if 5sos were french fries

luke: that long ass uncooked one that’s bigger than any potato you’ve ever seen before like how

calum: that one that’s always salty af no matter what u dip it in

ashton: that small crumpled up one that’s crunchy af but willing to sacrifice itself by falling out of the bag first

michael: that one fuckin shit that always gets stuck in the bag and doesn’t wanna come out to see the light of day and would rather just stay in the cold dark freezer until it expires bye

Behind the Scenes of 1x17


I get asked about my sources at least once a week, so here are some of my favorites:

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Vincent van Gogh

Vase with Zinnias and Geraniums - 1886

Vase with Chinese Asters and Phlox - 1886

Geraniums in a Flowerpot - 1886

Bowl with Peonies and Roses - 1886

Vase with Zinnias - 1886

Lilacs - 1887

On Staying Vegan

I get a lot of messages along the lines of “I’m trying to go vegetarian or vegan, but it just seems hard because…” or “I tried going vegan before but I gave up because…”. Instead of privately addressing every single one, I’m just going to make a public post on some of the most common feelings expressed in these messages, and my response to them.

What is said: I want to go vegan, but my parents disapprove.

What you mean: I can go vegan, but I’m afraid of disappointing my parents.

My advice: Recognize that your fear of disappointing your parents should not be bigger than your own morals. If your parents frowned on donating to charity, saving someone from drowning, volunteering at a homeless shelter, how would you feel? Would you not suddenly be aware that, although you love your parents, you cannot live your life according to their beliefs and not your own? Speak up for yourself, you’re going to be an adult someday (or already are one).

What is said: I want to go vegan, but I’m worried that my friends won’t like me and they’ll start excluding me from our group.

What you mean: What my friends think of me is more important to me than my morals.

My advice: If you’re certain that your friends would dump you if you went vegan, they weren’t very good friends, were they? Do they ever make you feel insecure? Do they make you feel like you have to constantly earn their acceptance? And do you think that’s healthy for you to be a part of?

Good friends will be there for you, even when you stand up for what you believe in. But consider whether or not really being accepted by a few people is more important than taking a stand for the billions of animals worldwide who are tortured and exploited for the sake of convenience. Ask yourself if saving a hollow friendship is more important than saving a life.

What is said: I want to go vegan, but I haven’t found a good vegan cheese. 

What you mean: My interest in a dairy product is more important than the environment. My love of cheese is more important than billions of cows’ lives. When I think of how much I want cheese, I can ignore that cows get stressed when separated from each other and are known to form intricate friendships. When I think of how much I want cheese, I can ignore that this commits thousands of veal calves to slaughter. When I say I haven’t found a good vegan cheese, I mean that I tried two brands after being vegan for a week, decided I didn’t quite like them, and believed that gave me the divine right to abuse animals.

My advice: Perhaps it’s just how common this statement is, but it’s one statement I cannot be kind to. It sickens me. If you really think that just because you kind of don’t like vegan cheese that gives you the right to pay for the mutilation of animals, I… I have nothing to say to you. There are tons of vegan cheese brands out there to try, tons of recipes to try, but if you still don’t find one that tastes exactly like dairy cheese: suck it the fuck up. If I told you that every time you ate an apple, a child died somewhere, I don’t think it would be too hard for you to give up apples. So why is it hard for you to give up cheese? THINK of the victims of your action. Keep them at the very front of your mind. Every time you get a craving for cheese, go watch a video.

On my less angry recommendations, you need to realize that most people don’t like every vegan food they come across on day one. Some people go in thinking soy milk tastes weird - and less than five months later, they find themselves chugging it down daily and naming their blog after it.

What is said: I want to go vegan, but it’s too expensive.

What you mean: I want to be able to afford vegan frozen dinners, instant meals, sweets and treats, and other vegan luxury items all the time.

My advice: If you could afford luxury food items as a non-vegan, you’re not poor, and you could probably afford to buy vegan food for 12 goddamn people each month. You can actually have vegan pizza, ice cream, cheese dips, sweets and treats and a thousand other things on a budget. Just step away from the “I’m lazy” section of the store and go buy whole ingredients. Living on a budget, vegan or not, means not buying luxury food items. Veganism is extremely cheap if you want it to be, and I encourage you even if you’re not going vegan to stop spreading the lie that veganism is expensive. It erases our existence as poor and low income vegans. We exist.

