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Alla Prima- Chapter 2

Prologue  Chapter 1

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“So, wait, what time are we going to dinner?”

           “4:30, Marsali said.”

           “Are we planning on getting a senior citizen’s discount?”

           “She said she wanted to give us plenty of time afterward to get ‘piss drunk.’ Her words.” The phrase ‘piss drunk’ sounded wrong coming out of Mary’s sweet, teacher voice.

           Claire cringed. She was not so young as she used to be, and being ‘piss drunk’ did not entice her as it once did.

           “Ugh. All right. Come to my place at 4. We’ll ride together.”

           “Okay. I’ve got to go. Got to pick up the small children from lunch. See you, Claire!”

           “Bye, Mary!”

           Claire hung up the phone with a sigh. She was not particularly thrilled with the evening’s planned activities. But, she felt it her duty as friend of the bride and cousin of the groom to make an appearance at all wedding events, including this bachelorette party. Even if her wallet didn’t agree.

           She gazed out into the empty lecture hall. Vacant seats echoing the beating of her heart. Was she so lonely that this sight should sadden her?

           It was more than that, she knew. Visions of red curls filled her mind, paint stained hands dancing across a page, dancing across her body…

           She wouldn’t get to see him today. Her artist.

           Had this stranger become so integral to her happiness?

           She was afraid of the answer.

           Whiskey. Her eyes. They were whiskey. Amber. Resin. Her hair the bark, her eyes the liquid amber that flowed out of it.

           He swirled his own a liquid amber, contemplating colors. Brown and yellow definitely. Maybe some orange? Not too much, though…

           “What’s wrong, Jamie?” He was surprised to see that his brother had crept up behind him. “Yer staring at that glass like its telling ye secrets.”

           Jamie couldn’t tell him the truth: that he was fantasizing about some woman in the park. He would never live that one down.

           “Ach, just tired. I woke up early. To paint, ye ken? The lighting— “

           “I gotcha.” Willie was as thrilled about the mechanics of painting as Jamie was about the hardware of a computer. “I invited a couple lads. Just Rupert, and Angus, and Ian, if Jenny’ll let him.” The mention of their sister brought a smile to Jamie’s face. They were thick as thieves growing up, and he missed her greatly. But she and her husband Ian had been expanding their family rapidly, which kept her busy. He usually only saw her once a week, for Sunday dinner.

           “Weel, Rupert will sure bring the good times.” Jamie glanced around the pub, The Usual Place. It was the Fraser men’s favorite, and was unusually quiet fir a Friday night, save for a few straggling drunks and a small group of women tucked in a dark corner.

           “Aye, they should be here anytime. I told them 8:30…” Willie craned his neck, scanning the large room for their friends.

           “Dinna fash. When Rupert and Angus show up, we’ll ken it.”

Claire pulled at the hem of her dress, trying to stretch it. It was an older dress, worn during the wild days of cheap liquor and strangers’ lips. Since then, her hips had rounded considerably, and it felt like her arse was showing with each step.

           “Where are we going, exactly?” Claire wondered to the bride-to-be. Marsali flipped her corn-silk hair, and turned around.

           “It’s called The Usual Place. It’s nothing special, just a regular pub. But the drinks are cheap, so we can get in the right state o’ mind for the rest of the night!” She twirled, her silver dress sparkling under the florescent street lamps.

           “Weel, I hope we get there soon! My heels keep getting stuck in the grates…” Geillis bellowed from behind, waddling as if she were in quicksand. “I dinna ken why we couldna get a cab…”          

           “We’re here!” Marsali led her ladies-Claire, Joan, Mary, Geillis, and Louise-into the dim pub.

Jamie heard them before he saw them. Always one to make an entrance, Rupert flung open the doors with a mighty bellow.

           “FRASERS!” He sauntered to them with the cockiness of a man that knew he was the biggest in the room. Which he probably was. Behind him trailed two smaller men- Ian and Angus. “We hear ye’ve pleased another man today.”

           “Why does everything that comes out of yer mouth sound filthy?” Jamie asked as Rupert clapped a paw on his shoulder

           “Dinna ken. Ye’ve got a filthy mind, probably.” He winked.

           “How will we be celebrating tonight?” Angus asked, scratching his scraggly beard with a look of false contemplation. “Shots?”

           “Nay!” Ian spoke up. “Ye’ll ken what happened last time…”

           “It’s no out fault ye canna hold yer drink,” Rupert teased.

           “Yer company is celebration enough, lads,” Willie appeased, placing a hand on both their shoulders.

           “Speak fer yerself,” Jamie muttered and waved the bartender over. He tried not to see her eyes in the bottom of his glass.

The pub grew steadily louder, and Claire found it more and more difficult to concentrate of her friends’ conversation. A mixture of the noise and alcohol.

           “And, when are we going to see ze dancers?” Louise’s question caught Claire off guard.

           “Marsali, you didn’t…”

           “I only plan on getting marrit once. I’m doing my bachelorette party right.” She giggled, disarmingly sweet compared to the plans she had. “We should leave soon, though. So we can get a good seat.” The twinkle in her eye made Claire shake her head in mock disgust.

