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all of the mm characters having a bigg crush on a dense mc?? that zen one was super cute, how would the others react? (*whispers* i love your blog)

i love you anon and ofc u can have this

Yoosung Kim:

  • doesn’t really know what to do since you’re dense and he’s just confused
  • probably drops some hints about him liking you, but it just goes over your head and he gets upset about it
  • he asks more questions about you so he can know you more than he already does

707/Luciel Choi:

  • he’s not really confused on what to do since he has a couple of ideas in his mind
  • does hints that make is so obvious that everyone gets it except you and it doesn’t really affect him too much
  • he eventually just straight up tells you he likes you so you know

Jumin Han:

  • he acts like he knows what his doing, but dont be fooled, he he has no idea what to do and how to act
  • his pretty much just dropping hints hoping you’ll get the point, but it all goes over your head
  • he wants to know so much more about you and calls you a lot more

Jaehee Kang:

  • she has a couple of ideas in her mind for what to do to let you know, but she doesn’t know if she’ll act on them
  • she drops a couple hints here and there, but not too much since she still wants you to find out for yourself
  • she calls you a lot more and texts you a lot more

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A chuckle rumbles the larger skeleton, his stomach jiggling with the action as his grin only grew. He had to admit, he liked this guy already, despite the uncertainty of whether or not he looked ready to beat the shit out of Biggs at a moment’s notice.

“Y’don’t say. Well, I’ll be sure t’ keep an eye out. Gotta be hard t’ miss such eye candy, ey? Although, I do happen t’ be lookin’ at somethin’ pretty sweet right here.”

Oh yes. He really liked this one.

“I’m sure y’can figure out my real name honey, but most call me Biggs now. T’ differentiate.” His tone never change from a flirtatious casualness. His eye closed for a moment, hands coming up to lace behind his head. “Y’got a name, hon bun? Or am I callin’ ya th’ usual?”


gems and their gemstones

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[the Yellow Diamond fan art]