What is said: I don’t feel like I’m changing anything by being vegan.

What you mean: I feel like I’m not doing enough to change the world, so I’m going to do nothing instead.

My advice: In what world does that make sense?! If you don’t feel like your veganism is making enough of an impact, the solution is to do more, not less! Additionally (a little harsh again) veganism is not about your feelings. It’s about the animals, it’s about the planet, it’s about the lives of other people. Your actions will always have an affect on others - just because your efforts to make those effects less damaging don’t make you feel like an important person radically changing the world doesn’t mean that you should stop. So you’re not saving everyone in one fell swoop - change is a long-term process that you have to stick with to see results. 

Dia's been upgraded
  • Dia's been upgraded
  • Mari & Kanan

“Before it was speaker mode and now it’s silent mode? You’re too polarized, Dia. You’ve gotta loosen up.”
“Wait, wait, wait! What are you doing, Mari?”
“Don’t ‘what’ me. That’s not Dia!”
“No Dia?”
“‘No’, it’s ‘No’. Take a better look.”
“Gasp, Dia’s all black!”
“She is black, but I think we’ve got a bigger problem than color here.”
“Dia’s black?! Black Dia… coal?!”
“I don’t get what you’re trying to say and that’s not Dia, it’s not even a human!”
“Dia isn’t a human? She’s a sub-human?!”
“Like I said!”
“What’s gotten into you, Kanan? Dia is Dia. It doesn’t matter if she turned blacker and smaller, grown a beak, turned her hands into flippers or grown webbed feet-”
“It’s a penguin!!”
“Oh! Penguin!”
“Don’t just go, ‘Oh! Penguin!’!”
“Dia’s been upgraded to a penguin?!”
“No, that’s not it- Wait, is that an upgrade?”
“Well, she’s cuter and less obnoxious like this.”
“That penguin is a penguin, not Dia.”
“Then, the real Dia was… eaten by a penguin?”
“Dia wouldn’t get eaten by a penguin!”
“Then, who ate her?”
“Nobody did!!”

The Last Trailer

I knew it. I knew SP would have done something like this the minute the album cover came out and I was right. Like I said before I’m not surprised. 

As usual the marketing strategy (as well as bias) is on point again. Why are people even surprised about this? Like I said in my previous post, the biggest fanbases are still naruhina and sasusaku. Marketing the movie like this- shoving more Naruto and Hinata in the trailer- ensures that this movie will most likely than not become a bigger hit than even RtN. It doesn’t matter what studio is in charge of what film, the main goal will always be to generate revenue. Studio Pierrot is no different. 

Now let’s talk about the fact that the trailer had virtually no Sakura. Why do you think they wouldn’t include Sakura at all? Not only do I find that strange but a bit telling. Surely if nh was canon or whatever in this film it wouldn’t hurt to include a brief snipette of ns to bait us (the ns fans) to come watch the film? There is no content of narusaku, romantically or otherwise, happening. Surely if they were just friends in the film what would be the problem showing a scene where Naruto and Sakura interact even for a few brief moments? There is no threat right? 


Remember the words of the narrator? The one hinting that Sakura’s increased femininity had an effect on Naruto? Why, if naruhina was ‘canon’, would this even be brought up? Imagine Naruto being together with Hinata but still is attracted towards Sakura. Not only would it mean that Hinata couldn’t completely replace Naruto’s attraction towards his former love, but it would also feel awkward. Naruto is not the type of guy who would try to enter in to a relationship while still loving someone else. In no shape or form is that a trait of Naruto’s, he said it himself he hates people who lies to themselves, so unless he would suddenly turn into a big hypocrite he wouldn’t be running into Hinata’s arms while still maintaining feelings for Sakura. I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s either that ns is already in a relationship/ will be in a relationship (two more chapters to go people, two more)

I think that this is the movie that will finally deal with Hinata’s confession. I feel like Naruto will thank her but explain that he is in love with Sakura, and Hinata finally hearing Naruto’s reply will be able to move on since she would have gotten closure to her feelings at last. And I hope to God this will also deal with her original dream of being a good clan leader, before it became all about her being Naruto’s wife and being lovey dovey with him. (Why Kishi, why??)

