biggest dumbs to have ever dumbed. :')))

you know why some people don’t wanna join certain fandoms? because there’s always a group of dumb bitches who have their panties in a bunch for no reason. so what do these dumb bitches go and do? they vague about someone who has done them no wrong, they make blogs to mock them and tease them.

newsflash, this is the reason why certain fandoms get a bad rep and one of the biggest reasons I don’t even wanna be on pamela ever. like wow good for you to ruin a nice thing for everyone because you have some weird complex about people who someone are “threatening” or “intimidating” to you when the person hasn’t even done a damn thing to you or anyone.

Disney Princess Jonathan Toews

Happy 27th birthday! It’s time to celebrate your Disney Princess status.

A friend of animals large


and small,


Befriending children left


and right,


Using appropriate language




Ready for your dazzling dance numbers


And that special dance with Prince Charming.



Less ready for your big ballad.

Regardless, you are a perfect Disney Princess, through and through.


Happy birthday, and you keep doing you.


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Why do you think people who want Sonic Adventure 3 have stockholm syndrome?

Did I say stockholm syndrome? Maybe I did, I don’t know. The thing I’ve always leaned on is more nostalgia. People who want Sonic Adventure 3 are just pining for their youth.

Because to me, Sonic Adventure means:

  • Self-serious, melodramatic storylines
  • Rarely playing as Sonic
  • Spending most of your time playing as a dumb gimmick character, like being really slow or having tedious game mechanics
  • A lot of dumb, throw-away junk like kart racing
  • Artificially gating the player from progression until you meet some other obtuse requirement first
  • An extreme lack of polish and/or repetitive content

You want Sonic Adventure 3? Here. Here’s your Sonic Adventure 3.

One of the most disappointing Sonic games ever made, and one of the biggest failures of the last generation. It’s Sonic Adventure in all but the name.

You will never be a naive kid again, on the edge of your seat, wondering what the mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog’s motives are (spoiler: the game itself never really told you, because it is poorly written). You probably don’t have the time or the patience to hunt for emerald shards again.

Sonic Adventure had its place, and its place was 15 years ago. The world was different. You were different. Let go.

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I literally have no respect for Little Mix how can you even like them

you have no respect for little mix? wHAT?

you dont have to be an obsessed fan but atleast respect them! these girls are my rolemodels and they deserve so much respect omg. 

while jesy was on x factor she recieved a lot of hate. she got messages every day telling she was fat and ugly. it really got to her, and she was talking about her insecurities infront of everyone! you know how strong you have to be for doing that? the answer is very strong.while she was talking, jade was there to comfort her. but when jesy was talking about her insecurities, other girls self esteem grew bigger bc they can relate to her. later, in an interview an interviewer asked her about it, and she answered:

“your insecurities are what makes you different and make you who you are and if everyone looked the same it would be boring”

if you still dont respect jesy, read that quote once again. if you still dont respect her, i judge you so hard oh my god

jesy still gets hate about her body, daily. i am very impressed bc id i got thousands of tweets everyday for over 2 years, telling me im fat i would probably either have a mental breakdown, stop eating, be rude to everyone i met or lay m my bed under a blanket for the rest of my life crying. but jesy is so fucking strong, and instead she now is doing exercise. not for the haters, fuck them, she is doing it for herself. she wants to be skinnier, and work for it. 

jade wanted to be a singer for a long time. she auditioned for x factor both 2008 and 2010, but both of the times she was sent home. at year 2011 her mum questioned if it really was worth it to audition again as it hadnt worked out the last two times. but jade wanted to become a singer and she thought it was worth fighting for it. so she told her mum she was going to auditton again. 

and she did.

at bootcamp she was placed in a group of three other girls.

together with them she won the whole show.


sorry i had to

she worked hard for what she wanted, and she got paid off for it. she won the x factor, she got three new best friends, and her band became the biggest girlband in the world! 

perrie is engaged to zayn, member in the biggest boyband ever. jealous 12 year old girls gets jealous, and send her hate and death threats

death threats!


