… Don’t worry, Jared, you didn’t give away anything we didn’t know already (Nerd HQ video)

16 years old Eva Romano (Time traveling not time skipping xD)

  • People:"It's all part of God's Plan! You just need to let it happen and see how God is going to use you!"
  • Me, an agnostic:"Hey yeah could you tell Him that I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I did not ask to be a part of."

I don’t care if the Director’s proclaimed missing (most likely dead) I want to know what sort of information he got off of Spy, and I guess I wanted to draw greying haired men even though Spy has a mask on…

My first day here in New York has taught me one thing:

If english is not your first language, and you think you can speak it just because you got a high score in the IELTS certification or because you can watch videos without subtitles…. you still can’t. Trust me.

Because people here talk SO GODDAMN FAST I have to ask them to repeat what they said at least two or three times and I end up talking in monosyllables because for some reason I can’t even formulate basic sentences like “what floor is my room on” or “where can I find the elevator”. Basically I have the same language skills as a ten year old at best.

And the worst thing for me is that when I talk to people who can also speak italian, and they realize that I’m struggling to speak english, they start talking in my language to help me and I’m like “no no no I appreciate it but please speak english I need to practice”

Or even worse for me is the fact that I visited London a couple years ago and even though I was struggling to understand what people said because I wasn’t very familiar with british accent it wasn’t nearly as difficult as it is here. I definitely did not see that coming.

But! That’s good because at least I know what my weaknesses are and I can use my time here to improve my speaking skills a little



I like the eggs on my omelet rice well-cooked.

Tsukuyo-chan does? Or Toi Tentsu-san does? (lol)

@oyajumushi_765 Tsukuyo-chan-sensei~! Sensei does~!

The Opplate has two mounds of rice, so two people can eat it, too. It’s the devil’s lunch. Head Chef Anzu Sato is to be feared.

Sonou-sensei’s Extracurricular Lesson 4: You can get drinks in the cafeteria until 5, too. The head chef puts a lot into her tea and coffee and they’re very good. I see Ariu-san taking tea breaks often here. She’s a very mature girl, so the teacup looks right at home in her hands. I’m a little jealous.

Sonou-sensei’s Extracurricular Lesson 5: If we’re talking after-school regulars, then Ano-san is around a lot too. Chatting with her club friends or playing games. She’s got a lot of friends so I’m always seeing her with different people. Sensei thinks it’s one of the school’s seven mysteries that she can snack so much and not gain any weight.

Sonou-sensei’s Extracurricular Lesson 6: That’s it for today’s extracurricular lesson. We’ve got a regular K☆R broadcast planned for next Wednesday. It’ll be about Miyama Nena-san’s friendships. Look forward to it! Lastly, have this simplified map of the school as a bonus. I hope it’ll help for fan works or while you’re playing the game.

This map has some areas left out of it, so I’d like to go into it more thoroughly at a later date.

Kyusei RaZZZ… Kindred Spirits on the Roof Twitter Info K☆R. The tenth in our “Friendships” series. Let’s talk about the friendships of Miss Miyama Nena, who’s under a kotatsu in winter, on the veranda in summer, and thinks the roof is just fine in spring and fall. We’ll take it easy for the daytime part, centered around Umi and Sasa~

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Miyama Nena #1). Yeah, we’ve gotta start with Ichiki Umi-san. She’s loud, but you just can’t hate her, so Nena’s given up on getting out of being best friends with her. Nena doesn’t do so well when Umi’s in low spirits. She does so poorly that she struggles to get to sleep, in fact.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Miyama Nena #2). Among her interactions with Umi, she’s most fond of their conversations. Umi’s so all over the place that putting together the topic is like a puzzle to Nena. Thanks to this, she’s gained a special skill: even while she’s dozing, she’s somehow still able to pay attention to Umi’s voice.