           Much to Claire’s surprise, she was having fun. Not what she would have normally done on a Friday, she was glad to be out with these women. Her friends.

           As they filed out, Claire saw a flash of red by the bar. A trick of the light, probably.

Jamie knew he was drunk. Was he hallucinating? He saw his stranger, wild hair trailing behind her as she walked out of the door. Perhaps he should call it a night.

Imagine: You and Henry spend two long weeks at home with his family before he’s set to pick up filming for his latest project.

Words: 1223

“Henry!” You gasp as a cold blast of air threatens to disrupt the bubble of warmth surrounding you. Catching the shower curtain, before all the cold air can get in, you cover yourself. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to take a shower,” he replied casually as he tugged his left sock off. His eyebrow rose at your attempt to remain hidden from his gaze. He removed the other before forming a pile. “I think the better question is, what are you doing?”

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One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Chapter 7

Paul opens the door and Caroline didn’t need her heightened hearing to notice his heart beating faster or the audible gasp he tries to hide the second he lays eyes on her. She decides to stand there at first just enjoying the affect she was having on him before interrupting his daze “you know it’s a good thing I’ve already been invited in” she says with a little tile of her head as she maneuvers around him through the door.

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Lilac: First Love

Pairing: Bambam/Yugyeom
Character: Bambam, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Jaebum (mentioned), OC
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I really craved some Yugbam as parents and I took the liberty to do that and also made Jinyoung as their kid lol. I’m sorry it took so long but please enjoy ^^ (It’s about 2k long)

Yugyeom panicked as he smell something burnt. His fried rice smoked behind him while he was searching for the cheese in the refrigerator.

“Shit” he muttered under his breath, running to the stove with the cheese in his hands. Luckily, he managed to safe the said fried rice. Cooking was never really his thing but Bambam came home so late last night he didn’t have a heart to woke him up and made breakfast so yugyeom tried to put his limited skill of cooking—that he got when he had to survive everytime Bambam was not around to feed him—on action. Not that bad.

“Jinyoung, has you prepared the table?” He shouted to his son in the dining room. 

No answer.

The dining table was prepared perfectly when he walked in. Jinyoung already sat down on his chair, eyes not leaving the book on his hands, as expected from his son, the smart and perfectionist Jinyoung. Yugyeom smiled slightly, he really didn’t have any idea how they could raise a kid like him.

Bambam was walking into the room right after Yugyeom finished putting the rice on the table and added grated cheese on top, completed their favorite breakfast recipe. Their daughter laughing in his hands from the nonstop pecks Bambam gave all over her face.

“I smeel something burning,” was the first words he said followed by the giggling of their daughter. He was sniffing around exaggerately.

Yugyeom was ready to defend himself when Bambam added, “It’s the smeel of my heart burning with love for you.” Then he winked.

Their daughter looked at both of them, interested.

Fifteen years living with bambam and yugyeom still didn’t know how to react to his cheesiness. While bambam put their daughter down to the chair and ruffled Jinyoung’s hair before walking around the table to sat on his chair, Yugyeom hurriedly took off his apron and sat down beside him, willed the red flush on his cheeks to disappear as he saw jinyoung rolled his eyes across the table.

It was their usual Saturday morning, having breakfast together leisurely while talking about their week, their plan for the weekend, everything. Jinyoung put his book aside as they began their breakfast. Their daughter ate passionately beside Jinyoung, wanting to show off that she already mastered how to use spoon properly. Yugyeom might cry a little bit inside knowing his fried rice not as good as what bambam made but his family still eat it well.

“Cheonsa, eat slowly, darling” Yugyeom warned her gently, afraid she will choked on her food.

“My princess has grown up so much, now she won’t even let me feed her,” Bambam shed his fake tears. Bambam had the biggest soft spot for their daughter. Maybe because he always wanted a daughter that he could pamper so bad, or because Cheonsa was raised by them since she was a baby, or maybe both.

“I want to grow up fast, like Jinyoung oppa,” their three years old daughter announced proudly, looking up at Jinyoung with a big smile, which the later returned just as big. Yugyeom smiled at that and Bambam whined how his princess loved her oppa more than her daddy.  

And that’s how their usual Saturday morning went. Jinyoung mostly silent unless he had something to ask but Yugyeom knew Jinyoung always payed attention to everything going on around him, especially his sister. He also knew Jinyoung always spared his time to play with her everyday between his school and his busy life as a teenager.

“What book are you reading?” Yugyeom pointed at his book on the table with his chin. Bambam and Cheonsa were having an exiting conversation about alien on the side.

“A novel.” He answered shortly, but looking at the expectant look of his father he continued. ”It’s about a wife of someone who could time travel.”

“Sounds interesting. Is it good?”

“It is so far, I haven’t finished.”

“You should tell me when you finish it.” Yugyeom said, adding another spoon of rice on his plate. Cooking had depleted his energy, apparently.