This movie is said to have been in the works for two years now, during then we’ve had A LOT of pro NS moments happening. Sakura to Kushina parallel confirmed, Minato’s girlfriend question, CPR, Naruto saving Sasuke, and now the POAL has to be dealt with. I say we have very solid reasons to still believe that our ship will be canon.

Have faith and stay strong guys!

Big Christmas Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! Since Christmas is just around the corner, my dragons and I (Mostly I) have been preparing parcels to send out to people. Since I have no idea how to distribute them, I’ve decided to become “Santa” and have people tell me what they want for Christmas! I recognize I won’t be able to send everyone who responds to this post a present for the holidays, but I’m going to try and get as many as I can!

If you want a little gift plus a warm message on Christmas (or maybe before depending on how things work out.) please let me know what you want here:

[Tell me what you want for Christmas!]

Please don’t be bashful with your requests! I’ll try to get people gifts, even if they’re expensive ones.

If you want, you can boost this message so more people can be impacted by the holiday cheer! 

Entries close at December 14th!

Happy holidays, guys~


As you might notice, I don’t post very often since I don’t have the time with university and other stuff, but lately it’s been mainly due to THIS illustration I started looooooooooong ago… As you can see, I’m a sucker for details and nothing is too much (tho you can’t see shit from afar lol). Whenever I have time to draw on my computer I take this illust and spend hours on details *cries* but hopefully I’ll finish it before next year hahaha

PS: by the way, the whole thing is bigger than what you see in the first crop *cries histerically*

The Slipstream Kickstarter Post

I tried to be professional, I invented a “Studio” name, I had friends to send slightly-humorous press releases to game journalism mailing lists, I tried to make it look like we had a bigger structure than we actually have. It worked, but it wasn’t enough. At the moment of this writing, we are at $2,394 (39%) of our $6,000 goal, with only 13 days left. Things aren’t looking very good. So now I’m gonna do what I know I do well: Be brutally honest about myself and everything.

Before I start, here’s a short version: I’m a small-scale game developer. I’ve been working on this game alone, in my bedroom, for more than a year. I made a lot of mistakes during the development. I’ve invested all the time, money and effort I could into this project. I’m 26, I live in a poor country and I’m not rich. I’m running out of time. If I don’t get the money to finish it, I’ll have to get a “real” job and stop working on games for good. If you want me to avoid this bleak future, please donate to my kickstarter here. I only need $6,000.

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If you told that little girl—the one who would rush downstairs in the mornings to get to CALVIN AND HOBBES, who begged her mom to buy her DISNEY ADVENTURES at every supermarket checkout line, who had a crush on Gambit waaaay before she had a clue what crushes were—that she would one day be the head of design at her favorite graphic novel publisher, that her comics for other weird little kids would get nominated for an Eisner, and that she would STILL have a totally irrational crush on Gambit…what would she say? I think she’d smile a smile ten times bigger than her head, but wouldn’t be shocked. Comics already taught her anything was possible.

Colleen AF Venable Design at First Second Books
Author of Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye series

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Ok, so I have shipped Anne and Gilbert since the tender age of 10...

before I even knew what shipping was, and all I knew was that I got major butterflies when I read about them. I have an Anne of Green Gables Reading Plan for Life that I devised in college. (that’s a subject for a different post). I could literally not be a bigger fan of Anne of Green Gables, and I could not have a more adamant OTP than Anne/Gilbert (the OTP to end all OTPs) 


Green Gables Fables webseries comes into my life, and the feelings that I thought were already at top capacity somehow, SOMEHOW manage to over flow. GGF has RAISED THE LIMIT of my capacity to ship Anne/Gilbert (or Shirbert as the youtube comments say) and I am OVERCOME WITH JOY. 


Update on Lil’ Bestation (This is like, a fun little breaking news I wanted to post, but I think I will be doing separate update posts for each pet to follow!)

He was 14 grams when we got him on April 27th, so little I was scared of hurting him in my hand, and fretting over which little dubia nymphs he’d eat in case any were too big. This worry didn’t last long cause with what may be live dinosaur blood, he seems to grow right before our eyes.

Today, just shy of two months later, he weighed in at 108 grams! I saw my friend post his sister, the silkie, and she still looks pretty dainty (not in a bad way, just a petite young beardie.) The breeder then replied with a pic of their brother, who, while bigger than the girl, still looked pretty small to be Bestat’s clutchmate.

