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Did I Say That Out Loud? - C.H.


Pairing: Calum & Reader

Summary: Being famous doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t fan girl. Even if you’re stuck in an elevator and extremely claustrophobic.

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A/N: Guess who’s Teen Wolf trash and will find anyway to fit it into a imagine (That’s right, It’s me!) Guess who else is crying because there’s ten episodes left until their life is officially O-V-E-R over. (Right again!)

Ever since you were a little kid, you always wanted to become an actress. Watching your favorite shows with your older sister and those scary movies you absolutely hated (but secretly enjoyed watching, even though you’d never admit that) with your older brother always left you daydreaming about what it would be like to act in a movie or have your own show.

Now, at the age of 19, you were living your dream and the luckiest girl in the world. Not only because you were living your dream, but because you were a ‘guess star’ in your favorite show, teen wolf, and then would be in the next season of Riverdale, (you can’t stop me >:D) along side your favorite actor since you were a little kid. (I bet you can guess who it is but if you can’t i’ll give you a hint, he’s a twin)

Even though you were considered famous, you couldn’t help but fan girl over your idols, whether it was an actor, actress or musician. This often ended up with you embarrassing yourself in front of your idol and you were determine not to make of fool of yourself in front of them anymore. This is how you ended up staring into the wall of an elevator, sitting on the floor, trying not to cry.

Not only were you stuck in an elevator, one of your biggest fear (not to mention you were claustrophobic) but you were also suck with one of your biggest idols ever, Calum Hood.

‘Hi, I’m (Y/F/N). I’m a huge fan and I was wondering if I could have a picture?’ You thought to yourself, trying to ask for a picture without sounding like a huge idiot. ‘Have a picture? Sure, here’s a random picture of a fucking dog? God (Y/N), why are you so stupid?’ You scolded yourself, aggressively tapping your head.

“Uh… Do you carry around pictures of dogs?” You heard Calum speak up. Your face turned red, not knowing what to say without sounding like a dumb ass.

‘Can he read minds? Or…’

“Did I say that out loud?” You heard yourself whisper to yourself. You started mentally scolding yourself again, mumbling about how you need to ‘never speak to anyone in the planet ever again.’

“Uh, yeah? And I’m not a mind reader, although that would be cool. Not that I would just read people’s mind, because that’s totally not cool. But it would be cool to be able to read minds just in case there was ever a need to read there minds- I’m a huge fan and I think you’re really pretty.” Calum began to ramble on, his mind racing at the thought that he was stuck in an elevator with his favorite actress. He finally stopped when he heard himself let out the last sentence.

“Oh my… did I really just say that out loud? I don’t want to creep you out or anything, I really am just a huge fan. And you are pretty, actually your beautiful, gorgeous. I’m going to stop talking before I embarrass myself even more.” He shut his eyes and mouth, not wanting to see your reaction to his rambling, knowing that it was most likely one that showed how much you were creep out by him.

“I’m actually a huge fan of your band and you’re really pretty too. I mean you’re really attractive and you have a really nice voice and a really nice face. You’re also really good on a bass guitar and I’d really like to get a picture with you, if it’s not to much to ask.” You mumbled very fast, looking at the floor of the elevator so you wouldn’t see his reaction to your words.

Suddenly everything went silent, you couldn’t even hear each others breathing.

“What… what brings you to L.A” You whisper, wanting to have a conversation with him.

“I… uh… I live here?” He whispered back, thinking of a question to ask you but all he came up with was a breathy ‘and you?’

“I also live here.” You stated, racking your brain for any interesting question. “Do you like watermelon?” You blurted out, once again scolding yourself.

“I actually don’t really like watermelon?” He answered, making it sound more like a question.

“I feel deeply offended, I happen to love watermelon.” You responded, putting a hand over your hand.

You both chuckled, glad that the awkward tension was gone.

“I’m Calum.” He introduced himself, holding his hand out for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N).” You took his hand and gave a firm handshake. Neither one of you let go, starring into each other’s eyes.

“I was wondering, would you like to go out sometime? Maybe for coffee?” He asked you, slightly blushing.

“I would love to.” You answered, blushing harder then him.

You both sat down on the floor, forgetting to call someone for help. (Which resulted in you staying there longer than needed.)

I tried to make this cute but I’m pretty sure I didn’t…

Dylan: Hoechlin? Oh he’s.. *stares at him* sexy beast.. look at this beautiful man *touches Hoechlin’s body* those abs… there’s no fat on his body.. look at that face… oh my gosh he’s so perfect *wraps himself around Hoechlin*

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I am on the autism spectrum, and I can't thank you enough for reblogged that post about how terrible Autism Speaks is. You're one of my biggest idols ever and it makes me so happy that people like you support us.

AH! THANK YOU! I’m so happy that my life is an inspiration to you! <3

Organizations like Autism Speaks, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Salvation Army, which work under the guise of “we’re helping people!” when really, they are forwarding their own shitty agendas, make me sick to my stomach.

Autism Speaks stands out, though, because they are literally profiting off of peoples’ disabilities, while simultaneously giving others an ass-backwards idea of what it means to be autistic. And it does a LOT more harm than good. They’re like the PETA of autism charities, and, like PETA, they deserve to be shut down - preferably in a metaphorical column of smoke and blaze. 

As usual, a step in the right direction first requires knowing where to put your foot down. So if anyone is interested in knowing more about Autism Speaks from the point of view of an autistic author, please READ HERE.

I’m so giddy right now because I’m currently messaging Allison Harvard about doing a personal commission for her and she’s one of my biggest idols ever and I’ve adored her for years and she’s being so kind to me and calling me talented and stuff and the fact she’s come to me for a drawing despite being such a talented artist herself makes me feel so humbled and overwhelmed, I think she’s amazing