Yugyeom loved time they spent together where his son told him about the book he finished, he felt they became a little closer. They adopted him when he was 7 years old. After years of their marriage, Yugyeom and Bambam contemplated on having kid but when they met Jinyoung, the biggest kid in the orphanage, the kid with twinkling eyes that somehow screamed loneliness, they were sure they wanted to become his father. It’s not easy to crack his sheel and get him opened up to them, but they made it. it’s been five years since then and Jinyoung grew up so well. Yugyeom was grateful they took him.

“Son, Youngjae said you haven’t come to the reading club for two weeks, what happened? Do you want me to drive you later?” Bambam asked.

“Daddy,” Jinyoung whined, “I’m not a little kid anymore. It’s fine.”

“Kids nowadays grown up too fast.” Bambam sighed. “When I was your age I’m still this small,” Bambam motioned his hands to showed his height, “And people still bought me ice cream.”

Yugyeom only chuckled because well, Bambam, indeed was still looked like a kid even when he was above Jinyoung’s age. He was so  cute, still cute. 

They continued eating with Bambam cooed exaggeratedly at his daughter everytime she successfully eat her food from her spoon.

“Appa, when do you have your first love?” Jinyoung asked Yugyeom carefully. 

Bambam immediately turned his head and look at Jinyoung with wide eyes.

“Are you seeing someone right now??” Bambam gasped.

Cheonsa also turned her attention to Jinyoung in an instant, not because she understand what’s so big deal about it, but because she had a habit of mimicking her daddy. Cheonsa is taking her personalities from Bambam too much.

“Is it that scray boy Bum something?“ Bambam preened.

Jinyoung, had been put on the spotlight, sputtered. “It’s Jaebum hyung. He’s not scary and it’s not related to him. It’s just.., just the main character on the book I read had her first love when she was 6. I’m just curious.”

“Oho… I’m sure there’s something.” Bambam started, but Yugyeom quickly stopped him before he went further with the teasing. He could see Jinyoung was uncomfortable with the topic.

“Well, I had my first love when I was 16,” Yugyeom drew the attention to him instead.

“Ah, that noona on the coffee shop? Kids, your Appa always drag me to the coffee shop just to met her. He’s so lame right?” Bambam said in conspirational tone to their kids.

“No, idio- Bam,” Yugyeom almost slipped a ‘bad word’ and mentally patting himself on the back for keeping his language in front of their children. “It was you, duh.”

“Really?” Jinyoung surprised. Yugyeom just nod.

“Really?” Now, it was coming from Bambam. His eyebrow rose so high.


“Really?“ Cheonsa didn’t want to be left out.

“Why you never tell me? You said you like that Noona. Wait, is that why you always drag me there? Not for her? Was I, like, having dates with you, unconciously? Did we date???” Bambam was talking with his mouth full it’s actually disgusting but adorable at the same time with his eyes widen comically.

Yugyeom just shrughed and leaned forward to wipe a rice on Cheonsa’s cheek.

“Was Dad not liking you back?” Jinyoung asked curiously.

“No.” Yugyeom said.

“Yes” Bambam said at the same time.



It became awkward after that and Bambam was a little quiet so Yugyeom squeezed his husband’s thigh under the table and added, “Meeting your daddy is the best thing ever happened to me. And look at us, sitting here together.”



“Hey.” Bambam smiled weakly.

“You should put her on her bed, you’ll get cram if you stay like that too long.”

Yugyeom carefully fitted himself beside Bambam on the swing in their backyard and gave him a can of soda, trying not to wake up their daughter  who was sleeping peacefully on Bambam’s lap, her head nestled safely on his chest. He brought a drink for himself too and his now empty hand found Bambam’s shoulder and pulled him closer. Bambam scotted and rested his head on Yugyeom’s shoulder.

“It’s okay. I miss her. I barely spend time with her.” Bambam kissed the top of her head.

“She missed you a lot too.”

“I was thinking about what you said before.” Bambam said in hushed voice.

“Which one?”


“Oh, me too.” Yugyeom sipped his chocolate milk. He probably a fourthy something and he had changed a lot but his love for chocolate was an exception.

“Why you didn’t tell me?” Bambam nudged Yugyeom.

“I- I was scared I guess. I don’t want to lose our friendship.”

“Is that why you were crying so much when I went back to Thailand?”

“I knew you were supposed to left anyway, but I guess I really was a cry baby.“

“Is, a cry baby.” Bambam cut him. 

Yugyeom ignored the teasing. “You were here only for the exchange study and I didn’t want to burden you.”

“You should told me. I always told you everything.”

“You didn’t tell me you like me.” Yugyeom countered back. “Did you really like me back then?”

“At first, yes. But then I thought you liked that Noona so I buried that feeling deep down inside my heart, you know.” 

“What? Really?” Yugyeom mused unbelievably. 

“ We could be the cutest couple in high school,”

 “Why were we so stupid?” they chuckled.

But that’s what brings us together,” Bambam grins at Yugyeom, earned a peck from the later. “I can’t believe I only found out now,”  he sighed once yugyeom’s lips leaving his. 

“You never asked.” Yugyeom whispered, resting the side of his forehead against Bambam, his cheek brushing his hair.

“Because I’m sure your first love was That noona and I don’t want to talk about her.”

