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one direction may be a boyband that’s a product of a casting show but they never wanted to be the “stereotypical” boyband who has perfect dance routines for every song and makes bubblegum pop music about being with the perfect girl for as long as they exist and that’s….. sort of refreshing?? they wanted to do something new, they were able to take control over their career, about their stage presence, they got involved in songwriting, they played their own instruments on stage and yet people look down on them simply because they’re a bunch of good-looking guys who can sing. one direction is so much more than your average boyband and it’s really fucking frustrating that after almost 7 years people still refuse to acknowledge that. one direction wrote history. in 50 years people are gonna talk about them the way people nowadays talk about the beatles. teens are gonna post pictures of them and complain that they were born in the wrong generation. one direction is one of the biggest bands that ever existed while simultaneously being one of the most underrated bands that ever existed.

Danny Jones is the cover star of Candid Magazine Issue 15

Danny Jones makes up a quarter of one of the biggest boy bands ever: McFly. They have released five studio albums, and their Anthology Tour last year was completely sold out.

“Taking a sidestep from music, Danny appears on-screen as one of three coaches (with and Pixie Lott) on ITV’s The Voice Kids. In the new issue, Danny talks about his latest venture and what it’s been like to be in one of Britain’s most-renowned bands since he was a teenager. He defines what modern luxury means to him – and it’s not what you would think; he also let’s us in on what the worst parts of his job are and dishes out his top tips for a weekend in the City of Angels.”

photographed by Darren Black

Bittersweet Generation ~ Austria

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Information: So this is what I’ve been promoting all week. Just like Paid to be Popular you’re gonna have to vote for your favourite pairs. Every boy is going to end up with a member of Bittersweet Generation. I am looking forward to seeing who you’ll root for.

Tell me who you’re rooting for here

Description: Four band members all hopelessly in love with the lead singer for their opening act. If they just could see clearly to find out what was really going on on tour. 

((sorry i suck a summaries, pls read))

The boys stormed into Bittersweet Generation’s dressing room, holding up champagne to celebrate the first show of the European leg. Ashton was calmly chanting “AUSTRIA! AUSTRIA!” before stopping and giggling. Calum and Luke had already a beer in their hand while walking around the dressing room. Y/N and the three others were sitting around trying to get some writing done with an acoustic guitar. The girls didn’t even remember how they got on tour with one of the biggest bands ever. 

They all sat staring at each other, knowing that they couldn’t get any more writing done, when they thought about the whole crazy scenario.

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harry and louis trying to put together something they bought at IKEA:

“listen harold, you might be able to hold 86 things in your giant paws at once but it’s not helping us screw this bolt in this beam just hand it over”

“well, lewis, if you read the instructions you would know that it has to go into this beam, not that one, so my giant paws aren’t the problem”

“okay, okay new plan, we’re the dream team yeah? we can do this. we’re part of one the biggest bands ever, we’ve traveled the world, we can do this haz”

“yeah, alright. we can do anything together. so let’s start from this end? looks simple enough”

“the whole thing said it was simple, they lied, harry. do we really want to buy the bassinet for our child from a company that lies to us about the simplicity of the set up?”

louis. it’s got an 100% safety rating, if we have to stay up all night building this crib for our baby, then by god we will

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What bothers me about Louis is why is he going for a "poor me the least talented one who doesn't want to go solo but does anyway" promo tactic?I see it's working for his fans but to me it just makes me like him less.I can't pity him he can't sing and yet he is a millionaire who was in one of the biggest bands ever.He's privileged as fuck and gets amazing solo opportunities many only dream about and he's asking for us to feel sorry for him?Apart from what happened to his mom,that'll never happen.

I know, I completely agree with you!! But if it works for him and his fans good for them I guess 🤥


part 1 of like a fool; the first night

T’was the first night of London Fashion Week, and the whole city was buzzing. I tried to stay lively, but it was hard when your friend left you at an afterparty full of A-listers. Sure, some websites claimed I was fast approaching that list but for the time being I felt like I didn’t fit into this sort of events. Maybe it was the obvious age gap between most guests, or the fact I was actually allowed to drink here. Regardless, I wasn’t having much fun, and that called for another vodka cran.

