For Camp, For You - Requested (Calum)

Hey! This was requested by niallars (Can you please do camp counselor calum where you two both are counselors and meet and always flirt/tease then start getting closer and always sneaking away to see each other) ENJOY!!!

‘So’ you huff, trying to catch your breath, ‘You looking forward for tomorrow?’ you question, shuffling further away from Calum and pulling the thin white sheet up under your chin. He rolls his head on the pillow to look to you as he hums, ‘Sure am’ he speaks, his voice rough from the work out which makes you smile, you let your eyes hold his deep brown ones for a while, not wanting to look away.

Whenever you’re with Calum it’s like a whole different world, you don’t know the day, the time, you don’t care where you are, what you’re supposed to be doing, you forget everything. Everything but him. His lips tug up as he lets out a soft chuckle. ‘I can’t believe we still do this’ he tells you, his voice now just a rough whisper which makes your heart melt.

‘What can I say, camp is camp’ you shrug making him smile, he rolls his head so he is looking to the ceiling again, but you don’t look away, letting your eyes drift over his jaw, his lips, his nose, the perfection that is Calum Hood. He smiles up, not looking to you but clearly feeling your watch as he pulls his arm up as a gesture for you to snuggle into him. You smile as you shuffle back over until your head is on his bare chest, his arm comes down around you, his fingertips tickling your back and you close your eyes.

‘So how’s life going?’ he questions, you hum and notice his tummy tenses as you do, ‘Its fine’ you tell him. It’s quiet for a moment, you enjoy just being with him, ‘I heard about your Auntie’ he tells you, you feel your chest tighten, and sigh as softly as possible to not show him your annoyance. ‘Yep’ you nod a little. ‘How are you doing?’ you don’t answer his question, instead, you push yourself up, making sure your back is to him as you shuffle off the bed and quickly try and get your clothes. ‘I’m gonna get back to my room before I fall asleep’ you tell him while pulling on your jeans, you hear him shuffle on the bed.

‘(Y/N) I’m sorry….we don’t have to talk about it’ he sighs, you glance over your shoulder as you zip up your jeans, he has moved so he is reaching over for you, you sigh looking away before squeezing your eyes closed. ‘I’ll see you in the morning’ you tell him, grabbing your top and pulling it on while walking to the door, you open it and walk out, sighing as the nights breeze blows over you.

God you’ve missed Calum.

Your hand is still resting on the door handle after closing it but without thinking about it your turning it again, until it clicks and you swing it open, spinning around and smiling, ‘Let’s go to the kitchen’ you smile, he laughs a little, scrambling off the bed and grabbing his jeans, he doesn’t even zip them before grabbing his shirt and shoving his feet in his flip flops, rushing as though scared you will rush off again. He moves over to you, shirt in hand and you let him walk out in front as you close the door quietly behind you. When you turn you have a view of his back muscles moving as he pulls on his shirt, his fingers moving to his zip as you reach his side and you both head for the kitchen.


‘COME ON MAXINE!’ you cheer loud when you see Maxine come round the corner first, the rest of your group start cheering and screams of support, ‘THATS IT JOEL’ your eyes snap from Maxine to Calum, on your left he is standing at the front of his group like you, his cheer sets off his team, and it quickly becomes a chant off as the teams try to get louder than the other. When Calum’s eyes flick over your team, they move past yours making you smile, before flicking back, he wiggles his eyebrows making you laugh.

Your team screams and shouts when Maxine reaches the finish line, all twenty of them going crazy making you laugh. You feel hands on your shoulders from behind and turn to see Justin jumping up in celebration, you laugh. Turning to see Joel finish, his team cheer and you point over, getting your teams attention on him and you all clap, some calls of support.

‘OKAY’ you call over all the chatter and cheering, ‘THE KRIPOS WIN MAKES IT A DRAW’ you call, everyone whops and you smile knowing what is coming, ‘ITS UP TO YOU GUYS’ Calum shouts with a laugh, and you both know what is coming.

The tradition at camp Thickel is every year there are twenty groups, each group holding twenty kids, the groups are paired against each other and this year like last, and the year before your group, ‘The Kripos’ have been teamed against Calum’s group ‘The Kroniks’.

Everyday there is a topic, today being sports, and there are a number of tasks, most are team tasks but the sixth task of the day was a solo one. The winning group at the end of the day are awarded with one hundred points, and at the end of camp the winning team are crowned ‘Camp Thickel Winners of The Year’.

However if by the final task of the day the teams are drawing it’s down to the teams to decide who is to play the dead lock round, they either pick to play as a team, or to but the group leads up. Both yours and Calum’s teams this year have clicked on to the connection you have, and have wanted to get you on a dead lock round for the first two weeks but the opportunity has only arrived twice so far.

‘LEADER, LEADER, LEADER’ the forty kids start screaming making you laugh as you look to Calum, he shrugs holding up his hands to silence the kids, ‘Okay’ he speaks, ‘The dead lock round today is….’ He looks to you smiling, ‘Swimming the lake’ you announce. The kids cheer as you laugh.


You quietly close Calum’s door behind you, the lamp next to his bed the only light, and you notice he is asleep, the thought to leave him crosses your mind for only a second but then you’re on his bed, straddling his sleeping body. ‘Calum’ you whisper but he doesn’t move, you lean down, your chests pressed together, ‘Calum’ your next to his ear now and feel him move under you a little, a small hum coming out as you blow under his ear. You press your lips there, before moving them down a little, making your way to his jaw, his hands coming to hold your bum.