Yugyeom just leaned down and kiss Bambam’s pouty lips once again with more pressure. “I guess we’re fated. God sent you again from Thailand to Korea to meet me. I almost didn’t recognize you when we first met for the second time.” Yugyeom smiled at the memory.

“Yeah, me too.” Bambam pulled him for another kiss. He would want more than that but he settled for a long lingering kiss as Cheonsa was still sleeping on his laps.


“Appa, is Daddy really your first love?” Jinyoung asked him as they washing the dish from their dinner.

“Yes, why?” Yugyeom smiled at Jinyoung. His father instinct told him there’s something going on with his son. “Is there something you want to ask, or tell me?” Yugyeom coaxed, knowing very well his son is so much like him, or worse, Jinyoung won’t tell his problem unless he was asked.

“No, just… Isn’t first love never works?”

“Who said that?”

“A book I read.”

“Jinyoung, what’s written in the book is not always right. What always right is what your heart says.“

"But what if you love the wrong person?”

Yugyeom was a little taken aback by that and shook his head. “You definitely more mature than your age.” He put aside his dishes to face Jinyoung. “So, who is this wrong person we talked about?”

“No one,” Jinyoung muttered, busying himself with pouring water on the dish.

“Are you afraid your first love not going to work?” Jinyoung’s silence only meant yes. “I never thought I will marry your daddy, he seemed so far away.  But look at us. My first love works perfectly. I have your daddy, you, and your sister, and I’m the happiest person in the world.”

Jinyoung looked up at Yugyeom.“ But it’s you, not me.”

“Exactly. It’s me. And You, you’ll make your own story, even greater than mine.” Yugyeom smiled at him. “If you’re afraid to start something, you’ll never know what you can achieve.”

Yugyeom let his word sinked in before he continued soaping the plate, but suddenly Jinyoung hugged him. 

“Whatever happened, I always have you, right?” Jinyoung mumbled on his chest.

Yugyeom hugged his son back, overwhelmed with the feeling of pride as a father, that his son trust him so much, and patted him on his back. “Sure son, sure.”

The serene moment was not live long, not in this house.

“What is this? Are we having family hug session? Why you left us out?!” Came a whine from his husband standing in the door with Cheonsa holding his hand at his side. 

Yugyeom just opened one of his arm to invite him in a hug and in a second Bambam already crushed them with his limb, Jinyoung groaned at that, and Cheonsa fussed to be lifted up to joined the hug.

Yugyeom laughed happily because right now, he had everything he wanted in his arm, literally.

Ditch Day - Eunwoo

Word Count: 1013

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Thanks for requesting! This was really fun to write bc eunwoo is bias af

“Come on jagi, it’ll be fun!” Dongmin badgers, staring at you with big puppy dog eyes as you rummage through your locker for your history textbook. You firmly shake your head. No matter how ridiculously adorable your boyfriend was, there was no way you were going to ditch class with him, especially with midterms coming up in a week.

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Foreign Coffee: Suga One Shot (Smut)

“(Y/n)!” Yoongi shouted from him dressing room, his voice slightly aggravated. 

I sighed and stopped mid walk, closing my eyes in aggravation. This person has been working my last nerve lately, he’s been so demanding. All he ever asks of me is stupid miscellaneous things he can do himself, he’s such a lazy ass. Yes, he’s an attractive god and she’s fortunate to be working for him, but he can be a real piece of work. 

“What is it?” I asked, putting my hand on my hip, which thankfully was wide because of my white genetics. 

Yoongi spun around in his chair and looked at me. “I need coffee, now.” There was bags under his eyes, he had obviously been up for way longer than necessary. 

“Right away, sir.” I turned on my heel and stepped out the door. 

“Thank you..” Yoongi said softly, almost too low so I wouldn’t hear. 

I hesitated, but continued to walk, pondering his words. Ignoring everyone and their polite hello’s, my mind wondered. 

He had never once said thank you to me, or even the littlest bit of affection. Maybe he’s so tired he’s losing his mind. 

I made my way to the ‘kitchen’ and to my luck coffee was already in the pot, steaming hot. My hands mindlessly searched for a portable coffee cup and some creamer. 

“The master make another request?” Jin slid next to me, his arms crossed, a smile plastered on his face. 

“More like Satan.” I smirked as I poured coffee and creamer in the cup simultaneously. 

Jin nodded and sighed. “You don’t see it do you?“ 

I grabbed a straw and started stirring the liquids together, blowing softly into the cup as I held it towards my chest. "What do-” I blew on the coffee quickly, “you mean?” My attention suddenly started to go on point, forgetting the all mighty Lord needed his coffee. 

“You don’t ever wonder why he always asks you to do everything? Literally, everything?” Jin turned to look at me, raising an eyebrow. 

Shrugging, I blew on the coffee again. “I work for this company and was assigned to this group and happened to be claimed." 

Shaking his head, Jin pushed himself off of the counter. "You’re both stupid." 

"Hey!” I furrowed my eyebrows, frowning. When will all of these boys stop being so mysterious. I walked off to find Yoongi and come to his rescue with this coffee. 