pretty much whatever she or zayn do, they are just “promoting little mix” soon it will be like if perrie just bought a pizza or smth, it will be management. some people are so dumb its almost funny. they hate her for just smiling in a photo. or remember when all those people hated oh her for wering that beanie? yes however dumb it sounds they actually did. you understand how much pain she have to live with? getting hate whatever she does, hearing 24/7 her relationship is management and getting daily death threats? 

let me just say that there is non zerrie shippers who still are mature about it, but there is enough haters anyways

after this you could expect her to hate everyone, never walk out, and be rue to her friends and family and anyone who tries talking to her. but still she can walk out smiling. she is nice to fans and and she jokes and laughs in interviews. did you see their last livestream? bc while sh was interviewed she was talking to the fans in the audience! after all this hate she is still one of the nicest human beings ever. 

leigh anne is probably the most underrated girl in little mix. but she is also the one who seems the most grateful for all this. she always thank everyone, the other band members, her friends, her family and also for her fans.

“I also want to thank the most amazing, incredible, dedicated and special fans ever, for making this the best 2 years of my life! I can not thank our Mixers enough for everything they have done for us! None of this would have been possible without you! We love each and every one of you to the stars and back.” (her thank you in the salute album)

she is so grateful for everything and always shows it! she always tells people she loves them and how beautiful they are. and when she was talking with her sister before the xf final she was crying, thats how grateful she was.

she is like the funniest and nicest and friendliest person ever and it sucks she is so underrated omg she deserve at least as much respect as the other girls.

if you now say you dont respect little mix, i bet you have never listened to any song of them? bc their songs are about girl power, about imperfections and about changing lives. you should probably listen to their songs bc

“pretty’s just a pretty word”

“we don’t let nobody bring us down”

“they can rip you, bring you down, down to their size, but they will never get to the heart you hold inside”

"i’m the only me in this world”

“your words don’t mean a thing, i’m not listening”

“change your life, take it all”

“i’m never gonna look like a beauty queen”

“i’ll be the one to say you’re beautiful”

“you think we’re just pretty things, you couldn’t be more wrong”

“they said i couldn’t, they told me that i wouldn’t but if they could see me now”

“i’ve been chasing dreams since i took my first sleep”

“see what you’re worth girl, look what you’ve got, he knows you’re out of his league, if he likes it or not”

"i’ve got the right to make up my mind”

“you could be beautiful, wonderful, everything you want to be”

all of these are parts of their lyrics and if you dont see it they are very respectful lyrics 

all of them have experienced bullying, and they all feel insecure about themselves sometimes. and they arent flawless, but who is? now they talk about it in interviews. they dont pretend to be perfect, instead they talk about their flaws and insecurities. so many girls feel like they need to be perfect, but this makes them feel better. if you are gonna talk about things like this infront of the entire world you have to be very brave and strong, but these girls are. they tell nobody is perfect, but that everyone still is beautiful.

i dare you now to tell me again little mix dont deserve respect I DARE YOU!

cashton is cute and i’m sad: a masterpost

ok so it has recently come to my attention that cashton is ruining my life with their adorable bro-lationship. so i have taken it upon myself to create this masterpost so that you lot can suffer with me :)

you better buckle up because this is gonna be a looooong ride.

i’d like to start by saying that none of these gifs/pics/vids are mine and all credit goes to the owners

so now that that’s out of the way….

shall we begin?

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I’m liking the idea of eventual werewolf!Stiles more and more though like

If Stiles is okay with the bite and survives it, I just think Scott and he would be so happy. They could run through the forest together and Stiles would finally finally be able to keep up. They could rough house and wrestle and all that other dumb stuff because they’d be equals again in strength and agility. Scott wouldn’t have to worry about hurting Stiles (though I’m sure he’d worry anyway) because Stiles would be able to hold his own and kick his ass right back. And they’d probably challenge each other and make all kinds of stupid bets and races to see who’s the strongest or fastest like  "best two out of three" and they’d give each other the biggest dumb grins evER cause they’re just having a total blast man.

until the first full moon comes around and all of the negative emotions Stiles keeps bottled up blast to the surface in a furious frenzy and he’s nearly impossible to keep under control. He wants his claws to rip bodies apart and his teeth to tear hearts out and he doesn’t understand why the hell Scott won’t let him go, why he’s gripping him so tight and screaming in his face like its wrong or something. its just a release and it’ll feel good and if Scott is really his friend, he’ll understand that. Stiles breaks free and comes way too close to killing someone and Scott has no choice but to use his Alpha status to call him back.  When Stiles comes to again he cries and cries because maybe he didn’t kill anyone this time but he sure injured enough and there’s blood all over him, bright on his hands and oh my God, Scott, what have I done?

