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@lbardugo so my little sister and i want to adopt these kittens. i would name the gray one Nikolai because he has a playful and outgoing personality and she would name the black one Kaz because he just seems like a Kaz. we just have to convince our dad (who is a HUGE fan of your books), fingers crossed that he says yes!

No one can convince me:

  • That Yuri Plisetsky is not the biggest Grumpy Cat fan in the world.
  • That Yuri did not buy all the Grumpy Cat merch.

  • That Yuri hasn’t tried on multiple occasions to buy the feline from her owners.

  • That he did not buy a Ragdoll all because it was the closest breed of feline that looked like Grumpy Cat.

Yuri Plisetsky is secretly a die-hard Grumpy Cat fan and no one will convince me otherwise.

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So, what do the old and new champions + Zelda think of cats?


- animal enthusiast

- he’d open up his own animal shelter if he could

- anyways he loves them


- she considers them regal

- not really happy about all the fur, though

- she likes the company when she’s reading. the purring is very relaxing


- respects them because they maneuver through the sand with ease

- might even alter her fighting style to be as sleek and raw as a cat

- cats become a symbol of good luck among the gerudo and have their own statues erected


- thinks they’re cute, but nobody beats her patricia

- likes how cool and seductive they are

- as an adult, she builds her persona surrounding that ‘cool and seductive’ trait


- so cute!! he likes petting them for therapeutic reasons but he’s afraid of hurting them

- he loves to show them to the kids, but cats can’t live, uh, near a volcano so he shows them in pictures

- he thinks they’re neat


- he, too, is afraid of hurting the kitty

- but he loves them he wants one so bad omg pls let him have one

- him and his cat are bffs. its always on his shoulder. he also tied a bandana around it’s neck 


- not the biggest fan. cats love to chase his tail feathers and biting his leg

- he’s got scratches and bite marks all over him

- they grow on him though, and nobody better hurt his babies


- doesn’t really care for them but his son loves them so he gladly adopted a cat into the family

- also enjoys fishing for the cat! he now has a new hobby

- when its just him and the cat, he enjoys chillin’ with em. he likes how calm and independent they are


- um she’s…not comfortable around them

- they bit her once and she believes they’re just waiting for her to sleep to devour her

- pls keep them away from her


- thinks they’re cute and amusing

- honestly he doesn’t mind the biting because he barely feels it

- they’re kind of scared of him especially because of his big, sharp teethers

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Grape (JVR)

Requested by @carey-pricemas Thank you so much for your support! I hope you like it. 

Has not been edited. I don’t think there are any warnings needed. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Feel free to request

You were bored. There’s nothing for me to entertain myself. You thought despairingly. You had no new books, nothing was on tv, netflix didn’t appeal, and your boyfriend James was preoccupied with the basketball game that was on. This called for drastic measures.

“Hello James,” You said as you dramatically swept your blanket around you. James raised an eyebrow but otherwise didn’t say anything.You entered the room the rest of the way, your blanket cape still trailing behind you. “Do you like my cape?” You twirled around again for demonstration.

“Yes. In fact, it looks like the comforter from our bed.”

You looked down at yourself as if in confusion. “Why yes, yes it does. What a coincidence.” You smiled angelically at him as you stood in front of the tv, blocking his view of whatever game was currently playing.

“Y/N.” James gave you a look. “Could you move?”

“I’m sure I have the ability to move from my current position. However, I find it suits me just fine at the current moment.” You smiled internally as you saw frustration creep up on his features.

“Allow me to rephrase. Will you kindly remove yourself from in front of the tv please?”

“Sure!” You plopped yourself down into his lap and spread the blanket around the two of you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his chin on top of your head. “James…”

He sighed and paused the tv. “What’s wrong babe?”

“I’m bored. And lonely.”

“I’m here! We can go do something if you’re really that bored.”

“But not always. I’m bored all the time. I finished school and I work from home. I’m always here. And when you’re home it’s great, but you are gone a lot. And I understand it’s your job. I fully support you! Don’t misunderstand me. It just gets…boring and lonely sometimes.”

“I’m sorry.” James pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “I wish you would have told me sooner. How about we finish the game and then we can go do what you want?”