Opening his door, to my surprise he wasn’t there. “Where the hell-” I was interrupted by being pushed against the wall. The impact caused me to drop the coffee. “Shit, I’m sorry.”

Yoongi’s hand grabbed my chin, lifting it up so our eyes would meet. “I don’t care about the coffee." 

"Then why the fuck did you make me get it?” I was growing more furious then curious. What the hell was his problem? 

Rolling his eyes, Yoongi sighed. He looked down in her eyes and licked his lips as he started to lean in, getting closer and closer to me. 

My eyes looked at his lips as he got closer and closer. I got impatient and quickly leaned up and placed my lips on his, my heart going a million miles a minute. 

Yoongi hesitated, but kissed back once he processes that I kissed him first. His hand slammed the door shut and locked it all without removing his lips from mine. He bit down on my bottom lip, not missing a single second with me. 

I feverishly kissed him, grazing my tongue against his. Numerous questions flooded my mind, but it was foggy with the amorous feelings inside of me. Suddenly everything became so clear to me, why he was such a dick all the time. He just wanted excuses to be around me.

Yoongi’s hands moved to my waist, pulling me close as his lips moved from mine, towards my neck. He sucked down on it, leaving deep purple marks that will last the rest of the week. His hands rubbed down where they were softly, until he moved them up towards my breasts, squeezing down on them. 

Biting down on my lip, I held back my moans. Since he was taking so much action, I decided to take another step. “Yoongi~do you have a condom?” I asked, reached down as I pulled at the button on his pants. 

He looked up and met his face with mine, biting his bottom lip. “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?” He asked as his hands quickly dropped to my ass, squeezing it hard as he hovered over me. 

“Did I stutter?” I breathed heavily, tilting my head to the side as I slowly started to pull the zipper down to his pants. Part of me already knew the risk I was taking, but I think the biggest risk was being fucked by Yoongi. I knew he wouldn’t hold back, and he knew that I knew. 

Yoongi grunted as he released his grip on me, only to remove his shirt. His hair got slightly ruffled, which only made him look ten times better. “I’m so tired of you wearing these clothes.” He mumbled as he grabbed the bottom of my tight work shirt, pulling it over my head before he got to working at my pants. 

I helped him by removing my bra as he made me step out of my skinny jeans. My hands reached down to remove my panties, but his hand slapped mine away. 

“That’s my job.” Yoongi pulled them down and let it pile at my feet before he picked me up, slamming me against the wall yet again. This time my center was in front of his face, making me suddenly nervous. 

I turned my head, closing my eyes as I waited. Suddenly, his tongue swept over my clit, causing a tiny moan to escape from me. 

“(Y/N), don’t be scared.” Yoongi said softly before he licked at my center again, this time he separated my folds. “You’re so wet already..” He groaned, pushing his tongue inside me. 

Arching my back, I leaned my head against the wall. Every time his tongue swept in and out of me it felt like a tight, warm sensation going through my body. My hands reached down and pushed his face further into my center, if that was possible. 

Yoongi groaned again, sending vibrations all over my center. He pulled back, his lips glistening with my juices. “I can’t hold back any more, (y/n).” Yoongi put me down as his hands reached in his back pocket, pulling out a condom. 

I got the message, so I pulled down his already unzipped pants along with his underwear. My heart dropped when his erection was finally freed, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk after this. 

Smirking, Yoongi unwrapped the condom and rolled it on all within seconds, like a true professional. His hands snaked around me again, and I was once again against the wall. “Are you ready?” He asked, looking up at me. 

Nodding, I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes for a second, and I felt him slam into me, making me cry out. 

His hand went over my mouth, his eyes closed as he let out a ragged breath. Once he regained himself from the sudden tight wetness around him, he pulled out and slammed back in. He continued this motion over and over again, not missing a beat. The pictures on the wall shook as he fucked me against the wall. 

I let out muffled whimpers, my eyes rolling back as he continuously slammed into me. My arms went around his neck, pushing his face into my breasts. 

Yoongi’s mouth instinctively went to my nipple, his tongue swirling around it before he bit down on it. His mouth went between nipples, not wanting to neglect single thing on my body. His hips started to roll, making his thrusts slower but yet harder. “Fuck, (y/n), I’m about to cum already.” His hand went down, his fingers quickly rubbing my clit. 

At the moment all three things were in sync I cummed hard, making Yoongi cum right after me. His hand moved from my mouth right as I screamed out his name, but his head was burried in my neck as he groaned lowly. 

We both didn’t move as we caught our breaths, feeling our orgasms ride off. 

Yoongi suddenly lifted his head and kissed my cheek. “Don’t worry, you can be as loud as you want when we get to your place.”

“My place?” I asked, wiping sweat off of my forehead. 

“Oh, yeah, I’m not done with you yet.”

((Hope you like it 💕 I’m not okay after writing this 😩))

“Okay, yeah. You officially need to move,” Stiles said. Yelled, really, over the loud cries of numerous cats. He slid the door to the loft shut behind him and walked toward Derek on the couch. “Unless you actually adopted an obscene number of cats last week and didn’t tell me, in which case we have much bigger issues than your living situation.”

