bigger was needed

im re-watching the scene where peridot talks to yellow diamond (side note: its a superb scene i still love it to death) and peridot tells yellow diamond TO HER FACE that she doesnt plan on just sitting around and letting the cluster destroy the earth.

It’s confirmed that it’s been over a month now. the rubies haven’t returned, jasper hasn’t returned, blue diamond was able to freely visit the earth.

why haven’t the diamonds been slightly suspicious about all of this? come on like if its getting to a point where the rubies haven’t returned from their mission in months and there’s no confirmation that the earth was destroyed yet you would think the diamonds would go “okay we need bigger forces because something isn’t right here”


I think that’s true of all cinema, that’s why cinema is the great humanistic art form. Whatever the film is, it doesn’t matter what the film is about, or even whether it’s a narrative or figurative film at all, it’s an invitation to step into somebody else’s shoes. Even if it’s the filmmaker’s shoes filming a landscape, you go into somebody else’s shoes and you look out of their lens, you look out of their eyes and their imagination. That’s what going to the pictures is all about.

Happy 56th birthday Tilda Swinton (November 5, 1960)

Bruce as a grandpa

- You know with all his kids, legally his and those who are basically his, he is bound to have at least one grandchild if not more.

- Like he has retired from Batman and Tim and Damian basically took over all his duties at WE. Now he has all the free time.

- Also Alfred is totally a great-grandfather.

- Takes the time to spoil them. Not with material items but like games and treats.

- Selina is over often as well to hangout with the little rugrats.

- Finally gets the time to enjoy his family. He is super happy to see his kids getting treated the way they treated him all those years ago.

- The big dinning room table is in full use. There are high chairs and booster seats. Now instead of knives getting thrown it’s cheerios and vegetables that are to be watched for.

- Bruce loves to tell stories. Mainly of Superman or other League members’ embarrassing stories.

- Another wing of the manor has opened because as those kids grow, extra rooms are needed.

- Telling stories about his parents and stupid stuff all the kids did. (Bruce’s kids).

- The family members saying he needs to watch the kids for the night as an excuse to keep him out of the batcave. Old man still thinks he can keep up with thugs on the street. But at 60 plus he needs to take a break.

- When they are all over at once it’s complete and udder madness. The place is a mess, toys are everywhere, at least two blanket forts have been made, someone is still missing from hide and seek, and the Bruce is standing in the middle of this smiling because it’s his wonderful crazy family.


lucas friar appreciation week ♡ day six 

favorite underrated moment(s) - some one liners that prove that lucas is highkey hilarious 

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)


favorite people: tilda swinton

i’m very often referred to as “sir” in elevators and such. i think it has to do with being this tall and not wearing much lipstick. i think people just can’t imagine i’d be a woman if i look like this.


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)