don’t think I have the bone structure or wardrobe to support that type of look”- More Than It Hurts You

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Spooky, huh?”
  • “Its not a ghost.”
  • “Are ghosts real?”
  • “You look like an idiot!”
  • “I wasn’t fat-shaming Bigfoot!”
  • “Knock me down with a feather!”
  • “I just got startled by a disco ball…”
  • “How.. how do you go that wrong?”
  • “You wanna lie on the pentagram?”
  • “Oh my god, you have a death wish!”
  • “Hey there, demons, its me… ya boy.”
  • “That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.”
  • “I think I’m gonna buy you a punch in the face.”
  • “She doesn’t seem like a very intelligent ghost.”
  • “Yeah, I got the chills even just thinking about it.”
  • “How about I open the door and you walk in first?”
  • “Well, if its any consolation, you look like an idiot.”
  • “Like pretty much everywhere we go, its old and gross.”
  • “And the worst part is, I don’t even have my holy water!”
  • “Can I use the jacuzzi hot tub we’ve been blessed with?”
  • “I’m gonna serve you up a fresh truth pancake right now.”
  • “That’s concerning… that there’s that tiny margin of error.”
  • “If I see people taller than me, I get concerned about them.”
  • “I’m saying just ‘cause something’s old, doesn’t mean its bad.”
  • “Do you always have to insult the ghost of the place we’re at?”
  • “You’re not gonna believe me if I tell you, so why even tell you?”
  • “And, as you can see, this is the place where nightmares are made.”
  • “I ask myself that a lot, too. I don’t understand why I do these things.”
  • “Oh, he’ll pick you up, alright. He’ll pick you up and crack you in two.”
  • “I never said I wanted to murder you! This is a hypothetical situation!” 
  • “He said that, but I agree with it. He meant it more, though, so hit him!”
  • “If you slit my throat tonight, I’m gonna have a hard time forgiving you for that.”
  • “No, I can’t imagine that. I’d never want to imagine that. Are YOU imagining that?”
  • “Why don’t you punch me in the face, maybe smack me around a little? What are you, a wussy?”

screaminghyuk  asked:

hi mom your blog is my favourite on tumblr i love your writing so SO much!! if and when you have the time can you do the neighbour au for vixx? if it's too much then the maknae line will do (i've read all of your stuff multiple times over + you're the reason im into seventeen and got7 ily) thank you in advance!!

omg this is so sweet thank you so much!!
im glad you’ve come to love 17+got7!!!


  • sometimes he doesn’t leave his apartment for days. you can tell because his mailbox overflows but you can hear the music from his apartment for like a week straight,,,,,,,and then sometimes you’ll see him leaving his place at like 3 am dressed like he’s going to a Very Fancy club 
  • “it’s the life of a composer,,,,,,,i don’t sleep for like ever and when i finish i have to go and get drunk with the person who paid me to write the song”
  • his apartment is essentially his recording studio, all the instruments and his computer are in the living room and it’s so crowded he bumps into his piano everytime he tries to get to the kitchen
  • likes collecting those little lego figurines and they’re like everywhere. on his computer, above his microwave, probably in his bathroom near his shampoo
  • wears some,,,,,,,,interesting outfits that always become the talk of the block
  • likes to try and keep everything clean but at some point he’s so into work he doesn’t realize he’s spilled cola under his desk chair and the laundry hasn’t been done since hyuk got a solo i mean what now
  • you know ravi is a composer,,,,but you aren’t really sure what that entails
  • until your best friend hakyeon, who happens to be close to ravi is over at your place and is handing a list that is titled “how to keep ravi alive” and you’re like what
  • and hakyeon is like,,,,im going on a trip to europe for a month and usually i check in on ravi when he writes but i won’t be here and everyone is busy and i need to make sure he at least eats something,,,,but i can’t so please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do this for me
  • and you wanted to refuse at first because you don’t even know ravi
  • but hakyeon is a sweet person and he promises he’ll come back with something nice from europe for you so you decide fine, how hard can it be to just check up on a person
  • TURNS OUT when it’s ravi it is kind of hard
  • because the first day you literally come into his home and try to introduce yourself 4 times before you realize he’s so sucked into his computer he can’t even hear you
  • you check his fridge and there’s just,,,,,some old wine and like???? take out that smells Suspicious
  • and you throw it out and come out of the kitchen to tell ravi he needs to eat but then he looks up at you and screams because hOw DID you gET in here,,,,,and you’re like IVE BEEN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR and ravi is like?????? i never noticed
  • but he apologizes as soon as you explain what hakyeon told you and he’s like embarrassingly rubbing his neck like,,,,oh don’t listen to hyung im fine on my own
  • but you think about his refrigerator and how sunken-in his eyes look from probably not having sleep and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no i think hakyeon was right you need someones help
  • so you grocery shop and you buy coffee, red bull, energy supplements - whatever he needs to stay up
  • and hakyeon is only gone for a month but in that month you get to know ravi better than most people
  • how he works tirelessly, day and night, on 5 seconds of a song. how he gets angry with himself for not being able to write a melody. how he refuses to sleep until he’s met his goal
  • and the perseverance and creativity in him really shocks you because wow,,,,you’ve been living next to such a hard-working and talented person and you never even knew it
  • but also ravi you’ve worn those basketball shorts 4 days in a row take them off please
  • at one point you asked if ravi had brushed his teeth and he said something you couldn’t even understand so you went to the bathroom, came back with his brush and a cup of water and were like “open up”
  • and ravi was like ????? and you were like “ill brush your teeth while you work”
  • and it was,,,,,,,,,,oddly very intimate
  • and ravi may or may not have suffered like (3) mini heart-attacks
  • but when hakyeon comes back and ravi is done with his song you revert back to being,,,,,,just neighbors
  • until ravi needs to shut himself in for work again and you get a call from hakyeon where he’s like “you need to know something, ive been trying to make sure ravi is ok this past week but he keeps calling me by your name and when i tell him hello - im hakyeon he lets out a deep sigh and long story short i think ravi grew an attachment to you”
  • and you’re like??????? me????? but also,,,,,,,,you can’t help but smile a little
  • and you go next door and let yourself in and you’re like “ravi?” and you see he’s asleep with his head on his desk and you go over to get a blanket to cover him with but when you do, tucking it around his shoulders
  • you hear him murmur something low and you lean in closer and hear him say thank you along with your name
  • and when you come back to check on him again in a couple hours he’s awake and seeing you, it makes him actually stand up from his computer (something he does not do often when he works)
  • and he’s glowing, his sharp features all turning soft as he sees you
  • and you’re like “hakyeon told me you missed me” and ravi is like “AH,,,,well,,,,,,,kind of,,,,,i just,,,hakyeon nags at me and you were nice to me-”
  • and you get this smug look on your face and ravi is faltering under it and you’re like “here i brought some fruits over for you to snack on, but also -”
  • and you press a paper slip into his palm and ravi’s eyes widen and you’re like “it’s my number, so you can call me instead of hakyeon”
  • and you don’t see it as you go into the kitchen with the fruit but ravi literally gathers what little energy he has to do a little happy shimmy dance
  • and he tapes your number to the side of his computer screen and whenever he looks at it he gets this goofy grin on his face,,,,,,,,,because hehe,,,,,,,i have my crush’s number,,,,,