Its not finding an anchor that’s the problem, but using it effectively. In the end Stiles has three. His dad, Lydia, and of course Scott. Sometimes they’re used separately but most times thinking about all 3 of them together helps the most. Just knowing that they’re breathing still out there is enough to remind him there’s a reason he has a human side and why its important he finds it again.

Its soothing to watch his eyes shift from gold to brown and back again.

Chapter 40


“Do they have a bail or not? You’re taking too fucking long to answer this damn question.” I yelled at this nigga sitting behind the desk.

“You need to calm down and listen.”

“Calm down? You got my nigga and my brother locked up and you’re telling me to listen? I don’t think so. It’s either they have a bail or they don’t. Pick one.”

“Right now they don’t have one. It’s too big of a charge to let them off with a bail right now. You have to wait until the hearing.”

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know. It hasn’t been scheduled yet. I wish I could tell you more but I can’t.” He said with a shrug.

I almost punched him in his face when he gave me that lazy ass shrug like he didn’t give a fuck. I’m not even shocked though. The police doesn’t give a fuck about anybody unless they’re face is white or they’re working on their fucking pay roll and even then those niggas like to bullshit.

“Can I see them at least?”

“They’re being questioned right now. So no you have to wait.” Rolling my eyes I walked over to the chair and sat down.

The only reason I’m calm at this moment is because I’m sitting in this fucking police station I’m 18 and they can charge my ass. Christian already has one parent locked up he doesn’t need both of us on some stupid shit. So I did all I could do at that moment. Wait until their lawyer got down here.


“Jaela McCall?” I heard my name causing me to look up from my phone.

“I’m Jaela.” I said while standing to my feet. When I walked over the man that called me put his hand on my shoulder and walked me to the back.

“Alright well we need you to come with us.”

“Can I see him now?”

“No we need to ask you a couple of questions.”


“About what it is your baby father does.”

“He owns a club. What’s your next question?”

“Sure he does. Let’s go.” I followed him to the interrogation room and sat down while he stood there glaring at me.

“Why am I back here?”

“You’re back here because we have reason to believe that you know about Breezy’s business.”

“You believe that why?”

“How would you have not known? You have a child with him correct?”

“Alright and? He’s a club owner I know that much.”

“So you don’t know anything about his illegal activity?”

“I have no knowledge of that.”

“You know when we find out you’re lying you will be getting arrested for conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy to do what?”

“We know you know.”

“I don’t know shit! Listen, all of this is redundant.”

“So you know he said you knew right? We have evidence that links you to this.” He said and I raised an eyebrow.

“Oh really?”

“Yes really. You’re too pretty to be locked up. Young too. Only 18 you have a one year old son. Are you sure you want to risk your freedom and the possibility of raising your son for this man? Would he do it for you? We know you two have been over for a good minute now. He’s was with other women. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about you. Do you want to do this? Really?”

I clenched my jaw and looked down at my hands. Sad to say he was making a really good point. Would he take the weight for me and do all of this if the shoe was on the other foot?

They were really convincing. I doubt if Maurice would hold me down if I was locked up. It wouldn’t even be a week before he was getting his dick wet by somebody else. Having some other bitch playing mommy to my son. All of this shit was making sense.

“Alright I’ll tell you what I know.” I said and he smiled while taking a seat in front of me.

“Smart girl. Talk to me.”

“All I know is that you’re a fucking idiot if you think I’m dumb enough to fall for this shit. Like I told you before I don’t know anything. He owns a club and that’s it.”

“So you’re willing to go down for this punk?”

“Go down with what? I’m not answering anymore of your questions unless I have my lawyer in this room.” I said and he laughed while standing up.