You seriously suck, I typed out quickly into my phone before hitting send. Haley, the friend whom had ditched me cause of her constant yawning and nerves of tomorrow being her first runway show, was quick to reply.

You’ll forgive me soon enough. She replied back, much too confidently I must say. She wasn’t the one looking like a total loner at the bar.

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The biggest Big Band that ever Big Banded together to do Big Band songs.

So many moves used besides the trumpet.

EDIT: and go like that video on the Youtube page while you’re at it if possible. SKT could use more appreciation.

And the song itself is Bugler’s Holiday

Breakeven (II)

Author: Megs

Warnings: None 

About: Luke (Part I) 

Two weeks later, the boys were in Melbourne waiting for the opening act to kick off that night’s show. Little did Luke know that sitting second row right near the catwalk was none other than his former flame.  And well, she was sitting with her arms crossed, fuming that her friend dragged her all the way out to Australia just so she would suffer through her ex’s concert. Colleen told her that they were taking a girl’s retreat to take her mind off all the troubles that plagued her back home. What she did not know was that the whole trip was devised between her and Ashton in order to try and get the two to at least discuss what happened around the time of the breakup. Hence how Y/N and Colleen ended up second row at the opening night of 5sos’ world tour. And little did you know that one of the songs they were going to perform that night was song that was written about your relationship, as in every aspect of your relationship. Of course the fans did not know this fact, otherwise they would have been all over it like Calum and dogs.

When you first broke up with Luke, he was crestfallen and did not know exactly how to channel all the emotions that were coursing through his body as soon as you ended the phone call. Being a musician and all, it was only natural for him to break out his trusted guitar (the one that you gave him for your two year anniversary), notepad, and pen to put his emotions on paper to transform it into a song.

“You were more than I deserved.” No matter how many times you would reassure him, Luke always believed in the back of his mind that you were too good for him. Why would you, a drop dead gorgeous person inside and out who had a stable future and could have chosen anyone of the boys who basically grovelled at your feet, choose him. A boy with an uncertain future as a rock star, who spent 90% of the time away from home and you, and who could never give you everything that you deserved in life. And yet you did, you chose him over everyone else that he deemed more suitable and never looked back. It was an unsaid agreement between the two of you, but you both knew that it was the best relationship either of you had ever been in and you both thought that you found the one.

“I wanna get back to where it started” San Francisco. That’s where you and Luke first bumped into each other. You were running through the airport, late to pick up Colleen since she just flew in from Chicago. Luke on the other hand was having a casual stroll (if that’s what you call racing through the place flanked by security) with his best friends and a girl that Ashton befriended on the flight. Somehow, Ashton was able to convince security to take his new found friend to the hotel with them since her friend failed to show up to pick her up. After what felt like hours, You took a break from your frantic search of baggage claim to check your phone, only to discover that Colleen was not even at the airport anymore but in fact went to some guy’s hotel with his friends. Grumbling you rushed back to your car in hopes of making it to their hotel across the city before rush hour hit. Several hours of getting to know Ashton’s new friend, Colleen, Luke began to enjoy her presence. Especially after her best friend (You of course) came flying into the pool area in a tornado of apologizes, yelling, and general - well- youness. Within thirty minutes of tornado Y/N hitting, Luke had managed to obtain your number and a beautiful friendship (that would later evolve into something much greater) had taken root.

“Never thought that it would end” Both of you were convinced that you had found “the one.” In fact, Luke was scheduled to meet with a jeweler the next week. Every person who knew the true facts about your relationship were also convinced that you two would be the first married couple of 5sos. Hell, even the fans were making bets and wagers as to when you would be spotted with a ring on your left hand or when both you and Luke would be spotted with matching rings on the left hand. Sadly, that was before you called one night in tears and proclaimed that it wasn’t working and that you wanted to break up. Before Luke’s entire world came crashing down at his feet without any chance of being repaired.

When Luke first wrote that song about you and the break up, he never imagined that it would make it onto the album. And most certainly never in his wildest dreams would he believe that the song would become a fan favorite or make it onto the setlist for their upcoming world tour.

