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I just can't help but laugh at the contradictions. They aren't showing anything at the moment, we don't even know if the baby is in the U.K. which I am assuming is meant to be because of privacy that they won't show him, but then they are going to put him front and center at the XF I assuming. This blows privacy out the water, so really, like everyone mention its just silent to make a bigger splash.

yes it’s sort of funny because it’s going to be sooooo obvious if they show up there


I think that’s true of all cinema, that’s why cinema is the great humanistic art form. Whatever the film is, it doesn’t matter what the film is about, or even whether it’s a narrative or figurative film at all, it’s an invitation to step into somebody else’s shoes. Even if it’s the filmmaker’s shoes filming a landscape, you go into somebody else’s shoes and you look out of their lens, you look out of their eyes and their imagination. That’s what going to the pictures is all about.

Happy 56th birthday Tilda Swinton (November 5, 1960)