biggest complainer

tbh if there simply had to be romantic relationships in HoO then jasiper would’ve been enough….. like… that’s it..,,.. there really wasn’t a single reason there needed to be more…… like everything else was so Extra ??? and it would’ve cleared the story of its matchmaking preoccupations and the seven’s dynamic could’ve been given the attention and substance it deserves ???? but no ????

i hate it when people criticise touken because touka is too violent towards kaneki while conveniently forgetting the things that kaneki has done to hurt her as well  

At the End of the Day

Warnings: None
Words: 1,170
Summary: Dan had been waiting for months to finally meet the person he had started considering his best friend. Skype conversations just weren’t enough anymore and he was craving the real thing. He just hoped that he hadn’t read Phil’s flirting in the wrong way. 

A/N: A quick oneshot for Day 2 of Phan Week 2015 for the SFW prompt “2009 Phan”. 

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Dan looked around, hardly able to believe that he was actually here. He had seen this room hundreds of times in videos but he had never imagined that he would actually get the opportunity to see it for himself and actually be invited in. Then again, Dan had been in disbelief over everything that happened after Phil had actually acknowledged him on Twitter. He had no idea how he had gone from watching all of AmazingPhil’s videos and trying to leave a comment on all of them to actually being in Phil’s room but he wasn’t about to complain.

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I think it is very telling that the biggest issues mras can complain about boil down to

“But I don’t like being called out when I’m a racist/misogynistic/queer hating/transmisogynistic dickwad”

Followed closely by

“Women can do mean things sometimes too.”

Like, okay dude. Go have your pity party. I'mma going over here to like work on solutions to try to keep people from being killed and their basic humanity stripped away.

You do you tho.

kdrama women’s week day 3

Favorite Body of work: Park Shin Hye

I know a lot of people really don’t like Park Shin Hye, and I’ve never been able to figure out why. The biggest complain I see is her kiss scenes, but like, a lot of her characters are shy and inexperienced, not to mention she has little control over the direction of the scene, and the existence of Pinocchio proves that she is able to film passionate kiss scenes, but whatever.

Flower Boy Next Door was the first drama that I really fell in love with, and Park Shin Hye has a special place in my heart. She always has amazing chemistry with her co stars, and every drama she’s ever been in has been a good experience for me, except You’re Beautiful but Go Mi Nam was absolutely not my problem with that show. 

Happy Wednesday!

Aries on a Wednesday: Feels like a Tuesday to them and they have plenty of energy to keep going for the rest of the week.

Taurus on a Wednesday: Is hoping no one quotes that Camel commercial.

Gemini on a Wednesday: Cracking jokes to get through the day.

Cancer on a Wednesday: Needs an extra cup of coffee.

Leo on a Wednesday: Is the one screaming “Mike, Mike, Mike, Guess What Day it is….”

Virgo on a Wednesday: Just keeps to themselves and wants the day to be done.

Libra on a Wednesday: Is posting #wednesdaywisdom quotes everywhere.

Scorpio on a Wednesday: Just needs their space.

Sagittarius on a Wednesday: Is either the biggest complainer that day or trying to make it a Wednesday party.

Capricorn on a Wednesday: Feels like another day to them.

Aquarius on a Wednesday: Is bored out of their mind and just wants to get over the hump.

Pisces on a Wednesday: Has their brain turned off.

Things I need more of in my life:
  • Joe Trohman
  • Joseph Mark Trohman
  • Marie Goble’s husband
  • Ruby Trohman’s dad
  • The lead guitarist of Fall Out Boy
  • The biggest complainer in Fall Out Boy
  • The lead vocalist and guitarist of With Knives
  • The man with a Viva Hate Tattoo on his stomach
  • The guitarist for heavy metal supergroup The Damned Things
  • Joe Tro with the fro
  • Louis, like the sun god, Trohman’s owner
  • The man with the lisp
  • telecasterfucker69
  • Joesus Christ
  • The literal sun of my existence 

don’t get me wrong, i’m excited that we’ll finally have a female superhero with (more or less) superpowers in the mcu (outside of the shows) 

but, c’mon, she’s featured. the biggest complain was that the wasp didn’t get her own movie, and now they postponed an actual, the first female lead movie for having another movie that features a female superhero. 

now, everyone of the original avengers (by title anyhow; ant man) has their own featured length film except the wasp.

this is such a big fuck you at everyone who wants a female superhero in the movies. a big fuck you fuck you fuck you.

the movie isn’t her own movie, she’s literally second lead. it’s not even “the wasp and ant-man”, no, it’s “ant man and the wasp”. she’s second. this movie, that is supposed to help female representation, postponed another, the first female lead movie. 

although being excited to finally have a female superhero with superpowers in the mcu movies, but for fuck’s sake, come on

I know everyone is going up against the enemies that pushed them past their limits and made them stronger, but can we talk about how Erza’s going up against three of the biggest things that people complain about her?

Ikaruga: When Erza first used her standard bandage top/flame pants armor

Azuma: Nakama power BS

Kyouka: “Because she’s Erza”