Opening night. After months of constant planning, double checking, and triple checking every minuscule detail of the seven month tour, it was finally here. In a matter of hours Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton would walk out onto the stage with instruments in hand (or in Ashton’s case, drumsticks) and play one of the biggest shows in Australia that they ever had. But little did he know that when he walked out in the catwalk at any point in the 90 minute set, sitting just slightly to the left was the person who caused one of the biggest song the band had ever produced to be in existence. As well as the person who was responsible for you to be at the concert in the first place, along with her accomplice sitting just behind him keeping the beat and rhythm of each song. And little did he know that you had no intention of being there and would leave at the first possible moment. Little did he know that this night would become a pivotal moment in his life, changing it for either the better or for worse. 

I’ve been dying to write Famous!Peeta, so I decided to try writing a drabble. It got longer than expected.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Katniss glared at the parking attendant’s outstretched hand.She couldn’t believe she had to pay $10.

To park her car.

At a venue that had already swallowed up almost $300 fromher bank account.

And what about those extra bullshit fees that were tackedonto the cost of the concert tickets? Where did those dollars go? Apparently not to parking.

Katniss took a deep breath. She would not yell at this nice man. It was not his fault that she was hemorrhaging money just to see a boy band she had zero interest in. It was not his fault that her boss, Effie Trinket, had kept her an hour late, preventing her from arriving with Annie and Prim. (And apparently saving $10.) It was not his fault that she was exhausted and overworked and starving because she hadn’t had time to stop for dinner and that all she wanted was one night of not worrying, one night where her sister was happy and smiling and she could turn off her brain even if she had to listen to crappy music to do it.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.

And this nice man was just doing his job.

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How much would you bet on the boys sitting together watching the clock waiting for it to show midnight in Australia and once it’s time they all jump up into the biggest band hug ever and start jumping up and down cause their first ever album is out in their home country for people to listen to the thing they’ve worked so hard for I’m v emotional right now


Let it all be…


I am a MAJOR Band Geek. I am possibly the biggest Band Geek you will ever meet which is why people think I’m wired. Will I fall in love with someone in Band Class or Marching Band and them also fall in love with me? I want to have a Band Boyfriend becuase Band Boys are extremly nice and I think they are cute. Can you also give me some Band advice?



In a recent interview with popular U.K. television program Chatty Man, 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin told host Alan Carr that their label, Capitol Records, calls them “the biggest band that no one’s ever heard of.” He’s only slightly joking, but the sentiment is there: Success, in 2015, doesn’t necessarily mean visibility — or, at the very least, it doesn’t guarantee visibility in the way it used to. Acts with the largest fan bases are able to foster and sustain them without bombarding us in our everyday lives. Some of these acts are sought out: You have to almost earn your love for their music.

BigBang are arguably the biggest boy band in the world after One Direction, though there’s a high probability they’re unfamiliar to you. New York is lucky enough to find itself a city steeped in diversity, so you don’t have to look to far to find traces of them. But for most of the western world, they are, in fact, the biggest band that no one’s ever heard of.

At the first night of their two-day sold-out stint at the Prudential Center, the very same arena both Stevie Wonder and the Weeknd would play days later, the magnitude of their status went all but unnoticed. The arena was littered with bright, glowing crowns (their fans are referred to as VIPs, the illuminated yellow-gold headwear confirming their status). Like any show or act predicated on a loyal, diehard fan base, the moment the lights dimmed, tears were shed. Justifiably so: It’s been three years since the boys — G-Dragon, T.O.P., Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung — last graced us with their presence in or around New York City, and everyone was ready.

This summer, BigBang had eight singles chart, including their namesake track “Bang Bang Bang,” the intimate “Sober” and “Loser,” the One Direction-leaning “We Like 2 Party,” the melancholic “Let’s Not Fall In Love” (Billboard sites its T.O.P. and G-Dragon vocal performances for it’s success, the pair usually rap and fall into the definitive “bad boy” member description). In the same few month period, the boy band scored three No. 1s on the World Digital Songs chart. Their YouTube videos have hundreds of millions of views. When they fly anywhere, they’re met with a stampede of fans both at the airport and awaiting them at their hotel. They are, in a phrase, rock stars.

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