  • only person in vixx who makes his bed in the morning 
  • lives a pretty simple and clean life, likes consistency and has one of those big calendars on his wall where he writes down all his future plans and probably even has like a workout schedule
  • park hyo shin album shrine in his bedroom complete with framed autograph
  • the type to have like candles ,,,,,,, that are in the shapes of like flowers it’s cute
  • bunnies have always reminded me of hongbin so maybe if he lived apart from vixx he’d have one that he jokingly names like wonshik but no no it’s real name is something cute like whatever the korean is for like carrot soup or something LOL
  • idk why but he likes pastel polka dots imagine him with pastel polka dot bed sheets he’s such a cute person
  • people are always surprised that he doesn’t have like,,,,,one billion mirrors in his house because like how can one Not look at a face like that
  • but in reality those kind of things make hongbin really shy,,,,,,like he’s just like,,,,im not handsome and everyone in the building is like IF that isn’t the biggest lie i have Ever heard with my own two ears
  • everyone in the neighborhood has a crush on him. it’s unavoidable. it’s hongbin fever
  • you’ve lived next door to him for a longtime so you guys are pretty familiar with each other,,,,,but the problem is everytime he meets one of your friends. they fall for him
  • and end up begging to come over just for a glimpse of him and then when they try to ask him out
  • hongbin awkwardly like ,,,,makes up an excuse as to why he can’t date them and they get sad and you’ve seen this happen five times and you’re just like ?????????? what is his type ????? what is he looking for???
  • but you’re not gonna ask him that because well like That’s Rude 
  • but one night you actually end up over at his place because your tv broke,,,,and the premire of your favorite drama is on and hongbin was kind enough to let you in to watch it
  • and during a long commercial break you look down to see hongbin sitting at the table, writing down something and you decide that hey you’ll never have another chance to be alone like this with him
  • so you lower the volume a bit and you’re like “can i ask you something?”
  • and he nods without looking up and you’re like,,,,,, “ive lived across from you for like four years and ive never seen you,,,,,,,with someone,,,,that wasn’t from your friend group and this is probably super invasive but - are you seeing someone?”
  • and hongbin’s eyes go wide and he like looks up in silence
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,is it like an arranged marriage thing????? am i asking too much this is rude im sor-”
  • and hongbin shakes his head and is like “no,,,,,i just,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like ?????? and he kind of sadly laughs
  • and is like “,,,,,the person i like hasn’t come to a realization yet.”
  • and you’re shocked because hongbin. prince of your neighborhood. actual living art is harboring a one-sided love????
  • and you can’t help yourself you’re like “who is that blind? i mean,,,,,,,,anyone who looks at you is enchanted”
  • and hongbin laughs because that’s what he does. compliments make him shy
  • but then you go back to watching your drama and you don’t notice hongbin has stopped writing and suddenly you hear in a very quiet voice: “were you,,,,,,enchanted by me?”
  • and you look down at him and you’re like “are you asking if i liked you?”
  • and hongbin swallows a lump in his throat but builds up the courage to nod his head and you’re like “of course,,,,,,but i knew it was a longshot i mean ,,,,,,,,do you know how popular you are? it’s like falling for an idol-”
  • but suddenly hongbin is up and he’s like “don’t say that.” and you’re like is he embarrassed??????whats going on??????
  • but he just takes a seat next to you and he’s like “it’s you,,,,you’re the one i wanted to confess to me.”
  • and you’re so shocked,,,,,,you literally drop the remote and hongbin is getting red the longer you stare at him wide-eyed
  • until you’re like looking over at the tv and the drama is a kissing scene and then you look back at hongbin and you’re red now too
  • and you’re both red and there’s kissing in the background but you know what there should be some kissing in this apartment too
  • because you both like each other so why not
  • but when you do kiss him you’re like wait. wait. is this real did i fever dream this-
  • and hongbin takes your hand and puts it on his face and he’s like “it’s real.”