‘Oh Mrs Biggert’ he moans, you push yourself from his chest, smacking him once you see his face, ‘That’s disturbing’ you scold, thinking of Mrs Biggert that works in the kitchen like she has done every year you have been here. ‘I always think about Meredith Biggert at night’ he winks, you pull a face shaking your head, ‘Okay, you ruined it, I’m going bed’ you tease, moving as though your gonna leave but as anticipated his hands pull you to him, holding your legs at his sides. He sits up pressing his lips to yours in a peck but his forehead is on yours, ‘You’re not going anywhere’ he warns making you laugh as you push him down.

‘Week four over’ you tell him and he hums knowingly, making you smile a little, hoping the sadness don’t show through. ‘How are we still doing this?’ he questions making you laugh a little, you move off him, lying next to him instead.

‘We have spent every summer here for the last eight years’ you think back, smiling at the fond memories that flood you. ‘I remember the first year, we were in the same group’ he speaks and you laugh thinking back, ‘The Crockies, and Riley was the leader’ you remind him as he laughs, ‘We broke his glasses’ he laughs.

‘Aww that was terrible, and it wasn’t me, that was you and Westley’ you remind him but he groans, ‘You never took the blame for anything’ he moans making you gasp, ‘I never did anything wrong that’s why’ you defend, his head rolls to look at you, a raised eyebrow. ‘What?’ you squeal.

‘Okay well for a start there is Jessica’ he reminds you of the time when you were thirteen and you dropped her fave bracelet into the bonfire, ‘And Kurt’ he adds, reminding you when you tripped him and he fell in the egg and spoon race. ‘Plus Maisie’ he adds, and you groan, ‘Okay, she deserved it, the bitch’ you grumble making him laugh, ‘Why? Because she took the last slice of pizza the night before?’ he questions already knowing the answer.

‘I ASKED HER TO SAVE IT FOR ME’ you shout annoyed, be flips quickly, his hand over your mouth as he glares down at you, ‘Shut up gob’ he warns making you smile a little under his hand, you wiggle your eyebrows and he moves his hand back slowly, you smile a little, ‘Why don’t you keep me quiet?’ you challenge, he smirks shaking his head.

‘We have been sneaking off all summer since we were fifteen, five years later and your still annoying as hell’ he mutters before pressing his lips back to you.


You check yourself in the mirror again, wiping to make sure the tears weren’t noticeable. You have been trying to finish packing for half an hour but you just keep thinking of the night before, the one you shared with Calum, it was different, to you it was different, to Calum it was another last night but for you it was ‘The Last Night’, you knew you wouldn’t be doing it again, and you put your all into it….gave him everything you had. Last night wasn’t sex….it felt like you were making love, like really….just connected, your can’t explain it, the feeling you had, the pleasure, the….longing for that touch again. But you had waved Calum off thirty minutes ago with a number of other leaders as the last day of camp had quickly rolled up.

You open your bathroom door, grabbing a plastic bag full of dirty clothes from the floor and shoving it in your duffel, you move on to start folding your clothes. ‘So you weren’t gonna tell me’ he speaks, you spin around, looking him over, you feel your jaw drop a little. ‘Calum’ you gasp, ‘I…I thought you had gone’ you force out.

‘So you weren’t gonna tell me?’ he repeats, you’re not sure what he is talking about, at least, you hope your don’t know what he is talking about, but he looks pissed, angry, annoyed. ‘Tell you what?’ You question. ‘You know what’ he snaps.

‘I didn’t realise you would be bothered’ you shrug, causing him to scoff, ‘Are you serious, not bothered?’ he questions, his voice is harsh, the angry filling him. ‘So I would have what…found out next year when I don’t see you? Were you gonna lie if I asked? Not even warn me?’ he fires.

‘Calum we don’t do that’ you raise you voice over him, ‘We don’t talk about next year, or the future, we are camp’ you tell him but he shakes his head, ‘Fuck camp, you think I’m here for camp (Y/N)?’ he questions, his voice softening slightly, but not much.

‘I did six years as a kid here (Y/N), I’ve been a leader for three, everyone we knew, from out year they did a year, we are the last ones’ he goes on, ‘I’m not here for camp’.

‘You are, we are here because we want kids to have the experience we had’ you argue lamely.

‘STOP TELLING YOURSELF THAT’ he yells, he stares at you, his brown ones holding pain, which makes you swallow hard, fighting back tears. He shakes his head softly moving slowly over to you, he stops, so close you have to look up to see his eyes now.

‘If you’re not coming back next year’ he speaks but stops swallowing hard his Adams apple bobbing, ‘Then I might as well tell you’ he nods, you bit your lip feeling it tremble slightly as your eyes sting from the tears, his hand reaches up, his thumb resting on your chin and gently pulling your lip from between your teeth.

‘I love you, my last year would have been when I was sixteen if it wasn’t for you, when you told me you were doing the last year I begged my parents to pay for me to come one last time, then you told me you were doing group leader two years ago and I came again, and then last year and here I am….not for camp (Y/N), I’m here for you’ he sighs, his breath brushing your lips.

You reach up, but stop hesitant and he nudges forward slightly waiting for your response, you press your lips to his, moving together perfectly like they always have. His hand on your waist holding you tight to him.

‘Maybe it’s time for us to leave camp together’ you speak biting your lip slightly and he smiles nodding to you. ‘Well, I have some news’ he tells you softly, you narrow your eyes trying to read him but it doesn’t help. ‘I’m leaving Australia, I have a job in London, in fact my apartment is pretty close to you’ he smiles, you let out a small laugh. ‘I love you’

From Chelsea