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(A/N): this was so cute, I friggin love Chris Evans

Request: LEE! I’ve got an idea! Chris Evans x reader (what’s new lol) where the reader tries to win herself a stuffed animal at the carnival but fails and Chris kinda maybe followed her and sees and introduces himself and wins the even bigger version for her?

Warnings: none 

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   “This is by far the worst idea you’ve ever had,” Chris chuckles as Scarlett bought enough tickets for everyone to do as they felt. 

   “Oh come on,” She whines as she sticks the tickets out for anyone to grab. “It’ll be fun, I promise,” 

    “Do I need to remind you how dangerous carnivals are?” Jeremy begins, eyeing the various machines, rides, and tents that adorned a park they were filming by. 

   Somehow Scarlett and Robert had convinced everyone to take a little break from filming all sorts of Marvel movies and instead spend their little free time at some obscure carnival in some obscure land. There were those who were excited (a.k.a Scarlett, Robert, Mark, and Seb) while most of the others were rather apprehensive of the whole experience. 

    “Do we have rules too?” Chris asks as Scarlett hands him some tickets, “Buddies? A certain meeting point? Any time we have to be back by?” Scarlett stuck her tongue out playfully at him, ignoring his question. 

    “Yes, we have to be back for makeup and costumes by 11 so let’s say 10:30?” Everyone came to a mutual agreement, all nodding their heads. “Okay, go out and don’t do anything stupid,” Scarlett turned to flash Chris a knowing glare given he was the most prone to do something rather stupid. “Don’t forget you who you are, remember your morals, don’t do anything Chris would,” Scarlett adds only as a joke, just to piss Chris off more. With a groan he turns on his heel, marching off to do god knows what. 

    Chris had ended up wandering around for half an hour, just taking everything in, the sights, the sounds, the rather…strange smells. In all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. Though he did feel rather childish it wasn’t the most unpleasant way to spend his evening. A small smile rises to his lips as he stuffs his hands in his pockets, attempting to keep warm. He had looked down for a split second, surveying his shoes before he looked back up again and that’s when he saw it- well, rather them to be precise. 

   Chris didn’t know what it was about them that made them so…breathtaking but the moment he laid eyes on them they did just that, take his breath away. Before he could appreciate their beauty anymore they suddenly flipped around, turning to face what he could only guess to be their friends. And then to his dismay they were walking away, that beautiful human being was walking away from him. 

   Chris realized it would be strange to suddenly run up and introduce himself, ‘Hey, I just saw you from afar but I think you’re truly gorgeous so I followed you until I could talk to you,’ but there was no way he was letting a beautiful human being like that just walk away. So instead of approaching them like he should have done, he kept a safe distance like some kind of creep stalking someone and in a way he kind of was. 

   He promised he didn’t have any malicious intent, he just wanted to follow them around, perhaps get up the nerve to talk to them. But for now he kept his safe distance, just following them around, surveying them a bit. 

    Chris had been following them for at least another half an hour before their friends branched off, much like his had, leaving (Y/N) all alone to wander. It was the perfect moment to go up and introduce himself, perhaps get to meet this mysterious person for himself. He watched them with a careful eye, smiling softly at the stranger he had seemed to grow attached to. 

    He watched as they looked at the many booths, not quite a smile but not quite a frown upon their face as they do so. They’d stop to pick something up at a booth or ask a question about something before going on their way once again. Eventually they gave up, instead electing to hang out by one of the claw machines and waste their money on the damn thing. Time after time it would take their money, only to never give anything in return. After minutes of watching their little struggle he decided it was time to intervene. 

    “Uh hey,” He breathes out, pulling the hat he’d been wearing down a little more. “I couldn’t help but notice you struggling with this,” He gave a sheepish smile, not quite knowing how to talk to someone so beautiful. 

   “I promise I’m really good at this, this damn machine isn’t working though,” Chris nods, pursing his lips as he stared at the machine. 

    “You know, not to brag or anything but I think I am pretty good at that ring toss stuff, you wanna come try it with me?” Despite only knowing each other for a total of 30 seconds (Y/N) agreed, smiling all the while. Chris gave a bright smile as he gestured to the booth, beginning to walk towards the wooden shack, (Y/N) following right behind. 

    “I’m Chris by the way,” He turned and gave them a smile, hoping he didn’t look to excited. (Y/N) smiled back, only amplifying their beauty. 

   ‘I’m (Y/N),” 

   “(Y/N),” Chris whispered, the name rolling of his tongue effortlessly. “I like it,” With another smile he turned back around, face to face with the booth. 

    Chris handed the man some tickets and he in turn gave them the rings to toss. 

    “You know how to do this?” Chris asks as he casually flicks one onto one of the highest pegs. 

    “I’ve never really tried,” (Y/N) replies, eyeing the pegs and rings suspiciously. 

   “Need some help?” He asks, smiling at them all the while. 

   “Yeah, that would be great,” With yet another smile he slides behind them, placing one hand over theirs, their bodies nearly pressed against each other. 