  • big tall meme 
  • who can’t figure out how to cook a meal for himself but can reboot a computer and probably fix your tv in less than ten minutes
  • for the sake of this au,,,,hyuk is Nerd. as in his whole apartment is full of like action figures and comic books and video games and dirty socks and,,,,,half eaten bags of potato chips, opened cans of redbull
  • your usual college boy whose friends are all part of the e-sports club at school like c’mon
  • of course how could i forget, his movie collection of sci-fi alien flicks is the only thing that’s organized on his bookshelf
  • everyone in the building comes to him for help like the ladies need help with their broken microwaves and hairdryers while the dads don’t get why their son managed to break the new computer (hyuk looking at the sticky keyboard: uh,,,,)
  • and he does it for free for elders but the teenagers who go to him to learn how to game or upgrade their setups he’s like “my work isn’t cheap. 20 bucks an hour on nothing.”
  • hakyeon: stop pandering from teenagers
  • hyuk: ,,,,,,i have no idea what you are talking about *hiding his piggy bank which literally says ‘money from gamer nerdz’ jokes jokes
  • you know hyuk is handy with,,,,,electric stuff and whatnot so when your lights go out in the middle of the night even though you paid all your utilities like last week,,,,you know the man to go to
  • and when hyuk opens the door you’re like “whats up, my lights are out and im not sure if it’s a fuse box thing or -”
  • and hyuk is like “i got you let me come over”
  • but as you’re walking through the hall of your apartment you realize, you don’t have a flashlight and you’re like my phone is somewhere on my sofa,,,,,let me fell around
  • but you have literally zero light and it’s night out and you think you’re heading toward your sofa but you feel something soft standing in your way
  • and you’re like touching it and you’re like it’s soft,,,,but hard???
  • and warm????
  • wait is that t-shirt
  • and you’re like hold up
  • “hyuk??? am i touching you????”
  • hyuk: “yep”
  • you: “why didn’t you stop me what th-”
  • hyuk: “it was fine, i liked it.”
  • and you turn pink, thankful for the lights off and want to swat his hand but you don’t know where that is until you feel his hand take your wrist
  • and he takes his phone out of his pocket and shines it on you and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like “hehe cute” and you’re like excuse me what
  • and hyuk is like “nothing, lead the way”
  • and when you get to the fuse box you hold the phone and see hyuk work with the wires. you notice the light shading his handsome face, a set jawline and wow,,,,his height????
  • and you’re like this is the first time im looking at hyuk and going ‘he’s hot’ what the HECK is wrong with me
  • and hyuk finishes in under five minutes and all your lights turn back on and he smiles
  • and it’s so,,,,,cute his nose is adorable did you just notice that??? why are you having all of these thoughts about your neighbor??
  • and he’s like “all done. how’d you like to pay me?”
  • and you’re like “i think i have some cash- but,,,,”
  • and hyuk grins because he’s like “yes,,,,,i don’t want cash”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,and you’re like “ok lean down-”
  • and hyuk does super duper excited that he’s about to get a kiss
  • but instead you pinch his cheek and go “ill order us pizza, don’t think im easy han sanghyuk.”
  • and with that you turn around and hyuk is just like: that was sexy 
  • you: shuttup what kind of toppings do you want?
We Got Married (Zico x Reader)

Requested by anon. this was so much fun, I always wanted to write a we got married scenario, and keep this scenario in mind cause I got some plans. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ukwno

After you won on Unpretty rapstar you wanted to show a different side of you. You were aggressive, especially on the diss tracks you were pretty ruthless, at the finals you performed a very vulnerable song called “For the ones i loved” which was dedicated to people that passed or people that still are on your life, from the love of your mother to the heartbreak of your ex you loved so much. You wanted to show the world the normal funny (y/n) so your manager suggested on going for we got married. You were a pretty big fan of the show so you knew how it worked, and also being a mixed race would make it even more interesting. Soon enough it was time for the interview.

“Hello, i’m Katana a.k.a (y/n) I am 25 years old and i’ve been a professional rapper in JYP for 5 years”

“What made you come on we got married?”

You pushed your lips together thinking of how to answer properly, but also honestly.

“Well I always wanted to get married, but my life has been chaotic and I never had time to invest in a relationship, so I felt like it will help me get a taste of what’s about to come. Also, I’ve left a very… Rough? I guess image on the world, being on Unpretty rapstar meant I had to sharpen my knives and that had an impact of how people see me, so this is me letting people get to know another side of me”

You smiled at the end, you were pretty happy with your answer and you could see that also the producers were, they were smiling and nodding.

“What do you look for in a man?”

“The ideal man that I would marry would have to be very… Supportive and understanding. The image that I have is very cold and aggressive and I don’t want to change it completely, I understand that many guys don’t like their wife cursing and being… Scary. I want him to be powerful, on his career but also on his personality, there’s nothing more sexy than a successful boss man, also I am a very opinionated woman so I need him to have a bigger attitude than me. But, he has to be sweet and goofy sometimes, I love a tender man that can hold me and whisper in my ear.”

- ———————————

Soon enough it was time to meet your “husband”. You were wearing skinny ripped jeans that complimented your figure, a tight black long sleeve bodysuit that only showed your collarbones, you had your hair up in double buns and for accessories you wore your silver hoop earrings and a necklace with a silver small heart, you chose to rock your black high heel booties (get your mind out of the gutter) and your long black jacket with the hot pink fur inside.

“ I am nervous”

You confessed to the camera crew that rode with you and recorder every move. After a few minutes the car stopped in front of an arena.

“He has rehearsals here”

They let you know, since they saw the confusion on your face. You nodded and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell no, let’s do it”

You said and opened the door. The chilly air hit you right in the face and you rushed inside. They led you in a room and you sat down in one of the chairs, taking of your jacket.

“Does my make up look alright?”

You asked, feeling insecure all of a sudden. The cameramen giggled but gave you a thumbs up. You looked around trying to find clue. You snapped when you heard the door clicking. Your breath hitched your throat and you wanted to jump out of your seat

“No way”

You said in a loud voice. He seemed shocked to see you two, he froze in his spot and his mouth opened as his run his tongue over his teeth. He took a bow and you stood up to do the same.

“Hello, i am Jiho”

“Hello, I am (y/n). Nice to meet you”

You both sat back down and stared at each other for a few minutes. You were a fan of his for the longest, you always dreamed about collaborating with him. Now he was going to be your husband.

“This is weird”

“I never expected you to be my wife”

He spoke. You smiled at him and placed your hands on your thighs


You asked him, placing your hnds on your lap and a smile never left your lips. He hesitated, probably thinking of how to phrase it without being rude.

“Cause you look like a person that does not really care about marriage”

“That’s the biggest lie, I started thinking about marriage since I was a child”

That was true. You wanted to have someone by your side, to think of and to love and respect, to have kids with.

“What do you think of each other?”

The staff asked. You turned to him and motioned him to answer

“I was a fan of hers on Unpretty rapstar, she is a very talented and hard working woman, she is also very… Beautiful”

“Awwww thank you”

“She is blushing”

The staff pointed out. You immediately put your hands on your cheeks to cover them, but your guilty smile was all it took for him to start laughing.

“I am not, no I am not”

“You’re so cute”

He complimented you between his laughs. You controlled your blushing cheeks and he controlled his laughter, now you were able to answer.

“I have been a fan of his for a long time now, so I am very happy I got to meet him. I hope we can be a good couple”

“Of coure we are going to be, I am your husband who’s better husband than me?”

“Give me a month, I’ll give you a list”

You snapped back, making everybody laugh and cheer you on. You started to feel more comfortable with him, you were optimistic about this whole thing.

“What’s the best case scenario between you two?”

“Ahhh tough question…. well I hope we can at least develop a nice friendship”

You answered truthfully. You haven’t really thought of that and how it could really turn out or how could the other person react to this.

“What about you Zico?”

“Well…. a friendship is a standard for me, we are going to be husband and wife which means that we will share a lot of moments with each other, but you never know… we might be our one true love”

“Boy you trynna fuck is that it?”