“Ok! Which team are you rooting for?”


After the game ended you and James headed towards the local humane society. You tried to put in a few volunteer hours a week, they always needed help and you loved playing with the animals.

“Hi Y/N. Hi James!” The receptionist greeted. “Here to put in some play hours?”

“You know it! How’s Grape?” Grape was your sweetie. A rescue lab that just melted you with his eyes.

“He got adopted two days ago. A nice family with two kids. I think he’ll really be loved there.”

“Aww! I’m going to miss him. But I’m so excited because that means more room here and a new start for him.”

The receptionist smiled. “So are you playing with cats or dogs?”

“James isn’t the biggest fan of cats, so I think we’re going to do dogs today.” You glanced back at your boyfriend to see his face still obscured by the giant bags of dog and cat food you made him stop to pick up. “Oh! And we brought some food!”

Once your food donations were taken the two of you were escorted down into  the big concrete room where the animals that had been socialized played.

“Hi babies!’ You kneeled down and was immediately swarmed by wagging tails and puppy kisses. James was being jumped on because he had yet to get down on their level. “Where’s the ball, huh? Where’s it at?” You quickly swiped the red squeaky ball from the floor and tossed it. A mad scrabble took place as they all attempted to reach the ball.

“So you come here a lot?”

“Yeah! Especially when you’re gone. They need help and the animals just want some love. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.” You answered as you leaned down to scratch behind a puppy’s ear.

James tossed the ball a few more times while you cuddled with less active ones…and the ones who’s attention span was too short to keep focused on one task. The two hour volunteer period passed quickly and you stood up to head out.

“Bye babies. I’ll see you soon!” James made sure the door was closed behind you as you headed back down towards the hallway.

As the two of you washed your hands and again made small talk with the receptionist a familiar dog was led through from the exam rooms.

“Grape?” You questioned. “I thought you were adopted…?” You looked at the lady for answers as you kneeled down and rubbed the two year-old lab down.

“He got returned about 20 minutes ago. Their youngest is allergic.”

“Oh no!” Your heart broke for him. This was the third time his “forever home” had given him back.

“He only has two days left until he reaches the max boarding and we have to euthanize him!”

“No!” You cried, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Oh no baby. What are we going to do?” You cooed into Grape’s ear.

“We’ll take him.” You heard James say.

Your head whipped around to look at him. “What?” Came your breathless question.

“We’ll adopt him. You obviously adore him…and the feeling appears to be mutual. He can be your friend and protector when I’m gone. And he doesn’t get out down. It’s a win on all accounts.”

“Are you serious?” You managed to choke out.

“Heck yeah. We have plenty of room and yard for him to run around in.” He turned to the receptionist. “What papers do we need to sign?”

10 minutes later papers were signed and Grape was officially yours. You lead him by his leash as he walked beside you with a pep in his step. James had his arm wrapped around your waist as you headed for your house two blocks away.

“Thank you James. Really this means so much to me. I can’t believe you just decided that we could get a dog!”

He chuckled a little and pulled you tighter into his side. “I’m surprised our house isn’t full of animals by now. Consider this your reward for good behavior. Besides, it must have been fate that we were there when he came back.”

“Seriously, James. Thank you.”

He stopped and turned you to face him. “Y/N. I love you. I would do anything to make you happy. A dog that we both love and that will keep you happy when I’m gone isn’t exactly a sacrifice.”

You kissed him gently on the lips. “You’re still getting laid tonight.”

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Happy Birthday Armin!

Since it has been the year of the headcanons, please enjoy some headcanons for our sweet baby coconut! (Note: I’m going to try to make them applicable to any universe, but some will end up strictly canon or modern au.)

  • Armin is the friend who will remember every embarrassing thing you’ve ever said or done, but will only use it to joke around with you, not hurt you. (However, he could hurt you if he wanted, and that will hang over your head even if you know he’d never do that.)
  • He always wins at game night. No matter the game.
  • He’s laugh is contagious. 
  • He loves to plan really elaborate pranks, and execute them. He also gets really anxious/angry when they don’t go as planned.
  • Armin can be super sarcastic when he wants to. He’s most sarcastic at night and in the morning, or when he’s been studying/working for too long. 
  • He is very self-conscious about the fact that he isn’t very athletic, and is often seen as physically weak. He would often put in extra hours during cadet training to try to build more endurance or muscle. He’d go to Reiner for strength training, Bertholdt for stamina, Marco for physical combat, Jean for 3DMG mastery. Armin hates being seen as weak or a burden, and worked really hard to try to be more athletic. And while he was no Hercules by the end of training, he had made significant progress he could be proud of.

