She couldn’t recall the exact moment that it happened, when Sweet Pea stopped being her best friend, and became so much more than that. She didn’t know if it happened slowly, or all at once. All Aspen knew was that something had shifted between the pair and she hoped it never shifted back.


Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by ShikasClouds 2nd Channel :)



That’s quite the spirit, Shadow…! 


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Since a lot of people are talking about the Rakin/Bass Rudolph special (mainly because memes) I thought I would list a few fun facts about it.

*Johnny Marks, who wrote the original “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” song, also wrote the songs and score for the special.

*Producer of the special Arthur Rakin Jr. was able to make a deal with Johnny Marks to turn the song into a special because they happened to be neighbors.

*The voice of Hermey the Elf, Paul Soles was also the voice of Spider-Man in the 1967 cartoon series of the same name, thus making him the first actor to portray the web slinging hero.

*One question about the special often asked by viewers is what exactly made the girl doll a misfit as nothing appears to be wrong with her. According to producer Arthur Rankin Jr. “she had psychiatric problems.”

*Salt was used for some of the “splashing” effects (salt might have been also used for the snow but I’m not completely sure about this).

*While the Bumble appears gigantic in the special, the actual puppet used for him is around the same size as the rest of the characters. The reason why is creating a larger puppet that would be in scale with the regular characters would be too complex and too expensive to do. Thus whenever the rest of the characters are seen with Bumble on screen, smaller, less detailed versions of the characters are used (this is why none of them have mouth movements in those scenes).

*The Bumbles legs were the only parts of the character made in full scale to be used in certain scenes, (one of them can be seen towards the left in the second pic shown below).

*While bigger and smaller versions of the characters were made for certain scenes the same can’t be said for the sets. Compare these next two screenshots and it looks like Yukon Cornelius has drastically grown in size.

*While the special was written and mostly designed in America, the voice cast was almost entirely Canadian, and the puppet building and the animation was done in Japan (which technically makes Rudolph an anime XD).

Humans are crazy

So I was hanging with friends today and it dawned on me…that human beings are insane. What we do for “fun” is insane.

We jump out of planes, jump off cliffs, climb sheer cliff walls hundreds of thousands of feet up. We have games for CHILDREN that involve pressing a button and getting shocked with electricity, and one of the most popular sports, in america at least, is full of humans bashing against each other and causes brain damage. Or humans trying to hang on to dear life on a bucking angry bull, and risk getting gored. Or just pummeling each other bloody in a ring. And we love it.

I mean, Just today, my friends and I used an electric charge machine (for flexing muscles and helping blood flow I think?) And spent an hour shocking each other and seeing how long we could last on the highest charge despite pain and spasms.

Then there are carnivals (which we also visited). Look around a carnival and nearly every ride is meant to be “fun” but also cause discomfort. Heights, spinning, sudden drops, high speeds, often combinations of all of these. They’re like giant colorful torture machines, and we LOVE them. We have whole parks dedicated to bigger, more complicated versions of carnival rides and roller coasters.

We actively seek out things that cause us discomfort…for FUN. Life risking or painful things for FUN.

Can you imagine what aliens would think about that? Imagine a poor aliens reaction upon coming to earth to research human passtimes and just being confronted with all these crazy hunans doing crazy, uncomfortable, sometimes painful things….for fun. Like,“Oh my gosh they torture themselves for fun why why why? How do we fight something that gets a kick out of hurting itself??” Imagine taking an alien visitor to a carnival or amusement park and them just being horrified.

Alien- What in the stars… Why have you taken me to a torture camp?? I thought we were friends!
Human- what do you mean? It’s a carnival! It’s fun!
Alien- but there are instruments of torture and interrogation everywhere! And…did you decorate them in colorful, pleasing lights?? What sick joke is this?!?

Or inversly, can you imagine a more serious situation wherein a human is captured and taken to be interrogated and are just…terrified. imagining what this warlike alien species has uo their sleeves, how they would torture them for information they sought. The master interrogator is this scarred, gruff alien who’s made it his life work to torture and rip that information away.

And then the human is taken into the torture room and just stops and stares at the whirl a twirl ride in the middle of the room. And they see this carnival ride and the interrogator and everyone else seem wary or scared of it, but the human just gets excited. And the whole time it’s running, the aliens are just flabbergasted because the human who’s being tortured is just laughing and grinning and even after puking is still yelling “again, again!”

No other race tortures themselves for fun. Human beings are just the craziest things.