You joked and winked at him. He laughed and clapped his hands, you were feeling confident about this as time pasted by. He seemed like a good man and you were very curious to know how he was in his private life.

“So would you like to mention something that the other person should know about you?”

“I love hugs, so get prepared for a lot of sudden hugs out of nowhere”

“Getting hugged by THE (y/n)? that’s an honor”

“How about you?”

“I am sure you know about the whole scandal that happened and the aftermath of it. So I hope we can be honest with each other and maybe help my… relationship skills”

You nodded at his honest words. You were sure that what happened with his previous relationship was not pleasant.

“Can I hug you?”


You got up and wrapped your amrs around his frame, resting your chin on his shoulder as placed his hands over you.

“See? We love each other already”

“This is going to be the best we got married couple ever”


noun : comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

sometimes, all you really need is someone who listens.

pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre: a dash of fluff, a pinch of angst
type: coming of age / college au
word count: 2,005 words
warnings: none
author’s note: this is completely raw and unpolished, and it contains some of my most personal thoughts and struggles. i’ve been dealing with writer’s block for the past few months, and this is just a part of my process to regain motivation.

Taehyung finds you on the terrace of your dormitory, leaning over the railing with your face tilted towards the stars, eyes closed and the wind gently kissing your cheeks. Standing from the doorway, he gazes at your still figure with a tender smile quirking at the corner of his lips and a certain fondness that the two of you haven’t pinpointed yet, yet everyone else understands.

You are wearing a pair of loose black shorts, flip flops, and a ratty, old, oversized t shirt emblazoned with one of the nine clubs you had signed up for in your freshman year of high school and never actually bothered to show up for once you realized you were a little too enthusiastic and had too much on your plate to handle. Your commitment towards that club did not stay, but the shirt still did. Hair swept up into a loose bun held up by a pencil you had grabbed in random, the small tendrils that fell out now frame your face, tickling your skin lightly. The tip of your nose along with your cheeks begin to turn rosy as the wind nips at you, and your eyelashes flutter softly.

Taehyung thinks you look absolutely ordinary, yet in that itself, absolutely breath taking.

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Locked Out // Byun Baekhyun {part two}

Requested: Yes!

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Collage!AU

Mentions Of: Mean words that some kiddos might not be able to handle.

Word Count: 5.8k

Description: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I’m the Queen of Fucking Everything Up. Here I am, locked outside on a balcony with a dude I shared and awkward hook-up with once and I’d been avoiding ever since, while his ex-girlfriend cries her eyes out and I freeze my ass off in the September air. *Freeze frame* *record scratch* You already know how I got myself into this situation, but I bet you’re probably wondering how I got myself out of this situation? Without further ado, here’s how I managed to come in a full circle and sort my life out, all in one crazy night.

A/N: Finally, it’s done! I actually feel really sad that Locked Out is over :( I hope that it’s lived up to your standards! By the way, all of the opinions expressed in the Never Have I Ever game are pretty much false, I just thought it would be entertaining to add some of them in there. Thank you so much for your support, and, as always, enjoy!

Part one: Here!

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18th September, 3:12pm

“Y/N, you need an intervention,” Sehun stated as he burst through my bedroom door with absolutely no regard for my privacy. “So here it is.”

“Argh, what are you talking about?” I groaned, pulling my flowery blanket over my head, pathetically attempting to fall back asleep and avoid having this conversation with Sehun.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Sehun approached my bed and sat on the edge with precaution. “Honestly, I’m worried about you. Y/N, you can’t keep living like this.”

“Go away Sehun, unless you’re bringing me food,” I grumbled in reply. Sehun sighed loudly and his footsteps echoed on my floor, so I assumed he was leaving once again - I let out a loud yelp when the blanket was forcefully ripped away and the cold air hit my face.

“Seriously, Y/N, what you’re doing to yourself is not healthy whatsoever. It’s 3pm and you haven’t even left your bedroom once today. When was the last time you had a shower?”

“Okay, I get it, Sehun. I’m a pathetic loser who can’t even take care of herself anymore.” I sat up in my bed and an ugly scowl crossed my face. Sehun knew I didn’t want to discuss how, in a short month, I’d become a recluse who wouldn’t even leave her room. It was embarrassing, but I couldn’t help it.

“That’s not what I meant.” Sehun sat down next to me again and placed an arm around my back and rubbed it slowly. “I hate seeing you like this. Yeah, you made a mistake, and yeah, those girls were bitches to you-”

“They were bitches,” I agreed.

“But by moping in your room, feeling sorry for yourself, you’re giving them the satisfaction of knowing they broke you. You don’t want them to win, right? Show them you’re stronger than that!”

“You’re right!” I exclaimed, suddenly full of energy for the first time in one and a half months. “I was a total idiot, but they had no right to treat me like that!”

I’d spent the last six weeks locked in my room, trying to escape the nasty messages my ex-best friend’s clique had been sending me. Okay, so I wasn’t totally innocent in all of this. I’d been an accessory in my best friend’s boyfriend’s cheating debacle, and then acted all shocked when it came back to bite me in the ass. Truth be told, in my ignorance, I thought I’d gotten away with it too.

“A friend of a friend of Suho’s is having a party tonight,” spoke Sehun. He’d convinced me to come hang out with him in the longue, which was a big step for me considering only ten minutes ago I’d been set on avoiding human interaction for the rest of my life.

“I was planning to go by myself but since you’re in such a positive mood, maybe it would be good for you to come too.”

I frowned, nibbling at my bottom lip distractedly. “Friend of a friend?”

“He said it’s not going to be a big party. Just a small gathering,” Sehun rushed to add. One of the brightest smiles I’d ever seen covered his face when I exclaimed, “oh, what the hell. I’ll go,” and it grew even bigger when I added, “damn it, that means I’ll have to get dressed up.”

18th September, 9:42pm

“For god’s sake, Y/N, stop stressing out! It’s going to be fine,” Sehun sighed as he grabbed my hand, forcing an end to my pacing.

“I know, I know,” I muttered back, relaxing slightly. Sehun and I were standing by the curb next to a brightly lit multi-story apartment. Our close friend’s Chanyeol and Suho had insisted we wait for them to get there so we could all go in together. Other people heading to the party smiled as they passed us which reassured me greatly - they either didn’t recognise me or couldn’t care less about what I’d done.