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A Sprinkle of Rain with a Dash of Love

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You were convinced you controlled the weather. Since spring started everything had been fine and dandy. The sun shone bright, flowers bloomed and even birds chirped by your bedroom window. And then Sunday striked, the epitome of a bad day and the entirety of D.C had decided to mourn with you.

Rain storm after rainstorm and even when there was a sliver of sunlight there was at least a bit shower.

Just like now.

You stood under the feeble asbestos sheet that covered the roof, the smell of dead rotting flesh filling the air. The smell should have bothered you but 6 years of working at NCIS had strengthened your tolerance. It however had not had the same effect on McGee who was puking in the bushes behind the house. You’d taken this time to wallow in self pity, ponder upon your impending infertility and whether there was such thing as a dog lady because you weren’t exactly the biggest fan of cats.

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As Time Goes By

I wrote this in a rush, so IDK how much sense it makes. All mistakes are mine.

If you’re curious, I listened to the song ‘Superman’ by Rachel Platten while writing this. It’s very SuperCat.

I wrote this in response to my own question that I posted earlier: What are the odds of Cat winning Kara’s affections before James pulls his head out of his ass?

Canonically I’d say those odds are very low. Here, though? …

Since that first night on the balcony after the red kryptonite left her body, Kara has returned every night for solace and advice. To talk, or just sit in silence with someone who, by some miracle, still wants her around.

They spend hours out there some nights, when Carter’s with his dad. The boy hasn’t been able to forgive his former idol, but Cat shares some things from her meetings with Supergirl, things that aren’t too private or too dark for him, hoping one day to bring him back around to her side. She hopes one day she’ll be able to bring the CatCo brand back around as well, but as of now that’s out of the question.

Kara doesn’t have much else to occupy her time these days. She’s taken a step back from helping with the everyday emergencies of city life, waiting instead to intervene only when aliens or natural disasters or another nuclear weapon threaten their lives.

J’onn convinced Alex to hide the fact that she knew about his secret identity, meaning she’s become the acting head of the DEO, at least until someone higher up appoints a General Lane-type to run the organization. And because Alex is so convinced that everything Kara said to her that night at the apartment was true – despite Kara’s continued insistence that she hasn’t thought most of those things since they were kids, and the rest had only been invented by her red kryptonite addled brain simply because she knew they would hurt her – Alex remained adamant in working through all of the problems that that night had dredged up. And Kara’s mostly fine with that, because it’s probably true that there are things in their relationship that they can work on, as is the case with most relationships.

But now Alex refuses to call on Supergirl for help unless the situation absolutely demands it; both because most of the agents no longer trust the superhero and also because she doesn’t want to come across as controlling. So, seeing as how the DEO managed just fine for decades before Supergirl hit the scene, there really hasn’t been much for her to do.

And to top it all off, she has no idea how to talk to her sister anymore. She’s afraid anything she says could further the rift between them.

James is barely speaking to her beyond work stuff, and Winn is still seeing Siobhan on the regular; of course she demanded that he stay away from her, and Kara will admit she’s more than a little hurt he agreed. Out of all the damage she caused that week, Siobhan and Winn were at the very bottom of the list.

Still, Kara hates that she’s managed to push everyone closest to her so far away, and she has no idea how to get any of them back.

Everyone, that is, except for Cat.

Cat, whom she hurt probably worse than anyone that week – just tossed this woman with acrophobia, which no amount of cliff jumping could completely rid her of, off the fortieth floor of a building – who managed to forgive her implicitly, and who actively encourages her continued presence, in the very place Kara had betrayed her so horribly no less.

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okay, so we can all agree that Kent Parson has a blog dedicated to himself. and Ransom, as his biggest fan, probably also has one

i am not saying that they fall in love over the internet, but that is totally what I am saying