So I posted a recent pic of Bestation, saying I was turning the post into a family reunion. They both commented on his color changing and size, so that’s when I weighed him and told them how big he’s gotten.

That’s when the breeder said ‘I knew he was the biggest in the clutch, but my silk who was second largest is still 74 grams.’ @_@ Bestat is about one and a half times bigger than his next biggest clutch mate. (Wow geeze does that sound like the answer to a word-problem or what??)

The breeder speculates that Lil Bestation could get bigger than his father, who has been as big as 700 grams, though is currently a little under that from breeding season. Still though, w-o-w. I’m very excited. Some day I will build Bestat a huge custom mansion, and he’s gonna be big enough to really use up the space *-* ((Who knows maybe by then we won’t be in a small-ish expensive apartment hmm))

Mini Blog/Life Update

Hello dear friends.  Some of you might have noticed that I have not been as chatty or as present on tumblr these past few weeks.  Part of this is from visiting family but a bigger part of this is from my going crazy with grinding.  I somewhat recently got myself a physical copy of Awakening (I had played a digital copy before) and I realized that with a new game came a now empty support log, so I have been going crazy getting all the supports I can….

…Ive really been going at it, as you can see.  You might have guessed this is what ive been up to since my last few posts have mostly been observations and/or jokes about Awakening supports but now you know.  One thing im doing differently than last time is using the bonus battles to grind instead of reeking boxes. Its slower, but im also grinding renown much more quickly at the same time.

Im almost halfway there! Ive currently done every support between gen 1 characters except for Henry x everyone (and I cant do Chrom x Olivia or Sumia x Henry this playthrough). 

Final Fantasy XV is gonna be slowing/stopping this grinding train for now, but I am looking forward to the Henry supports plus all the gen 2 supports (no plans to do every variable dad support convo, im not that crazy) and then starting all over with female Robin to support everyone all over again.  By the time thats done I predict I will be close to 80,000 renown and then its just a bit of grinding until I max out renown, something I have never done before.

So thats it, ive been playing Awakening, I will continue to play it in between FFXV, and both have been and will continue to make me be on tumblr a bit less than normal.  I still check it at least once a day though, so please keep sending asks and such. I still love to talk to everybody.

anonymous asked:

I don't know how long you've been stanning bigbang but you keep forgetting where they came from. they also struggled to be where they are. these new idols are doing the same, and if it's meant to be for certain group to be as good or even better than bigbang you have no rights to be angry. just like bigbang had rights to get bigger than some huge groups at their time and win many awards. everyone is working hard, everyone deserves every award. have a nice day.

Please read what i’ve posted before, look at my twitter if you want, and point to me where i was ‘angry’ when someone says that some group is better than bigbang.

boost your fave group however you want, but without bashing or downgrading bigbang, i’ve been a stan long enough to understand how pity fans can be and how desperate they can get just to put their faves out there.

Have a nice day.

I was going to post a version of a Saint Seiya song for Aioros birthday but… It’s gonna take a long time before I can do it right so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST FUCKIN GOLD SAINT EVER EXISTED, BIGGER THAN KURUMADA ITSELF, FATHER OF ALL CREATION, SAGITTARIUS NO AIOROS!

Nothing in this world would be the same without him, not even saint seiya could have existed without him, because he is the pure idea of what is right in this fuckin world.

viciousvizard replied to your post: ‘ stop acting like a fucking lunatic. ’

Unfortunately, violence was pretty much the only thing Hiyori relied on. She tsked when she saw the pale brat again, not much taller or bigger than herself. “Or what? You’ll fucking cry? Haah…” She had noted the reiatsu, but it wasn’t anything a foolhardy girl was afraid of. In fact, she was hoping for a chance to smack around someone.

☽  – Stubborn and obnoxious. Foul mouthed and ready for a fight. Ulquiorra’s seen these traits before, and he’ll be damned if he has to deal with another headache of a soul. His stare turned cold, and though it wasn’t showing on his face, he didn’t feel the need to spend another second listening to her chatter. Ulquiorra may have a great deal of patience, but he didn’t like his time being wasted. 

“I will not tell you again,” his last warning was stern.