It was another quarter of an hour before our friends actually decided to show up. At first, I was feeling really confident in my sparkly thigh length dress, but now, with the autumn wind chilling me to the bone, I was starting to regret my choice of dress.

“Y/N, you actually showed up!” Suho joked as the two approached Sehun and I. He wrapped me in a warm bear hug and I quickly replied, “well, I figured since I’d basically hit rock bottom, I couldn’t possibly go any lower.”

“You figured you had nothing left to lose, right?” Chanyeol added, coping Suho as I found solace in his fuzzy winter jacket.

Finally, our group was complete (well, apart from Baekhyun. There was a sort of absence that us four seemed to be doing our best to ignore) and we headed inside. By now, I guessed most of the people who were planning to show up for the party were here already because we found the foyer empty.

“There’s a gold elevator?” Cried Sehun.

“He lives on the top floor too,” Suho replied as we piled into the spotless elevator.

“Who is he?” I questioned suspiciously. No one in my extended group of friends owned a penthouse apartment, that I was aware of.

“Uh…” Suho hesitated, glancing nervously at Sehun and Chanyeol before whispering, “you didn’t tell her?” Chanyeol was the first to speak.

“Luhan.” The elevator clicked open.

“You mean, that Lu Han?” I hollered as we poured into a short hallway, eyes bulging from my head.

Already we could hear bassy music blasting through the walls, and a cold sweat suddenly formed over my body. If this was the same Luhan who majored in animation, played a variety of sports, and had girls falling at his feet every time he looked at them, then this was going to be one wild party, to say the least.

And lets be real; there’s only one Luhan I know that’s rich enough to own his own penthouse.

No, I told myself, nothing, not even the fact basically the whole of Seoul will be at this party, is going to ruin my good mood. Nothing.

18th September, 10:06pm

“You must be Suho!” A voice called after said friend knocked on the door at the end of the hallway. The man in the doorway towered over me, but stood at around the same height as my friends. He had light brown hair and wore a leather jacket despite the obvious heat pouring from the apartment.

“It’s good to see you, Luhan,” smiled Suho. This was Luhan? he didn’t look a day over eighteen.

“Come on in! I think most guests are here already,” Luhan stated as he moved from the doorway to let us pass. “I haven’t seen you before, what’s your name?” He winked at me, causing Sehun to let out an exasperated sigh and push me forwards.

“Boy has to hit on everyone,” chuckled Sehun as we entered the party. As soon as we stepped through the door, I was instantly swept up in the partying lifestyle I’d been missing for so long. Loud techno music spewed from a stereo in one corner, while party-goers mingled around a couch. My month fell open when I realised that one whole wall of the penthouse was made entirely of glass, giving me an almost 180° view of the Seoul nightscape. It was covered by a thin, semi-see-through curtain, but it was still breath taking. Every inch of Luhan’s apartment dripped with sophistication - from the Picasso-like paintings on the wall behind me to the self service bar.

“I think I see Jihoon. I better go say hi,” stated Chanyeol, giving me a grin and double thumbs up before pushing through the crowd.

“I need to find the bathroom,” Suho added, flashing a bright smile as he was swallowed by the crowd.

“I think I’m going to find some of my friends also.” I nudged Sehun and he gave me an understanding smile.

““Sure, text me if you need anything at all.”

I decided to head to the kitchen in hopes of finding something there to drink. I was specifically looking for alcohol (I never wanted to be as drunk as I was that July night), but all the sweaty bodies pressed up against me was starting to make me dizzy.The kitchen was still crowded, but significantly less so. There was enough room in here that I could at least breathe without breathing on someone.

“Oh my god. No way,” someone said very loudly from the other end of the kitchen. I stood on my tiptoes to see what all the commotion was about only to be greeted with two boys staring in surprise right back at me.

“Y/N? Is that really you?” A man with snowy white hair gasped. “I can’t believe this.”

“Oh, you better believe it, Taeyong!” I chuckled back, heading to where the two were standing near a punchbowl.

“Have you been purposely avoiding us?” The other boy questioned.

“Bambam, of course not! I-”

“You never replied to any of my texts,” pouted Taeyong, earning himself a sweet smile.

“Yeah,” Bambam agreed. “We miss our study buddy!”

“I’m sorry guys,” I replied, although I had a smile on my face. “I’ve just had a lot of things going on recently.” I hoped the two wouldn’t ask me about it, but they’d probably heard all of the stories already.

Bambam nodded quickly. “Well, the good thing is that the library is a lot quieter since you’re not there,” he teased.

“That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. You’re still there, Bambam,” joked Taeyong as he passed me a cup of fruity punch, earning himself a slap on the shoulder from the other boy.

I laughed at the pair’s antics, and the reality of what I’d been missing out on by staying home hit me fully. I’d selfishly completely neglected all of my other friends, not just Sehun. But maybe getting out wouldn’t be all that bad.

“It was really nice catching up with you guys,” I smiled at my two friends. “I’m going to make my rounds, but I’ll talk with you later!”

“You better!” Bambam called as he and Taeyong waved me off. I turned to face them and yelled back, “I promise!” before twirling around again. I let out a loud yelp when I nearly ran smack-dab into a person coming around the corner to the kitchen. I muttered an apology before looking up to see who I’d almost bowled over: my heart instantly sunk. Baekhyun.

“Woah, gotta watch where you’re going, beautiful.” Baekhyun smiled at me cheekily, but it instantly disappeared when he sighted the stone cold glare I was giving him. I shoved away from him and quickly turned on my heel as he started to speak again.

“Wait, Y/N, we need to talk,” he called, and I didn’t even hesitate to push my way through the crowd to get away from him. In all honesty, I felt like a bit of a bitch. I still harboured incredibly strong feelings for him, but he had broken my trust as indirectly ruined my life. For that, I didn’t think I could ever forgive him.

‘You didn’t tell me Byun was going to be here!’ I quickly text Sehun, hoping Baekhyun had taken the hint and not followed me. He wasn’t.

I glanced to my left, deciding where I was most likely to find Sehun, when I spotted familiar bright pink hair. For the second time that night, my heart dropped.

YOU DIDN’T TELL ME IRENE WOULD BE HERE,’ I sent to Sehun. No response. So I headed right.

My spirits were lifted slightly when I received a large wave from a girl named Park Junghwa. I as a regular at the bookstore she worked for, and I was more than happy to engage in friendly conversation with her to forget about the two people I’d been avoiding for weeks on end.