   “So, you’re just gonna flick your wrist like this,” He gently moved their wrist a bit, demonstrating how to do it. “A quick little snap and that’s all the power you should need,” (Y/N) gave a little nod as Chris took a step back, already missing (Y/N)’s warmth. With a little flick of their wrist they land their ring on the first peg, groaning softly. 

    “Think you can help…one more time,” There was no denying the small smirk that their tone held and Chris couldn’t bring himself to care, he was more than happy to help. With a nod Chris steps back up, taking his hand in theirs, gently guiding the ring. 

   “Just flick your wrist…like this,” With a gentle snap their hands throw the ring, landing it on one of the higher pegs. “See, you did it,” Chris went to step back when (Y/N) grabbed another ring, guiding his hand back to theirs. 

    “One more time…?” One stretched into two and two stretched into what had to be ten times. Each time Chris guided their hand and eventually his other hand had found it’s way to their waist, gripping it gently with each throw. Eventually they ran out of rings to throw, this breaking apart their little proximity to each other. 

    “You guys want a prize or what?” The less than amused worker grumbled, unhappily pointing to the prizes above the booth.

    “You want one or-” 

   “Oh no! No, this experience was enough, that’s so sweet of you though-” 

   “Come on,” Chris smiles a bit, “It’s free, it’s like a little token of this whole thing,” At his words (Y/N) seems to lighten a bit, a small smile rising to their lips as they looked down at the dirt floor of the carnival. 

    “Sure, just pick whichever one,” Chris smiles at them for a bit before directing his attention to the less than pleased worker. Without any word the worker unhooks one of the comedically big bears and hands it over, grumbling something along the lines of ‘thank you for your service’ before they go back to sulking in the booth. 

    “Wow,” (Y/N) chuckles, shaking their head a bit. “Um- that’s-” 

   “A bit overdramatic?” Chris suggest, chuckling all the while. 

   “Yeah, I guess you could say that. But really, thanks for turning my shitty night into a not so shitty night,” 

   “Really? I was just going to say the same to you-” Chris was so rudely interrupted when the all too familiar voice of his coworker and best friend called to him. 

   “Chris!” Sebastian calls from further down the booths. He apparently spotted the Chris and jogged up to his side, already pointing to his watch. “Dude, it’s 10:45, we were supposed to meet up 15 minutes ago…what the hell are you doing with that?” Sebastian pauses in his little talk to point to the gigantic bear by Chris’ side. 

   “We won it,” Chris smiles proudly, “Ring toss,” 


   “Yeah, me and (Y/N),” Chris gestures to the person beside him, his smile softening at the sight of them. They stared up at Sebastian in pure shock, their eyes wide and mouth agape. 

    “Wait, Chris- Chris Evans?” They suddenly turn to look at him, a kind of recognition dawning upon their face. Chris chuckles a bit, scratching at the back of his neck. 

   “Yeah, we’re filming for a shitton of Marvel right now and we finally got a little break so Scarlett’s made us come down here for a night out,” 

   “Oh my god,” They smile, their entire face lighting up as Chris removes his cap and glasses, showing what he truly looked like. He’d taken the precaution of wearing his little cover up so that no one would notice him and apparently it had worked. 

   “Chris,’ Seb whispers, pointing to his watch. With an almost sad sigh Chris looks to (Y/N), smiling softly. 

   “I’m glad I got to meet you,” His tone is softer now, a bit sadder. “Maybe you could come on down to the set sometime, we could hang out some more?” (Y/N) nods to this, bobbing their head excitedly. “Here’s my number,” Chris quickly scrawled out the number on a piece of scratch paper before handing it over. “I can uh- I can also take this thing for you, so you don’t have to lug it around for the rest of the night. Plus, it kinda assures that you’ll have to see me again,” He hoped he didn’t sound to desperate but he really, really wanted to spend some more time with (Y/N) and he’d do anything to do so. 

   “That’d be great, thank you,” The smile back, that same fond yet sad look in their eyes. “I’ll text you,” They add, assuring the two of them that they would contact each other once again. Chris nods his head, that ever present smile still on his face. 

   “Well I guess I better be-” He stops short when (Y/N) gets up on tiptoes to press a kiss to his cheeks, just a quick simple one but damn he loved it more than words could describe. 

    “Get going soldier, I’ll keep contact,” They give him a small smile and a small flirtatious wink before turning on their heel, leaving Chris to bask in his ever growing feelings for his mysterious carnival love. 

Lapis Lazuli


“Even in the middle of hatred and killings, there are things worth living for. A wonderful meeting, or a beautiful thing can exist. We depict hatred, but it is to depict that there are better things. We depict a curse, to depict the joy of liberation.” — Hayao Miyazaki

Thank you to Supernatural and SPNFamily/fandom for ten seasons of unforgettable memories. Thank you for all the stories and artwork you have inspired, and for challenging me to become both a stronger artist and a better person. Thank you for never failing to make me laugh or cry when I need it most — and for showing me that even when things are scary, there’s always some good in life worth fighting for.