Derek ignored him completely and walked over to the brick wall with the giant hole in it. The biggest hole, Stiles mentally corrected, which just made him sad. He watched as Derek picked up some sort of bag, reached inside, and threw a few handfuls of-

“Is that Kibble?” Stiles asked incredulously. “Are you actually feeding the cats that live in your walls?”

“It’s Meow Mix, and yes,” Derek said calmly. “It’s the only way to get them to quiet down.”

“But they- Derek, you have cat squatters. Call Animal Control. Hell, call Deaton. Do you not see how insane this is?”

“It’s fine, Stiles. I can handle them. Just drop it.”

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Natsu Confesses to Lucy: Part 1

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Words: 2267

Summary: After a Fairy Tail event, a tired Natsu tells a certain person how he truly feels.

Natsu dived to the floor, missing the projectiles that nearly crushed his skull.

“You better fight harder than that to beat me!” he joked. Laxus was starting to burn with rage as this battle started to get well under way.

“Freed, Bickslow, Elfman, give it everything you’ve got!”

“I’ll do it as a man” replied Elfman to Laxus. Gray and Gajeel were diving and ducking to miss the oncoming attacks that Team Laxus were producing. Natsu just playfully jumped around sticking his tongue out at every moment he came into eye contact with Laxus.

“Woooooo, go Team Natsu!!!”

The cry came from the stands as Lucy, Levy, and Juvia watched with anticipation. A fourth member of Team Natsu was loitering at the back of the arena, arms crossed and sulky. Jellal was asked to participate for Team Natsu in this final showdown, but he was only there due to the simple fact that Erza had asked him.

“I thought you were supposed to be good at this sort of thing” yelled Natsu. Jellal stood there with a scowl on his face, causally moving from side to side to miss the oncoming assault. Little did he know that a scarlet red head was just joining the rest of the Team Natsu supporters.

“I didn’t ask you to participate just for you to stand there!”

Jellal began to blush as he saw Erza, shouting and screaming, encouraging him to take part. He noticed that she wasn’t in her usual armour, but a white dress, which led him to blush even more. He dashed forward and launched an attack directly at Elfman, who did the same towards him.

“Only a real MAN can dodge this!”

Jellal slid on his knees leaning back as the projectile clipped the whiskers on his chin, and brought himself back up to return the favour. He threw his attack towards Elfman. Elfman was too big to not get hit first and BOOM…head shot.


The voice came from the speakers above, as the master was commentating the match along with Sorcerer Weekly’s Jason.  The master and Jason sat in the middle of the stands, watching every single attack and dodge, whilst Elfman stumbled off, still dazed from the attack. Jellal grinned and looked up at Erza.

“How was tha-“

BANG, Jellal felt the attack slam his cheek bones, but he still managed to grin, mid-hit at Erza.

“JELLAL IS OUT” bellowed Makarov.

Laxus sniggered at this small personal victory, as Jellal walked off the court and went to join Erza in the stands.

“Hey Gray! If Team Laxus wins this, I get to take Juvia out on a date right?!”

Gray looked up at Bickslow, with his tongue out and his “babies” dancing around chanting “Date, Date, Date”. Gray gritted his teeth and slowly started to move forward, as Freed joined Bickslow’s side, ready for the imminent attack. Freed lowered himself into a defensive stance, with his sword drawn. Bickslow stood on his left, still hanging his tongue like a dog, and dancing around Freed. Gray slammed his right fist into the palm of his left hand.


Ice quickly spread under Bickslow and Freed’s feet. Gray jumped and finally launched two missiles upon the flailing entities that were his enemies.


The master just smiled at the sight of his children being in small doses of pain. He had had a rough day, and the latest bill that Fairy Tail had received made all the others look like nothing. He believed that anything that hit them all tonight was well deserved.

“Gray-sama, I knew you could do it!”

Gray hid the joy that that voice brought to him, and just pretended that he hadn’t noticed. He just turned and gave Juvia and slight nod, which caused her to faint and hit the floor. As he was turned away, he forgot about the ice he had left and the floor and slipped. Yes, an ice make wizard slipped on ice… Laxus took his chance and threw an attack at the downed Gray.


Juvia, who had just stumbled to her feet, fainted again in disbelief that her Gray was out. All that was left now was Natsu, Gajeel and Laxus. Laxus released an all-out assault. This meant that Natsu and Gajeel could do nothing, but dodge. Natsu was getting tired of not hitting anything, so he turned to Gajeel. Gajeel looked at Natsu and nodded. They both dodged one more time, and then they both leaped into the air. Laxus froze at the sign of their symmetrical movements.


Natsu and Gajeel both launched their dodgeballs at Laxus, who had no time to react.



The crowd erupted, cheering and screeching for this formidable win. All week, these two teams had been neck and neck, but this final dodgeball game would conclude the games.


Natsu and Gajeel both exchanged a subtle low five and walked off the court.

“Weren’t they amazing Lu-chan?”

“They sure were Levy-chan!”

The blonde and bluenette shared a caring smile.


Cana had stayed quiet through-out the whole match, just waiting for it to be over, so she could go and get a drink. Everyone started to shuffle out of the arena and make their way to the guild for another night of drinking and laughter.