I know this nigga felt stupid. I’m a lot of things but stupid is not one of them. If they evidence on me about anything I would have been arrested along with Ty no questions. No evidence no case. There is no evidence so these niggas don’t have shit on me. Even if they did I’m not stupid enough to open my mouth and snitch on my baby father when they’ll be locking me up anyway. That would make no damn sense. Stupid asses.

“So I’m free to go or nah?”

“You can go. We’re watching you though.” He said and I got up from my chair while fixing my top.

“I hope you enjoy the view.” I gave him a small smile before walking out of the room while shaking my head. Dumb ass nigga.


“This is some bullshit.” I said after my lawyer told me everything about this dumb ass case. “So I have no bail?”

“Right now? No you don’t. There is a big possibility you won’t be getting one.”

“Why the fuck not?”

“They are trying to take you two down. They are trying to say you two are the biggest drug dealers Miami has ever seen. Do you really think they are going to let you slip right from under them? No they’re not going to make this easy at all.”

“We can’t be in here man. We got kids to raise.” I said with my head in my hands.

How was I supposed to explain to my son I might be gone for a couple of years? I’m already missing days with him as it is and now this bullshit is going down.

“I know you do. You know we’re going to do our best to fight this. I’ll tell you this much think while you’re in here. Make a decision on your life and how you’re going to live when you get out.”

“I got you. You spoke to Jaela?”

“Yeah she’s here. Talking about she’s not leaving until she speaks to you. I’m trying to make it happen. Give me a few minutes alright.”

“Aight I got you.” She nodded then walked out the room.

I was sitting there for a couple of minutes just thinking about how the fuck I got myself in this dumb ass position. I don’t even know how they got to my ass, I still haven’t spoken to Ty these niggas didn’t want us together. I’m guessing they thought it would be better to keep us separated to see if one of us would snitch on each other.

I know he was losing it. With today being Drea’s anniversary he was already in a fucked up head space but now he’s in this shit because of me. This whole situation was messed up. Now I might be away from my son for a long ass time just because I was being stupid.

My thought was cut off by the sound of the door closing. Looking up I saw Jaela standing right there. The look on her face was unreadable. I could tell she wasn’t happy but she didn’t look completely pissed off either.

She just stood there looking at me for a little while before she came over and threw her arms around me. Exhaling I put my arms around her waist holding her close to me. “I’m sorry Jae.” I said in her ear.

“Aye no touching!” We heard an officer yell.

“Shut the hell up.” She spat at him before letting me go and sitting down.

“You alright?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“Nope but I’m holding It together. How could you be so stupid?”

“I wish I could answer that for you but I can’t.”

“She said you’re looking at a couple of years.”

“I know that. I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing. You know how you got in here right?”

“I got caught with shit in my car.” I said with a shrug.

“Yes, but Trishelle got you in here. She’s a cop.” When she said that I wanted to throw the chair I was sitting in clear across the room.

“Are you fucking serious?”

“I’m dead serious. This is why I tell you to watch who you got around you. Chill out don’t lose your mind and get charged with some other shit.”

“This is bullshit man.”

“I know that just calm down. Look at me Maurice.” I looked at her and she gave me a little smile. “Everything is going to be fine alright. Don’t let this shit make you lose it in here. You got too much to come back too.”

“I know, but I got Ty caught up in this shit too.”

“You didn’t get Ty caught up in shit. Whatever they got him for was on him. Both of you are grown ass men so therefore can’t nobody get you into shit you don’t let them. Don’t worry about anything I got you.”

“You got me? You gon hold me down?”

“Do you really have to ask? Anything you need don’t hesitate to tell me what it is. I got your back. You and Ty I’m not dipping out I’m not moving on I got you. That’s it.”

“I’m marrying you when I get out of here ma.” I said and she laughed.

“Just focus on dealing with this shit. We’ll talk about that another time.”

We sat there talking for a little while until the officer told us her time was up. “Call me as soon as you can get to a phone alright.” She said and I nodded.

“I know trust me.”

“Good. Write me too. I want to know everything Maurice I’m not playing.”

“Alright I will. Kiss Christian for me.”

“I am. I’ll come back as soon as I can.” I gave her a hug and she walked out the door.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it to myself I knew I was going to be in here for a good minute. I’m just grateful she’s holding me down out there. I knew she was going to make sure everything was good.