Last on this, promise. First SFX Magazine‘s new Twitter header and since I really like those together I cut a bit to make it bigger here.

Second a version I cut cause I like it that way. And right now too tired and can not remove the X.

Third, cause got to love smirk boy with the mischievous eyes.

I could be imagine it but I feel I see a spark in his eyes in this last one. There def is something wonderful behind those eyes.

And yes, I love these photos and the previous ones on my blog.


Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from “Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by SC - 2nd Channel! :)

Late birthday gift for dear @romya-the-pirate <3 I know everybody drew Draher for you but I’ve been wanting to draw them for so long… Sorry for being late and uncreative.

AU featuring Drakon and Saher where Drakon remained hot human and lived happily ever after with his wife, Saher. I decided to keep the red cape because I like it plus he keeps wearing one even as a dragon.
I’d have finished this last weekend if I hadn’t messed up Drakon. ovo;;;
Actually, I kind of missed drawing romance. I don’t even remember the last time I drew a shippy pic, heheh~


It’s getting colder, and I found myself really wanting to paint Lyra, Pan and Iorek. There’s two different versions because I couldn’t decide, + quick watercolour sketches : >


Ok, but you know I’m very crazy about THIS fic, yes? I’m practically like a second mother to it right now, and I want to adopt Sophia

Also, yes, I love hippogriffs VERY MUCH, indeed

Final Apostasy: Ende Der Welt

after two and a half weeks straight of suffering i am finally done with this mess

not quite what i was going for but i like how it turned out