The night was pretty much like most nights. Mira was walking around the guild with drinks, trying to dodge the small fights that broke out every two minute. Cana was sat on a barrel of beer, with her arms wrapped around Macao and Wakaba, laughing and joking. Laxus sat in the corner of the guild sulking, as the Raijin Tribe were trying, yet failing to lift his spirits. Juvia was sat wide eyed as her dearly beloved was passed out butt-naked on the table in front of her. Gajeel was sat alone with Panther Lily, until Levy decided to ask his permission if she could join him. Jet and Droy sat across the room crying at this site. Lucy just sat at the bar, as a beer drenched Mirajane joined her.

“Who was it this time?” Lucy grinned.

“Who’s the one with the biggest barrel here?!” replied Mira.

The two women both grinned at one another. Lucy then realised that something was missing.

“Hey Mira, you haven’t seen Natsu and Happy since the game have you?”

“Why are you looking for Natsu again Lucy?”

Lucy’s cheeks began to turn cherry red, as she realised that she was the only person who ever seemed to ask that question when the troublesome dragon slayer was not around.

“I-I-I just hadn’t seen anything on fire tonight and just thought it was odd….”

“Hmm sure Lucy… I think they may have just gone home, but who knows” Mira winked.

Lucy decided to change the subject before Mira became any more intrusive on Lucy’s feelings. Lucy looked around the guild and smiled, everyone seemed so happy. She knew that this guild was crazy and loud, but it was home. As these happy thoughts entered her mind, they were blocked by the sound of an out of tune guitar, and the plucking of a harp. She turned to the stage to see Gajeel in his singing attire, and Panther Lily beside him with a small harp. With that sight, Lucy decided it was time to call it a night.

Lucy walked on the wall next to the river with Plue.

“You’re gonna fall Miss Lucy!”

“Not today!”

She got the same statement from the two boatmen every night, but it was nice to hear them caring. Plue nearly stumbled into the river himself until Lucy grabbed him and carried him the rest of the way home.

Lucy got to her apartment and let out a sigh. She was tired, and it had been a very hectic day. She opened the door and walked up the stairs to her apartment. She entered cautiously, just in case there were any hot heads, or blue cats lying around. The living room seemed to be clear. She let out a sigh of relief. She stepped into her kitchen to see the fridge door open, a blue tail swaying from side to side and the smell of fish in the air.


“Oh, hey Luthee”

The blue cat peeped his fish stuffed face around the fridge door. Lucy realised that she had wasted that sigh of relief. She picked him up by his cheeks.

“If you’re here, where’s Natsu?”

Happy, still gleaming from his midnight snack, points to the window. Lucy turns her head to see Natsu sitting on the window sill. He had his back against the side, with one leg dangling out the window and the other pulled up, with his head resting on his knee. Drool was hanging out of his mouth, and dribbling down his trousers. Lucy couldn’t help but smile at this site. Natsu Dragneel. He was normally so boisterous and reckless, but seeing him like this, innocent and cute, made Lucy all fired up inside. She looked at Happy, who was still hanging by his cheeks in her hand.

“Should we get him into bed?”

“Aye Sir” he whispered.

The pair grabbed the defenceless dragon slayer and dragged him to Lucy’s bed.

“Are you letting him sleep in your bed cause you loooovvveeeee him?” whispered Happy.

“Quiet Cat” snarled Lucy.

They placed Natsu on Lucy’s bed and pulled the cover over him. Lucy smirked and turned to Happy to thank him, but he had already made his way to the brown armchair in the corner of the room, and fallen asleep. Lucy secretly didn’t mind the company of the pair. She sometimes thought of them as a little family, but she would never tell them that, she didn’t want to scare Natsu away. She turned to Natsu again, and brushed her hand through his pink hair. Even his hair was hot to her. She walked to her bathroom, and changed into her pyjamas. She didn’t want Natsu to see her undressed, although he had on many unfortunate occasions for her. She pulled on some pink shorts and a loose blue top, than made her way into her bedroom. She glanced around the room, trying to find a place to sleep. The arm chair was occupied by a sleeping blue feline, and her bed was taken by Natsu. She stood there and thought for a second, and decided that it wouldn’t be so bad if she lay next to Natsu, just for the night anyway. She smiled at the idea of sleeping next to him, as she climbed into her bed and faced away from him. She just began to close her eyes, when she felt Natsu’s arm wrap around her, and pull her closer to him. His arm was ever so warm and muscular. At first she wasn’t sure what to do, but she then decided to place her hand over his and interlock her fingers with his. She didn’t know that he would be the one to initiate this comfort. She opened her mouth to speak to him, thinking he was awake, when Natsu started snoring. Lucy blushed at the idea of her about to admit her feelings to a fast asleep Natsu. She smiled to herself, and just closed her eyes, snuggling back into Natsu. She had never felt so at home. All of those adventures they had been on, all the times she had seen him enraged over her being in danger. Those moments flooded her thoughts and a lonely tear rolled down her cheek. She lay there for what seemed like forever, just reminiscing about her adventures with Team Natsu.  Her, Natsu, Erza, Gray and of course, Happy. All of a sudden, she felt Natsu’s arm begin to heat up, as he pulled her even closer to him. Lucy’s eyes stayed firmly shut with joy. Even though Natsu was very warm, she could feel her face heat up, as she blushed. She felt Natsu’s hand move, and she realized he was starting to wake up. He mumbled a few words, as his eyes slowly opened. Lucy’s stayed shut. Natsu realised where he was and whose hand he was holding. He inhaled sharply and tried to take his hand away. Lucy pretended to be asleep and just gripped his hand firmly, determined to keep it with hers.