Alas, I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin my good mood.

18th September, 11:21pm

Thankfully, Junghwa was happy to keep me company for most of the night. We wandered around, noseying through Luhan’s apartment, and Junghwa introduced me to some of her friends. (We’d also spent our time avoiding a very drunk Kim Taehyung who had apparently been going around smacking people’s drinks from their hands and kissing randoms). I’d spotted Sehun a couple of times since we parted; we shared smiles but I stayed my distance, partly because he was hanging around some guys I recognised as Baekhyun’s friends, and also I was aware how much he valued having his own friends.

However, Sehun did approach me later in the evening to ask if Junghwa and I wanted to join in for a classic game of ‘Never Have I Ever’.  Junghwa and I agreed so Sehun led us to a second living room across from the first lounge. As we were walking, I noted a small balcony hidden by a group of students crowded around a pool table in front of it. I could just see the bright lights of Seoul poking through the black curtain covering the doorway, which was probably why I hadn’t noticed it before.

By now, most of the party-goers had drifted towards the self service bar (save for the group by the pool table) so the second lounge was relatively empty. When Junghwa and I entered, I noticed a small circle had been formed already. All of the faces were familiar to me: Chanyeol, Suho, a dude named Yoongi, Jooheon and his friend Wonho, two girls named Sowon and Moonbyul, and Baekhyun, who I did my best to ignore. I would not let him ruin my night.

I found a space next to Jooheon who gave me a light pat on the knee as Wonho said, “right, so that’s everyone?”

Suddenly, Sowon stood up and raced out of the room, shouting, “I’ll be right back!” Everyone shared a look, and a few seconds later Sowon returned with her bubblegum-haired bestie.

I took a deep breath as Irene smiled at the faces around the circle - her smile dropped for a second when her eyes landed on me, but it was so brief I’m certain I was the only one who noticed.

Wonho shrugged as Irene and sat down and proceeded to explain the rules, through I’m pretty sure everybody knew how to play already.

“Okay, I’ll start with something simple,” Yoongi stated after everyone raised ten fingers. “Never Have I Ever dyed my hair.”

“You’re supposed to say something you haven’t done!” Laughed Junghwa as everyone in the circle put down one finger, and the questions continued clockwise. Okay, so maybe not everyone knew how to play.

“Never Have I Ever smoked marijuana,” Suho stated. Jooheon and Yoongi slowly lowered another finger as everyone gasped. “No way!” Sowon cried.

“My turn, my turn,” called Wonho. “Hmm…Never Have I Ever had a one night stand.”

I glanced at Baekhyun briefly and he caught my eye before he looked away - both Baekhyun and I, and Moonbyul and Chanyeol dropped a finger. Surprisingly, no comment was made from the other players.

“Never Have I Ever gone skinny dipping,” stated Moonbyul. Sowon and Irene both lost a finger.

“You’ve been skinny dipping?” Chanyeol piped. “Was it together?”

“Shut up!” Cried Sowon, leaning across Baekhyun to smack Chanyeol for his comment. Irene cleared her throat loudly. “Never Have I Ever cheated on someone, or been an accomplice of a cheater,” she said casually.

My eyes widened at Irene’s remark, and I raised a quick hand to my forehead as the room had suddenly become unbearably hot.

“I don’t think that’s a good question,” mumbled Sehun. “Let’s skip it.”

“I think it’s a very valid question actually, Sehun,” Irene quipped back, staring daggers at my friend.

“You don’t have to answer that question, Y/N,” Baekhyun murmured quietly, although everyone turned to face him anyway.

“N-Next person.” I mentally cursed myself for sounding so weak in front of Irene.

“Okay.” Sowon faltered, tentatively eyeing Irene before continuing. “Never Have I Ever been so drunk that I’ve passed out and when I woke up I had no idea where I was.”

“Guilty!” Moonbyul shouted as everybody dropped a finger, besides Suho and Sowon.

“Bullshit!” Baekhyun cried, and Chanyeol added, “Suho, you were so drunk you passed out in Y/N’s bathtub and when she woke you, you thought she was trying to steal your organs for the black market.”

“Really?” Yoongi laughed, turning to me for confirmation of Chanyeol’s story. However, I could barely manage a small smile in response. I could feel Irene’s eyes on me, watching my every move, and whenever I looked up she was staring right at me with a cruel smile on her face. I was starting to feel a little queasy.

“My turn?” Questioned Baekhyun.

“Actually, I have another one,” claimed Irene. “Never Have I Ever been called a slut.”

“Irene,” Baekhyun warned, as the others not-so-subtly glanced my way.

“Don’t you ‘Irene’ me, Baekhyun. I’m not done.”

I knew Irene wanted nothing more than to hurt me - to make me feel what she felt the moment she was told her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend - but I couldn’t move. I was frozen with fear, but interestingly, I was curious to see how far she would go to humiliate me.

“Never Have I Ever slept with my best friend’s boyfriend. Never Have I Ever lost a friend because of a boy.” She paused. “Come on, Y/N. Put those fingers down. Never Have I Ever sat in my room and cried for three days straight.”

Upon my vision becoming blurred due to tears forming in my eyes, I stood up quickly and retorted, “you’re a bitch, and I hope everyone here can see that. I do not need to sit here and listen to this shit.”

I stormed from the room, wiping frustrated tears from my face, in desperate need for fresh air. As I pushed past people in the living room, I could practically feel their intrigued glances, but I honestly couldn’t care less of what they thought about me. If Irene’s words were anything to go by, people thought it was an emotionally unstable homewrecker already.

“Y/N, wait!” Sehun called, rushing after me and grabbing my arm.

“Don’t you start, Sehun,” I growled, shaking his grip loose. “You’re the reason I’m here in the first place.”

I didn’t really know where I was going, but at least Sehun wasn’t following me. I soon found myself fighting the black curtains for access to the balcony I’d spotted earlier. Luckily, no one tried to stop me. As I slid the glass door closed, I took a deep breath of the crisp Autumn air. It was cool on my skin and burned my lungs, but I much preferred it to the stuffy, suffocating atmosphere inside.

I stood on the balcony, leaning over the railing to look at the city for who knows how long, calming myself down. I heard the sound of curtains being pulled back, and a second later the door clicked open.

“Bugger off, Sehun,” I huffed, peering over my shoulder at the intruder to my alone time. I let out a loud groan when I realised it was definitely not Sehun.