“If she wakes up and finds me holding her hand, she’ll kill me” whispered Natsu.

“But she does look beautiful like this”

Lucy couldn’t help but smirk with the idea of Natsu being attracted to her. She felt a pair of hot lips peck her neck and then her cheek. Lucy was in a state of shock. She had imagined Natsu doing this to her, but never once thought it would actually happen. Natsu’s grip tightened ever so slightly as he said

“I think I’m in love with you Lucy Heartfilia…”

Lucy’s eyes bolted open as she fell out of the bed and landed on the floor. She was there on her hands and knees, looking down at the floor, with her golden hair hanging. She cautiously tilted her head up, just so she could reduce the redness in her face in time. Her brown eyes met with the surprised and confused eyes of Natsu.

“I-I-I thought you were asleep Lucy…”

Into The Ring: The Prologue

prologue: down for the count

  • a boxer being knocked down; the referee will count off ten seconds, the time allotted for the boxer to regain his feet or lose the fight 

rated: M (no nsfw in this chapter)
TW: violence 
summary: In a world of underground fighting only the strong survive, abiding by the rules of kill or be killed. In the Ring, a feeble emotion like hope is all it takes to destroy you. And yet it exists– and those who hold onto it play a dangerous game. But once you enter into the Ring, it will never let you go.

We’re so happy and excited to be sharing this new collab fic with you!!! We’ve been working hard to secure regular updates, and are happy to announce you’ll be getting them, too!

I just wanted to note once more: this fic will be posted on tumblr only by me. However, this time – unlike in TBF where everybody wrote their own act – in Into The Ring our writing is entirely mixed up. This means that every single paragraph you read might be written by a different person, sometimes it’s whole pages, sometimes half, etc. One big mix. 
Writing like this has proven to be not only insanely fun, but also very, very motivating, and we have written what we have so far (almost 200 pages) in less than a month. That’s record time, if you ask me.

Before I write a whole novel in the notes that nobody reads anyways, on we go! @mslead @toxineena and me wish you one hell of a ride! ^-^

We’re going to give you major trigger warnings for the complete fic now just to be sure: human trafficking, prostitution, PTSD, murder

Updates will be weekly.

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“Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you.“ - Mike Tyson

For as long as he could remember, certain sounds, smells, and sensations had always been present. The scent of the sweat of exercise, or the heavy ringing of a thick brass bell to mark the end of a round. The feel of chalk under his nails to help keep his grip, and the slip of vinyl mats under bandaged feet. Even the skip of a jump rope was soothing, the leather cord whizzing through the air.

All those things were familiar. They always had been and perhaps always would be.

But now there were new sounds, new smells. New sensations.

Pain along with the tightness of fear clouded his mind and tainted the impressions he previously had associated with safety. No longer were the boxing gloves or sandbags a source of comfort. No longer did the ringing of a bell shoot a thrill of excitement in his young heart.

He was frightened and he wanted his daddy.

A boy, no older than ten, was shoved into a brittle looking steel cage. His eyes were wild with fear as he struggled against the man trying to lock him inside like an animal. Around his neck was a long white scarf; a scale-like pattern decorated every inch of the fabric. It hung off the boy’s shoulders, several sizes too large, the rough ends dragging onto the the floor of the cage. Pink hair was matted down onto his sweaty forehead.

Every ounce of the young boy was grimy and filthy, tracks of tan cut by tears were the only clean spots on his face. A smear of red was smudged on a round cheek, rubbed there from a second source. Dirty bandages were wrapped around his tiny palms, covering up healing burns and fresh scars.

When the boy tried to sit up and brace himself against the bars, a harsh kick was delivered to the metal, nearly smashing the child’s fingers in the process. He recoiled back, drawing them protectively to his chest even as he glared bitterly at his captor. Even he knew better than to risk breaking a hand. He’d be useless then. Damaged goods.

He was already in trouble for getting hurt. Broken property was a liability.

“Stay in there until you remember to wait for Acnologia, you stupid brat,” another harsh kick rattled the bars of the cage, but the boy barely flinched.

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Standards of Living


“What?” Will asked. He rubbed a hand over his eyes, certain that he had heard wrong. It was still early. 

Hannibal was seated across from him at their breakfast table. His hair was dry but unstyled, and the shawl collar of his dark robe splayed open enough that Will could see the first three buttons of the white shirt he wore underneath. 

Will pushed away from the table and leaned back in his chair, scratching his belly for a few moments. When he opened his eyes again, Hannibal was still watching him. 

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