“Nice to see you too, Y/N,” replied Baekhyun, stepping forward to let the door glide shut.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing out here, Byun.” I furiously rubbed the tears from my cheeks - I would not let Baekhyun witnesses me crying.

“I know you’re feeling pretty vulnerable right now, but we really need to talk about what happened. I can tell you’ve been ignoring me.”

“Yeah, and I have a very good reason for that too,” I muttered. “Look, maybe we could talk another time. But not now.” I expected Baekhyun to protest, but instead he let out a loud sigh and mumbled, “yeah, you’re right. Bad timing, sorry.”

He turned to the door after giving me a sad smile and jumped backwards, nearly toppling over the railing. I reluctantly turned around to see what he was fussing about, and my eyes gazed upon a very drunk Kim Taehyung peering at us with a cheeky grin on his face.

“How long has he been standing there?” Asked Baekhyun. Before I could protest what was happening, the lock on the door flicked downwards and Taehyung pulled the curtains closed. In my mind, I like to imagine him running away, gigging to himself.

We had been locked out.

“No no no!” I cried, rushing to the door and bringing my fists down hard on the glass, hoping someone, anyone, would rescue me. Either no one heard, or everyone was too drunk to care, because nobody came to save Baekhyun and I.

“We’re trapped out here forever!” I wailed, whipping out my phone and pulling up Sehun’s contact. ‘Locked outside on the balcony with Byun?????? Please save me!’ I quickly sent.

“Y/N, just relax. We’ll be fine.” This whole time, Baekhyun had been watching me amusedly from the railing.

I’ll get you in a minute, but here me out. Irene’s in the bathroom, wailing about all her regrets from the past months??? She says she wishes she hadn’t been such a bitch to you because now everyone hates her???? Oh she nearly got into a fight with Yeol and Junghwa lmao you should have been there.’

‘She’s got to be drunk,’ I text back. ‘There’s no way she would think that if she was sober.’

19th September, 12:14am

Turns out Sehun’s not very good at keeping promises (as if I didn’t know that already). It had been exactly 37 minutes since I’d text Sehun (I mean, not that I’d been counting or anything), with no rescue party in sight. I’d rung Sehun multiple times, and even tried Suho and Chanyeol too with no answer, while Baekhyun made himself comfortable with the wall behind his back and the balcony railing to his right.

“Face it, Y/N, we’re stuck out here. You may as well make yourself comfortable,” Baekhyun mentioned when he noticed my pacing. He let out a loud sigh, however, when I sat against the opposite wall, clearly frustrated at my attempts to get as far away from him as possible.

“How long are you going to avoid me for?” He asked. A cool, constant breeze blew, causing goosebumps to appear on my limbs. Now I really regretted wearing a dress this short.

“For as long as it takes you to get the hint - I don’t want to talk to you,” I managed through chattering teeth. A confused look crossed Baekhyun’s face, but it was quickly replaced by that of worry.

“You’re freezing, Y/N,” he said, shaking off his thick jacket and throwing it to me across the space between us. It landed with a dull thud beside me. Baekhyun wore only a short sleeved t-shirt underneath.

I don’t want it, you’ll be cold,’ is what I wanted to say, but instead I said, “I don’t want it, I don’t need your help.”

“Honestly, Y/N, right now I don’t give a shit what you want. I’m not letting you freeze to death.” He smiled when I reluctantly pulled the jacket off the ground and over my shoulders. I would never admit it, but his jacket was incredibly warm.

Silence fell between us, the only audible noise coming from our chattering teeth. It was another ten minutes before either of us said anything.

“Y/N, why won’t you let me explain myself? How did we go from best friends to enemies?” Baekhyun said, as casually he would as if he was speaking about the weather.

Anger was quick to bubble up inside me. Was he stupid? Why would he ask a question with such a blatantly obvious answer?

“Do you want to know why I never let you explain yourself, Baekhyun? Because I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses. I don’t want to know why you thought it would be okay to tell everyone about that night and ruin my life. Ruin my friendships, my reputation, my confidence. Why you did that, I don’t want to know. I want to move on with my life - or what’s left of it - and forget what happened between you and I. Why won’t you let me do that?” I could feel heat burning my face as I stared at Baekhyun, half expecting him not to reply.

“I am so sorry you feel that way about me, Y/N. But you have to understand that I only had the best intentions. I never meant to hurt you.” I rolled my eyes, but let him continue. “After that…night. I freaked out. I really regretted what we did.” He glanced up at me and quickly added, “Well, I regretted the circumstances under which we did that. Anyway, I told my friend Jongdae-”

Kim Jongdae? You told him?” I screeched, throwing my hands up in despair. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“I know, I know. Just let me finish explaining. please. So I told Jongdae for two reasons, because he actually gives some pretty great advice. The first reason was because I was worried Irene would find out and break up with me.”


“You have to understand that I never meant to hurt you or Irene. The second reason I went to Jongdae was because I feared Irene would start hating you and your friendship would be ruined. I know how much you mean to Irene. She used to talk about you all the time.”

Baekhyun shifted in the cold, but gave me a small smile anyway. He must have been nervous, because he wasn’t really making that much sense, but I think I got the jist. By now, the distinctive sound of music and cheers from inside had significantly died down.

“So why did you do it?” I questioned. “You clearly liked Irene a lot, so why did you fool around with me? I know we were drunk, but you were a lot more sober than I was.”

Baekhyun rubbed his neck anxiously before shaking his head and giving a small chuckle. “You know what, fuck it. I don’t care anymore.”

He shuffled forwards towards me, making the gap between us less than half a metre, rather than two. “W-what are you doing?” I asked as Baekhyun grabbed my hand in between his own. I was surprised, but nothing could prepare me for what he would say next:

“I did it because I was in love with you. I was since the day Sehun first invited me around to meet you. I just thought you had feelings for Sehun, so when he introduced me to Irene I thought she would be able to distract me from you. I guess I was wrong.”

Baekhyun peered at me, waiting for a reaction - any reaction - but I had no idea what to say. I was flattered (who wouldn’t be, this is Byun Baekhyun we’re talking about), but I didn’t know what he expected me to say. Was I supposed to lie and say I loved him too? Was I supposed to outright reject him? I mean, it was pretty obvious to almost anyone that I had a crush on him, and if I said I hadn’t dreamt that one day Baekhyun would fall for me, I would be lying. But now I just didn’t know what to think.

“Say something, Y/N. Anything,” pleaded Baekhyun, squeezing my hand. His fingers were colder than ice.

“So…you were in love with me?” I managed, still overwhelmed at this whole situation.

Baekhyun didn’t hesitate with his reply. “Still am, really. And that night at the party, you looked so beautiful and I didn’t want anyone else to have you so I took you home…after that I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“I’m flattered,” I mumbled, feeling a hot blush form on my cheeks. “Thank you for being so honest, Baekhyun. I know I’ve been a total bitch avoiding you. I hope we can still be friends.”

Baekhyun dropped my hand at the same time as his smile faltered. He looked absolutely heartbroken. “I don’t know whether I’d be able to be just friends with you, Y/N,” admitted Baekhyun.

“I think friendship is a good start, and we can see where it leads,” I smiled. “Now come here, you muppet! You must be freezing.”

A wide grin formed on Baekhyun’s face, and he was quick to appear at my side so we could huddle together to prevent us catching pneumonia. I folded his jacket over both our legs and my heart leapt out of my chest when he rested his head on my shoulder. To think five minutes ago I was seriously considering whether I could push him over the railing.

“I never, ever thought this would be happening,” whispered Baekhyun, causing me to chuckle. “That makes two of us.”

19th September, 7:44am

I woke up when the city woke up after catching around three hours sleep - Baekhyun was slightly luckier.

“So if no one comes to free us from up here, this side of the balcony can be my side, but occasionally I’ll let you visit if I’m feeling nice.”

“Baekhyun!” I laughed, smacking his hand down playfully. Somehow, we’d both managed not to freeze overnight, but the sun rising at a very ungodly hour woke me up, and Baekhyun awoke awhile later. We’d passed the time by talking about nothing and everything, and I realised just how much I’d missed being able to talk to Baekhyun.

But as much as I liked spending time with him, I did not want to stay locked out here on the balcony any longer than I had to. I couldn’t feel my legs (I had the concrete floor to thank for that) and I hadn’t ate since over twelve hours ago.

“Should we try knocking on the door again?” I suggested.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Baekhyun replied, although the words had barely left his mouth when the door clicked open and a tired looking Luhan stepped out onto the balcony, coffee in hand. He wore a surprised look when he noticed us, but he quickly reached out to help me up.

“Shit, I forgot you guys were out here,” stated Luhan.

“We’re saved!” Baekhyun cheered, jumping to his feet excitedly. How the boy had any energy left after sleeping on a balcony all night, I had no clue.

“I hope you guys didn’t get up to any nasty business out here.” Luhan peered around the balcony suspiciously.

“The only nasty business we’ve been getting up to is us nearly catching hypothermia,” I joked. “So if you’d excuse me, I’d love to get home and warm up.”

Luhan let us past into the extremely messy, but warm, post-party lounge. Lying on the couch was Sehun, sleeping peacefully, so I grabbed a pillow and whacked him in the stomach with it.

“You’re unbelievable!” I cried when Sehun finally came to. He was super hung over, but still happy to see us (and very, very apologetic, I must add).

“You guys can stay for breakfast if you’d like,” Luhan offered. “My friends Yixing and Minseok are also here too, but it’s the least I can do. I’m just glad you guys didn’t die. My dad would kill me!”

2nd February, five months later.

“Suho said he and Chanyeol are gonna meet us for lunch,” Sehun said after taking a bite from his sandwich.

“That’s cool, I haven’t seen them for awhile,” Baekhyun mused. From my lying position on the grass, I agreed. Sehun, Baekhyun, and I were just chilling on the grass at the university campus, waiting for our next classes (we were supposed to be studying, but take my word for it, it was not going well). I grabbed Baekhyun’s phone and opened the camera, preparing to take a funny selfie by pulling an ugly face.

“That’s really attractive, babe. I’m such a lucky guy,” mused Baekhyun sarcastically.

“You’re a dick.”

“But you still love me.”

“Argh, I can’t stand all this gross mushiness!” Sehun cried.  “Honestly, you guys…” he trailed off, peering at something behind us.

Baekhyun and I both turned around to see two people smiling down at us. A girl and a boy, one with pink hair, the other with blond.

“Hey, Y/N,” Irene said. Baekhyun and Sehun’s mouths simultaneously fell open. “Sehun, Baekhyun,” she nodded. “I want you to meet my new boyfriend, Woo Jiho.”

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Jiho,” I smiled. he nodded in response. A man of few words, I see.

“I’m so glad you convinced me to ask for his number, by the way. I hope your English studies are going well.”

“Oh, no problem! And they are, thanks for asking.”

Irene flashed me a dazzling smile as her eyes darted down to Baekhyun’s hand resting on my knee. “You two are such a cute couple. Anyway, I’ll see you at Wendy’s party this weekend, Y/N?”

“Of course, I’ll see you then,” I replied.

“Awesome. Well, it was nice catching up with you.” Irene and Jiho gave one last wave before turning back around and continuing onto wherever they were originally going. The two boys’ beside me mouths still hung open.

“What just happened?” Sehun got out.

“I have no idea. Am I dreaming?” Baekhyun added, looking to me for answers.

“Well Sehun mentioned Irene said some stuff after Baek and I were locked out on the balcony at Luhan’s party, so I decided to meet Irene to formally apologise and maybe give her some answers she needed. I don’t really know why she agreed to meet with me, I guess she felt pretty guilty for spreading those nasty rumours about me,” I replied.

“But, doesn’t she still hate you for you know, fucking her boyfriend?” Sehun asked.

“You’d think so. But maybe Irene realised we had a good thing going, and it would be stupid to let go of an awesome friendship just because of some lame boy,” I joked.

“Oh, you just got told, Baekhyun!” Cheered Sehun.

“Like you can say much. Isn’t about time you find a girlfriend yourself?”

“Can you imagine that, Sehun with a girlfriend? I pray for her!” I laughed.

“Ugh, now the lovebirds are ganging up on me? Where’s Chanyeol and Suho when I need them?” Wailed Sehun.

And for the first time in a long time, everything felt normal.

To whom it may concern,

If you had asked me six months ago how my life was going, I probably would have burst into tears right then and there. Somehow, by some miracle that I still can’t completely comprehend, my life had done a full 180. I couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences I’ve been through. I also hope you’ve enjoyed coming on this wild ride with me, but as you know, all good stories must come to an end.

Yours sincerely, Y/N.